Quick2gPwner: The QuickPwn for iPod touch 2G!

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Hey guys, here is pH from iBlogeek.com and today, you should know that DevTeam released the beta version of Redsn0w, that works on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. The tool is great, because it works like QuickPwn, but, unfortunately, there’s no GUI :( .

So, during the day, I developed a GUI for Redsn0w Beta for Mac OS X, using Cocoa and Interface Builder! Now, it’s working great.¬†Well, I don’t know if this is the first GUI in the world for Redsn0w Beta, but, certain is one of them, :) . Okay, now, let’s see the app!

When you open the app, you can select your language (Portuguese/English).

Now, you’ll see a window talking about the DFU Mode. If you want, you can use a Timer in C++ to help you putting your device in DFU by clicking on the button called “Start the Timer!”.

Now, you just need to press the button “Pwn the iPod touch 2G!” and press Command + V and press Enter to Jailbreak your iPod touch 2G!

You can download the Quick2gPwner clicking here.

(If you can’t run it, put the folder called Quick2gPwner in your Desktop and then, double-click in the file “Quick2gPwner”.)


BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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30 Responses to “Quick2gPwner: The QuickPwn for iPod touch 2G!”

  1. Vinod Says:

    Hi. Thanks. Will this jailbreak the iPhone 2G with iPhone OS 3.0b2 as well?.

  2. Jid Says:

    Nope, completely different worlds.

  3. mariusz Says:


  4. Mrblader Says:

    MARIUSZ, check out http://www.redsnow.com they will offer you a torrent file that you can download then load with “uTorrent” and download there… utorrent is kind of a gateway app that lets you connect to websites/servers… try to think of it as being similar to cydia, if you know what that…. Hopefully. you can download utorrent from google.com

  5. mariusz Says:

    Hey Pal I know torrents and yea i have redsn0w. I just want the GUI :)

  6. gizmosachin Says:


  7. pH Says:

    gizmosachin: You didn’t put your iPod in DFU Mode correctly. Here is working and for many guys too. If you need help, just ask.

    Bye :)

  8. SF Says:

    Wat is GUI and dfu mean

  9. MZ Says:

    I made one for windows!

  10. Jessev Says:


  11. Nina Says:

    This is related to jailbreaking but not this specific post..

    I read somewhere on this site awhile back that the only way to get back (free) the 532mbs (root partition) created when jailbreaking is to do a complete restore thru iTunes.

    Does this mean if my phone is jailbroken and crashes and I do a complete restore thru iTunes BUT I use PwnageTools custom firmware that I do not recover the previous 532mbs created and I lose another 532mbs with the new jailbreak?

  12. Khoa Pham Phu Says:

    Can it jailbreak iPod Touch 2G 3.0 ?

  13. Zapata Says:

    Can this cause any harm to my computer or itouch?

  14. Nina Says:


  15. Nina Says:

    Are you serious!? I thought my question might be alittle ridiculous but you guys are crazy.

    Can it harm your computer or iTouch? Well theres hundreds of thousands of people using QuickPwn and the software above seems to be based on it so I’m going to say no. But again I guess anything is possible, but I can’t imagine it “harming” anything .. atleast not permanently.

  16. Nina Says:

    Google before asking.

    GUI = Graphic User Interface
    DFU mode is like restore mode but alittle different

  17. Terry Says:


  18. Poseidon79 Says:

    Are you freaking serious?! The window beta of redsn0w instructions from the readme file:


    It is recommended NOT to connect the iPod through any sort of USB hub.

    1. Either connect the iPod in DFU mode to the computer
    Follow the step-by-step DFU instructions with the program

    2. Launch redsn0w.exe by double-clicking on it.

    It doesn’t get much simpler than this guys.. I mean come on!

  19. Emil Says:

    3.0 support?

  20. anonymous Says:

    What is it. Can i download it someway?

  21. cruisin Says:

    For Windows User you can download a first GUI ipod 2g Jailbreak tools by Dan999 it is called QUICKFREEDOM. I’ve been tested that tools and it works great. This is untethered…

  22. smurf Says:

    cant run the Quick2gPwner.app after i unzipped to desktop

  23. greg Says:

    qwik2gpwner will not mount for me – n e ideas?

  24. me Says:

    What does the screen look like in dfu mode?

  25. albie Says:

    Is this a tether jailbreak or untethered?

  26. Sean Says:

    Hi my itouch2g works up until the reboot then it never finishes rebooting it just keeps doing it any suggestions?

  27. gizmosachin Says:

    Thanks @pH, oh well, I have the 3.0 GM seed now anyway. :P

  28. albie Says:

    same thing happened to me… make sure you restore your ipod before the process… otherwise it keeps rebooting. Once you restore your ipod befor running quick 2gpwner, the process takes less than 5 min.

  29. willieg Says:

    worked fine for me on leopard, not tiger (g4 ppc) though. thanks!

  30. tehNewStandard Says:

    you can get it back, dont freak out. mine wont get past boot either though

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