Redsn0w 3GS Out

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak

The dev-team’s jailbreak for 3GS is released. You can view the guides and download the binaries from here.

This jailbreak supports 2g, 3g, 3gs, and iPod touch 2 on 3.0. Key features:

1) Stable jailbreak tested by dev-team
2) Icy + Cydia problem solved (we think).
3) Ultrasn0w tested and working on 3gs
4) Proper kernel patches which will enable logome (after it’s updated for 3.0).
5) Mobile Substrate + Winterboard now working on 3gs.

Again, for download links and redsn0w installation guide, go here.

Note: If you used purplera1n RC2 or newer, you do not need to redo  your jailbreak. You will be unable to use logome in the future, but that should be the only downside. If you used purplera1n RC1 or older, you should redo your jailbreak. I believe you can run redsn0w right over the top of it.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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125 Responses to “Redsn0w 3GS Out”

  1. Jordan Says:

    Great!! Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow, Be getting mine and will be slapping this on first thing I think.

  2. Floydian Says:

    Nice! This worked without a hitch. This was only my 2nd jailbreak attempt (in 2 days) of my first iPhone (3GS), and both were easy thanks to your guides. Plus with this one, Winterboard doesn’t crash the device!!!

    P.S. Am I the only one who was excited to see the pages of unix code streaming by? I think I’m a geek. ;)

  3. luckyguy132 Says:

    I hope this time RedSnow works properly. RedSnow 0.7.2 Cydia mostly crashes down and I believe Icy is the mean reason.

    Before, when Icy was installed, Cydia crashes down most of the time and when I restored and rejailbreak again without installing the Icy, Cydia becomes stable and crashing down was minimized on my iPhone 3G…

  4. Nedac Says:

    If I used Purplera1n, should I redo it with Rensn0w? Will it fix the wifi reset problem?

  5. Martouf Says:

    What wifi reset problem?

  6. Shilly Says:

    if this is a Dev-Team Jailbreak, how come its not on the Dev-Team Blog site?

  7. Martouf Says:

    Don’t install Icy. I didnt and my jailbreak works perfectly!

  8. Nedac Says:

    My wifi will disconnect every 30 seconds or so. Sometimes I need to use reset network for it to even work again

  9. Martouf Says:

    I jailbroke with the purplerain and it works fine for me… Maybe you have a program installed from cydia that is causing the problem???

  10. reznor9 Says:

    I believe this was due to ultrasn0w which has now been updated to work better with the 3GS… just do reset network settings once after install.

  11. makosmd Says:

    Also wondering how to procede after a purplerain jailbreak.

    Should I rejailbreak over top or do I have to do a restore and then jailbreak with redsn0w?

  12. bine0202 Says:

    are the push notifications problems resolved? and the battery problems – or is the battery drainage problem a 3.0 issue?

  13. tasiv Says:

    You’re the BOSS!

  14. bine0202 Says:

    another question … if I’ve problems with push … can I remake only the jailbreak or do I’ve to restart with restore to 3.0 FW etc. …

  15. Martouf Says:

    No need to re-jailbreak! Once its done its done! The only thing thats really different is that mobile substrate was updated at the same time which fixes many issues. This update can be downloaded via Cydia and you dont need to jailbreak again!

  16. Martouf Says:

    The push issue isnt with the jailbreak! Rejailbreaking with redsnow isnt going to fix that!

  17. makosmd Says:

    Thank you very much!

  18. kako Says:

    Seems like the updated mobile substrate didn’t fix voipover3g. Could you fix that one please :)

  19. josh Says:

    I second that…why isnt it on the official Dev teams website? Seems sketchy to me

  20. Martouf Says:

    I normally would think that it would be a little sketchy if it were on another site but the fact that it was posted by BigBoss makes me believe its legit.

  21. Anonymous Says:


    Would you be kind to please provide a toggle for ultrasn0w as you did with yellowsn0w.

    Thanks for all the tutorials and your contributions to the communities.

  22. hebs Says:

    this all works great………Thanks Guys……

  23. Nedac Says:

    Looks like the problem is with Apple (according to the Apple forums) there are a handful of 3GS (I’m one of the lucky ones) that connect and disconnect wifi at will.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    i dont know if anyone else has had this problem; but after a call ends my screen will stay blank… do you think it could be a problem with the first redsnow that was released or hardware?

  25. arkangel Says:

    You the boss man…… it works fandabedosy… love it.. now I change my 3GS with lovely themes..

  26. Lucas Says:

    Can I buy a Iphone wit A&T and unlock it with this?

    and can i use it in germany without A%T?

    sorry for my bad english^^

  27. pimp Says:


    (1) If this is a release of Dev Team, then what happened to the waiting till 3.1 was released first position? Why is this being released now, prematurely, and why is this not on their Dev site? I mean is this a rogue release. Please clarify.

  28. ChaoticMayhem65 Says:

    Hey BigBoss quick Question.
    Since ive had a 3GS For a little while now and have synced all my music and contacts and all using itunes. Can i just run redsnow without doing a restore so i dont have to resync all my music and stuff. And also my phone is a virgin running the stock never been jaibroken 3.0.
    Ive always done it this way at least and never had a problem but i guess this question is kinda for my own comfort. Sorry to sound like a noob.

  29. josh Says:

    mine is hanging up on the waiting to reboot. anyone else have this problem? Its not rebooting itself

  30. Jdotmac Says:

    I have upgraded the mobileSubstrate from Cydia but my 3GS w/ Purplara1n jailbreak still does not work with Tricker3G / VOip3g and a combination of apps like the Slingplayer. Will using redSn0w fix this issue?

  31. Mike Says:

    It’s on their twitter… I’m pretty sure it’s legit

  32. Blocker Says:

    I was thinking the same thing, but if you hit up the “official” torrents on the dev-team blog, you will see the new redsnow torrents that were just uploaded today. Seems pretty good. They are probably writing their blog post as we speak.

  33. Jorge Says:

    i think that’s a problem with the apps not compatible, not the jailbreak!!

  34. mklpickle Says:

    Josh, I was having the same problem until I realized I was using the firmware for the 3G not the 3GS. This didn’t seem to be an issue with the makeitra1n jailbreak, as it worked for me, but I realized I was using the wrong one, switched, and it worked like a charm. Maybe it will work for you as the firmware names only differ by switched digits.

  35. mklpickle Says:

    Has anybody gotten Qtweeter to work with 3GS? Keeps crashing everytime I load.


  36. Ralf Says:

    I keep getting operation time out dl a theme in cydia over wifi will this jailbreak fix this or is this a 3.0 bug

  37. Tony Says:

    I haven’t updated purplera1n to the 2nd version, should I upgrade or restore & redsn0w? Will just upgrading mobile substrate on cydia be good enough?

  38. wraithdu Says:

    I have a jailbroken 3G, done with 0.72. Any reason to re-jailbreak with 0.8? If I did, would I have to do a full restore first, or could I re-jailbreak overtop the existing phone? Thanks and keep up the great work!

  39. mbhullar Says:

    Qtweeter doesn’t work with jailbroken 3GS, for me the springboard goes into safe each mode. I’m guessing this is an application issue and will be fixed by the developer. It would be great to start a compatibility list.

    So far for me ClearCam and qtweeter don’t work. Some other folks have reported voipover3g doesn’t work either.

  40. mbhullar Says:

    If everything is working fine there’s no need to upgrade. I have a 3G as well and I’m not going to re-jailbreak. Guessing 0.8 mainly addresses the jailbreak for 3Gs.

  41. Atik Says:

    App Store can’t be accessed after JB (iphone 3GS). Any thoughts???

  42. zokken Says:

    having same problem as josh, 3G with right firmware, is not rebooting itself…
    (PowerBook G4)

  43. tat2dlilasiangirl Says:

    I had this problem on my first attempt. Drove me crazy for a few hours. Had to restore iPhone, and then reinstall purplera1n. Make sure that iTunes is closed and wifi connection is stable.

  44. kako Says:

    it will not, tried it myself

  45. Ralf Says:

    It’s working fine here!!

  46. J.R. Says:

    BigBoss has already started a 3.0 compatability list on this site. Though it’s not very complete or reliable as it lists iRealQuickSMS as working and for me it is not!

  47. Rick Says:

    Do you have voipover3g installed? If yes, remove it. We are waiting for them to fix the voipover3g.


  48. Anonymous Says:

    yes i have voip3g installed. will remove it then. Thanks!!!

  49. Atik Says:

    yes i have voip3g installed. will remove it then. Thanks!!!

  50. Atik Says:

    btw, what shall we do with the ECID,iBEC & iBSS we recently got and stored somewhere safe???

  51. mbhullar Says:

    3.0 list on 3g vs. 3gs is definitely different. Qtweeter for example works fine on jailbroken 3G but not on 3Gs. The difference in the processor/hardware requires some of these aps to be ported.

  52. mbhullar Says:

    Keep them safe and handy. They be will invaluable when the 3.1 and subsequent upgrades are released.

  53. adam Says:

    Ok will i used purplera1n went well but decided i wanted the dev teams. anyway i waited 2+ weeks had my phone just sitting there thought everything went well. until … i found out my sms is not working any ideas!!!

  54. jennifer Says:

    So am I correct when assuming that I would use redsn0w to jailbreak my boyfriends iphone 3g??? I need an answer to this before I do it. His phone was jailbroken but had to be reset due to some issue and then he upgraded the firmware to 3.0. So….
    redsn0w for jailbreaking the iphone 3g with firmware 3.0??
    Thank you for any help anyone can give me.

  55. BigBoss Says:

    Geohot rleased the exploit in purplera1n. Apple will patch it in 3.1 now. No point waiting anymore.

  56. BigBoss Says:

    Yes. There are guides all over this site that answer your question :)

  57. Dave Says:

    I’m a legit AT&T customer as well as MobileMe. After jailbreaking my 3GS with purplera1n (RC2 Windows), push no longer worked with MobileMe.

    I was able to fix it by going to Settings->General->Reset->Reset Network Settings and then deleting and recreating my mobileme account on the phone. Perhaps one of those steps wasn’t necessary, but it wasn’t alot of effort and it worked.

  58. adam Says:

    i searched i do not see anything about sms!

  59. jennifer Says:

    yes I am pretty sure that I have read all of them but I wanted to make sure first from someone who has already done it. Thank you very much for answering me.

  60. jennifer Says:

    and thats redsn0w 0.7.2?

  61. pete Says:

    After Purplera1n jail break my phone no longer vibrates. Any one else have this issue? Every thing else is working fine.

  62. TG Says:

    Hi, I tried to jailbreak my 3GS with redsn0w-win v0.8 at least two times already. However, I couldn’t not get iTunes to install cracked applications. What have I done wrong? Please help!!!

  63. rob Says:

    Quick question about ECID iBEC and ibss. I have my purplera1n file and was able to capture my iBEC. However I was unable to capture my iBSS. What kind of shape am I in when 3.1 comes out and in the future?

    Thank You

  64. ernie Says:

    How come when I download ipsw it’s separate files that redsnow does not recognize?

  65. Shane Says:

    You need to go into cydia and download mobile installation patch 3.0 or the one I use is from repo

  66. TG Says:

    Are you replying to my question?

  67. Martouf Says:

    Re-jailbreaking with redsnow will not change anything.

  68. Martouf Says:

    Once a phone has been jailbroken there is no need to do it again because it doesnt add any functionality. Once its done its done.

  69. Martouf Says:

    Fine for me as well… Try resetting your network settings just in case something got messed up.

  70. Martouf Says:

    When 3.1 comes out I am sure there will be loads of walkthroughs on what needs to be done. Just dont upgrade to 3.1 before following what the new jailbreak will require.

  71. Martouf Says:

    You dont use iTunes to install cracked apps. You need to move these apps to your phone using WinSCP or some other kind of software.

  72. Anonymous Says:

    If u haven’t used purplera1n RC2 than u should rejailbreak w/ Redsn0w or Purplera1n RC2 or later. This is because the 1st version doesn’t have some kernal patches required for Winterboard & Logome to work. So I would recommend rejailbreaking using Redsn0w.

  73. rob Says:

    Thanks for the good advice mate.

  74. BBD Says:

    I used purplera1n to jailbreak my 3GS which seemed to MOSTLY work. I’m able to install cracked apps and things from Cydia, however SCP/SFTP doesn’t work although SSH works, except I get the following errors when I SSH into my phone:

    dyld: code signature failed for /usr/lib/libreadline.6.0.dylib with errno=1
    dyld: code signature failed for /usr/lib/libhistory.6.0.dylib with errno=1
    dyld: code signature failed for /usr/lib/libncurses.5.dylib with errno=1

    I’ve tried to uninstall/reinstall SSH but no luck.. Anyone see these errors? Think rebreaking with redsn0w would help?

  75. Todd Says:

    Do you have a case on your phone? I had this problem with my 3G. Turns out the case was blocking the proximity sensor.

  76. Atik Says:

    You need to install hackulo. But i guess this is enthical. Better not.

  77. Anonymous Says:

    The voip4iphone breaks the app store, as well as a couple others, just start uninstalling till it works

  78. mbhullar Says:

    I used purplera1n as well and vibrate feature is working just fine, so most likely an issue at your end.

  79. Mike D Says:

    I recently used redsn0w 0.8 for my 3GS and it was working great for a couple hours. I just tried to add a plugin to SBSettings and now my phone won’t get out of safe mode?!?! Can someone please help? Is there anything I can do to reset my phone and start over? Thanks.

  80. Questabond Says:

    I believe you can install cracked apps with itunes if you use the mobileinstallation patch which has a different name for the 3gs called installd patch

  81. fred1morocho Says:

    Now that the jailbrake & unlock is out! I want and 3GS to use it with t-mobile. Can anyone suggest the best and cheapest way to buy one. Thanks :)

  82. mbhullar Says:

    I just installed openSSH and logged through SSH, no issues and I didn’t see the errors you mentioned. I used Purplera1n to jailbreak my 3gs. FYI.

  83. Anonymous Says:

    go to apple store and robb one or wait for free one from heaven

  84. Tony Says:

    uninstall some of the new apps you installed. some of them don’t work properly so they give you that error.

  85. Tony Says:

    Has anyone try to install it via linux? I need help with it.

  86. Martouf Says:

    You could in theory sign up for At&T and then quit right away. You will have to pay for $199 for the phone and then the $150 cancelation fee, so it will cost you around $350. If you buy one off of ebay then it will cost you around $600..

  87. Shane Says:


  88. dome Says:

    hi, thank big boss and everione.
    i have a problem after redsn0w and ultrasn0w on my 3gs iphone.
    i bought it in UK locked with an O2 sim.
    after JB and unlock i inserted my italian SIM (TIM carrier) and it was recognized and accepted. i even made a phone call but after few min the level strenght of the carrier signal went down and i can’t use the iPhone to make phone calls.
    if i restart the iphone it works again for few min the the signal disappear again…
    anyone has the same? anyone can help? thanks in advance. ciao

  89. Tom Says:

    This might be a stupid question, but once I download the ipsw, what do I do next? I have tried running redsn0w, but it doesn’t seem to find any files? I am confused, please help. Thanks.

  90. Khalid Says:

    I Have A Problem With The GPS On My 3GS Jailbroken Iphone.. The Location Services Doesn’t Work Anymore.. Is There A Fix For It?

  91. Anonymous Says:

    have you done this before

  92. Anonymous Says:

    seems like its a common 3.0 bug

  93. Tom Says:

    Were you asking me? Yes I had jail broken my 3G, now I have the 3GS. They way I jailbroke before was with the pwnage tool and it did all the work for me, I not really sure how to do it this way..even though the directions seem pretty simple. I have down loaded the 3GS firmware at least five times now and every time I open up redsn0w and hit browse it finds the folder of stuff but nothing after that point. Where is the file that I am looking for?

  94. Anonymous Says:

    when you download the ipw where you put it you have to take it there and click it open than that it

  95. Tom Says:

    I have done that. Nothing is found.

  96. Anonymous Says:

    when you brown to that point do you see that ipsw file there if you click on it it open that it you not gong to see nothing there now look at the redsnow see if it veryfies the firm than followthe net step

  97. Anonymous Says:

    are you using the updated redsn0w 8.0 – I jail broke mine this a.m. with no issues, also make sure to use the ipsw file that starts with 2, (not 1,) also dont download the 3.1 beta that Ive see already on some torrents.

  98. Rob Says:

    Just wanted to pass on a tip that hopefully will help someone else. I was downloading the ipsw package on my Macbook last night and for a while I couldn’t work out why I ended up with a new folder containing lots of files but nothing with the .ipsw extension. Then I realised that my comuter was downloading the package with a .zip extension and then automatically unzipping it when the download finished.
    My fix was to go into Preferences in Safari and uncheck the option to automatically open files once downloaded. Then when I downloaded the package again, I was able to rename it, deleting the .zip extension. After that, it worked fine and I was able to follow Big Boss’ steps to jailbreak my 3GS.
    I was surprised that I didn’t have to put the phone in DFU mode though? I was just prompted to put it into recovery mode and then everything worked perfectly after that.
    Cheers Big Boss (and iPhone Dev team) – good job, as always.

  99. Tony Says:

    How did you get it to work on linux?

  100. Anonymous Says:

    My new 3GS will not get a network connection with my old sim after jailbreak. Sim works fin in oln iphone. Please help.

  101. Curley 462 Says:

    Thanks soo much for this.
    This was drivig me crazy. Cant believe i was just using the wrong firmware…

  102. Steed Says:

    I just bought a 32g 3gs… Backed up my original 3g on iTunes and my cydia stuff via aptbackup. Restored new 3gs from backup… Downloaded 3gs firmware and redsnow 8 and jaibroke the 3gs. Everything worked like a charm. This 3gs with the jailbreak is awesome. Thanks to the dev-team, bigboss, and everyone else involved!!

  103. Anonymous Says:

    after i jailbroke my 3g phone with redsnow, i lost my phone signal. cannot make phone calls. any idea how to fix this?

  104. Anonymous Says:

    did you install ultrasn0w????

  105. Anonymous Says:

    had to restore from itunes. jailbroke again with redsnow. 3rd time is a charm.

  106. yertil Says:

    k i am having major issues with my 3gs !! i am not new to jail breaking in any means but this is the first major problem i have had. first i jailbroke with purplera1n and then i restored and used the dev-teams. first my location does not work, more importantly my camera will not save photos. i am not sure what else is wrong yet but i have searched for hours and hours and hours on the internet already and i am away on vacation. some one please help point me in the right direction what the hell is wrong with my phone!

  107. Anonymous Says:

    when you are saving the file, leave the file name the same but add .ipsw at the end of the name. if you do not do this it saves it as a zip file.

  108. Anonymous Says:


  109. Anonymous Says:


  110. Marc Says:

    I am posting here because no one has answered in the purplera1n postings. I have been searching everywhere for an answer. After jailbreaking my 3GS (new) with purplera1n RC2, I get 1% battery drain every 3 minutes. Push, blue tooth are off. Activated with AT&T,did jailbreak later. Updated Mobile substrate. Bigboss said not to use redsn0w if you used purplera1n RC2. Suggestions please I need help.

  111. Julcabalu Says:

    I recently used redsnow0.8 to jailbreak my iPhone 3G OS 3. Installed Cydia in the process (skipped ICY as I read it causes problems). At first Cydia was working well. I was able to download jailbroken applications and update existing ones. A few hours later,however, Cydia ceases to LOAD. Pressing the Cydia Icon will show a blank screen, then closes and returns back to the iPhone screen. Anyone knows how to make Cydia LOAD(Launch) again ?

  112. Anonymous Says:

    I having iPhone 3G 16g. I m having the same problem with the battery drainning issue. I have done my restore & jb more than 6 times. 4 times with redsnow 0.71 and 2 times with redsnow 0.8. The battery was working fine for first 1 or 2 days and then it start going crazy with the fast draining or it show fully charge at 40% & the battery start draining even with the power plug in. Can some one help? Is my battery need to replace or cause by the softweres?

  113. Braeden Says:

    I’m using a 3gs and I had done a purplera1n jailbreak. My battery life was horrible! So I restored my iPhone. Is the battery life normal with redsn0w?

  114. ArkBark Says:

    Does the 3.0 firmware jailbreak version plus the Redsn0w can cause a charging problem. I am having that problem. I don’t know if it is only the battery itself that might be the culprit. Can Dev Team compare the latest 3.0 version versus their Jailbreak version if the charging program might have changed? Please inquire and let me know.


  115. ArkBark Says:

    Does the 3.0 firmware jailbreak version plus the Puplesn0w can cause a charging problem. I am having that problem. I don’t know if it is only the battery itself that might be the culprit. Can Dev Team compare the latest 3.0 version versus their Jailbreak version if the charging program might have changed? Please inquire and let me know.


  116. Jimmy Says:

    Okay I jailbroke (p-rain) and soon after I restored it so can I install 3.1 in any way dfu shift restore anything thanks

  117. welix Says:

    are you downloading it in safari or in firefox? because if youre loading it in safari it unpacks the files automatically so you cant select and ipsw file because its gone already.

  118. Chaos Says:

    Hey I have a question… If you have a bunch of apps already installed on your iPhone, then you decide to jailbreak your iPhone, will all the apps already installed on your iPhone disappear or what?

  119. Kurt Says:

    Having battery drain issues as well on my 3gs 3.1. I jailbroke with redsn0w 8.0 and restored settings from iTunes right after. Battery last half day and I am not using anything hardly to save power. Old iPhone 2g JB had better battery after 2 years of use. Any ideas? Thought that I read that you can’t restore settings with Itunes like contacts and such.

  120. Kenny Says:

    mklpickle, I had same problem that my phone is hanging up. However, it’s like hanging forever. I’m not able to reboot, turn off the phone. I opened iTune and it can not recognise that the phone is connected (which means I’m not able to recover it either). How did you get out the hanging screen?

  121. Martin Says:

    hi, is this for iphone 3GS 3.1 if not when will it come out

  122. Anonymous Says:


    I have an 3GS on OS 3.0.1 (I have never updated this on itunes, it came like this)however it is an MC one so I do not intend to upgrade the firmware at the moment. I have downloaded redsn0w, extracted this and downloaded the firmware 3.0.0 file: iPhone2,1_3.0_7A341_Restore.ipsw.

    For some reason redsn0w will keeps saying unable to recognise ipsw file.

    Any suggestions??

    Cheers Lex

  123. djboy13 Says:

    hi guys pls help i alredy jailbroke my iphone 3gs 3.1.2 with blackra1n if restart it goes to recovery only i have to run blackra1n agin, will redsnow fix this problem.even i install iPhone2,1_3.1.2_7D11_Restore.ipsw it has same recovery screen,purplera1n.exe notworking why pls help meee

  124. wooz Says:

    when i browse for my software, i double click on it and it says it can’t reconize my IPSW. please please help me

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