Firewall iP 1.49 out now

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Firewall iP, the first and only Firewall for the iPhone, got an update to 1.499

The changes are all in the background, but massive. It improves stability, memory usage and speed.

Changelog 1.49:

  • support for IP adresses: 123.123.123.* and
  • major speed improvements: 60% faster when using large rule lists (lists with 1000+ items are no problem anymore)
  • added option to delete Global Allow/Deny list
  • bugfixing
  • fixed memory leaks

Firewall iP is the only security app of it’s kind and offers many advance features like getting WhoIs-informations about the host.

Block outgoing TCP & UDP connections selectively

Shows you the hostname for the connection & can provide you with WhoIs information

Block connections of apps when you are on a cellular network

Block analytic providers / data collectors which PrivaCy can’t

Block unneeded content (ads ;))

Easy to use interface & control app

and many more….

Firewall iP is available in the CydiaStore for only $2.99

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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8 Responses to “Firewall iP 1.49 out now”

  1. Jazz Says:

    Thanks for a great product!!

    Too bad that i fucked up my iPhone 4….my SHSH was pending and not working when testoring…..Apple U F…… Bla bla
    Stock on 4.0.2 aaaaaagh, noooow i’m in jail, LOL…..freeeme ;-)

  2. imx Says:

    Is there any way I can purchase this app from my workstation? The form inputs and text are way too small for me to see on my iphone and whatever interface it called when I pressed purchase (browser?) won’t let me pinch out to zoom. Shouldn’t be this hard to buy apps from the store. Frustrated.

  3. The6uest Says:

    Which store are you trying to buy it from? I don’t have problems buying apps from Cydia or Rock, but Rock does allow you to buy from their website. Not sure if you can do the same with Cydia.

  4. alex Says:

    i cant ssh into my iphone 4 after i installed firewall wall ip 1.49-1 how do i fix this??

  5. Mr new to cydia Says:

    Can you crack cydia apps?

  6. Anonymous Says:


  7. someone Says:

    Can you make it possible to see the exact link that an app is trying to connect to, instead of just the hostname?

    great app, thanks

  8. Steve Jobs Says:

    on version 1.49, when you click on the “info” button you have a “Whitelist” tab. There are two URL’s in the whitelist tab. How am I to know they are the URL’s that you put there?

    Basically, which URL’s to I need to allow so I can still receive updates?

    Currently my whitelist shows and

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