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Lockdown Pro is the best way to make sure your iPod or iPhone is secure when letting other people use it. If you have used Lockdown before then this is a huge upgrade. I completely remade the application, and made sure it works on the 3.x firmware and on iOS 4. It will run on any iPod or iPhone but not yet on the iPad, I will add that support in an update soon.

Now what sets Lockdown Pro apart from other locking applications is in all of the features included and pending updates with even more. Some of those features include:

*Lockdown Pro’s settings are now in your devices settings application! No more extra app filling up your home screen.

*You can choose between a numeric or an alphabetic password.

*Custom Passwords are available, which means that you can set different passwords for different locked applications.

*Delay Lock. This means that when you enter your password for an application then all of your applications will stay unlocked until your device is locked.

*You can lock every application. That means you can lock hidden applications, multi-tasked applications, or any in folders.

*Lockdown Pro is now faster. It takes up much less memory than Lockdown did.

*Stability improvements as well as new graphics and more!

Here are some screenshots:

Please post any questions/suggestions/bugs or email me at: Madpike05@aol.com

I have in the next planned update:

*Even better graphics.

*Better, faster way to lock applications directly from SpringBoard.

*Being able to lock complete folders.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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189 Responses to “Lockdown Pro — Password protect your applications –”

  1. Spezi Says:

    So no more working around the lock by just using the search feature etc.?
    That + “Delay Lock” is really worth 2 Bucks… will get it asap :)

  2. Boricuaguy34 Says:

    Great thank you

  3. john Says:

    it didnt worked on iphone 3gs iso4.0 it always crashes my springboard

  4. ipodtouchmaster Says:

    You sure you downloaded Lockdown Pro and not Lockdown?

  5. delv Says:


  6. Anonymous Says:

    Great app as is! Just curiouser to know if in the near future we can lock folders? That would be awesome!!

  7. ipodtouchmaster Says:

    Yes! That will be in one of the next couple of updates.

  8. Andy G Says:

    It is a great app, but serious bug. If you launch a locked app from the multi-tasking dock, and then click cancel when it asks for your password, the app still launches!! I hope this gets fixed soon because otherwise it is a really useful app.

  9. ipodtouchmaster Says:

    Do you have version 1.1 of Lockdown Pro?

  10. Andy G Says:

    In Cydia right at the top it says “lockdown pro 1.1″, but when I scroll down to Installed Package, it says version 1.0. So, am not sure which one it is.

  11. Andy G Says:

    Sorry, I just noticed the upgrade available. Appologies. Will check it out and get back to you if the bug stays. Thanks

  12. Harry Says:

    Hello developers.
    I bought lockdown pro two days ago when I got my new iPhone 4. I was working awesome just before today when it crashed and never worked after that.
    What happened actually I was using a different password to lock the apps other than the master password. But when I tried using one more password for another set of apps, it never worked after that. Even no other app worked after that. Every single app on my iPhone failed to start until I started my iPhone in safe mode and uninstall the lockdown pro. I even tried installing it once again, but same thing happened again. So is thr any fix for this problem? Please help

  13. ipodtouchmaster Says:

    can you do me a favor and email me your com.iptm.lockdownpro.plist found in your device in /var/mobile/Library/Preferences and email it to Madpike05@aol.com

  14. B.Davis Says:

    so yea there’s a major security flaw like Andy stated and I noticed it the other day..click the app n it asks for ur passcode ..double click multitasking and the app shows up behind the passcode screen and simply click cancel and there you have it the app opens with no passcode..I have version 1.1 iPhone 4 update coming soon?

  15. ipodtouchmaster Says:

    Yes I am working on a fix.

  16. Mel Says:

    just purchased this and it crashes my SB everytime. nothing works. i can’t even launch phone to make a call.
    had to go into safe mode to remove lockdown pro 1.1 to get things working again.
    i’m using a 3GS on fw3.1.3

  17. Mel Says:

    it’s working now…. had to remove the lockdown 6.2 plists.

  18. Dave Says:

    I only want to lock a few applications and the only way I found to do this was to lock them all, then go to the Locked applications page and unlock all the others. Th flaw in this if you want to lock a further app. you need to lock them all again and go thru’ this unlocking the others process again.

    It would be an idea to have a + icon in the top right corner of the locked apps screen.

    Or am I missing a way to already do this?

  19. vladimir Says:

    please ios4 auto shutdown for several of us users which we hope will be greatly appreciated

  20. mD Says:

    well’ i had te same problem +now cant access anything. how do i deal w/this dilema? i cant even ssh into my phone i’m pretty angry.

  21. Randy Says:

    I just download Lockdown Pro on my Iphone 3g It locked my phone completely I donot know what to do,or how to uninstall it.My phone does not open anything i mean i even cannot go to settings.need help.

  22. Anonymous Says:

    Had the same problem earlier. I had to put my phone into safe mode and after that I uninstalled lockdown pro. Phone works fine now but no lockdown app. On my phone I could still slide my finger across the top of the screen to get a drop down menu that has a power button on it push it and it’ll give you a safe mode option. You might be able to do this with the regular power button on the top but I’m not sure.good luck

  23. trustkill Says:

    After instaling it hangs in the “Please Wait, Loading Applications§ Dialog…. :-( Does not work for me (IpodTouch 8GB 2nd Gen, 3.1.3

  24. ipod 1g Says:

    Hey i’ve ot a problem too. I just installed lockdown pro and now ‘cydia’ and ‘settings’ doesnt work anymore. Any idea what’s the problem?

  25. chavbasher Says:

    ur a star sir/madam @post 16 fount safe mode ur way an fixed my prob massive thanks

  26. Sam Says:

    hey man i just installed lockdown pro on my iphone 4 4.0.1 and now, nothing will open…
    what am i suppose to do now?
    i can’t even ssh into the phone to remove plists or anything..

  27. mD Says:

    Great No answer. wellI hope I can recover from this assinine app in one piece. I hope I wi\l at \east be able to ssh.

  28. Michelle Says:

    Same freaking problem…. last night i installed lockdown pro on my iphone 4 4.0.1 and now, nothing will open…

    Please Help!!! I don’t want to have to restore.

  29. jon14 Says:

    Dude nothing on my phone loads up after installing lockdown?!i cant do anything on my iphone! i have a 3g on 3.1.3!help

  30. Steve Says:

    I got iphone 3gs 4.0 but for some reason my lockdown pro 1.1 isn’t working i do not see any icon for lockdown pro and after i install i cannot access any phone, messages and most of the apps… Could you tell me what is the problem?

  31. raghuveer Says:

    install iphone explorer

    Connect the phone go to /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries and delete the Lockdown files

    Restart your phone.
    its worked for me

  32. Ilre75 Says:

    I tried the same hint suggested by raughuveer and everything worked fine.

    Thanks very much!!!!

  33. David Says:

    I downloaded lockdown pro and now all my apps have crashed including my email, phone, sms !!! It does not open anything anymore ! What do i do ?????

  34. Robert Says:

    The lockdown pro is great! But I found a mojor bug..
    I have an ipod touch fw 3.1.3. If I run ann app locked that is in background, lockdown pro 1.1 ask me to put the password again( great change, btw!)but to disable lockdown all I need to do is rotate the ipod…! Hope that fix this!

  35. Jelly Says:

    My 3gs fw 3.1.3 crashes and can’t get to anything on the phone after upgrade to Lockdown PRO. How can I remove the lockdown 6.2 plists in this mode

  36. Nathan Says:

    Bought lockdown pro, respringed and suddenly I cant launch any apps, had to go into safety mode and remove Lockdown to get my phone working again, any fix?
    regards Nathan

  37. johan Says:

    hey i installed it and its not working, i open a app, and it freezes, click home button goes home, open cydia it freezes again till i did that how i fix it???

  38. XV Says:

    Lockdown wouldn’t save any settings and kept acting like I just installed it everytime I quit and reentered the app. I then installed Lockdown Pro and I have this non-stop crashing as soon as I get the springboard after an insanely long time staring at the apple logo. Anyone have any light on the subject? I can’t do anything with my phone atm. Don’t even have enough time to get sbs to safe mode

  39. cyberslash69 Says:

    Has Thebigboss figured out this bug yet??

  40. cyberslash69 Says:

    Also, you can remove it easily if you have SBSettings already installed.. Click on Power in Sbsettings. Click on Safe mode. Go into Cydia, click on manage>packages>Lockdownpro>modify>Remove

    Then just respring.. Hope this helps.

  41. guffy72 Says:

    I too have the same issue with Lockdown. I came here hoping Lockdown Pro would solve the problem. Don’t think I will be upgrading to Pro just yet :P

  42. Anon Says:

    This worked perfectly. Still too bad Lockdown Pro won’t work though, considering we all paid for it…

  43. nonamer Says:

    it also didn’t work on my 3gs/3.0. followed raghuveer’s advise and it works fine now. thanks!

  44. Anonymous Says:

    Man i thought its working fine already. Lockdown hangs when im in the please wait loading all apps part. Hello????

  45. KW Says:

    Me too have the same problem, Lockdown wouldn’t save any setting, even after I remove it and install it again.


  46. cyberslash69 Says:

    I just wish someone would FIX this issue.. I paid for junk!

  47. guffy72 Says:

    Thanks raghuveer.
    Tried this on Lockdown (not Pro) and it didn’t help.
    Lockdown still not storing any settings.

  48. jon14 Says:

    sucks i paid for this trash and it didnt even work!!!

  49. Kel Says:

    I use 3GS iOS 4.0 works flawless for me.

    Great App, my only request is to not allow backdoors into the apps, Lockdown had these features if I remember right, why not this app?

    Camera into Photo’s
    Phone into Contacts
    Search into Contacts

    I don’t want my phone app locked but I don’t want people going into my recent calls and contacts from in there, any way a feature to allow only this restriction?

    I understand if Phone to Contacts and search to contacts is not possible because of the way the phone app works, but it would be nice if that was possible.

  50. Anonymous Says:

    man how do u fix this problem? bc im pissed but i want this app

  51. Kalel Says:

    I think the more troubling issue is that there hasn’t even been an acknowledgment, by big boss, of the bug, where lockdown pro is preventing apps from loading, in two weeks .

  52. Travis Says:

    I downloaded the free version of Lock down for my Jailbroken Iphone 3GS running 4.0
    When I tried it today my phone:

    First it went into safe mode which it has never done.
    Second it came up with an error that said something to the effect that Spring Board wasn’t functioning properly.
    Thirdly when it asked me to set up a password and then re-enter but after I enter the Password
    I couldn’t click the enter button because it seemed to be in the background. When I would to tap the enter button
    it would think I was trying to enter the number 1 in the password because number 1 and enter were pretty much
    in the same location.

    At any rate I really like the idea of this program and was wondering if I downloaded a version that had bugs or if
    anyone else had experienced similar problems more importantly If there was a fix. i deleted the program and then
    looked for more info on the net. if you can help I would greatly appreciate it.

  53. Will Says:

    Ive installed Lockdown Pro and now cant get any apps to open and cant figure out how to get my iphone into safe mode to uninstall lockdown. I do not have SBSettings installed and its very frustrating. PLEASE HELP!!!

  54. j Says:

    I don’t know how to download new apps

  55. Kalel Says:

    The free version is no longer maintained from what I understand. That being said, the paid or “pro” version is not working on my iPhone 4 either. So take that as you like.

  56. Eda Says:


  57. Emily Says:

    Same has happened to mine too! All my apps will NOT open! This sucks so much!!! I need to use my phone!!I dont know how to use Safemode either, tried sliding my finger across the top but it doesnt work!! PLEASE HELP ASAP!!!!!

  58. Kurian Abraham Says:

    Please release a fix for this.

  59. Samy Says:

    Yeah man thanks a lot !!!

  60. Canalla Says:

    I bought this app about 2 hours ago and it screwed my 3GS with 4.0…no apps worked. I followed the instruccion in comment #24 and was able to starts apps again.

    So I paid for this app…when is it going to work????

  61. Canalla Says:

    or is this a SCAM????

  62. Kalel Says:

    It’s not a scam, but it’s definitely broken. Nobody has heard from the developer as to whether or not he is planning to fix this.

    Maybe he feels he’s made enough money on this app and never plans to fix it. In this case, I guess it would be a scam.

  63. Kevin Williams Says:

    Another bricked device here. Stupidly assumed saurik would be striving for legitimacy on his app store: Lesson learned, never buy from cydia again. Now I get to do a device restore. Fucking wonderful.

  64. Kevin Williams Says:

    OK, for all other watchers, I think I got this resolved:

    1 – Download and install iphonebrowser (runs under Windows XP or better). N.B. you probably want version 1.9.1 — NOT the latest version — especially if you don’t have iTunes 9 or better.

    2 – Run iPhone browser, then navigate to the following path:

    + var
    + mobile
    + Library
    + Preferences

    3 – Now, look in the right hand pane for a file beginning with this:


    4 – Delete all files found matching this pattern. There should be only one. Make sure you let iPhoneBrowser make a backup of the file before you delete it (it will prompt you).

    5 – Finally, locate a file in the same folder called “LockdownDylibEnabled” and delete it as well.

    You should now be able to access applications normally — no need to reboot. Lockdown Pro shows up in the menu for me, and works correctly.

    VERY frustrating few hours this morning over this application, but it’s all sorted out now. My advice to bigboss: make sure the next releases of the application sweep away all old configuration files and disable Dylib!

  65. Mike Says:

    Would this be the Sam as sshing with a computer into the phone ?

  66. Kevin Williams Says:

    Mike, if you have an SSH server set up on your phone you can do that instead; much less software to install and faster, too.

    The reason I used this method is because I have not installed OpenSSH server on my phone, as will be the case with many other users. Since installing new software when the phone is essentially broken isn’t an option, it is nice to have a method to restore functionality to your device without having to do a full restore.

  67. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks!!!!!! it worked for me.

  68. Usb Says:

    Thanks to raghuveer @post 24 – I was able to get rid of this SHITTY Lockdown Pro app.

    NEVER BUY THIS SHITTY LOCKDOWN PRO APP. The developer does not even care about bugs and fixes.

  69. Bruno Says:


  70. RobL Says:

    The developer of this app should be banned. BigBoss should be held equally accountable for hosting such an person and “app”! I can’t even open my damn phone, apps or anything after loading this. My phone is essentially screwed!

  71. RobL Says:

    not to mention this “raghuveer” character cound’t be more vague if he/tried to be. “Connect the phone to “where or what”??!! And where the heck are we supposed to find /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries and delete the Lockdown files??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  72. Kevin Williams Says:

    RobL, did you read post 48?

  73. Daisy Says:

    I’m yet another user who paid for lockdown pro, using a 3gs 4.0.1 who, after installing it, couldn’t use her phone anymore. Couldn’t open anything…contacts, phone, cydia, settings…the icons are all there but whenever I click one on to open, it just hangs on loading.

    I tried syncing with iTunes 10, yes it does sync but then I can’t open anything anyway so what good does that do? Please help us on this because it’s virtually turned my iphone into a piece of junk.

    I just wanted something to prevent my kid from accidentally erasing apps when he plays his games there…and this is what happened.

  74. Kevin Williams Says:

    Read post 48 …

  75. amina Says:

    or if you have a mac read post 24 it worked for me!!

  76. amina Says:

    bloody genius!!! i was on the verge of restoring it!

  77. marcel Says:

    Thank you so much for the guide, it worked like a charm. i had my phone stuck for the last couple of days and i was about to restore and loose my jailbreak.

  78. god Says:

    thank god i not brought any of there shit apps from there store and i wont be after all what i have read here fucking pakis i bet

  79. randomstringofchars Says:

    F*ck you Lockdown to the deepest pit of Hell where you rightfully belong. Free version stopped working, Pro screwed the device, scaring me seriously… until I found out how to remove it, all by myself, 5 minutes later 8-D (Thank God SBSettings worked, Safe Mode ftw)

  80. Joe Says:

    I’m having some problems with this. Do I need a certain version of itunes? Also, i cannot view my iPod on 1.91 but I can on 1.93. Mo matter what i use whether it’s diskaid or iphonebrowser I don’t have access to the root folders. I foolishly downloaded this crappy app without sbsettings or afc2add, so will this affect doing this? I’ve been trying to SSH into my iphone, but I can’t toggle SSH because I can’t load the app or go to settings to find my IP.

  81. jorge Says:

    I dont have sbsettings and iphone browser does not recognize my iphone please help!

  82. jorge Says:

    it doesnt recognize my iphone!

  83. jay Says:

    Bug… if you want to lock out a browser like safari. The lock down works with multi tasking and when you click on the app direct. But if safari is locked and i click on any link in my mail inbox hit cancel then it bypasses the lock and im now in safari. Is this a flaw? Will this be fixed in an update?

  84. Prakash Says:

    Raghuveer, you are a fuckin’ genius man! Spent hours trying to boot my iPhone in the safe mode so that I can delete the stupid ‘LockdownPro’ which caused my iPhn to freeze, but nothing really worked except for your suggestion. Thanks again mate!!!

  85. sarjent Says:

    i was so looking forward to this app. Purchased without even trying it, my mistake!

    Iphone goes into an endless reboot cycle right after installing and rebooting. Tried some of the other suggestions posted but in Kevin’s solution those files just do not exist in that path on my phone.

    Any ideas? Its a 3g with IOS 4.1, JB with redsnow. Thanks

  86. kunal Says:

    thnxxx man u r gr888

  87. Anonymous Says:

    I agreeee!!!
    Lockdown works perfectly on my iphone but when I tried to install it on my aunties it wouldn’t save the settings

  88. zaiko Says:

    I am unable to close apps in the app switcher (multi tasking bar) when I have “Lock App Deletion” enabled. Is there an update for this coming?

  89. Behzad Says:

    i have the same problem (Closing apps in the app switch). This dose not happen IOS 4.0.1

  90. Anonymous Says:

    Conflict with Irealsms. after opening an app that’s locked, try pressing the sleep button of your phone without clossing the app. Unlock your phone, you’re going to see a screen requiring you to input your pin to reopen the app you accessed before you placed your phone on sleep. tap cancel without typing your pin, viola! app still opens for some weird reason. Bug disappeared after I disabled Ireal in mobilesubstrate. I’m on iOS 4.2.1 by the way.

  91. Anonymous Says:

    lockdown pro doesn’t work with iOS4.2.1.
    update please !!

  92. Mass Says:

    I bought this and the sb settings togggle for my 3gs, just upgraded to an iphone 4, any way I can transfer my license?

  93. Anonymous Says:

    Will there be iPad 4.2.1 support anytime soon?

  94. Cobra Says:

    Hi I installed lockdown pro now I can’t even acces any apps or do anything…. Somebody please help!!!!!!!

  95. Cobra Says:

    Or will I have to restore???? Just can’t open any app or do anything

  96. Cobra Says:

    Or will I have to restore???? Just can’t open any app or do anything

  97. Anonymous Says:

    Any Progress Report on iPad support? Anything?

  98. John Says:


    I bought and installed Lockdown Pro. However, when I tried to go to Lockdown from the “setting” page. it always crash and make my iphone goes to safe mode.

    I am still using iphone 3, version 3.x.

    Please kindly help.

  99. John Says:

    I experienced the same with u. Unfortunately, there is no reply on your post. Did you find the solution?

  100. donb Says:

    downloaded lockdown pro and it is not in the settings. help!?

  101. Craig Says:


    Think we’ve been conned TBH

  102. borg Says:

    i have lockdown pro
    and it works fine
    its a really good app
    you have not been conned

  103. LIfeNCancun Says:

    So how exactly do you configure different custom passwords.. I can’t figure it out.. where is that option? Thanks

  104. LIfeNCancun Says:

    Edit: Nevermind.. just took a close look at your sample pictures and saw where the custom section was… in the “other settings” menu… perhaps you can incorporate it into the lock apps page with a custom icon or something…

  105. Steven Says:

    Mate… fuckin…. GENIUS! I was about to lose it until I read this post. Bloody simple too this.


  106. Mas Says:

    Same problems as mentioned above running the latest version on iPhone 4.1.
    I can lock folders everything works brilliant only this is the issue with the cancel button it will completely ignore the password. U can’t use multitasking to launch another app. Please fix or can somebody advise how to get rid of the cancel button as I believe this will solve the problem if you can’t enter the password or don’t know it then to quit the app we must press home button. This way surely u can’t just enter the app

  107. DrUAE Says:


    I’m having a problem with Lockdown pro not mentioned above..

    I was using lockdown pro without any problem, but after restoring and jailbreaking my ip4 using 4.2.1 i start having a problem. Every time i try to put a password it gives me an error that says “Missing Error!.. You must fill out all the text fields”. All the fields are filled correctly and i tried every possiple thing to fix but with no luck. Here is what i tried:

    1) restarting the phone (soft and hard)
    2) deleting the app and re-download it
    3) deleting the plist files using ssh
    4) deleting the app and every remnant files using ssh and then re-download it again


    please help me any suggestion would be great (except restoring.. i hate to restore)

  108. Anonymous Says:

    hi, to raghuveer and kevin
    how do i download iphone browser to begin with, when i can’t access any of my files on my iphone????
    my setting is blank, cydia is blank… i can’t go on anything

  109. Prince the Dawg Says:

    Wow, I’ve been meaning to ask Kevin Williams and Raghuveer the same question also!

    How do I follow this step:
    1 – Download and install iphonebrowser (runs under Windows XP or better). N.B. you probably want version 1.9.1 — NOT the latest version — especially if you don’t have iTunes 9 or better.

    ^^^ how is this possible when my iPhone is not working at all, clarification on this matter would be greatly appreciated

  110. zyads Says:

    The same problem what is the solution ):

  111. DrUAE Says:

    So, any fix for the “Missing Error!.. You must fill out all the text fields” yet? Or did I waste my money :(

  112. DrUAE Says:

    Any fix for the “Missing Error!.. You must fill out all the text fields” yet? or i wasted my money :(

  113. Jonny Says:

    I cant find this on the AppStore. Is there a link somewhere?

  114. Akhil Says:

    Even I am facing same problem …. Wht to do

  115. JeffW Says:

    Any word on when 2.1 will be available for the iPad?

  116. freeman4u Says:

    I installed lockdown pro on my iphone 4 but some how i forgot my password and my help word.

    then i uninstalled it

    now when i install it again and try to put passowrd and help word it give me an error

    pls. help

  117. bigstar Says:

    I’m interested in 2.1 for iPad as well, any news?

  118. eric Says:

    love the app…only one problem/question…i only lock my sms messages…so if i am in the messages app and i press the iphone lock/sleep button and then slide to unlock it immediately brings up the password screen which is great! but heres the problem, i type the password in and all of a sudden it closes the app…id like to be able to slide to unlock and immediately type the password in and then having the app remain open…

    i have looked in the settings thinking maybe there was a reason for this but i can not find anything…anyone else having this problem/know how to fix it?


  119. koko Says:

    iphone 4 on 4.2.1

    Missing Error!
    You must fill out all the text fields .

    i get this problem anyone can help to fix it

  120. Qaz Says:

    I installed lockdown pro (2.0.1) on my iphone 4. It is working great. I locked my mail app,but if i open a contact with email address and click that email address; my mail app open without asking pass code. Please fix this bug.

  121. Marc Says:

    Really wanted this to work as I’m fedup with deleting apps accidentally, however all lockdown pro does on 4.2.1 is respring every time I go into settings. This tweak is proof that cydia needs a refund and or a rating policy. I think all devs should be forced to offer a trial period so they can’t keep taking money for tweaks that just don’t work.
    I know cydia is unofficial but you’re just taking plain taking the piss out of people.

  122. Arjun Says:

    Since the update… Everytime I get a SMS message… I unlock the screen and type the password and then it shuts the SMS application. I then have to reclick on SMS And re type the password before it opens.

    It never use to do that.

  123. eric Says:

    same here…i posted a few days ago about this hoping someone would be able to help me but i haven’t gotten a response…lemme know if you figure out a way around this…it is pretty annoying after a while

  124. Anonymous Says:

    Same here… but these happend to me just after i updated lockdown pro a few weeks ago

    I found another bug if you lock photos and you don’t lock the camera you can still reach the photos by clicking the photos icon in camera.

  125. basti Says:

    Hi there,

    I updated Cydia today and for the rest of the day had to struggle with cydia not loading anymore (only in Safe Mode did it load).
    After trying all kinds of SSH tricks to get it back the solution seemed simple – unlock it in Lockdown Pro… Noticed the same for MobileTerminal.

    Cydia not opening when locked and in SBS Dock
    MobileTerminal not opening when locked and in SBS Dock

    Also a request I’d like to make:
    I would be awesome if there was a way to unlock the Icon Placement Lock when the Icons are “wiggling”, by say touching the title bar and entering the password or something.

  126. gonzo Says:


    I installed lockdown pro (2.0.1) on my iphone 4. It is working great(messages locked). BUT, i installed lockinfo and if i get a new message, tap on the text, ask the password, open the messange and immediately close the message app…
    2.0 worked fine

  127. Anonymous Says:

    Can u

  128. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you the new app is great but there is still the bug with the camera roll:(

  129. gonzo Says:

    fixed! thank you, well done

  130. Christina Says:

    I have an iPod touch the one with the camera and I am wondering if this cool app is compatible with iPod touches. Because I need to hide some stuff from my sister because I let her use my iPod.

  131. Francois Says:


    Lockdown Pro 2.0.2 is said to be compatible with the ipad but in Cydia i get a “Unable to Purchase”

    What’s wrong?

  132. Trabidor Says:

    If you put your iPod into DFU mode will it disable lockdown pro?

  133. Jc Says:


    I’ve been using the app After a hard reset of my iphone 4 on 4.3.2, lockdown pro stopped working. i tried to turn on and turn off my phone again then it got worse, i cannot lock anything anymore then when i went to settings and chose lockdown pro, it prompted me to setup as if it was the first time i installed it. I put in a safety word and password then clicked on save but it just goes back to Setup Lockdown Pro as if i didn’t put anything on it.

  134. Cuteblkchick Says:

    I downloaded lockdown pro last month because of my kids. Today I had to reinstall it because they came to visit but now I don’t remember the passwords!
    Can you help me please? I have an touch 4.
    Thank you!

  135. alex Says:

    i lock my camera pro video using lockdown pro,but when i unlock it it says that password did not match,any one can help me pls.thanks

  136. AymanF Says:

    Same fukin problem :( and no one is trying to help

  137. Zee Says:

    PLEASE HELP !!!!!

    I get this error ….. when i try to set-up the password ……. you must fill all the text fields …….. but there are no other fields …


  138. Zee Says:

    PLEASE HELP !!!!!

    I get this error ….. when i try to set-up the password ……. you must fill all the text fields …….. but there are no other fields …


  139. BassTea Says:

    Today, i downloaded Lockdown Pro. I installed it, but it shows no icon to start this app. I have an iPhone 4 (IOS 4.3.3).

    I hope, someone can help me. Thx

  140. techtech Says:

    i got a message MISSING ERROR “YOU MUST FILL OUT ALL THE TEXT FIELD” and there is no more text field. i have iphone 4 with OS 4.1 firmware 2.10.04 any one any idea i buy lockdown pro 2.0.3 but this is showing stupid errors.

  141. FatMan4G Says:

    ok i know it evil of whatever but i had the cracked lockdown pro (to try it!) i liked it so i removed the cracked one an paid for / installed the real one but every time i install it my phone gos to safe mode. what the hell lol i pay for it an it stopes working? i do also have folderEnhancer , crash report said that lockdown was 1st suspect an folderEnhancer was 2nd. i uninstall lockdown an everything is fine… now what ??

  142. ortakus Says:


    i have been using lockdown pro for a while and i love it. everything works fine, except i installed mobilenotifier beta5 recently and lockdown does not work here. if i get a new txt message and i open up the notifications screen from mobilenotifier and click on the new message the txt app gets opened without asking for my password. is there any way to fix that?

    thanks for any help! :)

  143. Jab Says:

    Hi, i downloaded lockdown and it is able to lock all the apps, however it does not lock my photos and camera??? This was the main reason i bought lockdown, any1 know how to lock the photos??

  144. Trey Says:

    Hello I noticed a bug that allows lockdown to be disabled without having to put in the passcode to change the settings … I went into the settings to disable lockdown and it came up with the passcode screen … however at the same time i recieved a text message and the notification came up to look at the text message … when i clicked close it disappeared and the passcode screen did not come up however i was still able to disable lockdown

  145. Wissam Says:

    guys i have a new iphone 4 with the ios 4.3.3 i downloaded lockdown pro 2.1 from cydia and i keep on getting the error “missing error” i tried to delete everything using iphone browser and explorer but nothing seems to help!!!! any solution!!!
    and for the record i had it working on my old i iphone 3gs with ios 4.3.2!!!!!!!

  146. Oghly Says:

    I think there is a bug, while u r talking ( making phone calls ) all the Locked apps become open and u can access them without the permission of the password

  147. ROOD Says:

    1000x Thnx! Works also for the iPad2.

  148. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah I agree. Please fix this bug asap!!! Thanks!

  149. Anonymous Says:

    Good pro

  150. BM Says:


    if any app is already open and i use activator say (double tap status bar) it switches to my locked app. but it i just hit cancel without typing the password it continues to open the app.


  151. Niall Says:

    Hi, this app has been the cause of about 2 hours headache, this app causes my springboard to crash in a loop, remove app within safe mode and all is normal again.

    Please help, this app is good when it works ok :(


  152. Anonymous Says:

    Same problem

  153. The Aoolean Says:

    I have tried post 48, post 24, you name it

    My iPhone is stuck in reboot loop, cannot be restored, cannot be fixed, when I meet the programmer of this fucking shitpile called LOCKDOWN PRO, by the way, there is NOTHING PRO about releasing SHIT that steals other people’s TIME, whe i meet this guy I am going to bust his balls with a sledgehammer he has never seen and make him eat the pulp of his teenage scrotum

  154. annique Says:

    thank you, you’re my hero! :)

  155. Mira Says:

    its not workin on iphone4 : MISSING ERROR: UMUST FILL OUT ALL THE TEXT FIELDS.. please help

  156. J@CK Says:

    It works fine on my iPhone 4, 4.3.3.

    But I experienced some bugs using the springboard fast lock.
    When I try to lock thing(s) using SpringBoard fast lock (i.e. tap and hold any icon until going into customization mode), it doesn’t really lock it until I do a respring. Then, this affect any apps that is being locked inside the setting.app lockdown pro settings. It won’t apply new settings/lock app until I do a respring!

    All become normal (lock instantly in setting.app, WITHOUT respring) when I disabled springboard fast lock.

    Lockdown Pro team: please fix this bug!!

  157. salman Says:


  158. Mghmg Says:

    install MiddleWhat from cydia

    that will fix the problem

  159. Mghmg Says:

    install MiddleWhat from cydia

    this will fix the problem

  160. Anonymous Says:

    Does the ipod/ iphone have to be jailbroken for this to work because i cant find this app on the app store

  161. Anonymous Says:

    I forgot my lockdown pro password and is locked from most of my apps, including settings and cydia!!!!


  162. PokemonIntertpreter Says:

    Oh thanks so much! I entered in a password. it worked at first, then stopped! it wouldn’t accept any password, so i tried rebooting and be springboard wouldnt even launch! i had to restore my device, losing EVERYTHING. Thanks so much!

  163. Tada Says:

    Stop fucking whining and do some reading, not working on ya phone, also fuck up your phone? WHY? Did you make sure it compatible with ya OS version, ur device, what source ya get it from, ect….? Don’t know much about shit? Too painful to take the consequent ? Don’t mess with the shit and start coming up here and open ya stinky mouth barking. Mine and other couple phones I have done work just fine without any problem. Kakakaka bitches…..don’t fuck with Cydia.

  164. NoneOfYoBuiswax Says:

    I really like this app, except I have one complaint.
    I decided to lock my Contacts, but if say someone were to use the Phone and then click on Contacts from there, it won’t ask for a password. Any update gonna’ come to fix that?

  165. ios5progress? Says:

    awesome app, had it for ages, updated to ios5 after restore, tethered JB, any update when this will be updated for ios5?

  166. dTERM Says:

    Yeah…wtb iOS 5 support…since its an app that I purchased :/

  167. abdulrahman Says:

    does lockdown pro works on ios 5 ???
    please advice
    its a great application

  168. Interested Says:

    Any news about new ver. for IOS5.
    this is the most wanted app on my IPAD.

  169. Z!G Says:

    No,………………….unfortunately Lockdown Pro does not work on iOS 5. I have not tried it myself, but google docs says it causes a respring loop. It seems to be the most updated list of iOS 5 compatible tweaks. Updated very often………………….Not 100% updated to but the most updated I seen.

  170. Z!G Says:

    I know. It’s an awesome tweak.. I tried emailing the Dev to no avail. OH well. I really hope he updates this. Search for it in cydia then tap on “change package settings” then turn on. This will inform you that it has been updated even tho it is not installed. Chances are if there is another update, it will be for iOS 5.

  171. Roffe Says:

    Hi! I use lockdown pro on my jb iphone 4. 4.3.3. and it works just as i want it to, except when i have an ongoing phonecall. If i try to open an app that is password protected when in a call, it opens without asking for the password. When i hang up the call, it then works as intended.

  172. Mr.A Says:

    i installedit and when i type the pass it says incorrect i cant get into cydia or settings what to do plz fast!

  173. NoneOfYoBuiswax Says:

    Can you please update for iOS 5, this is the only reason I haven’t updated yet! PLEASE!

  174. ylliricon Says:

    hi there is there anupdat ecoming for iOS 5 ???? PLEASEE this is by fare the best and most important app on iphone.. its a must have i bought it and loved it really hope you get an update for it

  175. NoneOfYoBuiswax Says:


  176. TB Says:

    I know there wasn’t much reason for a new version of Lockdown Pro prior to today. But with a full iOS5 JB now very close, I am looking forward to selling the virtues Lockdown Pro to my friends with new 4S devices :-) Any chance of an update? Even just with an approximate ETA? Or should I suggest they purchase alternative protection products instead?

  177. Valyno Says:

    I am among the happy users of LockDownPro.
    I sent an email to the dev (ipodtouchmaster)to ask whether a new release compatible with iOS5 is on the road: so far, no answer.

    I really hope that the Dev will not drop us down. I make a point of honor to purchase any app I need on my JB iPhone, so I hope that I will not regret it…

  178. Chaitanya Says:

    I have iTouch 4G, I forgotten password of lockDown Pro and even a Secret word… Can smbody help me out????

  179. Ethan Says:

    If anyone’s interested, Applocker was just updated to version 2.0.1, and now has all the feature lockdown pro had, and works on ios 5

  180. James Says:

    When do you expect to have support for ios 5.0.1?

  181. Anonymous Says:

    Does it work on iOS 5.01

  182. Ethan Says:

    Yep works on 5.0.1

  183. oops Says:

    If anyone’s interested, Applocker was just updated to version 2.0.1, and now has all the feature lockdown pro had, and works on ios 5
    ==========> Thank you!!! Ethan. :-)

  184. Ethan Says:

    no problem

  185. CCL Says:

    When will it update to support iOS5?
    Maybe, it’s time to try other Cydia Apps!
    The author was either died or dishonest…..

  186. Tamara Says:

    I downloaded lockdown pro from my apps store on my iphone 4; however it does not show up under my settings, any ideas?

  187. stephanie Says:

    I’m having the exact same problem. How do I get it to show up in “settings?” I have 4.3.5, not jailbroken. Do I have to jailbreak it?

  188. Russ Says:

    I never tried Lockdown. But i want to lock my photo app. So i downloaded Applocker for my iphone 4s. I locked the photo app. But i can see go to my photos without opening the photo app. I go to Setting Wallpapers and there i can go to my photo albums. Also i can go to my photo album from 3rd party photo editing application, when you load a new image. I dont know if you could bypass to photo album with lockdown. Please help me out with this.

  189. Anonymous Says:

    Where can I get this

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