Lockdown Pro v. 2.0 now available!

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The simplest way to password protect your applications just got easier! Now in version 2.0 of Lockdown Pro you can lock or unlock applications directly from your springboard! Its as easy as holding down an icon to get into wiggle mode, then click the little lock icon on the bottom right corner of apps and folders to change that app to be locked or unlocked.

Lockdown Pro works on iOS 3 and iOS 4! And it works for ALL iPod touches and iPhones. (iPad support is coming in version 2.1).

Lockdown Pro does NOT come with an application icon, its settings are in your native settings application.

Lockdown Pro Features:
•Be able to lock all applications AND folders you create.
•Lock/Unlock apps directly from your springboard.
•SBSettings toggle available for Lockdown Pro (search for it in Cydia).
•Can choose between alphabetic or numeric password.
•Custom passwords for different applications.
•Delay Lock, Lock application Delete, Lock application Movement, and more features..
•Settings integrated into your native settings, so no extra icon taking up space on your springboard.
•Retina Display lock/unlock graphics.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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22 Responses to “Lockdown Pro v. 2.0 now available!”

  1. Johan Says:


    I installed yesterday (9 feb) Lockdown Pro v.2.0 on iPOD with OS 4.2.1 and I had problems after rebooting with the phone staying idle. I did not want to start anymore and I had to revover the phone using iTunes and now will have to jailbreak again the phone.

    Can someone confirm me that Lockdown-Pro v.2.0 is working on “IPod 4 Generation with OS 4.2.1″

    Many thanks

  2. yo Says:

    you lot are shitheades ruinnen your lives

  3. carl Says:

    Yeah, I had same problem. It clearly does not work with os 4.2.1. It crashed after attempted spring and goes into safe mode. had to restore. arggg!! wish i would have stayed with 4.1

  4. ftlum Says:

    It’s very sluggish now when you select apps to lock but works on a 3gs with latest iOS. Also, the update really clutters up the screen with little lock icons. No response from developer to my email. I don’t rec updating and wish I could revert somehow.

  5. Patrick Conner Says:

    Installed this on the iPad (works fine on iPhone 4) but installed on iPad and it is causing issues, a) the screen resolution is jacked up b) runs sluggish.. I went back to the older lockdown and it seems to be better.

  6. Patrick Conner Says:

    Scratch that.. the older one crashes all over the place.. lol wow.. they both dont work on the iPad..

  7. Mohammed Says:

    Hi I’m mohammed

  8. Luis 1774 Says:

    Luis flow

  9. Luis 1774 Says:

    Que lockdown

  10. Thomas Says:


    Do we know when the 2.1 is coming? I need it for the ipad and hate people that want to see the ipad and start going into my stuff.

  11. Jbav1278 Says:

    Does not work on iOS 5

  12. Crow Says:

    the app crashes on iOS 5.0.1. please fix

  13. hamad Says:

    no work on 5.0.1

  14. bmh Says:

    Does not work on 5.0.1.

  15. bmh Says:

    I didn’t see anything suggesting non-compatibility with IOS 501. Paid for it and waste of $$.

  16. Matt Says:

    IOS 5?? Fix release date??

  17. gokhan Says:

    waiting for ios 5 fix

  18. acompanion Says:

    Also waiting for iOS 5 fix, definitely wanted:) my upgrade waits til then.. I also use Exchange which needs a passcode lock (server policy). On iOS 4 I use exchange lock bypass to let anyone play games and use my basic apps, yet still have security for my mail, social, and utility apps.

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Help me for get lockdown pro on iOS 5 plz

  20. Anonymous Says:

    Help me for get lockdown pro on iOS 5 plz
    ->mekpong07@yahoo.com ty

  21. abdulrahman Says:

    any news about compatibility with ios 5 iphone 3GS???

  22. ipadNewbie Says:

    This looks like something I could use – Question – Does it require me to Jailbreak my device to use?

    Thanks (like it sez – ipad newbie….)

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