Firewall ip7 for iOS Updated

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Incase you missed it, Firewall ip7 has been updated for iOS 8 by Yllier. For those who don’t know what Firewall ip7 does it allows you to block outgoing connections and specific port blocking. It notifies you of apps trying to establish a connection to a host and gives you the ability to allow or deny it.

Why is this helpful?

  • Privacy: Stop developers from collecting stats or data about you.
  • Block ads
  • Block data/process hungry update features like seen with the facebook app
  • See the hostname and whois information of the connections
  • I have been using it for years and have found it to be a very handy tool. It has far more features than listed above and is very in depth. Infact this is my must have app for my kids ipad as it blocks them from things like clicking on ads, to shopping on itunes with dads wallet.

    To see more in depth of what Firewall ip7 for ios can do click here for the developers page.

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