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Author: BigBoss

Updated January 2, 2014.

Have you developed an app or tweak and you want it hosted? Submit it here.

Note: This form is for applications only, no themes. If your package requires winterboard, iconoclasm, zeppelin, or fontswap, it’s a theme. If you have a theme, please try your submission at another repo.

Use this to submit your application for hosting in Cydia / Installer. See this guide for how to build and prepare your app for Cydia distribution. Rules for submission

1) You must own the app and be the developer of the content

2) No porn or adult apps. No swagbucks style apps where user makes you money by shopping with your ID.

3) You can only use one Cydia repository. If you submit here do not submit this to another major host elsewhere or it will have to be removed from one of the repositories. (You can host this in your own, private repository still just not any other major community source). There is no benefit to having duplicate packages in major sources as you get the same exposure by using just one.

4) Screenshots for any GUI app are required. If you don’t provide screenshots, your submission will be delayed.

5) Make sure your app is signed with ldid and properly built. We recommend you build with Theos but you can use whatever you want as long as you test in a jailbroken iOS enviornment. Thie means you should not be submitting xcode generated IPA files as this is a dead giveaway that you did not test properly.

Note: make sure you get a confirmation that the submission was successful on this page!

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