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If you are not familiar with iFile you should be as it is a must have app for your iOS device. iFile allows you to easily view and quickly navigate the root and full file structure of your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device. iFile allows you to browse through your entire file structure. iFile comes with a free version and paid for version, as you would imagine the paid for version gives you full access to all its features. I recommend purchasing it, as it is a powerful way to control and maintain your iDevice.

Some ways to interact with your files using iFile are-

  • Copy Files
  • Paste Files
  • Edit Files
  • Rename Files
  • Edit config files
  • Use your device like you would a usb drive or portable drive
  • Directly install .deb packages
  • Packing and unpacking of zip files
  • Import or export media files like mp4, mp3, images files and the list goes on
  • Connect via a network drive or via a web browser to upload or download your files.
  • Move your files to your drop box or via ftp to your local computer
  • Attach a file to an email
  • Mount DMG files
  • Send files between devices with bluetooth if the other device has iFile.
  • As you can see iFile really opens up your device and gives you a lot more power over it. With this power however make sure you don’t mess about with things you don’t understand as this power will allow you to ruin things. In order to download iFile you will need your device jailbroken with the cydia app store installed.

    Not sure what jailbreaking is, find out here. Already familiar with jailbreaking but haven’t done it yet? Jailbreak it now here.

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