iOS 8.2 being Released, why you shouldn’t update (Just Yet)!

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iOS 8.2 is being released today as just announced during the apple event by Tim Cook. If you are jailbroken do not update! You will lose jailbreak. iOS 8.2 is packed with updates and bug fixes, but the biggest improvement will be its ability to work with apple’s new watch set to ship April 24th. I know you may want to move to 8.2 but be patient as I expect a jailbreak for iOS 8.2 to come out very quickly. I would venture to guess within a week or so.

So the synopsis is be patient until a jailbreak for 8.2 is out, because if you update now you will loose your current jailbreak.

Click HERE for the status of a jailbreak for iOS 8.2

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3 Responses to “iOS 8.2 being Released, why you shouldn’t update (Just Yet)!”

  1. Sarbakho Says:

    Icanot update my iphone 4g to ios8

  2. KvX Says:

    iOS 8 is not supported on iPhone 4, you would need an iPhone 4s or higher to run iOS 8.

  3. Sachin Kapur Says:

    also do mention the battery drain bugs iOS 8.2 users are currently facing . Apple STOCKings suck

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