Get most of the features of iPhone OS 3.0 right now!

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As many of you know, Apple had a keynote today to announce iPhone’s next update. The list of new features are pretty impressive… if you have never jailbroken before. A list of new features can be seen at Gizmodo.

Let’s go over each feature and see how you can get it now.


  • How to get it now – Quickgold pretty much does the same thing. It allows you to search all your applications, contacts, and bookmarks. It is speedy and easily accessed by pressing the home button once while on the home screen.
  • Which will be better? – Spotlight will allow you to search all information in most applications. This includes emails, addresses, and applications. Spotlight will be better in terms of content search, but Quickgold does the job of an app launcher just as well.
  • Where do I get it? – Available in Cydia

Copy and Paste

  • How to get it now – Clippy and hClipboard both feature copy and paste in most Apple applications
  • Which will be better? – Apple’s copy and paste will probably initially better. I believe that later, Clippy or hClipboard will take those new API functions and integrate it with their own and add additional features to what it won’t have (clipboard is a huge example). Right now, Clippy and hClipboard are pretty limited in applications and feature-set.
  • Where do I get it? – Clippy and hClipboard are both available in Cydia.

Sending multiple photos in Email

  • How to get it now – There are a few apps in the AppStore right now that allow attachments of multiple pictures.
  • Which will be better? – A native copy and paste of multiple images in the mail app is no doubt a better implementation.
  • Where do I get it? – Appstore links: SendPhotos, Multi-Photo Email

Landscape Keyboard in Mail, SMS, and Notes

  • How to get it now – There are a few apps that add landscape function to these apps. BiteSMS (and other variations) for SMS, TouchType for Mail, and Notes+ for Notes.
  • Which will be better? – Again, native landscape availability in SMS, Mail, and Notes will be better implemented for ease and usability. Although biteSMS is feature full with things like quick reply, forwarding and deleting single messages (which will be in 3.0).
  • Where do I get them? Appstore links: TouchType and Notes+. BiteSMS is available in Cydia.

Multimedia Messaging

  • How to get it now – SwirlyMMS has been out for awhile, and works correctly with the right settings and carrier allowance. Uses real MMS protocols.
  • Which will be better? – No doubt that integrated MMS in the Texting App will be better for ease and usability. Apple also stated that MMS won’t be available for the iPhone 2G, which I think is bullocks, as SwirlyMMS works fine with the original iPhone.
  • Where do I get it? – SwirlyMMS is available in Cydia

Improved Stocks Application

  • How to get it now – MadStocks shows you stock changes and related news. There may be other apps that do something similar
  • Which will be better? – Personal choice – if you feel that you have to use an Apple created App, then the new stocks app will be for you
  • Where do I get it? – Appstore link: MadStocks

Turn-by-Turn GPS applications

  • How to get it now – Currently in beta, xGPS is iPhone’s first true turn-by-turn GPS app.
  • Which will be better? – GPS giants like TomTom and iGo have stated that they have developed an app already for GPS, but is currently restricted by Apple. TomTom and iGo know what they are doing and will probably deliver a solid GPS app. xGPS, on the otherhand, is community driven. The developers listen to their users and will do the best to please them. In the long run, xGPS could be dominant.
  • Where do I get it? xGPS is available in Cydia. Read my review on version 1.2 of xGPS

What you can’t currently get

  • Built in search for Mail, iPod, and Calendar
  • Support for new calendar types
  • Stereo Bluetooth A2DP audio – Unless iBluetooth is updated to support this
  • Maps inside other applications – Jailbroken apps can integrate the google maps API, but currently, Appstore apps cannot.
  • Push notification – Background jailbroken applications is a similar variation – although uses more battery
  • And other small, new features not worth mentioning.

As you can see, a lot of the main features can be done now. It is obvious that an Apple implemented feature will tend to out-do the alternative way due to new API implementations. That isn’t without to say that apps (both jailbroken and Appstore approved) will be released and updated to fill in holes that Apple still overlooks or disallows, which is why most of these current solutions were made in the first place.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

28 Responses to “Get most of the features of iPhone OS 3.0 right now!”

  1. asaf Says:

    Okay – If we update now with the developers license with an unlocked 3g will it lock so you cannot go back a version. If so, why would that matter? I know it is for testing purposes only for the sdk only. What are the reasons not to update?

  2. ranova Says:

    Please read:

    “With all of the great stuff lined up for us with the 3.0 OS that Apple described today, many 3G owners may find themselves with itchy update fingers. If you find yourself with access to the 3G IPSW for 3.0 via the iPhone Dev Center program, and you are using yellowsn0w, do not update or restore to that official IPSW. You will lose yellowsn0w and find yourself unable to revert the baseband to get it back.

    And for those wondering, yes the 3.0 OS is jailbreakable on all devices. It’s just those using 3G yellowsn0w that have to show some restraint and wait for PwnageTool to create a custom IPSW that avoids the baseband update.”

  3. BigBoss Says:

    Typically the beta OS expire as well. This is not for use, it’s just for development. Just wait for things to come out.

  4. asaf Says:

    I read that but still doesn’t answer my main question. I am a developer and have the download avaliable and I really don’t care about the jailbreak at this time because that will come in the future. What I want to do is test out the 3.0 but I only have 1 iphone so I want to make sure it works for all features because they say you cannot restore older versions after you upgrade to 3.0.

  5. Jimbo Says:

    3.0 is confirmed to be ‘jailbreakable’ but don’t even bother until the dev team has come up with a baseband that will allow for yellowsnow… once this is done most of the apps mentioned in here will become extint or obsolete…

    backgrounder might still be there as the push solution from apple doesnt seem to cut it right

  6. William Says:

    Will all apps ( fw 2 above ) run in fw 3?

  7. Duluen Says:

    I would say yes as if they were gonna break our apps, they would have to break the thousands of apps in thier store as well. Should be pretty safe.

  8. Matt Says:

    “Spotlight will be better in terms of content search, but Quickgold does the job of an app launcher just as well.”
    It has been confirmed by various sources that Spotlight will do the job of launching apps. Also, it has been reported (with screenshots) that a double tap of the home screen button can instantly launch search.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    what about jailbroken apps like “Winterboard”? Will they still work with 3.x?

  10. asa Says:

    I switched to 3.0 today and like it. I think it still has a few bugs but all in all it is nice change. Especially the copy and paste which works superb in my opinion. Also, all the different landscape modes are welcome. I still have not tried to do MMS but I hear people in the states cannot do it because at&t limits…knowing at&t they probably first would like to add on a surcharge. I use a hong kong unlocked so no worries here. To switch back just put it in DFU and reload a lower version… The only thing I notice not working is Youtube app…. many people have confirmed this as well.

  11. brandon Says:

    sounds like a great upgrade. finally…

    can’t wait till this summer!

  12. The Digital Alchemist Says:

    Thanks for the summary BigBoss! I’m very happy with what I’ve got right now so I think I’ll just stick with my JB2.2 OS for awhile. I’m addicted to SBSettings and UAFaker. Also, I can’t say I’m crazy about the whole in-app purchases idea. If I buy a game, I want the entire game!

  13. Roberto Says:

    what lame excuse did they use for not enablimg mms and a2dp on the 1st gen aphone ? …

  14. Tristan Says:

    For MMS they said “The Radios are different in the two phones, so its a hardware issue”

    Which is BS, since Swirly can do MMS just fine.

  15. tys Says:

    Just some observations:
    Quickgold can search safari bookmarks, spotlight can’t. Otherwise they’re very similar.
    The text selection is more intuitive with apple C&P, but clippy works with more apps and in more situations, so I like it better. Apple’s c&p can’t paste into safari text fields as far as I can tell.
    Clippy also has the stack which is handy.
    A few of my app store apps stopped working in 3.0, but that’s a beta for you.
    I think I prefer Jailbroken 2.2.1 to official 3.0, but I don’t think it’s possible to downgrade.
    Also, AT&T apparently doesn’t actually have MMS up and running yet.

  16. Chris Says:

    What about A2DP? Does it work?

    Making a phone call with bluetooth, can you actaully hear it on both sides?


  17. tys Says:

    Update: I was able to downgrade (except the baseband) to 2.2.1 using instructions over in the hackintosh forums. You need the 2.2.1 ipsw file and pwnage tool.

  18. nikilaos Says:

    so i have a jb 2g and i cant use it anymore the day it expires OS?
    so i have to upgrade in 3.0?
    and the bb team cant give out the fw for 3.0 pwned?

  19. Tim Says:


    isnt the Searcher App (either on Cydia or Installer)
    searching also mails, text etc.?

    I will verify.

  20. Chris Says:

    Why is it that iPhones 3Gs can’t downgrade back to 2.X firmwares? Is it because the DFU exploit is not available when downgrading?

  21. Anonymous Says:

    i still think theat the iphone os 3.0 can still be unllocked ssh into your iphone and find the unlock files then upload them into the os 3.0 and there you have it your iphone is now unlocked i did this my self

  22. Nilson Says:

    The new apps like the sims 3, are available to download somewhere?

  23. Matt Says:

    Okay, I said it once, I’ll say it again. Spotlight is going to KILL QUICKGOLD! There will be no use for it anymore as Spotlight does APP LAUNCHING as well. And it can be activated via a Home button double tap! Please update this article.

  24. studangerous Says:

    On the stocks app issue – I would recommend the Bloomberg app Free from the Appstore… has more stocks listed than any other source plus markets news and limited graphing functions. Well worth a look.

  25. Derek Says:

    Actually there’s a Search app in cydia that works wonders for searching mail. Not sure about iPod but it *does* search mail.

  26. alvareo Says:

    You write it “bollocks”, not “bullocks” ;)

  27. jonibluis Says:

    I tried to use the Sbsettings to fix the screen rotation setting, but I can’t find the toggle button for it. Can any one help????

  28. Tiger Says:

    Multimedia Massaging….

    I just update my iphone 3G to 3.0.1 but then i encounter that there is not MMS function still. Anyone can tell me why??? i m from Malaysia. Thanks

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