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Update July 5, 2009: The purplera1n app is now released for OSX as well. Guides and links are updated. Install instructions are the same. OSX users can use the same guide.

Update July 4, 2009: The purplera1n app has been updated. Same download link. This fixes several issues such as Vista and Windows 7 not working. It also fixes teh kernel signing issues and Saurik’s vmcheck passes now paving the road for Winterboard soon!

If you already jailbroke with the old one, just run this from the pc over the top of your existing jailbreak. You will not get a freeze icon, the kernel and fixes will be updated wtihout it. If you didn’t jailbreak, now is the time as it works very well. Guide is updated for new version.

If you’re having problems such as it just hangs forever, make sure you have “purlera1n 3GS jailbreak by geohot RC2″ in the application window titlebar. If you don’t you may still have an old version.

So GeoHot released a 3gs jailbreak this evening. Exciting news (see SBSettings shows 159mb free RAM!):

It’s currently for Windows only. Personally, I don’t think that he wants to polish it but wanted to use this to egg the dev team to release theirs now. Anyway, there is a tool, it works in Windows only. Before you try to use it, please read my caution below and the guide.

There are issues with this jailbreak. As exciting as it is, I recommend that you guys wait. I believe that the dev-team will release something in the next couple days that will be more solid and proper. (GeoHot is amazing, and I have nothing bad to say about him). In case you didn’t want to wait, I do have a purplera1n guide below. Here are the issues (probably not a complete list):

1) The update on July 4 solves almost all the issues. The jailbreak is very easy to run! It is finicky. I had major problems running this jailbreak. First, the iPhone is put into recovery mode and if it doesn’t work (and it didnt many times), the iPhone is left in recovery mode. Most of you will have to restore to get it out of recovery mode after this. Not too fun. I will detail some steps to take you out of recovery if you cannot get things to work.

2) This is for Windows and OSX. This is for Windows Only, but not only that, it is for 32 bit Windows XP SP2 only. I do not know anyone that has had success on Vista.

3) You must have iTunes installed.

4) This is solved on July 4th update. Winterboard does not run, it requires an update. Wait for it! The jailbreak is incomplete. The kernel vm_mem patch is not present so Winterboard will not work as some other critical tweaks. (SBSettings does work!).

5) Solved July 4th. The jailbreak has some code signing issues. I haven’t determined what this will mean yet.

In short, the process is very easy. You don’t even have to hassle with DFU mode. Just run the tool, click a couple buttons, wait, when it’s done, you have an app on your iPhone 3gs called “Freeze”. Run that, download Cydia, reboot, and you’re done.

Geohot released a beta jailbreak called PurpleRa1n. It is beta and has some issues, but it gets the job done if you’re patient. Here are some steps and troubleshooting to accomplish the task:

Requirements: You must have
1) Windows XP, Vista, or Windows 7 or OSX.
2) iTunes
3) Purplera1n software downloaded get here.

Step 1) Connect your iPhone to your computer. Close iTunes if it is running.

Step 2) Run the purplera1n file that you downloaded from the requirements section. You will see this screen on Windows:

or this screen on OSX:

Step 3) Click “make it ra1n”. It will respond with “waiting for reboot”. Your iPhone will now reboot into recovery mode and you should see this image on your iPhone screen:

If you do not see this image and instead see the cable connecting to iTunes, wait 1 minute. If it stays that way then this did not work and you can assume you have to repeat the process. It’s ok to start it while you’re in recovery mode. It will just go right to the image above. If not, close purplera1n and repeat step 2 & 3. If you cant get past this, see troubleshooting.

Step 4) After a couple of minutes, your iPhone will reboot and you will see a new app with a blank icon called Freeze on your iPhone screen:

Step 5) Now we want to get Cydia installed. We’ll do this over the network. Make sure you have wifi or very stable 3g before running this step. When you do, run Freeze.

Step 6) Click “Install Cydia” and wait for it to download and install.

Step 7) When the install completes, close Freeze and reboot the iPhone.

Step 8) You now have a Cydia icon.

Step 9) Open Cydia and allow it to reorganize your apps (this eliminates the need for BossTool). After this, perform the essential updates or do a complete update.

Step 10) We no longer need the Freeze icon so let’s remove it. (Note: I do not recommend that we hide this icon using SBSettings as you may have this problem after you restore). Load Cydia and install “CyDelete”. Use the cydia search. By the way, notice how blazing fast Cydia runs on the 3gs! Wow!

Note: if springboard spins forever after the “restart springboard” just hold home and power until the iPhone shuts off, then power it back on. This seems to happen sometimes on 3.0 the first time mobile substrate installs. It all works after.

Step 11) Enable non Cydia deleting in CyDelete. Launch settings app and navigate to the bottom of the first page to find the settings bundle:

Step 12) Tap CyDelete and enable “Non-Cydia Deletion” (the top option).

Step 13) After the springboard reloads, hold any icon to get into wiggle mode and remove Freeze:

Step 14a) Optional. You no longer need CyDelete. You can uninstall this in Cydia now. I recommend keeping it however. It’s a very easy way to uninstall Cydia apps and you now have enough memory in your 3GS that you will not notice any overhead having it.

Step 15) Optional if you want to unlock now, you should be able to install Ultrasn0w. See my ultrasn0w guide.


I would not be surprised if you’re in this section. This process was a nightmare for me. It took me many tries and several different computers. Here are some problems and possible solutions.

Purplera1n crashes as soon as you tap “make it ra1n”. Your Apple mobile device service is not running. On Windows press windows + r and type “services.msc” into the run box and hit enter. Then locate the Apple Mobile Device service and right click, say “start”.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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184 Responses to “iPhone 3gs Geohot Jailbreak Posted”

  1. Ross Says:

    Hi Bigboss did you try ultrasnow to unlock the device once you applied the jailbreak?

    Would be good if you could let us know if this works also?

    Thanks for the good work!!

  2. BigBoss Says:

    I didn’t but I think it should work.

  3. pimp Says:

    Hey Bigboss,,

    When are you gonna release Bosstool for 3.0.

    My iPhone says it is running out of space/memory to store cydia apps.

    Please let me know.

  4. smar Says:

    Hi Ross

    I’ve tested ultrasnow with this, and it works fine!

  5. hebs Says:

    installed successfully……however,when I go to install Cydia , it just gets stuck on downloading…..check wifi, thats all OK,and all other functions seem normal.

  6. reycat Says:

    Regarding: “Purplera1n crashes as soon as you tap “make it ra1n”. Your Apple mobile device service is not running. On Windows press windows + r and type “services.msc” into the run box and hit enter. Then locate the Apple Mobile Device service and right click, say “start”.”

    It also crashes in non-English computers. You need to create a folder named C:\Program Files\Common files\Apple and copy there whatever you find in the matching folder in your language (e.g. for Spanish, C:\Archivos de Programa\Archivos comunes\Apple).

  7. Nemis Says:

    “The kernel vm_mem patch is not present”
    is not possible to run this patch after Freeze jb ?

  8. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks very much for the info

  9. Ross Says:

    Thanks for the info smar

  10. hebs Says:

    sorted it….worked on another wifi….everything OK now

  11. asphalter Says:

    BossPrefs bug

    3g toggle not appearing

  12. BigBoss Says:

    It cant be. Cydia moves the applications folder.

  13. ChaoticMayhem65 Says:

    Hey big boss so are you saying winterboard wont work if i use this jailbreak? Or are there ways to make it work?

  14. Chop69 Says:

    For those having problems with hanging at step 3, don’t use any USB hubs. I have my iPhone dock plugged into a USB hub, then into a monitor hub, then into my laptop, and it wouldn’t get past Step 3 above. Plugged directly into my computer worked like a charm.

  15. reznor9 Says:

    Could we run the same kernel patch that some of the developers used in the 3.0 beta 5 to make it work?

  16. east1999bt Says:

    How do I make my status bar show the date/time and ram available?

  17. Driz Says:

    Damn no winterboard eh? That sucks. I just installed it from cydia and my phone kept going into safemode everytime it rebooted. Too bad. I’m gonna keep this jb for the time being, but i will have to rebreak after the dev team release.

  18. Driz Says:

    In SBSettings, click more, then extras and options, and it is in there.

  19. b Says:

    how did you get out of safe mode? I did the same thing as you did.

  20. Jeremy Says:

    How do we get out of recovery mode without restoring the iphone ?

  21. b Says:

    I restarted the process (jailbreaking) over again and then it worked

  22. Jeremy Says:

    Well,i cannot finish the process, is there a way to kick the iphone out of recovery without finishing the process and without restoring ?

  23. chris Says:

    Just got it working in windows 7 on first try….RC Build 7100

    I clicked make it rain, it said “putting in recovery mode” – my phone kind of froze, didn’t turn off or anything and no response, until i closed the app and unplugged the USB cable and replugged it back in – then the apple logo came on and recovery mode

    After i did that, i just ran the program again – and it worked perfectly

    basically all u have to do is let it freeze it for a second, unplug the usb, close the app and plug it back in and run the program again.

    but worked perfecly – opened the app “Freeze”, downloaded cydia


  24. unlvsac Says:

    Thanks Boss…I unlocked using Ultrasn0w and I am having trouble with getting phone calls, anyone else with this issue? Btw I am using T-Mobile.

  25. MaverickC17 Says:

    I cannot get OpenSSH to work. I have it installed via Cydia and am using root/alpine like always. Has anyone else been able to get this to work?

  26. James Says:

    I got this working on Vista x64.

    Just ensure that this file is present at this exact path:
    C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\iTunesMobileDevice.dll

    I believe this should make it work in most Windows editions.

  27. James Says:

    Yep, worked fine for me.

  28. Ollie Says:

    Anyone else’s push notifications stopped working since jailbreaking with purplera1n ?

  29. bose Says:

    My push notifications work perfectly.

    Has anyone tried iRealSMS or biteSMS? Is there any reason they wouldn’t work?

  30. Frank Says:

    Thanks, this seemed to help in Vista x64. Not freeze anyways, still seeing if it will work out.

  31. Senn Says:

    I dont have this file. Where do I get it?

  32. takeiteasy Says:

    So i took the plunge and jailbroke my 3gs. most things seem to work fine, although i am having a few issues. I cant get into the app store app, it just crashes same with my slingplayer app. All my other apps work fine. Also i cant ssh into the phone. Has anyone had these issues?

  33. James Says:

    Mine was the same place, but under c:\program files (x86)\

  34. N5c2 Says:

    anyone know why after installing winterboard the phone wont start?

  35. Todd Says:

    Got it to work. Took three tries, but it finally rebooted.

    Just close the iTunes pop-ups that come up along the way.

    First time, it stuck at the USB cable. Disconnected cable, closed purplera1n, reconnected cable, ran ‘ra1n again.

    Got to the picture of Geo and then it didn’t reboot for several minutes. Disconnected cable, closed ‘rain, held the sleep button on the phone until it came back to the USB cable picture. Reconnected and started ‘ra1n again.

    Third time’s a charm.

    Boss, need HPCalc updated. :)

  36. Kampe Says:

    How can i access my phone’s files while in dfu mode? I can’t start my phone due to fuckin winterboard.

  37. smar Says:

    Both SSH (via WinSCP – make sure you set the protocol to SCP as SFTP will give error) and the App Store seems to be working fine for me.

  38. niceguyfrankie Says:

    Im the same T-mobile, cant make or receive calls, signal drops off too, anyone got any ideas??

  39. bose Says:

    Winterboard doesn’t work because the patch that is needed for it to work was not included in this jailbreak. It will not work until another jailbreak is released with the patch.

  40. luis Says:


  41. karmaworld Says:

    Thank you for the excellent & explicit tutorial BigBoss! Folloed both jailbreak and unlock tutorials and now running 32GB 3GS on official Canada Carrier and unofficial European carriers with absolutely no problems. Everything works (including WiFi). Only installed Cydelete app from Cydia to remove Freeze + Ultrasn0w to unlock which is all I need given my work takes me to 3 continents and I really benefit from unlock.

  42. Anthony Says:

    I have the file under …program files (x86)\ as well but every time I try to run ra1n I get a error message stating that the app stopped working.

    Am I missing something? Can you provide a quick step-by-step tutorial using x64?

    Thank you

  43. Anthony Says:

    Nevermind….. copy and paste did the job, Thanks

  44. R.A.T.M. Says:

    Tried 6 times on Vista to no avail., I have tried running as admin, xp compatible, etc. Not giving up, but I’m getting really good at restoring hahaha!
    I get it to launch, it tries going into dfu mode then goes straight to restore and launches itunes.

  45. Simey Says:

    tried IRealSMS, just goes back to the springboard as soon as you launch it. RealQuickSMS causes the 3GS to go into safe mode.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    why are you read before you installed winterboard the damn guy said not working

  47. Anonymous Says:

    Well, we still need to move the font folder too. It takes around 20MB I think…
    Me too, I’m getting that message (except that I’m on 3G)

  48. KennyATC Says:

    Got everything installed on the first time but it appears my push notofications have been disabled from the settings menu. anyone else deal with this?

  49. bill Says:

    just did it on windows vista works great

  50. YRZ3R0 Says:

    Just jailbroke my 3gs. Got cydia to work. Installous runs, but none of the apps will install. As if they cannot be verified. Mewseek and pwnplayer installed out of cydia, but they crash instantly. Any ideas?

  51. R.A.T.M. Says:

    Great advice Todd! Running Vista, been stuck at the restore for at least 6 times and have gone through the restore process 6 times also (very time consuming) DONT! Just like Todd said, if it hangs at the connect itunes screen, unplug it from the usb and close itunes and purplera1n. Plug it back in, then I waited for itunes to pop back up and closed it again. Run purplera1n again, this time I got the pic that is on the web site, repeated the process again and it finished and booted back up.

    Honestly I was plugging and unplugging, holding home and pwr, all kinds of actions until it worked. It will work, just stick with it and dont get frustrated, this to me is what hacking is all about! Props to geohot, bigboss, and the hacker community at large.

  52. Cruisin Says:

    Thanks for the complete guide,,, good work bigboss…

  53. JDM Says:

    I have tried this at least 10 times now and I am super annoyed. It SEEMS to work but then it doesnt. It will reboot and then take me right back to the SAME “connect to itunes” screen to activate. I am trying to jailbreak my 3GS that is brand new and NOT activated. Does this not work with non activated iPhones? I am about the throw in the towel and wait for the dev team. I have restored about 8 times now…

  54. Gurkha Says:

    I am using bitesms and it works fine, no issues as of yet.

  55. neededhelp Says:

    red the guy said winterboard dont worked why are you install anyway

  56. RAM Says:

    Ran purplera1n, phone stuck in dfu mode, itunes recognizes phone, attempts to restore, then i get error 3004. I am running vista with a 3gs. No matter what I try I can’t get by this mode.

  57. iRobert Says:

    Open iTunes on your computer, visit purplera1n.com from Internet explorer. Connect your phone and run the program without saving it. Just run, run.. Worked for me on win 7 32bit. But wouldn’t work when I saved the program. I did it to 3 iPhone 3gs’s this way with no problems.

  58. RAM Says:

    UDAMAN, Thank U very much I’m up and running!!

  59. funky j Says:

    if anyone is stuck on vista, where the iphone is showing the “connect to itunes”, connect the iphone to an WinXP PC and just run purplera1n in its same condition (with the “Connect to itunes”), it should work

  60. Maarthok Says:

    Voipover3g and Skype crashes at 3GS, doesnt work :<

  61. SEAWQ Says:

    i am stuck in “connect to itunes” window… i am on vista help me

  62. Carlbgc Says:

    Mine seemed to work fine, but I have no Freeze icon even after 2 restarts? Ill try again…

  63. Simey Says:

    just uninstall winterboard from Cydia and you should exit safe mode

  64. Carlbgc Says:

    Tried again and still no icon. Any ideas?

  65. Carlbgc Says:

    Tried again again and it worked! lol.

  66. Chris Says:

    Hey bigboss…

    Is the 3GS really worth it?

    I had one in my hands the other day and it’s marginally faster. A lot of free memory is super nice and it avoids crashes. I use your process list a LOT to kill unneeded apps…

    Your opinions over a 3g?

  67. blackkevin13 Says:

    my iphone 3g is stuck in recovery mode
    i keep starting the program over but its not making progress…what should i do???

  68. Michael Says:

    So, I just jailbroke mine and tried to get safari explorer and my iphone had to reboot then it said safe mode and i cant get it off, so i am in the process of restoring it, hope it works.

  69. Johnny Says:

    Hi, thanx a lot for the tutorial! My 3GS is working fine, even better than 2G did ). I’ve got a tutorial that have to be interesting for russian people http://jailbreak.com.ua/?p=71 .
    Thanx for your work ;)

  70. TiTAN Says:

    When trying to jailbreak my 3GS I get stuck at the end of step 3, my phone just stays at the purplera1n screen and never reboots and shows the freeze icon. I am running Vista x64, does anyone have any suggestions?

  71. Poseidon Says:

    Just re-ran pruplera1n RC2 and now it’s just stuck at the Geohot screen. Tried to re run the program several times… looks like I’ll have to restore :(

  72. Sy Says:

    psx4all – seems to run at a very good speed on the 3gs if that interests you.

  73. reznor9 Says:

    The vm_mem patch is missing.. hope he fixes that soon so I can get iReal working on my 3GS

  74. colin Says:

    Installous need “Erica utilities” to be installed before it works.

  75. grillo Says:

    I cannot make calls after doing everything
    i can recive but outgoing calls are failed

  76. chad lodge Says:

    im stuck on the geohot screen too wtf? yesterday i restored 5 times before jailbreaking now with this new patch i figured ide update the break so winterboard will work in the future and now im stuck, ive done this a few times now… any suggestions? ive also tryed vista, windows 7(rc) and xp….. not gonna be happy if im stuck restoring again thats even if itunes will let me…

  77. chad lodge Says:

    same… figure anything out yet?
    by chance was ur phone jailbroken with the tool from yesterday?

  78. chad lodge Says:

    did it let you restore?

  79. Lynxy Says:

    THANK YOU for the manual!!!

    The only thing Tricker ThreeG and VOIPover3G don’t work , Skype and AppleStore crash. Also PDANET doesn’t want to work.

  80. chais Says:

    The link for the software isnt working! Any reason?

  81. Nessunu Says:


    I wanted to share my exp. trying to get Purplera1n’d 3GS/3.0 to run Fring while using VoIPOver3g or Tricker3g. I have heard of others having success, but have also heard of others having problems.

    I wanted to share this in case there are others who have found this to work, or if they are perhaps having similar issues. Let me know if there is a workaround or fix.

    Detailed process to replicate problem:

    1) Installed Fring + validated SIP VoIP (Broadvoice) via WiFi
    2) Installed Purplera1n – http://thebigboss.org/2009/07/03/iph…lbreak-posted/
    3) Executed Freeze
    4) Installed Cydia
    5) Removed Freeze
    6) Install Backgrounder & set Fring to run in background
    7) Validated ability to make/recieve calls via SIP while running Fring in BG
    8) Installed VoIPOver3G via Cydia
    9) Upon return to Fring, it closes right away
    10) Reboot multiple times, same problem presented
    11) Removed VoIPOver3G, and Fring runs as expected (no VoIP over 3G calls)
    12) Installed Tricker3G via Cydia and same problem was observed

  82. TiTAN Says:

    No this was the first time i tried to jailbreak it, i haven’t figured out a fix yet, just restored and waiting for further news.

  83. gaurav Says:

    Hi, I am also stuck at end of step 3 (purplerain bootsreen), while the purplerain .exe says.. “done, waiting to reboot”, my phone just stays at the purplera1n screen and never reboots and shows the freeze icon. I am running Vista Ultimate and am doing this over wifi (no data plan). Any suggestions are welcome.. please email gaurav_verma22@yahoo.com

  84. TiTAN Says:

    Same problem here, i hope someone has a suggestion.

  85. gaurav Says:

    Hi Iphone hacker brotherhood, this is just to share my experience in addition to above comment:

    Afer the above situation, I took out the charger pin from iphone, closed the purplerain exe window, closed itunes (which automatically gets opened up for some reason). Then I disconnected the USB cable and closed itunes a couple times and made sure that itunes did not complain than the phone was in recovery mode and needed a restore.

    Once I did this, i thought why not try purplerain again. This time, the reboot went through fine on the same computer (running vista ultimate x64 edition) and I see a Freeze application on the phone. will follow the rest of the tutorial and see if it works.

    Something seems to be fuzzy about the “restore” state and itunes with this edition of purpler1an.

    One more thing, I had to take the purplerain exe from the original geohot’s website as the link provided on this website was braching with some error.

  86. gaurav Says:

    Titan, Please see the solution posted below and see if that works for you?

  87. gaurav Says:

    I want to clarify one thing.. when I disconnected the cable and closed itunes, quite interestingly, my phone was exactly in the same state as running purplerain before.. it had not wiped out the contents as a net effect. I was a little taken aback, but it was all good. Redoing purplerain worked after that.

  88. gaurav Says:

    OK folks, just a followup. I followed the tutorial to the end and was able to jailbreak the iphone 3gs successfully! Yay! Now I have a rooted android g1 and a jailbroken iphone 3gs.

  89. max Says:

    I try the jailbreak again with the new link and my app store still does not work. Is anyone else having this problem? Please help or guide, thank you

  90. sshams Says:

    can you enable push in settings after JB?

  91. Cruisin Says:

    winterboard is not working….. any ideas?

  92. trialnterror Says:

    I followed all this ::::::::
    Edit: you need to have C:\Program Files\Common Files\Apple\Mobile Device Support\bin\iTunesMobileDevice.dll
    I’m running windows off of D drive so thats why mine didn’t work. Simple making that directory and copying the file to c drive has fixed my problems.

    Open iTunes on your computer, visit purplera1n.com from Internet explorer. Connect your phone and run the program without saving it. Just run, run.. Worked for me on win 7 32bit. But wouldn’t work when I saved the program. I did it to 3 iPhone 3gs’s this way with no problems.

    Installous need “Erica utilities” to be installed before it works.

    :::: I have xp pro service pack 2 AT@T I’m in USA using english had the files on c drive as noted had itunes open
    and ran the purplera1n from website did not save!!! took maybe 3 min max
    some people report this but mine is fine
    I can call out and in
    itunes app works
    have cydia (installed reboot then it was there)
    good breaking

  93. trialnterror Says:

    p.s. app store working

  94. TiTAN Says:

    This worked! Thanks a million gaurav!

  95. h0tSaUc3 Says:

    I cant believe i cant make it through the main process but cant download cydia. Installation constantly hangs

  96. TG Says:

    I was able to finish the entire process and installed Cydia, but when I tried to install applications through iTunes, it would not install. It said something about not authorized. It did not seem like it was jailbroken. What’s the problem? Thanks.

  97. TG Says:

    I jailbroke my 3GS and installed Cydia, but when I tried to install the games through iTunes, it would not do it. What’s wrong? Thanks.

  98. Works Says:

    Jailkbroke, didnt see freeze first time, jailbroke again, saw freeze, installed cydia, installed appsync 3.0, installed *ppstore apps (hehe) it all works… Thanks!!!

  99. Hockeyfreak Says:

    Will this release cause Apple to fix the defect that lets up jailbreak in the upcoming 3.0.1? I’m fairly new to Iphone, but seems like Dev Team had a point to wait til the firmware update to then hack it. I don’t know if it’s a hardware or software problem though. Lot of bad stories here about loops and safe modes to screw up a $700 phone. I do thank all you guys for all the info you share. I can’t stand the way Apple feels they are “leasing” you their phone for your money. BigBoss Rules!

  100. OmegaNemesis28 Says:

    Yes I’ve been trying this method so many damn times. It works but no Freeze application shows up at all! I simply cannot find it!!!

    I’ve tried every Windows OS at my disposal.
    Vista 64bit – everything works but cannot find freeze
    Vista 32bit – same as 64bit
    XP 32 bit – gets stuck on geohot picture, forced to restore
    7 64bit – either like Vista or ends up in me having to restore.

    I simply CANNOT figure it out. It worked perfectly fine with the previous version.

  101. Quis Says:

    I did everything as directed and everything was fine, downloaded an app from cydia and my phone shut off and will not reboot. Seems like it times out on reboot and just shuts back off… can some shed any light why its doing this?

  102. Rick Says:

    My 3gs is working fine with a lot of things, but I cannot go into the app store on the phone anymore. It just says loading and then goes away.
    Did I miss something during the process?


  103. Tony Says:

    Everything worked fine right from the start. No problems. Ran once and worked with Windows 7 RC. Everything tested fine!

    Thanks, Tony

  104. OmarSudan Says:

    Problem has been resolved. Just keep trying…:)

  105. h0tSaUc3 Says:

    Is anyone else having problems installing Cydia from Freeze. I’ve been trying to download it since lastnight. Left it for a whole night and the download froze. I even restored the phone and and went through the process of jbreaking it again and still no luck. Any suggestions?

  106. TookaWhile Says:

    I intalled the initial beta version two days ago and was unable to initially install this version.
    After restoring with the original 3.o firmware I was then able to run purplera1n without problem.

    I also had a hangup issue with Cydia, but after restarting phone, the icon just appeared. Try that.

  107. mark Says:

    I’m guessing it’s due to the fact that it doesn’t hacktivate.

  108. maxleex Says:

    I got through the whole process. Rebooted to find Cydia but when I launch it is promptly shuts down again – I’m guessing Cydia crashed. Tried to re-download using Freeze but can’t get Cydia to launch and stay launched.

  109. Anonymous Says:

    Oh aye

  110. maxleex Says:

    Restore my iPhone 3G[s], purplera1n’ed it again, Freeze’d it again, reboot, found Cydia again. Tap Cydia. Blank screen and crashed again. Urgh

  111. Matt Says:

    follow instrcutions with purple when you install cydia wait till it says finish complete press the home button reset it and cydia will be there when your in cydia dont install winterboard it will keep going into safe mode hopefully they fix this really soon also question

    is there a way to restore it to 3.0 so i can get it out of safe mode? using quickpwn? this is for iphone 3gs

  112. DLo Says:

    When is winterboard going to be active? and not place the phone in safe mode?

  113. Jdotmac Says:

    Anyone seen a fix for Tricker 3g or VOIPover3g out there? The Slingplayer crashes instantly for me. I’ve tried both apps to try and trick it. No luck.

  114. paul Says:

    i tried volpower and as soon as i installed it fring wouldnt start nor app store! once i removed it app store and fring have started working again!

  115. billchase2 Says:

    FYI: The Mac version was just released.

  116. Cody Says:

    I had to rejailbreak after taking to apple for a screen repair. After re-running purplera1n there was no freeze icon. I had previously hidden it and this was still in my springboard plist file.

    To fix this, use iphonebrowser or diskaid to copy /var/mobile/library/preferences/com.apple.springboard.plist to your computer. Open it with a plist editor and delete the entry for freeze listed under SBParentalControlsApplications. Restart the phone and now Cydia can be re-installed.

  117. maxleex Says:

    OK. Got purplera1n to work. Must restore to a ‘new phone’ state

  118. DLo Says:

    Has anyone also figured out how to placed the cracked apps on the phone yet? cant seem to sync w/me at all. plz help

  119. hs1333a Says:

    After jail breaking I have a strange issue. When I go into my contacts and touch one to view it it opens my email up in the background and starts to download my mail…Not such a huge deal, but I don’t like apps running when I don’t want them to. Not to mention the annoying ding when it’s done and your on a call.

  120. mike Says:

    If i use prurple rain and ultrasnow . Will I be able to use the Tmobile service to make and recieve phone calls?

  121. hs1333a Says:

    Yes you can Mike. Read through the post though because I have seen some people complaining about some issues. I don’t think they were major though

  122. mike Says:

    is it better to do this purplerain + ultrasnow?
    or to just wait for the dev team?
    Does anyone know how long before dev team releases the “official” jailbreak tool? Because it is apparent they have already made it.

  123. Anonymous Says:

    may be after 3.01 so just keep on waitting

  124. mmc Says:

    So i took the plunge and jailbroke my 3gs. most things seem to work fine, although i am having a few issues. I download Tricker ThreeG I cant get into the app store app, it just crashes same with my slingplayer app.

  125. mmc Says:

    I’m having the same problem, please HELP……

  126. mike Says:

    ok all. Im stuck at the “connect to itunes” step.
    Now I have to retore the phone and test this jailbreak again?
    And in order to restore, what do i do? Do i need to get a At&t sim card, put it into the iphone 3gs and than plug it into itunes (for itunes to “identify it properly”) to restore it?

    How did you guys restore the iphone with out AT&t sim card? I have tmobile. WTF…0.0

    Replies wanted

  127. Martouf Says:

    Easiest jailbreak yet… Doesnt even require you to have the firmware file! Very impressed!

  128. Aleic Says:

    well I have had success with jailbreak and unlock but now cannot get wifi to work what so ever. I am on AT&T now but planning to move to tmob. Anyone experience loss of wifi and how to get it back????

  129. fred1morocho Says:

    Big Boss any updates on the battery issues with the 3g after updating to the new os 3.0. I am experiencing terrible battery drainage I also tried everything that you have suggested so far but no luck. Please help:(

  130. RL Says:

    Hi guys, just to let everyone know, that I used Windows XP, followed the intrustion above and sucessfully unlocked my 3gs, tested in on Vodafone UK, perfect. Ultrasn0w does work!!

  131. Rick Says:

    Hi again,
    Just an update on what I reported about the app store, skype, and fring. I found the culprit causing this and that is voipover3g. When that is installed these apps just crash when opening. I have version 1.0.2. When I remove it, everything works again, but skype and fring only work over wifi.
    I have added my findings to the voipover3g thread as well.


  132. pad Says:

    installed the jailbrake on 3GS. There is an issue with trickr which prevents app store from starting up. Removed it, restarted and everything was ok. Only problem is that cydia is not showing the newest changes anymore. Any idea.

  133. EJ Says:

    Dang, a lot of the apps are locking up springboard and causing me to hard reboot and remove.

  134. pieceofpoo Says:

    this is rubbish – says ‘done, wait for reboot’ and then just hangs at the connect to itunes screen

    and from all the other comments, it looks like it comes with a whole of host of bugs

  135. mkc Says:

    I think we need to be patient, I think mobile substrate doesn’t work correctly yet, sling doesn’t work if you install tricker threeg, if you take it off it will work

  136. Martouf Says:

    That is a common issue! All you have to do is close the program re-run it while leaving your iphone connected. It will work from there!

  137. Martouf Says:

    Re-Run the app and it should continue and work from there with your phone connected!

  138. Martouf Says:

    No one knows when dev-team will release it but this program works perfectly and is actually easier than any previous jailbreak I have seen. Its literally a 1 click jailbreak. You dont even need the firmware image!

  139. mike Says:

    ok everybody. My problem is the wifi. I get get it to work and find my wifi, but than my phone cant make calls. im using tmobile.
    On the other hand, i can make and recieve calls, by than my wifi stops working.

    Who knows how to fix this?

  140. Hi Says:

    Hi i did the jailbreak on my 3gs but know is stuck in safemode every time i did what the guide say about shuting it down but its still doing the same any help!!

  141. Hi Says:

    ok sorry i found out the problem !! i dl some ringtones from cydia and one of the installed winterboard!! that was my problem !!! i knew winterboard wasn’t supported !!! but didn’t know some ringtones use it!!!

  142. mbhullar Says:

    I jailbroke my 3GS phone today and have no issues with App Store or running the slingplayer application.

    I do have an issue with some Cydia apps like qtweeter and ClearCam (camera app) but I know the would be fixed in due course.

  143. mbhullar Says:

    No issues with BiteSms installed today on my 3GS jailbroken.

  144. pad Says:

    Cydia is working just fine now. So the jailbreak was 100% succesful.

  145. RobertY Says:

    Thanks for the jailbreak. I was able to cracked my iPhone with Cydia but can’t add ultrasn0w repo. When I added http://www.repo666.ultrasn0w.com to Cydia, an error mesage of Bad URL comes out. What should add? Thank you a milion times.

  146. Anonymous Says:

    bad URL it ok just go to chamge you will find ultralsnow there install it will be fine

  147. Martouf Says:

    Thats because a lot of apps are not compatible with 3.0 yet!

  148. Ruben Says:

    I read in other site that the j/b affect the vibrate of the phone. Can someone confirm is this is true or not? I need the vibrate function to work.

  149. EJ Says:

    Makes sense, but BOOOOOOO. :)

    Can’t wait till they are. A lot of cool stuff in here that I really want to use. Esp being a new iPhone user.

    Thank you for the response.

  150. owen Says:

    vibrate works fine, just used purplera1n

  151. leeHA Says:

    Winterboard works with 3gs now. Saurik posted a MobileSubstrate update on Cydia now.

  152. Anonymous Says:


  153. imissmyjuno Says:

    I can comfirm voipover3g as being the culprit — the App Store would crash and so would Skype upon login, all until I removed VoIPover3G in Cydia. Right after uninstalling, it all began to work as normal.

  154. Steve Says:

    I concur on the VoIPover3G issues. Identical behavior.

  155. Marc Says:

    Terrible battery drain on my 3GS after purplera1n RC2. Seems like 1% every 2 minutes. Push, blue tooth are off. Activated with AT&T ,did jailbreak later. Added Mobile substrate. Help please.

  156. JJC Says:

    I am having the same problem. iPhone 3G jailbroken and MAJOR battery drain. Trying to restore and try again. Does ANYONE have a fix to this?

  157. JJC Says:

    And I was using Ultrasn0w.

  158. bowman Says:

    installed J/B however none of my app’s will open,
    any thoughts?

  159. Anonymous Says:

    Hi there,
    I have just jailbroke my iphone. Cydia installed etc, but i’m dont have carrier option in setting. I only get it if I install my o2 sim but not my preferred orange sim. Does anyone have the same problem and more important is there a solution out there?


  160. drew Says:

    hi there,

    i started the purplera1n and it stuck at step 4. i cannot restart my phone and my phone is hanging there forever! HELP!

  161. Chris Pinder Says:

    Brand new 3gs, running mac OSX, and trying to jailbreak with purpler1n. I ran it and everything went fine got the freeze icon on my phone, run that and says downloading and the whole thing then finished, I press home button then I reboot phone and no cydia. I have done this a couple times and nothing. Can you please help, I have even tried cutting the phone totally off and restarting and still no cydia.

  162. Anonymous Says:

    Ignore above request, I forgot the Ultrasn0w stage. iPhone now running on orange.

  163. Wei Ming Says:

    will this work on iphone 3GS v3.0.1?

  164. Kartik Says:

    Hi i just started the purplera1n and it stuck at step 4 just showing me the GeHotz photo on my phone . i cannot restart my phone and my phone is hanging there forever! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!

  165. Riaan Says:

    Use redsnow (latest) with 3.0 ISPW and then install ultrasnow.

    Purplerain does not work.

  166. Andrew Says:

    where is the troubleshooting? My iphone 3gs freezes on the screen with the guy leaning on the iphone. have any ideas?

  167. Kaleem Says:

    dear brothers
    i have iphone3gs 16gb i can update my iphone and then used the purplera1n after that the iphone is stuck the rain man pic and which time i again start it now the apple logo is come and a few min its shutdown i don’t know why. i again start it then again they are shutdown plzzz help me

  168. peter Says:

    kaleem, i got same problem atm : (

  169. Vinh Ket Says:

    Hi Boss.
    I’m not unlock my Iphone 3GS. Help me?

  170. Gabe Says:

    I tried to jailbreak my 16g 3gs and it is frozen at the picture of the Rainman? What do I do now?
    Please help me?

  171. Kenny Says:

    I got stuck at step 3. When it says “waiting for reboot”, the phone is hanging with that boy’s picture.It’s like hanging forever. I’m not able to reboot or turn off the phone. I opened iTune and it can not recognise that the phone is connected (which means I’m not able to recover it either). How to get out the hanging screen?
    Please help!!!

  172. dan Says:

    will this work on 3.1 (7C144)?

  173. amber Says:

    i can not get this to work as soon as i hit make it rain it says it has stopped working n itunes keeps saying i have to restore my phone and i have three times n still is not working

  174. cho Says:

    i tried several times to install purplerain
    but i failed. i dont know why??????
    make it rain box pops and i pressed it
    then it seems working but on the phone
    it doesn’t show the picture but i continued
    after all those wait i don’t get freeze icon even i reboot the phone

  175. cho Says:

    oh one more thing …….
    i get the message saying i need to restore my phone and i tried tones of times and still samething…………….–;
    pleeeeeeeeeeeeese help me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese…..

  176. RICHERD Says:


  177. Rich Says:

    Hi guys,

    First of all for Cho….i was experiencing the same thing. I found that by pluggng the iphone into the comp and then closing down Itunes and then running Blackra1n it worked (blackra1n is for the 3.1.2 firmware. My device is a 3gs running 3.1.2, 05.11.07 – brand new model purchased on orange on the 10th November 2009).

    Secondly for Richerd….i’m guessing your device is from the same batch as mine then. The jailbreak will work but in my case it seems to be a tethered jailbreak (which means eveytime the phone is turned off you need to plug it into the computer and run the jailbreak software to turn it back on). The phone is actually my girlfriends and she didnt like the idea of that so I restored it back to factory settings.

    Has anyone mananged to jailbreak their iphone 3gs running 3.1.2, 05.11.07 untethered?

  178. Alexandre Says:

    Same problem as you Rich, I have the 3.1.2 and 05.11.07 had I need to jaibreak my phone any time it restarts. Sometimes it blocks and then I have to reset it and start again from the begining.

    Do anyone have a solution?

    Thank you very much in advance.


  179. Lyn Says:

    Purplera1n crashes as soon as you tap “make it ra1n”. Your Apple mobile device service is not running. On Windows press windows + r and type “services.msc” into the run box and hit enter. Then locate the Apple Mobile Device service and right click, say “start”.

    I have checked my Apple Mobile devise service , changed it to to Start but it still crashes, any suggestions?

  180. ashley Says:

    dear sir, I have installed blackra1n and downloaded cydia normally and have also purchased installous. despite this I can’t install games that are hacked or any apps. it can only be done through installous and evenso sometimes the games that I download makes my phone restart and forces me to connect it to iTunes and restore it as I cannot use the phone.. This has happened 4 times already. Do you mind helping me please?

  181. Connor Says:

    I have the same problem cho had, ive installed blackra1n, started it, but keep getting the plug into itunes icon. i tried rich’s advice of closing my itunes to no avail. how can i fix it?

  182. john Says:

    i have a problem where after the phone was jailbroken and i changed the sim card to another t mobile sim card but as soon as i slided it in . the main screen was gone and the white apple sign only left on it. now the phone cant get into itune cant be reset cant be connected to anything application . what it does is on and off with the white apple sign on it what is the solution

  183. dr Says:

    I downloaded voipover3g to make Skype calls over 3g but Skype is onto the game. Gave me a message that I can’t make sykpe calls over 3g due to contractual rules. Does anyone know a way to sidestep this?

  184. ramnaresh Says:

    Hi Bigboss,

    I tried to jailbreak iphone 3gs os4.0.1 with purplera1n. It takes my iphone in to dfu mode and then restarts it without freeze app. I tried your troubleshooting steps its not working on my iphone. Please help

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