iPhone v3.0 Beta – Do Not Use

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This post will tell you how to downgrade from 3.0 to 2.x.

iPhone 3.0 beta is out for developers. You may find that the feature list sounds great, and it does! However, this is an early beta that is for developers only. Do not download and install this version on a live, iPhone. Doing so will result in:

1) The iPhone OS will probably expire every couple of weeks. If you are out and need a phone the day it expires you are screwed. You will not be able to use the iPhone until you restore to the “upgraded” version. If the current version is “leaked” (meaning you are not a developer and got it through unofficial means), there is no guarantee you will have access to the next beta to keep the iPhone running.

2) The iPhone v3.0 OS is due out for this summer. That puts the release date to be about 3 months away still. That is a long time! The OS is not done. Why would you want to run a buggy incomplete OS on your iPhone?

3) The beta will have compatibility issues with some apps.

4) You will not be able to jailbreak your beta.

5) If you want some of the new features, read this post on how to use them on a 2.x.

6) Your 3g baseband will be updated, and you cannot go back. Yellowsn0w on 3g will also stop working. There will be no fix for this. It is permanent!

7) The 3.0 beta is likely very battery hungry and has a lot of debug symbols in use. It is likely also to use more memory than expected causing some apps to outright crash. Such is often the case with beta operating systems.

8) The 3.0 beta baseband is likely to not be very efficient and tested.

Too late? Already upgraded and don’t know what to do? You can downgrade the OS (but not the baseband) using these instructions:

iPhone v3.0 –> 2.x downgrade:

Step 1) Shut off your iPhone and then enter DFU mode. Instructions here.

Step 2) Restore your iPhone in iTunes to v2.2.1, 2.2, or such. Remember you will need to hold shift and click restore in Windows, Option-restore in OSX. If you need to locate the firmware to download, look here. If you need help on how to restore in iTunes read this guide.

Step 3) Your restore will get an error message. It should be one of these: 1011, 1013, 1015. If you get something less than 100, you did not enter DFU mode correctly and need to retry from step #1 of this guide. If you get 160x something else went wrong. The 1011, 1013, 1015 type error codes will be a failure to write the baseband and will be expected. After this, your iPhone will remain in recovery mode. Note: on 2g iPhone you probably should not get a restore error since the 2g baseband is not updated by the 3.0 update so there is no reason for the baseband update to fail.

Step 4) Windows Load quickpwn for Windows and select your device and run through the first 3 or so prompts until your iPhone resets.

Step 4) OSX:

iRecovery is a command line tool that requires you to install a library. For this, you are required to understand how to use the terminal. These instructions are *very clear* if you understand the terminal and shell commands. If you do not, this is not for you. Find a windows computer or someone that can help you. Teaching how to use the OSX term is way beyond the scope of this guide.

  1. Download and extract iRecovery. This is a console app to be run in terminal. Extract it with finder.
  2. Copy libusb-0.1.4.dylib to /usr/local/lib and chmod both iRecovery and the dylib to 755 using chmod 755 /usr/local/lib/libusb-0.1.4.dylib and chmod 755 iRecovery.
  3. In terminal, run iRecovery -s
  4. At the iRecovery prompt, type: fsboot
  5. Wait, iPhone should boot. If not, type fsboot a second time.
  6. ctrl-c or close the term. You are done with iRecovery.

Here is a more detailed set of instructions by Max:

1) Download iRecovery
2) Place both files on the Desktop
3) Open terminal and type ‘cd ~/Desktop’
4) Run command ‘chmod 777 libusb-0.1.4.dylib’
5) Run command ‘chmod 777 iRecovery’
6) Run command ‘defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE’
7) Run command ‘killall Finder’
8) Navigate Macintosh HD > usr > local > lib
9) Copy the file libusb-0.1.4.dylib into that folder
10) Open a new terminal
11) Drag-and-drop the iRecovery file into the Terminal so that you get a shortcut to it.
12) Append ‘-s’ to the end.
13) Run command ‘fsboot’ (i had to do it twice)
14) If the phone starts up locket once again, just run through steps 10-13 again.
15) When done, open terminal again and type ‘defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE’
16) Then run ‘killall Finder’ once again and your done!

Step 5) Run through the quickpwn guides for your operating system. Depending on which OS you have, you will need to click next a few times and your iPhone should be reset. At this point, you should continue through quickpwn to finish the jailbreak of your iPhone.

At this point, you should have a working iPhone although your baseband will still be upgraded. This is the best we can do at this point. Good luck.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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193 Responses to “iPhone v3.0 Beta – Do Not Use”

  1. Toliver Says:

    I believe there are issues with mac quickpwn seeing the iphone 3g after the itunes restore, when it is in recovery mode.

    I could not get my phone to see it after any restarts.

    I had work today so I put 3.0 back on, which i like.
    It is very battery hungry and a bit buggy as stated above. im starting to miss my JB.

  2. BigBoss Says:

    Thank you. I updated the post to use irecovery for OSX.

  3. Psuturs Says:

    When I upgraded to 3.0 I didn’t undo my category app and now I can see those or get to those apps that I got from the app store because I left them in catagories. If I downgrade will I be able to get them back..Please Help!

  4. Franco Says:


    I am not quite understand in step 4 OSX

    I downloaded the irecovery.zip,
    then what should i do??
    open irecovery or open terminal??
    not understand ”Copy libusb-0.1.4.dylib to /usr/local/lib and chmod both iRecovery and the dylib to 755 using chmod 755 /usr/local/lib/libusb-0.1.4.dylib and chmod 755 iRecovery.”

    Thx a lot

  5. BigBoss Says:

    Read the missing icons post at the top center box on the main page.

  6. Max Says:

    I didn’t understand step 4, where do i find /usr/local/lib?

  7. dRu Says:

    i’ve got to say that the Mac instructions are incredibly shitty….

    where the hell is /usr/local/lib?

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. BigBoss Says:

    I updated the post. Sorry, there’s no way I can make a guide to teach folks how to use the terminal. If you have the prereq knowledge for the term, you will find these instructions quite clear. If not, I suggest you look for a friend’s Windows PC to borrow.

  10. Max Says:

    Hey all of you that don’t get step 4 OSX, this is what you should do:

    1) Download iRecovery
    2) Place both files on the Desktop
    3) Open terminal and type ‘cd ~/Desktop’
    4) Run command ‘chmod 777 libusb-0.1.4.dylib’
    5) Run command ‘chmod 777 iRecovery’
    6) Run command ‘defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles TRUE’
    7) Run command ‘killall Finder’
    8) Navigate Macintosh HD > usr > local > lib
    9) Copy the file libusb-0.1.4.dylib into that folder
    10) Open a new terminal
    11) Drag-and-drop the iRecovery file into the Terminal so that you get a shortcut to it.
    12) Append ‘-s’ to the end.
    13) Run command ‘fsboot’ (i had to do it twice)
    14) If the phone starts up locket once again, just run through steps 10-13 again.
    15) When done, open terminal again and type ‘defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles FALSE’
    16) Then run ‘killall Finder’ once again and your done!

  11. aaron Says:

    I haven’t updated to the 3.0 beta release of the software, but I had my iphone hacked 2.x and used the instructions on this site to go back to native mode. But I noticed after I did that, a winterboard themed app that had “ghost” icons (for the blackberry theme), that allowed for the top row of the main springboard page to show the big time, were left afterwards. Now I have a factory phone with these “ghost” or invisible icons that won’t go away and when accidently touched take me to dezign999.com. My question is, how do I remove these?! Sorry for the post here but could find a way to contact directly and couldn’t find information online. Thanks!

  12. nikilaos Says:

    sorry gyus is that for the 3g users?

  13. nikilaos Says:

    ok ,i see
    i cant keep it in fw 2.2.1 coz will expire the os
    i have to upgrade to 3.0 and after?i have to buy a new iphone 3g?

  14. nikilaos Says:

    ok ,i see
    i cant keep it in fw 2.2.1 coz will expire the os
    i have to upgrade to 3.0 and after?i have to buy a new iphone 3g?
    thank ya

  15. nikilaos Says:

    ok ,i see
    i cant keep it in fw 2.2.1 coz will expire the os
    i have to upgrade to 3.0 and after?i have to buy a new iphone 3g?
    thank ya

  16. ronan01 Says:

    You r the best bb. It worked for and got me outnof a lot of trouble.
    No mms no a2dp.
    IT’S NOT WORTH IT !!!!

  17. aaron Says:


    I’ve done the upgrade. It does have A2DP (I’m using it right now). Using the “Messages” works, but when I tried to send a picture, it tries for a while then doesn’t send. I think this is because ATT hasn’t booted up this yet (maybe they’ll turn it on soon?). I got my contacts/calendar/email working just fine. All my apps work so far. I seems about the same speed as the prior version. I have noticed a little lag sometimes while typing fast.

  18. EclipBlu Says:

    Thanks very much for the help it worked fine

  19. Nehalem Says:

    I advice anybody not to upgrade to 3.0b it broke my iPhone!

  20. Marco Sfreddo Says:

    You should continue downloading legit software, seen you’re in trouble. Get a usb hub or a pc and follow bigboss tutorial, mac will function without iRecovery… don’t Panic

  21. Nehalem Says:

    I already tried that more than x times!

  22. Nehalem Says:

    And just for your information, I use legit software as I own a developer account.

  23. Ronny Says:

    Can I restore from my backup I took before the (incredibly stupid) 3.0 upgrade? I tried, but it sent my iPhone right back in restore mode (with the USB-connect-to-iTunes icon).

  24. Nehalem Says:

    I am trying get my iPhone back to “normal” mode since 3 hours – unsuccessful

  25. Echooff3 Says:

    Is it necessary to jailbreak the phone after the restore? My phone activated and appears to be working fine.

    BTW… Thx sooo much for this tutorial! I almost ended buying another phone.

  26. gp Says:

    i download 2.1.1 from this site for the ipod touch 2g and set it to dfu i dont know what file to put on the ipod (i got a mac)

  27. gp Says:

    i am trying to downgrade from 3.0 none of the 2.1.1 files work

  28. piratx Says:

    anyone got this on iRecovery

    dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libusb-0.1.4.dylib
    Referenced from: /Users/piratx/Desktop/irecovery/iRecovery
    Reason: image not found
    Trace/BPT trap

    cant find what’s wrong..thanx in advance

  29. Echooff3 Says:

    Make sure the CHMOD took on both iRecovery and the libusb file.

  30. piratx Says:

    yeah i did, i have iRecovery at desktop and the lib file on /usr/local/bin/

    tried both with 777 and 755

  31. Echooff3 Says:

    This might be kind of obscure but… What version is your OSX and is your iphone connected to a USB Hub??

  32. piratx Says:

    10.5.6 DFU patched..

    Still no go.. tried on 3 macs (third one was ppc) :(

  33. Echooff3 Says:

    I ran mine on 10.5.6 but my iPhone was attached via a USB hub. I saw/read/heard something that it needs to be on a hub. Try giving that a shot.

  34. piratx Says:

    I can enter DFU mode Echooff3 i am using this mac especially for iPhone and such stuff..

    dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libusb-0.1.4.dylib
    Referenced from: /Users/piratx/Downloads/irecovery/./iRecovery
    Reason: image not found
    Trace/BPT trap

    that’s my terminal output, no matter what i do!

  35. belo Says:

    You’re all dumb. BB and the Dev Team have said many times not to upgrade blindly until you hear from the powers that be (people that provide you your jailbreak programs and capability) that you can upgrade safely and have the best of both worlds. I know nothing about programming but I try to understand the theory of what I am doing to my equipment before modifying it. Same with upgrading in iTunes or running a jailbreak program. If you don’t understand what jailbreaking, upgrading, etc, does to your phone you probably shouldn’t be doing it. If you had been patient and checked here first you would have seen ranova’s post about how you can get most of the 3.0 features now without having to use Apple’s shitty beta software. I have a 3G that I am keeping at 2.2 (not 2.2.1) just to preserve a baseband that can be modified by yellowsn0w if I wish. I can still do everything that all iPhone users can do and then some. You all should be happy with what BB, Saurik, the Dev Team, and all other 3rd party devs procide through Cydia for you. Hclipboard for copy and paste, irealquicksms to do quick text from any app without having to quit and use the native sms app, cycorder for video (which Apple still makes no mention of). Great apps by BB such as categories, poof, SBSettings all of which have functionalities and ease that Apple does not seem inclined to provide yet if they ever do. Learn to listen and follow the lead of the people who provide these things that make the iPhone so much better than the way it is stock out of a box. They provide the tools, they have the brains, recognize.

  36. BigBoss Says:

    Thanks. I added this to the post.

  37. BigBoss Says:

    Uh no, 3.0 is beta and will expire. 2.2.x never expires.

  38. dreadhead Says:

    for all who want to test the beta: contact me! for only 10 Euros I’ll add your iphone to my developer account.
    paypal: daniel01@o2online.de
    need your UDID for adding!

  39. tolgaa Says:

    iBrick after 3.0 and downgrade to 2.2.1
    i have an neverlocked iPhone 3G 8GB. Installed the OS3.0 and get the message in iTunes that i have to be Developer to activate 3.0. After that i downgraded to 2.2.1 like the instructions on this page. Everything seems nice except my iphone doesnt get a connection to the network… so it looks like my baseband isnt working well anymore!?
    anybody here has any tips for me?

  40. Ronny Says:

    For $8 I can add you to my developer account, so you can activate your iPhone with OS 3.0 beta.

    If interested, you can email me ronnyandre@gmail.com

  41. FireBAll Says:

    HI Thank you for the article

    can you update iRecovery tut

    lot of people might not know that they have to add “./” before iRecovery

    one question I have. after downgrading my phone from 3.0 to 2.2.1 it works fine and for some odd reasons signal is little stronger.

    My problem is every time i switch off and on my phone it goes into recovery mode and I have to run iRecovery to bring it back to life. Has anyone had the same problem or does anyone know how to solve it?. Would highly appreciate a reply.


  42. RWat Says:

    i get the same problem…i need a solution for this

  43. matthew bennett Says:

    I second Big Boss’ assertion.

    Installing leaked, Beta firmware on your phone is not for the inexperienced. If you can’t navigate around a Unix machine from the command line, it’s probably too early for you to be messing around with the 3.0 firmware. Read the warnings!

    Big Boss, thank you for writing this explaination. As one of the first walkthroughs on the web, it’s awesome that you’re taking the time to help people understand what’s happening and how to fix it.



  44. aaron Says:

    The upgrade to beta shouldn’t break your phone. In addition to getting the beta restore file, you’ll need your phones serial number registered as a device in Apple’s development program. I’m sure before this beta expires there will be another beta to come out that will replace it. They won’t just lock your phone out without giving you another build, else what would you use to develop and test on (which is the point of the beta).

  45. DarkPapy Says:

    Hi,I have two questions: The 3.0 run in iPhone V1 ,but in the downgrade,is doesn’t downgrade the basseband no?It’s break the unlock by dev team?Thank you for you help and I’m sorry for my bad english but I am French :)

  46. mathieu Says:

    where is make it mine? cause i want to add a rogers logo for SP … or tell me how to change it … please

  47. Francisco Perez Says:



  48. Tony Says:

    There is nothing in the bigboss&Planet-iphones of my cydia,Why?I beg your help!Thanks

  49. Anonymous Says:

    hold down where the icons should be until they get teh big X and then delete them

  50. Bjorn Says:

    Hello, I’ve exactly the same problem. No solution, I’m afraid.


  51. nikilaos Says:

    thanks MR BB
    a bit stupid but its ok ,i know who i am ;)))))))

  52. asa Says:

    Yes – it would seem the 3g that are unlocked from factory do not activate network once taken back to 2.2. At least for me it will not work. Once updated you have to stay at 3.0 or else you have no phone……sucks…but as far as I can see it is pretty stable and I don’t notice any battery drain…

  53. BigBoss Says:

    This is because you did not copy the dylib file into place. Step #2 of my instructions, steps #8-9 of Max’s instructions.

  54. BigBoss Says:

    Nothing is wrong on our end. Perhaps you have no network connection?

  55. Corey Says:

    Hi Max, i am usally pretty good with terminal, but how do i do step 13, i am good all the way to step 12, but 13…. and on.

  56. Corey Says:

    im sorry, i meant i get up to step 11, not 12.

  57. Corey Says:

    Nevermind, i figured it out, googled append, which means “!! -s !!”

    and then typed “fsboot” twice, which took me to activation screen, THANKS MAC AND BIGBOSS!!!

  58. Amos Says:

    I have a Iphone 3G and stupidly tried to put a 3.0 Beta OS on..
    It of course bricked and I successfully downgraded it to 2.2 but Im not able to connect to my cellnetwork..

    I know i should have read and researched first but my impatience blindly led me to try to “restore” my torrent OS on my phone and im not a developer..

    Is there any hope of returning my phone to some sort of functioning capacity? I basically have a glorified Ipod touch now..

  59. Alex Says:

    Hey! I finished the second step and it just kept on going with no error message, I’m now running 2.0. It was a successful downgrade! I did some mucking about with Xcode to try to figure out how restore to 2.0… I think that may have been the cause, but I’m totally out of my comfort level! :D

    Anyways, just throwing this out there.

  60. aaron Says:

    Yes, this works – they delete fine. They stay deleted after that, UNTIL I restart my machine! Which tells me there is some residue code left on my phone from one of the apps I installed when it was jail broken. Again, I know it was one of the winterboard apps, because that’s when they started to show up (and it made sense with the theme). I’m guessing because I didn’t uninstall this theme BEFORE I restored to factory, this code was left over afterwards! Anyone have any ideas as to how to get these off my iPhone? Thanks in advance.

  61. Boxer Says:

    Big Boss Rock! Follow these steps and just take it easy, Big Boss got your back!

  62. Boxer Says:

    If you are a developer, then this form is for pepes like me who just like to wack there iphones casue they cant wait three months. I am not a developer so everything has a first time, shit happens, Enjoy your A2DP account with new iphone, another thing, there are plenty of warranties online which cover the full cost of you iphone( squaretrade, I use), hope if you are going to mess around with you device on command line level you might wanna consider it, it just cost about state TAX in CA, lol.

  63. Boxer Says:

    My phone want working either, i tried all steps three time, then i just put both files in chmod 777 and then ran iRecovery i after entering fsboot twice my phone started into normal mode, as i had already restored it three times, if it helps anybody.

  64. Boxer Says:

    nope it went back to recovery mode when I restarted it.

  65. Boxer Says:

    Still working on it folks

  66. Boxer Says:

    It want doing any good so i used quickpawn for mac it fixed it but i had to use the irecovery to boot it up once .

  67. Julian Says:

    If you guys want to be able to shut down and start up your iphone without connecting to irecovery every time, this should do the trick:

    run “irecovery -s” in a command prompt with your iphone hooked up to your computer via USB

    run the coomand ‘setenv auto-boot true’

    then run ‘saveenv’

    then run ‘fsboot’

  68. benjamin Says:

    hey guys, if i boot my iphone 2g up to firmware 3.0 will that upgrade my baseband because this is very unclear to me… so will i be able to easily go back to 2.2 and still have cellular connection?

  69. stemcell Says:

    Can anyone add my iPhone as a device to their Developers beta test gear. Ive been up since saturday morning..please, The terminal thing is a bit messy for me, I’m in 10.4 on an old G4 powermac and
    getting sleep deprevation as well I NEED the phone for work…Im dead broke til thursday, your kindness will be rewarded, without question..

  70. BigBoss Says:

    Doesn’t the jailbreak, Step 5, take care of this?

  71. Julian Says:

    yes, if you want a jailbreak this is for those who don’t… the few… like me. :)

  72. Matt Says:

    Awesome. Thanks. Jailbreaking kept locking up my phone, so I had to settle for a regular restore, but hated having to do iRecovery after every reboot. Now it all seems to work perfectly. Thanks again.

  73. carter Says:

    So if we’ve upgraded to the 3.0 firmware & then try to downgrade back to 2.2.1 is the phone suppose to be able to make phone calls. Cause I can downgrade, but when in 2.2.1 the phone cannot make phone calls. I can jailbreak, itunes even picks up the phone but the carrier is null null.

  74. mavis Says:

    Thanks a million. Works like a charm!

  75. mk321024 Says:

    Instructions for Activating the 2g iphone and keeping the unlock : (for use with windows)

    * Downgrade by putting iphone into DFU mode and restoring back to 2.0 via iTunes (press shift on keyboard) and at the same time on iTunes select restore to find your downloaded firmware, you will have to download firmware named:::

    iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw iPhone1,1_3.0_7A238j_Restore.ipsw

    * CYDIA AND INSTALLER ARE BOTH GOING TO BE GONE ALONG WITH ALL JAILBROKEN APPS! you will lose your jailbreak but its ok thats the sacrifice you make to run this beta firmware unlocked and activated without a developers licence.

    **********THIS WILL NOT WORK WITH THE 3G IPHONE DONT ASK************

    To create the custom firmware:

    * Open winpwn up select “browse .ipsw” and select :> iPhone1,1_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw < this will be the one you use.
    * Select “install cydia” and “youtube activation fix”
    * Skip Custom Images as you will not use them.
    * Skip Custom Payload as you will not use this either.
    * Now go to Advanced and select: Activate iPhone /No Wipe/ Enable Baseband update/ Neuter bootloader 3.9/4.6 / (Skip:update bootloader) / Unlock Baseband/ (Skip: Autodelete Bootneuter.app)
    * Now download 3.9 bootloader and 4.6 bootloader
    * now select where it asks for them and put them in there places
    * select (Build .ipsw) and wait for it to finish save to a place were you can find it (like your desktop).

    All instructions / info discovered and written by: mk321024 Notice: This is use at your own risk and i am not responsible if you mess up your device!

  76. mk321024 Says:

    after you restor with the custom 2.0 firmware (update) to your 3.0 beta firmware

  77. mk321024 Says:

    the 2.0 custom firmware has to be created with either winpwn or pwnage tool
    1. downgrade to 2.0 with itunes

    2. create a 2.0 custom firmware with winpwn or pwnage tool then restore with it. “instruction of how and what to select to create this firmware are above this comment

    3. in itunes leave your iphone (in normal mode) press shift on your keyboard and select (UPDATE) not restore to your 3.0 beta firmware

    wait for it to finish and score you have 3.0 beta activated and unlocked!


  78. Nehalem Says:

    Worked like a charm!
    Thank you very much, Julian!

  79. stemcell Says:

    So, My 3G wont revert to 2.2.1 EVEN IF I USE WINDOWS…
    All who messed up contact me for cheap or free UUID registration.
    Apple is calling to certify this time, I guess thats were the money is going to pay WINDOWS users on their support team who havent heard of OPTION click and insist its shift even after you say you run OSX, meatheads.

    apple abuser and rebel iPhone user

  80. ysairo Says:

    I am from holland. after downgrading my phone I don’t seem to get a signal.
    it doesn’t show the provider which is T-mobile at all.
    I don’t know how to fix this…
    please help me out

  81. krz Says:

    I have a serious problem. I downgraded my imported (unlocked) 3G to 2.2.1 after trying 3.0 beta. I used this tutorial, thanks for this. I am glad I am back to 2.2.1 in terms of stability but with the new baseband my iPhone looses 3G / GPRS network connectivity from time to time until I put it in Airplane mode and back. This really sucks.
    Anyone else noticing network loss? I can place calls, I can actually use 3G data until it drops the connection. It won’t turn it on by itself after loosing it.

    Any workaround? Any help is greatly appreciated.


  82. stemcell Says:

    :) my msn mail won’t work LOL was before. the keyboard swapped to PHONE pad when modifying the port?? tried it via gmail changing smtp port also..
    Has anyone even tried to get add hotmail? LOL
    3.0 beta , no itunes recognition for me either, no leopard
    Should I try to downgrade and swap up again :) ??

  83. Abhimanyu Verma Says:

    Plz hel me …

    I have iPhone 3G

    When i downgrading iPhone 3.00 to 2.2.1 .. i m getting error 21…
    Help me

  84. Flauschi Says:

    i have restored my iphone 3G from 3.0 to 2.21.
    But, now I have no carrier-connection.
    Can Anybody pls help me?


  85. Mike Fish Says:

    How did it break your phone?? Are you on the beta team or you got a leaked copy? For those on the team (I am too), is it worth the upgrade? or is it too buggy to use?

  86. Mike Fish Says:

    I’m confused; why are you all so desperate to downgrade? Are you all really willing to live with things like unstable 3G when downgrading OS but not baseband vs. staying on 3.0? Why not just accept the bugs & stay on 3.0? I only ask because I’m a legit beta member & am debating installing on my live iPhone.
    I usually do.

  87. ysairo Says:

    its because I can’t get the beta to worn properly nore am I a developer.

  88. altan Says:

    hey guys no stresss Anymore.i jailbreaked to 3.0 software today!! its works fine.and i find a ezy way to hack it.i ll give u more information about it.just waitt for instruction

  89. altan Says:

    i kicked 3.0 fw s azz:))))))

  90. pop Says:


    i upgreade my iphone 3g to firmware 3 now i need to downgrade to 2.2 but i try many times i see this error in itunes 1604,1603,1601

    can you help me ?

    now i get black screen only the apple logo is gone

  91. Amos Says:

    I am in the same boat as you
    if someone is so gracious enough do so it would mean alot:)


  92. DKL Says:

    I was able to restore to 2.2.1 (i’m also a developer) using the mac waorkaround, but when i restarted my iPhone it went back to recovery mode.

  93. Phil Says:

    There is a way to activate the 3.0 Software. You need to be registered developer. If you are stuck and want to activate 3.0, you need someone to add you to the developers portal. I could do that if you post your email here…

  94. Hector Says:



  95. Dennis Says:

    Hi. I downgraded my phone and now have 2.2.1 on it with the 4.20.1. I am on Rogers network in Canada and it seems as though the 4.20.1 BB is not 100% compatible with the network as i lose my data connection every now and then.

    Do you think it will be soon possible to downgrade the baseband?


  96. Dylan C Says:

    So wait, we will be forever stuck with the new baseband if we switch to 3.0 . I have switched to 3.0 and am trying to down grade, 3.0 is seriously unstable. When i downgrade, i have no service. How do i fix this….


  97. skybolt Says:

    I’m also seeng “no service” after the (otherwise perfect!) downgrade. I suspect it’s an issue between the new baseband and the old (in my case 2.1.1) firmware.

    For anyone who has gone back and is NOT seeing ‘no service’, did you use a firmware version other than 2.1.1? I’ve otherwise tried everything on the phone, alghough now I’m going to go drive around (my connection is less than perfect from here, usually 2-4 bars. )

  98. amos Says:


    dear lord please:)

  99. Nil Says:

    Please Help I am stuck in deep water!!!

  100. sean Says:

    I restored my phone to 2.2.1 from 3.0 using the above instructions on a Windows computer. Everything worked fine, but like many others are saying, I wasn’t getting any reception. so i tried to updated back to an even older version, 2.2.0. I did this and my phone still did not work. I then had a phone that was working great, just no service. So I pluged it back into Itunes and restored to some older backup settings I had saved from before. My phone reset and then asked to update the softeware to the latest one. I did this and got the error. (10..) unplugged my phone then plugged it in again and it automatically updated saying ” your carrier settings have been updated” Now my phone works exactly like it did before I upgraded to 3.0. I dont know exactly how I got to this, but its now working. So I dont know what to say. maybe it just takes sometime for the carrier settings to automatically update? anywyas that the story of my morning. thanks for the info!!

  101. nessun Says:

    thankyou for posting this up , as a solution to this problem is welcomed :-)

    i have followed the steps indicated but get stuck on step 11 12
    after i drag irecovery to the terminal i add -s to the end then press enter , i get a message that says : bad cpu type” ?
    i tried it again and again same message ,,
    so i typed fsboot , and i “get file or directory not found not found” ?
    am i missing something in the steps ,
    any help much appreciated

  102. kremo Says:


  103. eicotta Says:

    i have a problem at the points 11-13.
    after i drag irecovery to the terminal i add -s to the end then press enter , i get a message that says :

    iRecovery – Recovery Utility for 0×1281 and WTF.
    by wEsTbAeR– and Tom3q

    Got USB
    No iPhone/iPod found.

    my iphone is connected and in dfu mode.
    i tried with all usb portson my macbook. >always tje same message.
    what’s wrong?
    any help is much appreciated


  104. lilngineer Says:


    Thanks for the guide. I successfully got my iphone 3G back from 3.0b to 2.2.1

    However, now when I power cycle the phone it goes back into recovery mode.

    Has anyone found a fix for this?

  105. lilngineer Says:

    BTW, I did not actually jailbreak after irecovery. Could that be the problem??

  106. Tyness Says:


    after i was tired of apps crashing i decided to go back to 2.2.1

    So I followed the instructions at the top of this post and i figured why not to also jailbreak but after I did all of this i do NOT have any signal. When I plug my phone into itunes i can see that I have the 2.2.1 so i know that it worked, I can also see Cydia and Installer. PLEASE HELP what do i do now

  107. Tyness Says:

    please help

    read post 66 i am having the same problem

  108. George Says:

    for all who want to test the beta: contact me!

    for only 10 Euros I’ll add your iphone to my developer account. paypal account needed.Just send me an email at ghamiltondev@gmail.com providing your UDID
    If there are some devices left, I’ll send you an email back with the instructions for the payment.


  109. GE Says:


  110. Anthony Says:

    CAUTION to all of you thinking about the beta 2. The beta 2 upgrades your baseband even further than the original beta did, therefore rendering a rollback to 2.2.1 impossible. (At least I havent found a way) If anyone can figure out how to rollback to 2.2.1 on an iphone 3g and still have cell service please let me know, I am desperate need of help. Thanks.

  111. P3t3 N|ce Says:

    If you think the Mac instructions are not good or can’t follow them then you have no business trying to do this.

    The instructions are simple to follow if you know anything about the Mac OS or a Unix/Linux command line in the least.

  112. Dennis Says:

    if anybody like to have the OS 3.0 Beta, i can activate him on the Apple Developer Program.

    I just need the UDID from your Phones an a small 5,00 EUR pleasure on PayPal on the following adress: iphonesdk29@googlemail.com

    If any questions mail to: iphonesdk29@googlemail.com



  113. joao Says:

    please help me.
    in the step 11) i drag and drop iRecovery file into the terminal them i tipe ‘-s’ and i run command and my terminal appear:

    Last login: Thu Apr 2 12:38:25 on ttys001
    Unknown-00-1f-f3-cd-68-43:~ estudiojf$ /Users/estudiojf/Desktop/iRecovery -s
    dyld: Library not loaded: /usr/local/lib/libusb-0.1.4.dylib
    Referenced from: /Users/estudiojf/Desktop/iRecovery
    Reason: image not found
    Trace/BPT trap
    Unknown-00-1f-f3-cd-68-43:~ estudiojf$

    whats wrong?


  114. Mr Xxnn Says:

    You All are Mother Fucker fuck off =))

  115. Xiao Says:

    If you are having issues making the iRecovery stick, make sure you do Step 5. I didn’t quckpwn my phone thinking it’s optional but infact it’s required.

    Before quickpwn, i couldn’t get the iphone activation to stick. After I reboot my iphone, it kept asking me to plug it into iTunes. Hard to do when you are on the road.

    And when I did, it kept saying my phone was in DFU recovery mode. Requiring me to do iRecovery step again.

  116. jordi Says:


    all good!
    thanks a lot dudes!

  117. Fil Says:

    I confirm on 3G, baseband overwritten by OS3 b2, no way to go back to 2.2.1 baseband:-(


  118. freeman Says:

    please help !!!!
    how can i use my iphone without downgrading the baseband ??
    turbosim ?.

  119. westcrip Says:

    no way !! u have to get a turbo sim! get it u cuz ll need it.i have also working with all basebands.

  120. wuzi0508 Says:

    Hi I’m from Germany and my iPhone 3G doesn’t work anymore :(

    Please help me…


  121. Martin Says:


    D@mn theses basebands

  122. silvo Says:

    ok so we cant downgrade the baseband but when 3.0 gets to a final ver. and we upgrade thru iTunes will it work then?

  123. Chris Says:


  124. Moham Says:


  125. Josh Says:

    I’m a developer too but I am still downgrading because the current betas are pretty bad.

    I would recommend that even those with legit copies stay away. The new functionality along with all the debug stuff isn’t integrated very well and slows down everything and is constantly running so I can’t go a whole day without recharging.

    I’m just going to use the simulator to test my apps.

  126. phi|o Says:

    here’s my comment take it or leave it. i had 3.0 beta 3 running and jailbroken. after getting bored with it i put the phone back on 2.x. I first tried putting 2.2.1 on the phone and could not get a signal from my cellular carrier (at&t legit) I ended up having to put 2.2 on the phone getting a prompt in itunes to update the carrier settings then put 2.2.1 on the phone. now everything works as it should.

    whether this is a fluke or not i don’t know. it worked for me so i’m passing the tip along.

  127. project Says:

    I did nothing of sort. I just put my phone into DFU then restored couple of times. It downgraded from 3.0 to 2.2.1 even without jailbreaking. Weird. By the way, dont install mega4i if ur on 3.0 or even 2.x. their software will fuck your phone up. I repeat, do not trust those guys.

  128. Vince Says:

    I there anyone there who has some programming knowledge who can make a version of geohot’s baseband downgrade to work for 4.24.02, as I have a iphone 3g with bl5.8, which I upgraded to 3.0 beta, and now have gone back to 2.2.1..


  129. cmac Says:

    I really need to get my phone fixed, also stuck in 3.0 beta 2. Currently in recovery mode @ step 8


  130. macmo Says:

    I have the same problem, if you found a solution, please let me know ! Thanks, and Regards

  131. cmac Says:


  132. altan Says:

    pls some one help i upgrade my iphone 3g to fucn 3.0 beta 3.than than downgrade back to 2.2.1 and steel doesnt work and stuck on 04.24.02 bb .my phone is wired no signal. how can i downgrade baseband from 04.24.02 to down guys ! thanx

  133. Samer Says:

    is it possible to unlock with baseband 4.24???

  134. phil Says:

    i had my 3g stuck in 3.0, got it down to 2.2.1 and i couldnt make calls or use the network in anyway but i could use WiFi.

    switched it to 2.2 and it went all wild then i got the network back and could use it again HOORAY!

    but then i messed up and tried to update from 2.2 to 2.2.1 and its been fuckered ever since

  135. phil Says:

    if you care to help me out with registering my UDID, my email is rikatix@gmail.com

    thank you

  136. altan Says:

    but im using turbosim i have no contract with apple.thats the main pro coming from baseband 04.24.02! turbo sim works with .04.22.01 but i cant downgrade it back f uckk its a bad stuation.if someone know a solution can share it with me?

  137. dfbills Says:

    I downgraded fine, but can’t restore my 3.0 data backups on 2.2.1. Anyone know a workaround?

    I’d hate to loose all my high scores and other data.

  138. Waqas Shahzad Says:

    When dev team launching the new version of yellow sn0w for iPhone 3g V3 , any idea?

  139. Jon Says:


  140. Matthias Says:

    How did you go back to 2.2? Have the same problem that i can downgrade from OS3.0 Beta 2/Baseband 4.22.01 to OS2.2.1, but there is no network anymore. Tried to downgrade to 2.2 with iTunes (failure 1013) and QuickPwn (some access violation, and program quit).

  141. karl Says:

    i managed to downgrade but now i have no reception

  142. Alex Says:

    Hi my iphone is stuck in recovery mode. I am on windows and i understand all the steps except quickpwn doesnt want to pick up my phone because it is in recovery mode. Because it cant pick it up i cant complete step 4! please help!!

  143. Burfdl Says:

    Was worried I’d just bricked a friend’s phone after they were eager to get iPhone OS 3.0, except the free web access is broken for PAYG on 3.0!

    iRestore worked wonders.
    Thanks :)

  144. altan Says:

    new trouble is coming up in this week:) (iphone os 3.0 beta 4) I HOPE MANY BUGS LL FIX WITH THIS BETA V…NEW FUCN BASEBAND NEW FUCN TROUBLE….PEACE OUT

  145. Macbook Pro Says:

    i use pwntool to downdrade with a custom fw
    and that was all that was on a powerbook g4

  146. papergarden Says:

    Thank you very much. Your advice was so easy to understand even for me who is not a developer. Now, my I iPhone is working beautifully.

  147. Anonymous Says:

    worked great no troubles

  148. altan Says:

    i said just for victim of baseband! u guys dont have to worry …chill

  149. Dalip Vijh Says:


    heyy please please add me i ll be greatful and thanks

  150. Dalip Vijh Says:


    I have a Iphone 3G and stupidly tried to put a 3.0 Beta OS on..
    It of course bricked and I successfully downgraded it to 2.2 but Im not able to connect to my cellnetwork..

    I know i should have read and researched first but my impatience blindly led me to try to “restore” my torrent OS on my phone and im not a developer..

    Is there any hope of returning my phone to some sort of functioning capacity? I basically have a glorified Ipod touch now..

  151. Jazman Says:

    Help requested. I have successfully restored back from beta 4 to 2.2.1 using PC and Quickpwn (to reactivate but not jailbreak) – thanks to this blog and BB.
    However, my own computer is a mac g4 powerbook and it will not recognise the iphone now.
    When upgrading from beta 3 (working fine with UDID registered unofficially – curiosity killed the cat) to beta 4 using iTunes 8.2 on my mac I got a continuous 1611 error which was repeated for attempts to downgrade to beta 3, 2.2 and 2.2.1. Also tried downgrading to varrious versions of iTunes – no joy. So I downgraded on a windows xp machine.

    Although I have a functioning 2.2.1 iphone on beta 4 baseband now, it is only recognised on the windows machine. Neither iTunes nor Quickpwn will recognise it on the Mac except iTunes recognising it if it is put into DFU mode.

    Any ideas or experiences out there on how I can get my iphone syncing with my Mac again?

    Thanks all.

  152. Jazman Says:

    Apologies – I should have mentioned I have iPhone 3g.

  153. UURBANN Says:


    I followed all the directions and have a functioning iPhone 3G again. But now it will not sync with iTunes. It says it is syncing, but it will not move past “Syncing Contacts”. It will sit there for hours… HELP! This was such a stupid mistake… Patience is a virtue. I should’ve just waited instead of jumping the gun

  154. altan Says:

    Altan’s Apple iphone 3.0 Blog Beta

  155. altan Says:

    Türkiye’nin İphone Haber Paylaşım Sitesi by a.k.a Altan Koruk

  156. LMB Says:


    Thank you very much

  157. altan Says:


  158. AliAli Says:

    Hi there, I’ve successfully downgraded to 2.2 from 3.0 beta 4 but I have no phone service and in my network settings the carrier is listed as (null)(null).

    I have tried updating to 2.2.1 using iTunes’ update process as I had read above that this can reset the carier settings but I get an error message each time (2005 I think).

    I’ve then tried to install 3.0 beta 5 but this throws error 10.

    If anyone can suggest how I can get 2.2 running with phone service I would be very very grateful or else how I can get 3.0 running again?

    Thanks for any assistance!

  159. AliAli Says:

    btw i have an iphone 3g

  160. Daisy Says:

    im really pisse now! ugh! i think i broke my phone cuz i dowloaded a torrent of 3.0 OS. now its just stuck with a picture of the itunes logo and a USB at the bottom. damn it! ive been trying to get this fixed for like 1 week now. i really cant get it! i looked everywhere but im not a good computer person so please. i beg of u!!!! help me… -VERY DESPERATE TO FIX MY IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  161. Scott Says:

    Hey, I seem to be having issues in terminal whe it comes to copying irecovery into the terminal with ‘-amended to it. when I run the command I get a bus error. Files are in the right place, any ideas?

    By the way Daisy, the update expired you just have to either download another torrent of the latest 3.0 update or you can shell out the $100 to apple for a developers license then you wont have to deal with that again(i mean you will but you will have access to the updates) download this torrent and restore your iphone with it by placing the file on your desktop>opening itunes> hold option and restore> locate the file on the desktop> and it will restore your phone and all should be good.

  162. Scott Says:

    Sorry Daisy torrent it located here http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/4885853/iPhone_3G_os_3.0_firmware_beta_5_build_7A312g_WITH_ACTIVATION

  163. Altan’s Apple iphone 3.0 Blog Beta Says:


  164. Thanan Says:

    I had the same problem but I got it work after some research on google.

    Download the 2.2.1 firmware and quickpwn 2.5 then follow the steps

    1. Open Itune
    2. Put your Iphone in DFU Mode ( press home+power buttons for 10 sec, when the phone is turn off press ONLY home button and wait till it says the phone is in DFU mode on Itune.)
    3.Now on Itune it shows the phone need to be restored, press shift on keyboard and restore button on Itune. You have to select the firmware you had download.
    4. When the phone had finish to restore a error message will pop up on Itune, DON’T CLOSE IT.
    5. Now open Quickpwn and a message will show, it says to reset the phone (home+power for 10 sec then Power button.) Do this and click ok.
    6.now don’t press next arrow on quickpwn window, leave it on the first page.
    7.Close the error message in Itune and Itune also then open Itune again (don’t forget leave quickpwn open)
    8.Now the phone will connect with Itune, and you should have the network service, you can jailbreak if want or leave it like that.

  165. P. Says:

    Error 1604. What I Have to do?

  166. Anonymous Says:

    I agree! I also think ur gay for giving to much props.

  167. Tizocman Says:

    Put it in Macintosh HD/usr/lib

  168. Anonymous Says:

    you are a star!!

    thanks my phone now has signal..
    i love u man!!

  169. Anonymous Says:

    WHy does it not work when I do chmod command in Command Prompt window?

  170. Justus Says:

    You are f*ing great guys! Thanks for helping me out on this one!

  171. moses Says:

    you dont need irecovery to dowbgrade if u have 3.0 gm just put the phone in dfu mode then use quickpwn 3.0 beat 5 run throught the prompts then it will install the jailbreak but will give u the pink screen of death and after that use itunes to resdtore and it shall work i just did it June 11

  172. Gounah Says:

    I have an iPod Touch 1st Gen. I upgraded it from 2.2.1 to 3.0 beta 7A341 with iTunes 8.2. Then I tried to downgrade it without success. Then I putted it in DFU mode and clicked “Restore” while pressing Option key. This permitted me to select a 2.2.1 restore file (iPod1,1_2.2.1_5H11_Restore.ipsw). I waited and it have downgraded without problems! (Sorry for my poor English skills, I usually speak in French)

  173. johannes Says:

    I’m having issues in terminal whem it comes to copying irecovery into the terminal with “-s” amended to it. when I run the command I get a bus error. Files are in the right place, any ideas?

  174. Andrew M Says:


    I’ve upgraded my iPhone 3G from 2.1 (not unlocked or not even jailbreaked) to 3.0 general release and my data plan stoped working. I tried to follow your instructions on how to downgrade but I always get the same error message 1601. Is there anything else I could try? Please I could really use your help right now.


  175. Anonymous Says:

    Do we need to leave this SIM inside the iphone to downgrade from 3.0 to 2.2, 2.2.1 or take it out before to do it?

  176. Anonymous Says:

    Do we need to leave this SIM inside the iphone to downgrade from 3.0 to 2.2, 2.2.1 or take it out before to do it?

  177. hh Says:

    when restoring 2.21 jailbreak you must uncheck “unlock iphone” otherwise wuickpwn will hang. then use a baseband downgrade utility

  178. Anonymous Says:

    u right

  179. navid Says:

    Help.. looking all over for this.. after fsboot my phone was recovered and running fine. but when i turn off my phone or restart it, it ends up in recovery mode.

  180. Andre Says:

    u saved my life lol thank u very much!!!

  181. TheLeader Says:

    It’s funny because I just did steps 1-2.
    I switched to DFU, ITunes, Shift+Restore and it simply restored to 2.2.1
    I must be lucky =]

    Win 7 x64 build 7068
    OS 3.0 -> Downgrading to OS 2.2.1
    ITunes 8.2
    Ipod Touch 2G 16GB

    The Reason I downgraded is because some of my favourite applications still don’t work well, and I had trouble with GCC (In 2.2.1 I used the pre-organized toolchain).

    Great TUT, thx!

  182. ZACHB Says:

    This has happened to me too, anyone have a way around it?

  183. Irving Says:

    hi everyone, i have a problem regarding the downgrading. I managed to downgrade my previous 3.1 (from 2.2) but now i can not install the applications that i have downloaded from other sites outside itunes. can you please tell me what to do? please email me at irvendiola@yahoo.com
    help is very much appreciated. thank you.

  184. Joe Bangle Says:

    This procedure, with Julian’s suggestion above (search for “Julian”) worked perfectly to downgrade an iPhone 3G from OS 3.1 to OS 3.0.1.

    Thanks guys.

  185. DanielGato Says:

    hi, when i process all the steps listed, but when i type fsboot nothing happens.. can anyone help me? i’ve typed many times, but still the same..

    Help Please..


  186. M.Saddam Says:

    Can u pls specify the system on how to downgrade my iPhone 3g on a noramal computer(not an apple computer.

    I have been trying all d solutions but nothing is working properly for me. So I hope u can understand my situation! Expecting a pleasant reply at your very earliest.

  187. ted37313 Says:

    hi same as you DanielGato nothing happens after fsboot even twice even 1 million time

    someone can help me ?

  188. joe Says:


  189. Anonymous Says:

    Hey im having a problem locating usr/local/bin where is this file so that i can place the libusb0.dll file in it

  190. deleted Says:

    sorry i ment to say where is this folder can i please have some instructions on how to get this file into the folder

  191. makaloni Says:

    when i type ./iRecovery -s
    i get the message : Bus error

    any solution?

  192. joek Says:

    Trying to use iRecovery to get out of recovery mode on 3gs.
    keep getting
    got USB
    no iphone/ipod found

    any solutions??


  193. telepafi Says:

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