Libhide 2.0.8

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I pushed libhide 2.0.8 to the beta repo. For those of you that have the beta repo installed and have experienced a bug where after installing apps from appstore or cydia, all icons that were hidden are unhidden until you respring next, well this *might* fix that. I say might, because I cannot reproduce this issue so cannot be sure it’s fixed.

Also, please do not post the beta repo link here. If someone needs it, please email me for it.

Finally, it has been brought to my attention that libhide no longer works on 2.x firmware. Unfortunately, I have no 2.x device to test on anymore. It’s probably just time for you 2.x users to update at least to 3.x. Anyone that has a valid reason why they cant update to 3.x or 4.x, please email that to me so I can understand.

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24 Responses to “Libhide 2.0.8”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    who the hell uses 2.x anymore? its obsolete now

  2. Peter Says:

    OK, I’ve installed it and it appears to work as advertised for me. Upgraded some apps from the App Store and didn’t get the hidden items appearing again.

  3. Boomy Says:

    Same here. Had my hidden apps show up Before. Working good now..(wasn’t a big problem.. Just an annoynce) Thanks bigboss!!

  4. Jeff Says:

    A bit off-topic, but speaking of obsolete, I have not upgraded to 4.x yet, because my JB 3.1.2 3Gs has been working great. However, now there are a few app store apps that will only work on 4.x software. What’s the best way to get to software that will be best for a 3Gs device without updating in iTunes?

    Thanks for the help!

  5. Anonymous Says:

    most software on 3.x is compatible on 4.x or you can use an app that fakes your fw i.e makes itunes think its on 4.x instead of 3.x

  6. Deathbomb Says:

    I don’t know much about this stuff, but if u use fuzzyband it upgrades ur baseband without deleting ur jb,

    Also, you could get openssh and an ssh client and copy ALL your application files files on / then upgrade and replace the apps and cydia apps after updating and jailbreaking 4.0 firmware. This SHOULD fix apples slow app installation process.

    Btw: if you cause any damage to ur iPhone, it is not my fault, you did it, it is ur fault.

    Hope this helps :)

  7. RogerinNYC Says:

    Thanks Big Boss. This bug was kind of driving me nuts — respringing two or three times a day. So far, since installing the LibHide update two days ago, all is finally well!

  8. Dhartson Says:

    All my iOS folders were wiped when I just did a Cydia update. This is the second time on my iPhone 4 running iOS Version 4.0 (8A293). The update included only libhide, activator, and music controls. I use CategoriesSB and those folders survived but were relocated from the dock or the page where they had been. It is the loss of the iOS folders that I am griping about. Are they incompatible, or is this a bug?

  9. Axeonz Says:

    I’m not sure if this related to libhide but I haven’t been able to download anything via iTunes on my iPhone after I installed cydia.I can still download on my laptop though and also I can download after sync when the icons appear unhide.Safe mode also allow me to download.Any ideas?

  10. Ronald Says:

    I just update to 2.0.8, all my appstore apps and cydia apps got wiped out completely, what happened?

  11. iHots Says:

    Do not put the app store in folder or categories, just show it up in springboard or home screen, it will work normally

  12. iHots Says:

    You need to start it all from scratch. Run categories, delete all apps in categories and all folders, nothing left. Run settings>general>restrictions. Enable restrictions, back to home screen. Go to settings again and disable/turn off restrictions, all apps will show up in springboard. Now you can start categories as you want to be.

  13. Turftoe Says:

    Most of my app icons are gone. Libhide 2.0.8 was installed with SB Settings. Respring over and over with no luck. SBSettings is awesome and I want to keep it. Any ideas on a fix using a 3gs? Thank you…

  14. Turftoe Says:

    This solved the issue…Thank you jkmonkey

    “Check to see if the app is hidden. If you don’t already have it, install sbsettings. Go to sbsettings and hit more. Then go to hide icons and make sure messages is set to on.”

  15. John Says:

    Today i defenatly learned something new
    Thanks you

  16. heshan Says:

    hey i have an ipod touuch jailbroken runnin ios 4.2.1
    and on cydia libhide is missing that’s y i cannot download winterboard so where can i get libhide 4.0.2 or greater?
    i’m new to this stuff i got my ipod touch yesterday thx

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Not everyone buys a new, expensive iDevice every ~2 years

  18. roden Says:

    I am still suffering from the re-appearing icons, how do i update libhide, nothing is found when i launch cydia?

  19. roden Says:


  20. Anonymous Says:

    Wow what support, sheesh!

  21. roden Says:


  22. roden Says:

    Meh found it thanks for nothing..

  23. Juan Says:

    Icons are randomly unhidden with libhide 2.0.8 and iOS 4.3.3, both iphone and ipad… not sure about ipod but I suspect same issue. Please push out a new update resolving issue.


  24. roden Says:

    Yeah does not work, my icons appear too, and since its been months to get even a reply, i doubt much will be done.


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