LibHide v2.0.1

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A quick note on memory usage (and hopefully this is the last note on libhide for months to come). There have been some questions as to how much additional memory is used by moving libhide into mobile substrate. I would argue that the answer is none. Here is why. First, the dylib itself, only takes a few kbytes of memory while running. Whatever is required to load a dylib and it just makes a list of your apps so that would be an array of some strings. Literally less than 100k including the 15k to load the dylib into memory.  The “old” method had some overhead also. Springboard, itself, had to keep a list of hidden apps. But since it was not just focused on hiding icons, it had to keep more information in this list. Restrictions block protocols so that had to be handled. The new dylib prevents springboard from having to keep track of these things freeing up that memory. It’s a pretty bold statement to say that with the new method you are using *less* memory, but I will say it is roughly the same.

Update: I have v2.0.3 done and released in the main repository for beta testing.  Changes: apps should no longer all be unhidden after installing something from appstore or sync from iTunes. (Respring solved the problem on 2.0.2).  I’ll probably release this publicly in a few hours After over a 1000 downloads and no complaints, I’m releasing it public now.


Bug Report: If you sync with iTunes or install an app or update from appstore, all hidden apps are unhidden. Solution: just respring and everything is back to normal. I’ll look into this for next version. This is due to my spotlight speed up code.

Update: I have v2.0.2 done and released in the main repository up for beta testing. Changes:

- You can now hide iPod app

- Further spotlight speed ups, in fact, I think spotlight is probably slightly faster with the extension than without because I bypass some logic. Recommend uninstall spotbright for better spotlight speed with this. It will work with spotbright, but both do much of the samething and libhide does it faster. In fact, I believe libhide’s spotlight is faster than spotlight without libhide because it cuts off some internal logic and makes everything visible.

- Added ability for an app to hide from spotlight search results or not. No app uses this yet.


I believe I have solved the reported libhide issues and released v2.0.1 for beta testing. Please if you are capable of it update your libhide using this deb and then this command in SSH: dpkg -i libhide_2.0.1.deb.

Remember, as a beta tester you are expected to understand this may not be stable, although it does work for me tested on 3 devices. You must also be able to install this without help and report issues with a syslog if requested.

To use this, you will need bossprefs or sbsettings and simply hide some icons and unhide them. Note that mobile substrate safe mode should show all hidden icons, and a respring would hide them again.

Changes from 2.0:

1) Fixed speed issue of respring which was causing many older iphones to take forever respringing and in some cases, if enough hidden apps existed, go into an endless reboot loop.

2) Fixed major lag caused on spotlight

3) Added spotlight support for hidden apps. Spotbright is no longer needed. Your spotlight will be a bit faster if you uninstall spotbright if using libhide 2.0.1 or newer

4) Fixed output bug in the update process and removed all the debug messages from the updater app (runs when you install from cydia only).

5) Added 2.x support. On 2.0 on 2.x firmware, you would have had no hidden icons.

For those of you worried about another mobile substrate addon for hiding apps, this also handles the hidden icons in spotlight so you may no longer need spotbright. That lets you remove one substrate in place of another.

Note: due to the all sources package adding my beta repository for users that were not capable of being beta testers, I have removed my beta repository and asked Saurik to update my main repository source that would force the beta repository to be uninstalled.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


71 Responses to “LibHide v2.0.1”

  1. c Says:

    So far so good. Hopefully no one will be commenting on how to install a deb file…

  2. BigBoss Says:

    Did you have problems with v2.0?

  3. tammy Says:

    After i deleted the libhide files from he dynamic library using diskaid, all my icons are shown. On the other hand cydia is not working ! it keeps crashing !! does anyone know how to fix it ??

  4. Ruben Says:

    works perfect here (:-))

  5. farfromuman Says:

    The lag in spotlight is gone with 2.0.1 – that was the only issue that I had with my 3GS(3.0)

  6. Jackal Says:

    Does categories 2.25 uses LibHide or only 2.26+ will use it?

  7. Duluen Says:

    Works GREAT!!! Thanks!

  8. Duluen Says:

    still cant seem to hide the ipod icon though…odd

  9. 1 Says:

    what about keeping libhide like it is and releasing this as libhide2 with conflicts in cydia? I’d like to keep it like it is… or at least have the choice

  10. BigBoss Says:

    2.26 will use it. I need to get that update into Cydia regardless if I put it in with the old or new libhide. Categories 2.25 and lower has the 1.2 libhide code copied into it. It should be at least using libhide like SBSettings, Bossprefs do.

  11. BigBoss Says:

    I cant do it that way. But I may be willing to add an ability to use the old method of hiding apps if you could convince me of a valid use case for it. If you could send me some email or perhaps pop into IRC we could discuss it further. The new version solves this problem:

    Giving users the choice, most that don’t understand the issues will make perhaps the wrong choice.

  12. Beastlee Says:

    I originally had problems but this version works perfectly for me. I just did a fresh restore for other reasons and I found an issue. If you try to instell this deb but haven’t yet hidden anything it fails stating that it couldn’t access the plist file in the Library/LibHide folder.

  13. BigBoss Says:

    The install fails? I think it may just say that it cannot access that folder but the install doesnt fail.

  14. reznor9 Says:

    I usually sell my ideas ;) but since you dont sell your apps, here is one for free…
    What if you make a new way to initiate the hide option of apps… it would be super stock looking and oh so cool!

    1) Extended hold of an icon = jiggly icons… now the icons that can be uninstalled will have the “X” badge in the upper left corner of the icon as always…

    2) now via mobile substrate, hook into the popup that appears when you press the “X” badge…
    now instead of just having the 2 options for DELETE or CANCEL, you also have another option for HIDE… after hiding the app the icon will disappear or dim or maybe the “X” badge will change colors or whatever, but the icons will continue to jiggle as you would still be in that edit mode.

    3) you can hide as many icons as you like, and then when you hit the HOME key to stop the icons from jiggling, that is when the springboard would respring.

    **Not sure how Unhide would work, I suppose you would be required to go through the SBSettings or Poof menus for that… unless you can find a clean way to do it from the springboard as well… (maybe make in jiggle mode, all hidden icons show up as semi transparent? and the badge in the corner will now show a “+” sign to add/unhide them… thats one idea)**

    I know you can accomplish this, as I have seem many cool things being done with the mobile substrate, like the stuff me and Chris are working on in the new iRealSMS, the CyDelete, YourTube, Attachments Download in mail, and such… so this is definitely something that can be done.

    What do you think BigBoss? Does it sound like an idea your interested in perusing?

    If you still cant picture it in your head, I can always photoshop the idea and send you some pics.
    Anyways, the current beta build is working great and spotlight is now back to normal.
    Thanks for everything you have done for the community!


  15. BigBoss Says:

    I do like this idea, and I may use it in the future :) You’re right this could definitely be done in mobile substrate.

  16. Lindsey Says:

    BigBoss – Now I feel like some people are being punished for these noobs. Ok. How do stop cydia from uninstalling ALL of your stuff since you removed the beta repo. It is trying to uninstall categories and everything. I have 350 apps that I manually hid. I don’t want to have to start over, especially if I will now be fooling with terminal, which I dread to install the new update, since we are being punished. Please advise. Tx

  17. Lindsey Says:

    Our phones are also crashing due to the removal of the beta. Cydia won’t load. Can you please tell Saurik to release this, so that even if we uninstall your stuff, we can still use cydia?

  18. BigBoss Says:

    That does not cause Cydia to crash. It’s a separate issue. You can work with Saurik on Cydia crashing issues. But they are *not* caused by something installed or uninstalled.

  19. BigBoss Says:

    I’m not sure what is happening, but you do not need to uninstall anything. If you can contact me in email with what is happening exactly, I will help you solve it.

  20. Dave Says:


    After the upgrading of categories and, hence, of libhide to 2.0, i do experience frequent cydia crash (the iphone simply block while surfing the cydia menu), the respring phase is much slower than before and the finder stop to work: everytime i try to search something in the phone, everything blocks!! I’ve spotbright installed…someone can help me?

  21. Dave Says:

    I’ve an iPhone 3gs with FW 3.0!

  22. BigBoss Says:

    You can update to v2.0.1 or 2.0.2 and you will be in better shape. You can uninstall spotbright and your spotlight will be faster. I’m releasing 2.0.2 in the public repository now.

  23. Dave Says:

    Yessss!!! I’ve just upgraded and everything has came back to life… I really appreciate your job in developing such good applications and I’d never thought to blame you for a temporary problem!
    Thank You jay!

  24. fredv Says:

    You say to remove Spotbright but i will lose the “last used applications” in spotlight then won’t i ?

    Spotbright doesn’t only give access to hidden application, it also has this nice feature .. am i wrong ?

  25. Ruben Says:

    2.02 works perfect here and spotlight is definitly faster now (:-)) Great job. Only thing missing is this “last app” feature – that would be cooooool

  26. Freeman Says:

    Bug report !!!

    When installing “TV d’orange” from the french (or european) appstore, Categories can’t add this app in a folder.
    In fact, when i go to /private/var/mobile/applications/ the app name is “TV d’”
    Is it possible to see if you can solve this ?

    Thank you very much

  27. Beyondregion1 Says:

    I downloaded and installed the update through Cydia. Had a few problems:

    1.) When respringing, my iPhone 3G (running 3.0.1) locked up. I got it running again, but . . .

    2.) Cydia opened up just fine, but I tried opening two regular App Store apps and they crashed as soon as they opened.

    As a result of these, I had to restore my iPhone 3G (16GB) and jailbreak it again. I reinstalled SBSettings (which includes this app) and now seems to work okay.

    Don’t know if other people had this issue or not, but I felt I should bring it out there.

  28. Beyondregion1 Says:

    Note: On my Number 2 problem, I also rebooted my iPhone and the apps kept crashing when opened.

  29. LostWhiteboyy Says:

    wow! bigboss spotlight is so much faster and smoother! once again you always amaze me at your work you do. thanks for all of it!

  30. Anonymous Says:

    off-topic..can anyone give me a guide on how to remove tether profile? i installed AT&T profile to tether but when i check setting and general, i cant see profile, hence i can’t remove it…thanks a lot

  31. Ian Says:

    looks like everything is running smooth again. thanks for your hard work in getting this fixed so quickly Big Boss

  32. bose Says:

    BigBoss, since libhide is now a mobilesubstrate extension does this mean that if we ever experience a crash to safe mode the icons will be unhidden? One thing that I really loved about Categories was that there was still access to the folders we created even in MobileSubstrate Safe Mode. Is that still the case?

  33. HotSTuff2 Says:

    Based on the comments, guess I’ll take the plunge – again. Bose posted a good question, but really, a quick reboot should take you out of safe mode, and back to normal, so it shouldn’t be an issue.

  34. Anonymous Says:

    I am supposing this is normal, but when I upgraded Categories & installed Libhide, all of my apps that were hidden & I had in Categories folders were now unhidden even though they are also still in my folders. Any work around without having to delete from folders & then re-add them?

  35. BigBoss Says:

    Yes all icons would be unhidden. Your categories folders would also exist in safe mode.

  36. BigBoss Says:

    Try a respring. If not, then rehide them manually with poof or sbsettings

  37. Anonymous Says:

    respring did it

  38. OdynOOb Says:

    2.0.3 works fine here.
    I installed an app from iTunes appstore to test it.

    Had to respring in 2.0.2 in order to get my icons back.

    New categories works fine as well.

    Keep up the good work.

  39. tammy Says:

    I upgraded libhide, bigboss sources and cydia,and now all of my messages are gone !!!
    is there a way to retrieve them????!!!!!

  40. RDL Says:

    I know BigBoss is the boss ;) and I super appreciate all your hard work and I understand you said the LibHide update does not eat away at any more mb than before but I notice a 3mb decrease after installation that I am not getting back even after rebooting twice.

    Anyone else notice a loss in memory??

  41. Zack Hébert Says:

    this post definitely helped, thanks =]

  42. zeflash Says:

    Hey BigBoss,

    you say spotbright is no longer needed, yet in my case after all the updates (libhide & categories) all the apps I have in a category folder are not found anymore by spotlight.

    Is there something I can do to fix that?

    Also, to bounce back on reznor9 suggestions, instead of just have the option to hide an icon, it would be even cooler to have the ability to select the category folder you want to move it into.
    Moreover, and perhaps more easily too ;), it would be great to be able to take out an icon in a category folder by doing the same thing than on the springboard: long press, then the cross icon to show the app back on the springboard.

    And finally (man this comment is going in all directions! sorry about that) could it be possible to use the various icon layers for mask, shadow & highlights to display the icons in categories? They would look much better!

  43. krod Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    I’m having the same problem, except I didn’t delete libhide files and my cydia keeps crashing. I’ve tried the ssh thing, and still no cydia. Have you found a solution yet. If I find a solution I will post it here

  44. cheapfame Says:


    I’m a client who had severe issues with LibHide Beta v2.0.1 Please can you confirm that it is now OK to update to v2.0.3 via Cydia ?

    Thankyou in advance.

  45. krod Says:

    Hi Guys,
    I have a problem, I updated categories as well libhide. My phone just froze while downloading the files. After that, when I went into cydia it crashed. I can’t even uninstall it or even get the update. I have no access to cydia. Can someone help me ? I even tried the cydia delete plist thing, to no avail.

  46. krod Says:

    Hi Tammy,
    I found the solution, hopefully ths will work for you. My Cydia is up and running.
    SSH into the Computer and go into /var/lib/dpkg/updates/ and delete all the files in the update folder. After you’ve deleted all the files, you must reboot your phone. Go to Cydia, and should be working fine. Good Luck!!!

  47. _Sigma Says:

    Just to be clear, poof in SBSettings has been updated to use libhide instead of the old method correct?

  48. zeflash Says:

    Ok, my bad, I had try to fix spotbright crashes by unchecking everything in the spotlight settings section, forgot to add it back.

    Everything works!

  49. MT Says:

    I notice the spotbright have a recent history of what apps you use and it shows when u go to the spot light.

    Could you make the Libhide also have that feature too?

  50. zeflash Says:

    I don’t think that’s something you’d want to have in libhide.
    The only thing libhide has to do with spotlight is that it needs to make sure even hidden apps are visible.

    Enhancing the functionality of spotlight should be done by another module, not libhide.

  51. PsionMage Says:

    Absolutely, SpotBright needs to be updated to just have the last ran apps there, and while they’re at it, why only have 5 or so? Make it configurable on how many to keep track of/show in terms of ‘Rows’ I know I’d want at least 2 rows.

  52. Anonymous Says:

    @ reznor dats brilliant man very good idea

  53. BigBoss Says:

    Strongly agree with both of you. I have been trying to find Zataang for a while to work on this. I may end up doing my own spotbright replacement. I have some nifty ideas about some other functionality I’m dying to see in spotlight.

  54. krod Says:

    I got my Cydia running again, but had deleted your repo. When i try to put it back on Cydia, it tells me that it can not find the repo. And I entered it correctly a few times. What do I do? Should I manually input the repo via SSH? And if so can you please let me know how to do it. I would appreciate your help.

  55. Bernie9517 Says:

    Why not also add a “dock” option in thé same place? That would be very clean from thé UI point of view.
    On thé other hand acting on hidden icons (ne they hidden explicitely or implicitely by docking) is only possible from springboard if adding a new page(s) for hidden icons as otherwise thé springboard layout will be broken…

  56. Bernie9517 Says:

    Sorry, my previous post was meant to be a replu to reznor9 post of Sep 6th but my iPhone post it as a new message, not an answer…

  57. pema Says:

    I had the exact same problem here (running fw3.0 on iphone3g-16gb). I solved with the following steps:
    su to root;
    – dpkg — configure -a
    – apt-get update
    – apt-get install cydia
    – apt-get upgrade
    – reboot
    After that, cydia is running fine, but Categories continues crashing at startup. I am using libhide v2.0.3…

    Any new hints?

    I appreciate any help.

  58. Richard Says:

    I just noticed that when libhide is enabled, I lose my Safari toggle in the Settings menu. I can disable libhide in the SBSettings Mobile Substrate Addons meny and it shows up.

    Any fix?

  59. pema Says:

    I will restate my situation on details:

    I have a problem with Categories, v2.26. It simply crashes after startup, always. I tried reinstalling it, but no success.

    I am publishing this report here because this started to happen right after upgrade of libhide to v2.0.1 and Categories to 2.26. At that time, installation did not finish well, iphone rebooted and cydia stopped to work. I could fix this with procedure described on post 37 (above), Cydia now works fine, but Categories remains in failure.

    I have iphone3g 16Gb, fw3.0, runninng libhide 2.0.3 and about 35Mb of free memory after reboot.

    Thx for your attention.

  60. Tony Says:

    A similar thing happened to me Richard. I am missing the Phone and Email Sections. Any help would be appreciated.

  61. Doughsay Says:

    I don’t know where else to ask questions about this, or report issues, so I’ll do it here.

    I’m not sure if this is a known issue or not, but when hiding certain apps (phone, safari, mail) the settings for those apps disappear off the preferences screen. But for other built in apps (iPod, messages, app store) the settings stay.

    I would assume the desired behavior is for the settings to remain, not disappear.

  62. bpsturbo Says:

    Any possibility a new method to open sbsettings is in the near future? Let me know if you need funding to write a custom.. Name it & it will be done. Thanks for all your work!
    Have a pleasant afternoon.

  63. Anonymous Says:

    I bought a new iPhone last saturday, and when doing the first install and jailbreak, I noticed my wireless stopped working. Reset Network settings fixed. Yesterday I lost wireless again, and when doing the same reset, the phone entered the endless reboot problem and would not stop.

    After restoring and jailbreaking, I noticed the same problem with wireless again. Tonight I started digging and I found that it seems libhide 2.0.3 (the version that shows available at Cydia – and NO, I didnt include the beta repo) is causing the issue.

    I’m looking for the old 1.2 so I can install sbsettings, but I cant find it.

    I could not take any logs from the phone, but this is what I’m using:

    iphone 3gs 16GB
    FW 3.1.2

    Any help to find libhide 1.2 is appreciated. Or a new one 2.0.4 that doesnt cause all these issues :-)

  64. Clanos Says:

    Ok, I like what libhide does, but I feel it’s missing one feature… or at least, an app needs to come along to fill it.

    In your patch notes you say you’ve added the ability for an application to hide itself even in Spotlight, yet no application has used this functionality yet.

    Is there a way to give this power to the user, so that they may select which applications will/will not show up in Spotlight. Alternatively, is there an explanation as to how to modify an application to take advantage of this anywhere?

    Regards and thanks for your efforts.

  65. Clanos Says:

    I still see apps in Spotlight when hidden in SBSettings, also using Categories to manage apps.

  66. verlyn Says:

    i install the libhide and then it hang it,i cant use it

  67. rinay Says:

    my ipod crashed and i cant get winterboard !

  68. steve Says:

    my cydia is completely stuck on running and installing libhide with the progress bar stuck at about 1/4 complete. been like this about an hour now, help please!? thanks

  69. Taliezin Says:

    I updated libhide to version 2.0.7-2, now my iphone gets in safe mode non stop, respring an reboot won’t get me out oF safemode.

    Iphone os 3.13
    JB Spirit

    can this be because of libhide upgrade, if yes. Where can I download the previous version deb file of libhide?

  70. possum_ch Says:

    same problem as Taliezin, had to remove all libhide related (extremely useful) stuff – any way to get the previous version nack?
    iphone edge ios 2.2

  71. possum_ch Says:

    same problem as Taliezin, had to remove all libhide related (extremely useful) stuff – any way to get the previous version back?
    iphone edge ios 2.2

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