Music Controls Pro now available!

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After “only” a 6-month delay, Music Controls Pro is now ready for your device. Extending beyond the features of Music Controls, MC Pro now makes YOU a Pro at interacting with the music.

With the release of MC Pro, 42 music apps are now supported (new additions include AudioGalaxy, Napster, and ZumoCast) and all-new control schemes have been introduced, including dock metadata support for car stereos, swipes in the task switcher dead area, and a Remote server so you can control music playback from another iPhone over WiFi!

As an added bonus, MC Pro adds new features such as video backgrounding so videos can keep playing when you tap the home button, a mixed brightness/volume slider in the task controls for rapid backlight and volume adjustment, SBSettings toggles to quickly enable/disable the Remote server and lockscreen swipes, and more!

So what are you waiting for? Become a Pro and grab it from Cydia for only $5.99 – if you’re still not convinced, try it out for free for 5 days!

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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13 Responses to “Music Controls Pro now available!”

  1. SquareWheel Says:

    Either comments or extremely slow to show up, or somebody is deleting comments.

  2. Juggles Says:

    Crashes SB when I run ifile audio player

  3. The6uest Says:

    Works good so far! The new volume/brightness slider is a nice touch too.. It is good to have when the status bar is hiding and therefore SBSettings can’t be opened to adjust brightness.

  4. ChaoticMayhem Says:

    Your Hack breaks blutooth streaming audio controls.

  5. tidify Says:

    Same experience as Juggles (SB crashes as soon as a song starts playing)- Multiple apps tested – Slacker, Flycast, are two examples.
    Was looking forward most to music app metadata appearing on car stereo display. Any chance of also incorporating inputs from dock music playback controls (e.g: steering wheel next/previous track controls?)

  6. Oxybel Says:

    Jean travailler trod
    Jean et tres Beau

  7. mrsinclair Says:

    My thought exactly! If I could use this app with my steeringwheel controls (I have an usb to dock connection in my car and can changes songs in the ipod-part of my iphone, but not if I use other apps like spotify). That would be so cool. Any plans for this?

  8. uebergod Says:

    Anyone know how to find out if a current MC purchaser qualifies for a free upgrade?

  9. Xzz Says:

    You’re not, just a discounted price

  10. Wil Says:

    Is there an explanation of all the settings? I tried turning the task controls on and off and I didn’t notice any difference.

  11. Steve Gary Says:

    While using podcaster Spring Board locks up. Nothing works until you reboot. Kinda sucks as I’m on a tethered Jailbreak right now.

  12. MrJoe Says:

    Had installed the new update as of 10mins ago, my iPhone 3GS took 5 or so mins to fully boot as it was stuck on boot. When it came up I tempted fate and resprung my phone around 3 times. Turns out the new update of MC Pro wouldn’t allow my springboard to load up. Removed the app and it works fine now..odd.

    Happen to know what happened?

  13. Jerry Says:

    Will this program allow me to use my iPhone with Spotify via the USB connection in my vehicle?

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