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Hello fellow Jail Breakers! After staying up countless nights writing code (and drinking way too much Red Bull,) I would like to introduce my latest application. I have called it… drum roll… iSpoof!

This is the app the phone companies don’t want you to have. iSpoof gives you COMPLETE control over your phone calls, empowering you to spoof ANY Caller ID, disguise your voice, record your calls, and more! All this is combined with seamless iPhone integration.  No other spoofing applications available are even in the same league.

Here are a few of the major features that you will not find anywhere else or all in one place:

  • Go straight to someone’s Voicemail. Don’t feel like talking to some people? Just leave em’ a message! Their phone never rings, but still shows a missed call from your spoofed Caller ID!
  • Record your calls and replay them straight from your phone. iSpoof also integrates with you Address Book
  • Spoof internationally
  • Spoof DIRECTLY from the app! No call-back needed!
  • Support for iPod Touch, just enter your cell phone number in settings, place a call, and you will receive a ‘call-back’ to your phone. Once you answer, your iSpoof call will be connected!
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface with iPhone look and feel
  • Best real-time Voice Changer

With so many amazing features combined in one easy to use package, just imagine what you can do; the possibilities are endless.  So be sure download my app for free or install it through Cydia and enjoy!  After all, it’s your call—CONTROL IT!

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


58 Responses to “New Application: iSpoof”

  1. d4rklamp Says:

    Seems an exciting app to be used on the iPhone ;) Thanks

  2. babs Says:

    i have instlled using Cydia, but theres no icon, what can i do ?

  3. John Says:

    What is this “125 US Minutes remaining”? Does it mean that we have to “buy” minutes to use this app, especially with the spoofing and recording? If so, this is not free then… like SpoofApp or SpoofCard.

  4. bubba Says:

    Same as SpoofApp; you have to buy minutes:

  5. mixi Says:

    This is not a free service, the app is free but you have to buy credits to use it. What’s the use of getting a free app when you can’t use it for free?

  6. kraussco Says:

    That´s kinda cool

  7. Eriikoo Says:

    Why do you need to buy credits to make a call?! You allready pay per minuts from your phone company! :-/

  8. iSpoof Says:

    Try installing the app “Categories”. You shouldn’t even need to run it and the icon will just appear.

    Or you can SSH into your phone and run:

    rm /var/mobile/Library/Caches/
    killall SpringBoard

    That will refresh your springboard.

  9. iSpoof Says:

    Unfortunately you can’t make free calls at this time.

    I coded iSpoof to use 123SPOOF’s API so all your calls go through their service. ( )

  10. lokko21 Says:

    Not even 5 min. to try like the Spoof app, that sucks.

  11. John Says:


    Is there any chance that you can code for a verion that does not use the 123SPOOF service, even if it includes only a limited feature set (for example, only RECORDING (most important to me) or voice changing)?

    Your concept for the app is great, but I think having a standalone app will allow your app to differentiate itself from your competitors.

  12. Robbie Says:

    Hey Im in guatemala i bought 60 minutes of credit but its not working… how do i set up this to work???

  13. Bill Says:

    Leave Guatemala then spoof them for a green card. LOL

  14. duluen Says:


    Make the caller id spoof optional so we can use the recording and the voice changer. Then it could be a fun app.

  15. ed . . . Says:

    LOL ,,, thats so mean !! LOL

  16. TatesMan Says:

    Too bad that it doesn’t offer call recordeing and voice changing for free (these 2 features should be built in the app itself not related to a website service)
    But nice app anyway :D

  17. Pete Says:

    Hell, It won’t let me do anything without buying minutes. What a rip :(

  18. percy2582 Says:

    Does this application work in the UK, I’m on an o2 contract?

  19. Says:

    “No other spoofing applications available are even in the same league.”

    Yah, ok. You must be talking about little league.

  20. Daniel Says:

    Hey people,
    i thought about downloading this app, but does it only work in the US? I am living in the netherlands at the moment. It is really sad that the app isnt for free otherwise ther would be a lot of funny things we could do with it:)

    greets Daniel

  21. Tony Says:

    How to delete records

  22. iSpoof Says:

    Log into your account online at with your PIN. Then go to your call logs in the account detail tab. Once in your call logs click on the call that you would like to delete. This will take you to the call detail records and at the bottom there is a “Delete Record” button. Version 2 will be out in a week where you will be able to delete your calls straight from the app.

  23. iSpoof Says:

    Yes! Our access number in the UK is UK: +44 (0)845 528 0059. I am not sure what o2 charges you will incur if you dial that number. It will probably depend on your service agreement with them. To find out what our rates are for termination please go to

  24. iSpoof Says:

    Yes! Our access number in the Netherlands is: +31 858880154. I am not sure what charges you will incur if you dial that number. It will probably depend on your service agreement with the company that you are using to call our access number. To find out what our rates are for termination please go to

  25. iSpoof Says:

    log into and go to your call records. Select the call and click on it which will take you to the call details. On that page you will see a “Delete” button. Version 2 coming out next week will have that feature directly in the app.

  26. chris Says:

    this is stupid fuck this whole thing you bounch or fuckin queers

  27. chris Says:

    you gotta buy min what kind of asshole would make this and say its free you rabbit raping cunt

  28. chris Says:

    hey suck it easy ya goat malesting ass pirate

  29. chris Says:

    you probably go to sleep at night with a cock shaped pillow

  30. chris Says:

    nutz on ya chin biotch nuts on ya chin !!!!

  31. daytonaviolet Says:

    i would like to try this app, but i dont want to use my CC to buy the minute usage. can you set it up so customers can use paypal to buy the minutes?

  32. Captain Entropy Says:

    you should be fucking ashamed of yourself. “Free” my ass. What the hell is wrong with the developer community for the iphone? Someone make an app for recording phone conversations. Don’t give me any “it’s illegal” bullshit. Leave it to me to use it legally. I don’t give a shit about faking my voice either. Whne I call a tech support line, or a customer service line and I get some information I’d like to be able to access the call later to follow an instruction or verify info, etc. If I could type fast, I’d do that, or I could put the call on speaker and record (annoying to people around me), but WHY? the tecnology is there to do it so just make it free, get the fame, and move on.

  33. Anurag Says:

    What’s the access no for India.

  34. Anon Says:

    The voice changer should be its own app.

  35. Bill Says:


  36. kami Says:

    Hi, does his application only work in US? I am in Croatia and I’d like to use it. :)

  37. ergon Says:

    I can not jailbreak my 3G in 2.2.1 using Dev QuickPwn for Windows. I had it broken before and fugged up undated to 2.2.1. Now I’ve followed the directions one by one but my phone hangs on “Uploading exploit bootloader” every damn time. Is there anyone who can help me. I’ve worked on this all week, posted everywhere and have nothing.

  38. eric dixon Says:

    make a free voice changer app like spoof fuck the rest of that bs

  39. Krystal Says:

    I have a quesiton, when someone calls from Ispoof with a fake number, what shows up on my itemized bill? Will it show the fake number or the phone number ispoof is downloaded on???

  40. Robert Says:

    Seriously.. make it free… we already paid enough for the phone damn it

  41. Ethan Says:

    discount code: 4lekxng (10% off purchase) for ispoof credit

  42. Willie Says:

    Why does the app disconnect after 2 rings?? doesn’t even give my wife a chance to answer the phone.. What a worthless prank!

  43. ChibChombo Says:

    Hello, I was wondering if this works for COLOMBIA, BOGOTA? I am dying to try this on some friends but I can’t seem to get any Spoof programs working down here… I downloaded iSpoof but Colombia isn’t on the list, so I figured it didn’t work…

    Any idea?

  44. Harald Says:

    This app sucks!!

  45. Adam Says:

    Is there anyway to use this program or another program for SMS texting? I.e. send a text but it shows a different number ???????????????????????????

  46. ata Says:

    the application does not support free calls in jordan!!! i want to try it before i buy anything can anybody help me?????

  47. linda Says:

    is there a way to figure out who has been “spoofing” you?

  48. arianos Says:

    Arianara malaka!!

  49. breezy Says:

    can u use this for texting

  50. lucky Says:

    Hello guys,
    Does it only work in the US?I’m living in Mongolia.

  51. rusty Says:

    the app isn’t even working any more from my phone. i have to dial an access number then my pin. i can’t record calls or anything unless i can log in from the app and now you can’t even log in from the app so i bought credits for nothing!

  52. x Says:

    to all you fucking idiots that dont understand the call is going over your phone to another computer with a pbx , someone there needs to pay the bill to run that, it has nothing to do with your phone bill or your stupid expensive phone.

    it wil never be free because someone needs to pay for the server to run, so why should the author? fucking idiots, dont know how anything works, just bitch and moan and want free things. all losers.

  53. mike Says:

    what happened to this incredible application?

  54. Tommy Says:

    Does this application work in the Slovakia, I’m on an o2 contract?

  55. ede Says:

    does it work in germany?

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