CallerID Spoofing Now Free With iSpoof!

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It pleases me to announce that iSpoof 2.0 now lets you make unlimited FREE calls!  You don’t even need to sign up for an account or fill out any forms.  What’s the catch?  When making free calls, iSpoof will play a short nine-second advertisement before your call is connected.  iSpoof currently supports free calls to the US/Canada, certain parts of Europe and many other international destinations.  We also have access numbers in 40+ countries so a person from France could call someone in Hawaii for free using iSpoof (if so inclined.)

We wish we could offer free spoofing without ads, but they help cover the costs we incur on our end.  If you like iSpoof and want to take full advantage of its features, you can sign up for an account inside the app.  It’s an amazing tool, so be sure to click here and try it out!

What is iSpoof?

iSpoof is a revolutionary iPhone/iPod App that gives you COMPLETE control over your phone calls, empowering you to change Caller ID, disguise your voice, record your calls, and more! All this is combined with seamless iPhone integration.

Here are a few of the major features that you will not find anywhere else or all in one place:

  • International Caller ID Spoofing
  • Go straight to someone’s Voicemail. Don’t feel like talking to some people? Just leave em’ a message! Their phone never rings, but still shows a missed call from your spoofed Caller ID!
  • Record your calls and replay them straight from your phone. iSpoof also integrates with you Address Book
  • Local access numbers in 40+ countries
  • Spoof DIRECTLY from the app! No call-back needed!
  • Support for iPod Touch, just enter your cell phone number in settings, place a call, and you will receive a ‘call-back’ to your phone. Once you answer, your iSpoof call will be connected!
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface with iPhone look and feel
  • Best real-time Voice Changer

With so many amazing features combined in one easy to use package, just imagine what you can do; the possibilities are endless. So be sure download/use iSpoof for free and enjoy! After all, it’s your call—CONTROL IT!

Official iSpoof Website and FAQ

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103 Responses to “CallerID Spoofing Now Free With iSpoof!”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I had ispoof ages ago
    I loved it
    I bought hours and hours of airtime for it
    Then it just stopped working?
    I think it’s because I’m in the uk?
    Does the new 2.0 version support uk users?

  2. Jamie Says:

    YES IT WORKS!!!!!

  3. iSpoof Says:

    Jamie, glad to hear iSpoof is working for you! We had a problem with our UK access number earlier where our provider wasn’t passing caller id correctly so we weren’t able to properly recognize your call.

    In future releases we’ll be adding a feature where if your caller id isn’t passed, you can either enter your PIN or a short 4-digit code.

    We always strive to make iSpoof work great for everyone so if you ever have problems, please don’t hesitate to contact

  4. mofazal Says:

    Hello, I wonder if any1 can help me, Im in the UK, after installing this app, I tried calling my own house and it called straigtaway without the advert dialing an 0845 number (which is not free from my O2 iphone contract) and instead of spoofing it was just an anonimous call.

    My question is, is that call totally free? doesnt look like it.

  5. Jme Says:

    Ive registered to this site now.
    but im still “Jamie”
    from the previous posts,

    i will keep in touch with you on that email
    consider me a UK tester.

  6. billchase2 Says:

    awesome!! downloading the app now… this will be fun. :-)

  7. billchase2 Says:

    it seems that the free mode is limited to 2 minutes per call. still a good deal for free though…

  8. Crabby Says:

    its still CRIPPLEWARE

  9. billchase2 Says:

    …and you can’t record the calls or use the voice changer. that’s what they don’t tell you until you download it.

  10. Poseidon Says:

    The old bait and switch routine :) If you’re going to advertise “FREE” and “UNLIMITED” and then even go on with “what’s the catch”… at least be forthcoming and disclose the restrictions!

  11. ktg Says:

    on the ispoof website under faq’s, it says that calls are charged and shows up as “advnced call technologies” in billing. so how do we make free calls? If i use my cellphone to make a call, won’t my cellphone carrier charge me? unless, this program uses the wifi or 3G connection. can someone pls clarify? I am in Canada.

  12. usman Says:

    just to give it a try … its claiming free calls…..i downloaded the app pn my iphone …then using prepaid local only plan, and using wifi, i tried it doesnt work………
    my verdict: it is not free in any way. plenty of catches that are not listed after “whats the catch”

  13. NESticle Says:

    You guys are ridiculous. Who cares how they worded it…they are offering a FREE service. Can you use all of the features without paying? no. But you get something for nothing. That, my friends, is why you should stop complaining.

  14. Max Says:

    Thanks for making it free! I tried the app once and had to sign up which sucked and just removed it. I’m going to give it another go. :)

  15. hakan Says:

    Is this working in Turkey?

    Or anyone knows how to make it work ?

  16. Al Says:

    A bit of untruthful advertising.
    They make you think it’s FREE!
    THEN after downloading you find out 1/2 the app is crippled.
    No voice change no recording
    NO WORTH your time!

    Fix your ad or fix the app.

  17. iSpoof Says:

    We chose a 845 national rate number so it will be a reasonably low cost to call for just about everyone in the UK. (At least cheaper than calling our primary New York access number!)

    We can’t afford to get a number in every city, so if you know any cities that are cheap to call for everyone (and cheaper than 845,) we could definitely look into buying one of those :)

  18. iSpoof Says:

    If you live in Canada iSpoof will most likely route you to our Toronto access number which you pay the normal rate for with your carrier. We do not impose any fees on our end for free calls. The information about “advanced call technologies” showing on your credit card statement only applies if you choose to sign up for an account.

  19. iSpoof Says:

    To our critics:

    Yes iSpoof is limited to 2 minutes, which we chose to display prominently in the screenshot. We limit the call length because even though the call is free for you, we still have to pay for the call on our end; ads only cover part of our costs.

    Everyone else charges 17 cents a minute for spoofing and we’re giving it away for FREE. I really wish we could offer more, but there’s only so much we can do at this time.

    Also the straight to voicemail feature is enabled for free calls. We may enable the other features in the near future depending on how much stress the free calls put on our systems. (This is why I didn’t mention it in the post)

    So anyway, have fun with iSpoof and feel free to continue posting your questions, praise and criticism. We put a lot of work into this release and hope you enjoy it :)

  20. ernstlustig Says:

    No German number :(
    Please make it public when you have one.

  21. trawn01 Says:

    I have used both iSpoof and SpoofApp and think iSpoof pwns! [IMO]
    There’s a guy named Al at SpoofApp also ha!

  22. ewolf Says:

    just called local access (Israel) and it’s asking for the PIN#. How do I make a free call?

  23. Carlos Says:

    hey works as advertised! …
    great spoofing for free! I kind of like it! now i’m considering paying a few minutes to try the voice changer and recording! …
    thanks for this update! …
    keep the good work!….

  24. mrcapela Says:

    i m tried copy the isoopf aplication to the iphone using the disk aid but i cant do it so can someone help me please …


  25. iSpoof Says:

    This might be because your caller id was not passed correctly by our carrier. We’re looking into these problems, and we’ll also be offering a feature where you can enter a 4-digit PIN if your caller id is not recognized very soon.

    In the mean time, we recommend that you go to settings and pick a different Access Number. Let us know which ones work and which don’t:

  26. iSpoof Says:

    We strongly recommend installing through Cydia. If you can copy and paste any error messages you had from other methods, I’ll do my best to help!

  27. iSpoof Says:

    Thanks Carlos!

  28. iSpoof Says:

    We ran into some issues with our last number order but we plan on getting one soon.

    As for updates, we just started a Twitter account. Be sure to follow us and we’ll announce new stuff like access numbers when we get them.

  29. mrcapela Says:

    hello i live in UK and i m trying to connect a call on ispoof but i get this message all the time “double check your phone number is entered on settings menu, also your call must be to valid USA or Canadian phone number”

    why? can someone help me please

  30. iSpoof Says:

    When you enter your phone number into iSpoof, it must be entered in e164 international format. For example if your UK number is:


    You would remove the trunk code (0), and enter it into iSpoof as:


    If you have an iPhone, iSpoof should fill this out for your automatically.

  31. mrcapela Says:

    i m on iphone2g so i dont now if is differente from the 3g or not but on spoof app i got he dont let me pu the + more the numbers like u said!
    i downloaded from cydia today..strange..

  32. iSpoof Says:

    You can put ’011′ instead of the plus so it would be:


    Instead of:


  33. tony Says:

    Is this only for iphone for the free calls
    i switch from my blackberry and iphone often.

  34. iLauncher Says:

    out of d 44 countries, India is not supported but pakistan is? this isnt fair. pls inform when India will be supported by iSpoof. thanx

  35. mrcapela Says:


    on spoofappcard when i have to put my telephone number and i try put 07… he say’s i can’t because phone numbers cannot begin with a 1 or 0 spoofapp only works in the USA and Canada

    i dont know if i downloaded the wrong isoof program…

  36. iSpoof Says:

    We’ll have an Indian access number soon

  37. xyzstarr Says:

    Had iSpoof, uninstalled, reinstalled, uninstalled, found out it’s free, now it’s installed again. One problem though, “no free calls supported in South Africa”. I guess I’ll just have to buy it. Before I do, I need to know, will it work in South Africa?

  38. 666 Says:

    this is the best application ever. i an causing so much chaos in my network of friends it’s beyond funny.

  39. Saturnins Says:

    Hy, he does’t work with me.
    I have a message: i’m sorry ew do not support placing free calls to ‘israel- mobile’ at this time

    What does it means? its works only on fix number?

  40. Numbnut Says:

    I’m sorry, but this is a FREE spoofing service! Stop whining. You want to spoof more than 2 minutes? Pay for it. Better than paying 6 cents/min. all the time. How long does it take to tell your boyfriend/girlfriend/boss/wife/husband that you are somewhere you aren’t, anyway? The website CLEARLY states that free calls are limited to 2 minutes. I say, keep up the great work/service! Listening to a dumb ad for a few seconds is worth it, and if it isn’t, pay.

  41. Will Says:

    hi i am using it from Gibraltar (it’s a british colony at the southern tip of Spain) it works really well but i would like to know if i have to pay international calls for using this app thanks

  42. will Says:

    Now it doesn’t work! Will it work if i purchase it.

  43. will Says:

    Will someone answer my question??

  44. Justin Says:

    Yes, it isn’t working here in the Netherlands also… Hope they’ll soon fix it =).

  45. Peter Says:

    Hey guys, I can’t believe people are bitching about not all the features being usable. FFS its offering spoofing for free. Don’t use the app if you’re gonna be a cheapass about it. Great work guys, wish you all the success it deserves.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, iSpoof will work if you purchase it. Normally we don’t allow free calls to countries like Gibraltar. (Although we allow free calls to some international destinations) With the paid version you can call just about anywhere in the world.

  47. Han Says:

    Does ispoof works in Australia?

  48. Shakur Says:

    Does ispoof works in singapore? If it does how to get hold of the area code.How to use it? Can anybody enlighten me with some info, how use please? Thanks

  49. macbook Says:

    it’s not working all I get is 2 ads and then it disconnects

  50. Jon Says:

    works great, thanks! and a tip: i’m on rogers in canada and have a MY5 plan – i added the access number to my list and now since that’s the number that it always connects to it’s 100% free (no long distance charge to call the access number). also as a bonus i can make 2 min phone calls to any number i want completely free, which is great when on the road.

  51. Adam Says:

    I followed all the instructions, even ended up using the fix DFU program to solve the problem it seems to have with OS X Version 10.5.6, still no go. Pretty frustratng when i’ve had to restore my iphone 4 times just because i would get halfway there then i would get error (21), nothing seems to be working, any advice?

  52. mark Says:

    Im from holland, is the free 2 minutes supposed to work here? or should i buy unit calls? i installed it but the 2 free minutes dont work!!

  53. uka Says:

    hello u moet even w8en want t werkt alleen in UZA en in Canada

  54. Anonymous Says:

    r u sure? why then does it say that it work internationally?

  55. Bruno Says:

    Is there a way to edit the iSpoof access number?
    I’m asking this because the Italian number is stored as “+39 199241455″, but my provider does not like the international “+39″ prefix for local number starting with “199″.

    Bruno Del Frate

  56. Olek Says:

    Of course it doesn’t work outside of USA.
    I’m done with this crap.

  57. Butchoy Says:

    Is ispoof available here in Dublin, Ireland?

  58. imonu Says:

    pls. inform us whenever india support will start.

  59. Nick Says:

    I downloaded iSpoof and i live in the U.S. and whenever i try calling someone it says,”We only support US/Canadian customers at this time Please sign up for an account to begin this service”
    Im trying to use the free calling

  60. mohit Says:

    seems to be a great app
    but India is not supported :-(
    when can we expect to work in India?

  61. bartek Says:

    What is the difference between ispoof and 123spoof? 123spoof says it is from the same people that brought you ispoof, but 123spoof will be the only one that will receive updates.

  62. joe shmoe Says:

    I cant get it to work on my iphone using wifi. My iphone does not have cellular service. iSpoof wants to call the access number via cellular. There is no way to toggle this app to force wifi connection on wifi? On my touch it works great! But i want it to work on my iphone via wifi. Maybe a app that tricks ispoof into thinking im on a true ipod touch? Any suggestions?

  63. joe shmoe Says:

    any suggestions?

  64. sunny Says:

    Hey can you explain these for me,

    1. when u spoof a mobile to mobile number does it charge as a non-mobile to mobile number since its going through your network.

    2. As soon as we connect to your network is there any charges there ( Your website says 0.16 cents per minute).

    3. Is there going to be any extra charges to my phone bill ( I dont want to get charged for the 2 FREE minutes 16 cents each).

    4. If i use it in nights/weekends is it compeltely free ( i will it even waste my anytime minutes through my provider T-Mobile) . Because if i dont it will use up my minutes right?

  65. Anonymous Says:

    No support

  66. Anonymous Says:

    Not working in the uk anymore ?


  67. Anonymous Says:

    Hi when will this be available to Bangladesh? Thanks

  68. chillekasper Says:

    I cant do this because i’m in the netherlands…. when is this comming to the netherlands!

  69. The Real Customer Says:

    Wow this guy used the name carlos and wrote his own review…then thanked him self LOL…funny stuff…the fact of the matter is you still lied…you said free and unlimited as long as we listen to the ads and that is truly not the case

  70. Jachson Says:

    Hey.. I used this a few times, and it now asks me for a PIN everytime. Does the free 2 minute mode mean per call? or 2 minutes alltogether? If it’s per call, please help me out.

  71. Kadri Says:

    Hey , does it work worldwide ?

    i wanna ask if this application works in egypt for example or for international calls ?

  72. Mak Says:

    I thought this would be great for my business. I don’t want customers to get hold of my personal mobile no so I thought I’d put my office number in as the spoof. ETFet 1400 mints a month with t mobile. I’m based in the uk. I just want to know if it really works in the uk. Will I need to have wifi for this to work or will 3g be good enough ?

  73. Paler Says:

    Does this work on OS 3.0???
    Everytime when im trying to add the course, it shows “Sub=process bzip2 returned an error code (2)”. So cant even run the course… need some help!?

  74. keem Says:

    when will caribbean countries be included? Trying to get it to work in Trinidad and tobago.. carrier is bmobile

  75. ??? Says:

    I cant even find this app!! im typing in iSpoof and it says no matches!!

  76. Did you know... Says:

    Ispoof changed its name to bluffmycall, and there is an app in cydia with the same name that will allow calling outside of the US. Type in bluffmycall and follow common sense from there.

  77. Niz Says:

    Ispoof was good the first time I used it… Now it just does not work even after I topped up my account I live in the uk and it keeps saying access number invalid or my mobile number is invalid

  78. Dan Says:

    I downloaded Ispoof on my iphone, but i keep reading different threads saying different things. Will i be able to make unlimited calls with the free PIN code, its just that the calls only last 2 minutes? or is it that i have a certain amount of free minutes on the free PIN number? do i get charged for anything if i use the free PIN?

  79. Jason Says:

    I live in USA and everytime I try to make a call, it asks for a PIN number. I call local numbers as local numbers and at the bottom it says 2 minute free call mode or whatever and it wont complete the call. I used to have a black berry that ran it great, but i switched networks and have an iPhone now. The only thing I can think of would be that it’s my phone. Is it incompatable with the 3Gs or is there a setting that is off?

  80. Kylee Says:

    After the 2 mins of free call does it start to charge you per minute? If so how much is it per mintue? How come i don’t hear the recording when i place a call?

  81. breezy Says:

    i cant find ispoof is it in the app store, cydia or installous please help

  82. ty Says:

    hey how do i download i spoof do i need to jail break my phone

  83. alisha Says:

    does any1 know how 2 use spoof in uk? cn u plz get back 2 me asap xxxxxxxxxxxx

  84. alisha Says:

    how do u use spoof in uk love?

  85. dominos pizza Says:

    you rock

  86. kim Says:


  87. PunkSTAR Says:

    Same here, I have tried and recieved a error message “Invalid Country Code”. Will it be availabe in South Africe anytime soon?

  88. dave Says:

    does it work on Singapore?? IS it legal

  89. dave Says:

    in singapore* typo error

  90. dave Says:

    in singapore.typo error

  91. Megan Says:

    Does ISpoof still work?

  92. Cfrhh Says:

    Cvh nbc

  93. cooldude Says:

    can anyone tell me wheather ispoof works in india

  94. Sahas Says:

    Developer or public please tell me how to use this amazing app in india…please help guys

  95. Sahas cool Says:

    Developer or public please tell me how to use this amazing app in india…please help guys

  96. RAJESH Says:


  97. hisham Says:

    i live in egypt i started using spoof caller id 2 weeks ago it was great but i`m not able to dial any numbers a week ago ( call failed )
    please advice

  98. amit Says:

    how to use spoof card india? is this work in india?

  99. reef617 Says:

    is it possible to get this one on my android i have the 1st one

  100. Gii Says:


  101. Anonymous Says:

    In iñdia

  102. Anonymous Says:

    It dosent

  103. Arzaan Says:

    Does it work in Pakistan ?

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