Safari Download Manager comes to the iPhone 4, iPad, and OS 4.0

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The latest release of Safari Download Manager, 1.5, brings SDM up-to-date with all modern iOS devices!

SDM 1.5 works on all OS versions from 3.0 to 4.x, on all existing devices, including the iPad and iPhone 4! Possibly best of all, this upgrade is free to all existing users!

This is a special moment for Safari Download Manager, as this is our first release since SDM’s 1-year anniversary. We decided to make this one extra-special, and put a lot of time and effort into making it the best SDM yet! We hope you agree, please let us know in the comments section below :-)

There is a screenshot of SDM-on-iPad action after the fold. (SFW)

SDM 1.5 on the iPad

New in this release:

- iPad, iPhone4 support

- iOS4 support

- Ability to select your download destination for each download anywhere inside “/var/mobile”!

- Default download directory changed to ~/Media/Downloads

- Ability to resume almost all downloads

- Ability to configure number of retries

- Ability to configure number of concurrent downloads

- Download list saved across Safari restarts, downloads continue in background and resume on restart if Safari ever closes

- Will not overwrite current files, renames to a non-clashing name (e.g. “File-1.mp3″)

- Ability to download files larger than 2GB

- Tap-n-hold downloading of images to disk

- Various performance improvements, bug fixes, improved stability, better memory management, etc

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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78 Responses to “Safari Download Manager comes to the iPhone 4, iPad, and OS 4.0”

  1. fR00s Says:

    thnxx, this is my favoritre tool that help me to keep away from my Laptop, i love my iPad :p

  2. hellodrsoul Says:

    What a morning,what a refreshing news.iOS upgrade was not tasty without this tweak.I missed it alot.thanks dear dev.

  3. uMMa Says:

    It was great.. Ive been waiting long time.. Diz ma fav tools.. Thanks

  4. The6uest Says:

    Yes, thanks! Works great! Been missing this one too.

  5. scottula Says:

    Which SBSettings toggle should we use with this?

  6. talamasca Says:

    I purchase this morning and I can’t download latest version for my iPhone 4!?

  7. e Says:

    sdm was the last piece of my happy i4 pie IMO.. ifile sdm sbsettings and winterboard and I cud just uninstall cydia… thanx so much Dustin Boss Saurik Comex

  8. Polys Says:

    The current version in Cydia is 1.4 but the discription it say 1.5 when are you gonna fix it?

  9. Yeo Says:

    Hi I have install Safari download manager 1.5 on my iphone 3GS version 3.1.3 but I cannot resume download once the download have failed. It straight away jump to download failed upon resume. In the precious version there is a partial folder which I can go in and delete the partial files and it will download again. Now in version 1.5, I could not find the partial folder. What should I do then?

  10. iPhoneHT1234 Says:

    Yeo: I believe the download directory was changed from var/mobile/library/downloads to just var/mobile/downloads so look in there for the file

  11. Yeo Says:

    Tried but can’t find it in var/mobile/media/downloads and var/mobile/library/downloads. Please advise if anyone know

  12. TornSack Says:

    With this latest update of SDM, Safari FREEZES whenever I close and reopen it. To unfreeze it I have to tap an icon in the safari status bar (eg bookmarks icon). I’ve got a 3GS on 3.1.2. Anyone else having this problem?

  13. Saad Says:

    So please installation download manager thanks

  14. TornSack Says:

    Exact same problem here…

  15. Morris Sherman Says:

    There is a bug with sdm 1.5 on 3.1.2 and 3.1.3.
    Several of my freinds on those firmwares have had to remove and reinstall sdm 1.4 in order to fix the bug. I will not install sdm 1.5 till the bug is fixed. For those having the problem unistall sdm 1.5 and google sdm 1.3 or 1.4 sdm deb and you should be able to find and download the deb file and ssh it into the phone install it using ifile. That fixed the issue for my freinds. Cydia will show an update for sdm 1.5 so do not update. The other fix is to upgrade to 4.0 or 4.0.1, there is no issue with those firmwares.

  16. Anonymous Says:


  17. oliver eke Says:

    Helo,i download rar packet with my iphon 4g,safari download manager,i found it in file! and i dont now wher i can enter a password in the unrar program to extract?

    can somebody help me?

    and thangs for help

  18. goulniky Says:

    Just installed v2 via Cydia on my iPad 3.2.1, but I can’t see the download icon on the Safari toolbar? This is a 3G iPad but w/o simcard for now…

  19. Hoang Says:

    Tao yahoo ve dien thoai iphone

  20. Tina Says:

    Shoute la boîte ce tt

  21. soDmentD Says:

    I have the same problem with my 3gs on 3.1.2 and I hate to say it has been getting worse. Now when I try and add a bookmark the screen orientation is the opposite of how i’m holding it. This leads to not being able to see the whole keyboard to rename the bookmark. I have to uninstall sandcastle which uninstalls SDM to work in safari then reinstall it when I need to download something. Please fix this bug!!!!!

  22. soDmentD Says:

    Thanks for the info!! Back to the tried and true 1.4 version and life is good again.

  23. goulniky Says:

    uninstalled sdm 1.5 on iPad 3.2.1, re-installed 1.4 and Cydia shows it’s there, but still no change, tap&hold in Safari doesn’t add anything, no download option ?!

  24. Red Says:

    Me too, 3GS. 3.1.3 Bringing up d/l list clears the “freeze”

  25. furkan Says:

    Video Nietzsche open

  26. Annesh Says:

    Installation of the safari download manager went fine. But after downloading a movie the only option I get when I click on the link is “delete” or “cancel”. I do not see no other option. Please help!

  27. oliver eke Says:

    hello Annesh,than you have the same problem like me?

    please if anyone had the same problem and find the password entry then answer here!

  28. Anonymous Says:


  29. James Says:

    There is a problem on iOS 4.1, when viewing a movie file instead of downloading it, after the movie plays safari freezes. only way to in freeR it is to click on something like he bookmarks button.

    Sdm 1.5, iOS 4.1, iPhone 4

  30. DjMontyB Says:

    I had the same problem with my iphone 4. I installed sdm 1.5 and every time I tried to play a video Safari would freeze. In the SBSettings Addons I found the safari download toggle. It has worked like a charm. I only turn SDM on when I want to actually download something and the rest of the time I just leave it off. I know it sounds like a pain in the ass, but until they fix the bug I haven’t found an easier solution. If you know of one please let me know.

  31. Fisken Says:

    Mac dich..

  32. Harry Says:

    Hey I ve found a problem with the latest 1.5.1, when you choose to download a file it makes two copies sometimes it puts one in the /media/downloads folder and the other in the /var/mobile folder anyone else experience this I’m on iOS 4.1 jb through limerain

  33. vertpusher Says:

    Harry, I’ve noticed the same thing happening to me

    also I’ve noticed that you can’t turn it off
    the off switch doesn’t do anything

    you can still use it as if it’s on
    i’ve even tried to turn off all the file extensions
    and i’m still able to download anything

  34. Anonymous Says:

    Same, except everything in safari freezes for me. I have to exit safari and close it from the task switcher for it to work again. Very annoying.

  35. Hansi Says:

    How can i download Songs directly to My Player?

  36. Justin Says:

    How do you get it on you Ipad? I can’t figure it out

  37. Justin Says:

    How do you get it on you iPad?

  38. Anonymous Says:

    So Fine thanks

  39. Anonymous Says:

    I get a error.. Can not create download folder and it does nothing.

  40. Keith David Bershatsky Says:

    I also get two copies of the same file — one where I choose to download, and the other in media/downloads. Great application, but please fix the bug when you have time. Thanks.

  41. Ninus62 Says:

    Merci mai bon san plus

  42. Danial Says:

    My iPhone is 4.1. But howcome I can’t install it from n the 1 cydia has u gotta pay.. N y the safari download plug INS docent work? Can any1 help me plzzzzzz…??

  43. Tammi Says:

    Just bought my Iphone4 and Safari just disappeared. I tried to download it but now I can’t find it. Please help. Thanks & Happy New Year!!

  44. kunalan Says:

    ur an joker

  45. Coke Says:

    Buy Mewseek.

  46. zhaibo Says:


  47. Bob Says:

    How do I get safari download manager

  48. Anonymous Says:

    Week youndo nothing and take it to the apple store

  49. Mos Says:

    Once I download the movie where do I go to play it..when I press on the arrow on top of safari it only gives me a delete option

  50. damix Says:


  51. kylee Says:

    you said this was free. -_-

  52. Yossi Says:

    Does anybody have the problem that he download a .mp3 file or anything and he cant find it on the device? I have iPhone 4 on 4.3.3. also the button “Open in iFile” dosent work. help?

  53. mossa Says:

    thanka for downloading

  54. Søren Says:


    Im new to iPhone and frequently disappointed these days. Are you guys saying I need to jailbreak the phone JUST TO SAVE A FREAKING FILE???

    This phone feels like going a year or two back in time (though it is pretty). Hope iOS 5 restores it back to present time.

  55. cris20ofril Says:

    hey there, why is it my iphone4 cant get cydia on safari. Safari cannot download this file. I bought it 3 months ago. here comes my friend have bought last month and she got cydia or jailbreakme few weeks ago over safari. 

  56. Amir Says:

    I don’t have idea

  57. LAflare Says:

    Hello World, Im running ios 4.2.1 on redSnow on an Iphone 3g and for some strange reason all my larger downloads cause safari to crash when the dl gets to about 99% safari closes and my device resprings. its awfully inconvenient and i just wanted to see if any of you pro’s can help me

  58. Amir Says:

    It’s good

  59. Mostafa Says:


  60. Syd Says:

    hi, i recently got a iphone 4 and i was trying to jailbreak it but when i start to download ‘safari cannot download this file’ what do i do?

  61. Daas Says:

    Thank u plz download safari manager

  62. Khalid Says:

    I newly got iPad2. Safari doesn’t download Anythng frm ny site simply saying safari can’t download this file.. Can somebody help me out….

  63. Khalid Says:

    How do I download safari download manager…????

  64. Knock2 Says:


  65. Meanie Ahmed Says:

    Thanks ok

  66. Amir Ahmed Says:

    Thank u plz download safari manager

  67. Amir Ahmed Says:

    Thank u

  68. Eduardo Font Says:

    Are there gonna be any upgrades for it to work on IOS 5?

  69. shaun Says:

    I can not get safari to download any videos,how does it work?

  70. shaun Says:

    sounds like you have got farther than me I can not get safari to respond at all

  71. Anonymous Says:

    They still haven’t upgrade it for iOS 5 yet. I m looking for their upgrade so that iOS 5 could use it coz I had been using Safari Download Manager since I own iPhone 2G then iPhone 3G then iPhone 3GS now using iPhone 4 gonna change to iPhone 4S but I ll c 1st if they upgrade it or now.

    Waiting n waiting hour by hour day by day week by week month by month still no news.

  72. Anonymous Says:

    I have and iPod 4 the new one and when I try to download imesh it says safari can’t download this file why can’t I?? What can I do for it to download that file while im on my iPod??

  73. Eliz ivy Says:

    Why the hell does safari refuse me to download anything from the Internet not even a wall paper or anything? What can I do to fix this problem?

  74. Yasser Says:

    I have iOS 5.1 , when can we have this app ?

  75. Abo Zain Says:

    I have iPhone 4S iOS5.0.1 and still missing the best ever tools and when they are going to update it.

  76. jojo Says:

    I downloaded download manager and now anytime i try to open safari it closes Please Help

  77. Nauris Says:


  78. I WAS AM WILL BE Says:

    i have 3gs with ios 5.0.1
    the most recent version of safari downloader caused safari to crash upon initiating the app.
    i reviewed several threads on other boards and tried ssh into the phone to check the “group” for safari in library, cache, and in media
    to check if it was user or wireless, all ok.
    other options sugested were a full restore an try again. i thought that was riduculous.
    i uninstalled downloader and safari works fine again. not for this ios . no problem.

    Is there a need for this under ios 5?

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