SBSettings 1.0 This Weekend

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I have completed all major work on SBSettings v1.0 and am now just testing. The changes (that I can remember) are:

1) Brightness toggle / slider added

2) Themes added. We now have 8 addon themes. I have selected 2 of these (HUD and Tech Shadows) to be distributed with the core. The rest we can release as theme addons along with the v1.0 release.

3) Dock added. You can add your settings apps to a dock.  Then there is a dock button to show the dock and launch your apps. This allows you to clear them off your springboard (like Bossprefs dock).

4) Fully preventing the app from loading while on lock screen. Too many complaints about app being accidentally opened and draining battery or toggling things off.

5) Home button now closes main window in addition to little X that was hard to press.

I have a couple help screen documents to write before the release can go out and am waiting on some small updates from iPodTouchMaster on the “more” app, but otherwise I am currently testing the code-complete springboard addon. It should be out before the end of the weekend.

Remember, I am on pacific time so I have until Midnight Sunday :)

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


75 Responses to “SBSettings 1.0 This Weekend”

  1. Mik Says:

    Yes! Nice! Finally! Yeah!

    Though, how will we be able to download the other themes? Will you publish them through Cydia as winterboard plugins?

  2. pl_svn Says:

    Great! :-) :-) :-)

    but… please… don’t let us wait *all* that time! ;-P

  3. Juice Says:

    Boss you da man! Seriously the iPhone desperately needs people like you willing to give the community what THEY want not what STEVE wants.

    So an off button is not allowed on the App Store? AYFKM?… Seriously why?

    Anyway could you make one? Dude I’d pay easily 5-10 bucks for that jailbroken or not. I NEED it. :D I wish I knew how to write apps it seems like it would be uber simple.

    Thanks again for your time in making the iPhone a better device.

  4. marijuana monk Says:

    thanks Boss! it’s much appreciated! i like your vision along with the other devs much better than apple’s hehe

  5. bebop Says:

    woot woot! dock prefs sounds great! great work BB!

  6. MetalMatrix Says:

    4) Fully preventing the app from loading while on lock screen…
    Is this an option that can be turned on and off? I love accessing the menu from the locked screen.

    PS. The restart button under the Power menu was an excellent idea. I’ve used it several times!

  7. YouRule Says:

    Just wanted to chime in and say you are awesome. Thanks for making an already great program even better.

  8. Himpressive Says:

    Thanks for all the hard work mate :)
    I was just wondering if a toggle for Location Services could be worked at? Would make a great app even more awesome! ;)

  9. AP Says:

    Sounds Great! I can’t wait. I am so happy about
    the brightness control! I also loved the last
    posters idea for location on/off!

    Thanks, Keep up the awesome work. You rule BigBoss!!!


  10. cLey Says:

    Good Stuff! Can’t Wait.

  11. iVin Says:

    F****** awesome!!! I already thought BossPrefs was pretty neat, but this is absolutely brilliant!!! Great work man, major thanks from the cold, grey, wet and windy Netherlands.

  12. Ali Majidi Says:

    pls relase it soon
    wait is hard for your big app
    thank you

  13. Blazer Says:

    Um…i’m just wondering if SBSettings uses extra memory when it is not being used.

  14. asa Says:

    thanks bb sounds it’s gonna be great update. For me the edge toggle works perfect! No more waiting for bossprefs to load settings. I think the most handy utility out!

  15. blackshaman Says:

    cool, will that work with 2.2 firmware? KB-Autocorrection toggle is not here.

  16. Ricardodude Says:

    This will be an essential app.
    Especially with brightness.

  17. BigBoss Says:

    For now it’s disabled but in the future I may make it an option in the settings. The reason it’s disabled is because it just got tons more complicated with adding the dock.

  18. BigBoss Says:

    It uses very little extra memory (whatever it takes to load the graphics into memory). We have carefully made sure to be very thin on memory usage since memory is such a precious resource.

  19. BigBoss Says:

    They are not winterboard plugins. But they will be published as SBSettings theme addons in the App Addons category or such.

  20. kameko Says:

    just letting you know sbsettings seems to conflict with the appstore app ‘fourtrack’. i don’t know why but i have confirmed this. with both installed, sbsettings works but fourtrack just crashes immediately. once sbsettings is removed, fourtrack works fine.

  21. Daniel Says:

    This is a little off-topic, but can you fix Categories? If you have 2 apps with the same (like how raging thunder and Crash kart are both called you can’t put them both in categories.

  22. iLauncher Says:

    what about adding custom switches?
    the only reason im still using bossprefs is coz i can control the safari download plugin switch in there.
    also, if i enable a switch from bossprefs, the switch doesnt get updated in sbsettings even after a while.
    u have to manually click on refresh for it to update the switch’s toggle.
    hope that can be fixed too.
    and i agree with “MetalMatrix” of adding an option in sbsettings to turn on/off access of this app on the lock screen.
    coz with sbsetttings now having its own dock, it will be gr8 to customize which apps i wud like to access directly from the lock screen without unlocking the iphone.
    but all in all, sbsettings is a gr8 app and keeps getting better
    keep up the great work, BigBoss!

  23. BigBoss Says:

    This is also fixed in the upcoming version with a simple plist file.

  24. BigBoss Says:

    This will not be fixed anytime soon. Sorry.

  25. BigBoss Says:

    Custom switches are coming soon.

    But to address the issue where you toggle the switch elsewhere and SBSettings does not update, I am not planning to address this. It would require an auto refresh every time you call forth the SBSettings window and that will severely slow the app down.

  26. ToDan Says:

    Daniel: Here is a simple workaround, Just go into your /mobile/applications directory, locate one of the conflicting apps.

    So if you have two’s, rename one of them to and respring. Then you can put them both into Categories.

    BB: Thanks for being so awesome :D, Can’t wait for SBSettings 1.0! Cheers!

  27. angrybanana5000 Says:

    Sound great! Btw is there a toggle for Safari Downloads yet?

  28. angrybanana5000 Says:

    Whoops just noticed the reply above. xD

  29. Pelaez Says:

    Yay, can’t wait :)

  30. iLauncher Says:

    thanx for replying, BigBoss.
    but once custom switches are implemented in sbsettings then i wont have any use for bossprefs and so i wont toggle any switch from any other app, other an sbsettings.
    but yeah, adding an option for turning on/off access to sbsettings in the lock screen wud be really kewl, instead of disabling it completely from the lock screen.

  31. Kristian Says:

    Argh grief…. :( Just installed 1.0 and now MobileSubstrat keeps crashing into ‘Safe Mode’??

    Any idea what is going on? I have tried to restart the phone, but to no avail. It started happening right after I upgraded SBSettings in cydia.

  32. lostwhiteboyy Says:

    hey boss i download update for sbsettings acouple mins ago, and now my phone is in safe mode. i tried shutting it off and restarting springboard but that didnt not work. any suggestions besides uninstalling?

  33. Asher Baker Says:

    I just got it, and it crashes mobile substrate ;(

  34. epqr Says:

    Same here. My ipod goes into safe mode every time i respring.

  35. Liviaro Says:

    Do not install this update, it makes springboard crash and go into safe mode over and over again!

  36. asd Says:

    same problems….btw just uninstall sbsettings from Cydia and respring and will go ut safe mode

  37. minivinny95 Says:

    Same here now idk waht to do…

    Im going to SSH, and unisnstall SBSettings throught Termial there and see if it helps :D

  38. jmk Says:

    I got the update installed without crashing but all of the icons aren’t working. When I go into the toggle menu the just show up as question marks. I can still toggle things just no icons.

  39. pl_svn Says:

    … funny: Cydia reports as available update “SBSToggles” but… I don’t have SBSettings nor Toggles installed :-/

    They don’t show in “Manage/Packages” even after letting Cydia perform the update =:-/

  40. epqr Says:

    He think he changed the package because of the problems. I updated and its the same thing you have. Probably a hasty switch with the old version.

  41. epqr Says:

    i think he changed the package because of the problems. I updated and its the same thing you have. Probably a hasty switch with the old version.

  42. Reluttr Says:

    Hey bigboss I was wondering if you are going to allow users to upload user made themes for SBSettings. Cause I have a theme I wouldent mind uploading :P

  43. jmk Says:

    well I spoke to soon. I tried to use the brightness toggle and it crashed to safe mode. Uninstalled via cydia and back to normal other then not having this installed.

  44. minivinny95 Says:


    Go to the section on this website on the sidebar “newest releases” and download the .DEB of the SBsetting’s .92b

    open SSH into your iphone, place the deb anywhere (i did it in /).

    Open Terminal and type in
    dpkg -i sbsettings_0.92b.deb

    It will have a warnin in termianl like (WARNING: downgrading from 1.0 to .92 or something)

    Type in killall SpringBoard and your DONE!!!!

    tell me of this doesnt work or not :P

  45. Daniel Says:

    That work around doesn’t really work. The one called ‘iFuse2′ just doesn’t open

  46. minivinny95 Says:

    UPDATE: Go to Cydia after your OK (not in Safe Mode and reinstall The toggles and SBsettings or else no toggles will show :P

  47. minivinny95 Says:



  48. minivinny95 Says:



  49. Xandu Says:

    I hope you added that home button shortcut, bigboss.

  50. chromeluv Says:

    I like everyone else got excited and downloaded the toggles update, i think maybe it was released by accident? As it is not the SBSettings that has updated to 1.0 yet…atleast thats what cydia is showing…

  51. minivinny95 Says:


  52. Corey Says:

    Nah chromeluv, when i updated, both were upgradeable! And guys, let big boss fix the problem with safe mode before you whine about something else, holy crap, some of you are ungrateful aholes.

  53. Corey Says:

    nope, still safe mode.

  54. dp8 Says:

    stuck in safe mode.. unless i uninstall right now =[

  55. Oirignaldk Says:

    works fine for me =]

    thanks BB!

  56. minivinny95 Says:

    Safe mode still…

    Try my meathod that i posted above to get out :P

  57. Alex Says:

    Yea I got the same thing, so i just uninstalled it and i’m going to wait till BB updates it to fix the safe mode issue.

  58. lostwhiteboyy Says:

    here’s what I had to do to get it to work! You have to uninstall sbsettings and once that’s done also uninstall sbtoggles too! Then install sbsettings. And that worked for me! Make sure you uninstall both!

  59. pl_svn Says:

    … where are you, guys, downloading it from? it does not show, here, in Cydia!

  60. shunsky Says:

    same to mine. Upgrade both SBSettings & sbeettingstoggles, and entered Safe Mode.

    So I uninstall both of them, and restart, then install them once again, and entered Safe Mode again….

    I try to get back to SBS 0.92….

  61. minivinny95 Says:

    Lol we are all having problems but we all have to give props to BigBoss and iPodTouchMaster on their great job on this app and rest assure they are tring their best to fix problems

    I mean stop complaining.
    I would like to see you try to make an app like this- or actually make an app fro the iPhone.

    So stop complaining and whining, just wait and be patient.

    I think BB and IPM both know there is a problem and are fixing it…

  62. pfish Says:

    Is prolly cause you have bossprefs…

  63. shunsky Says:

    That’s right. I do appreciate their effort, and I’m sure they will fix the issue soon.

    It is to address the issue, so BigBoss can quickly check it before others install this upgrade.

    Thanks for BigBoss and rest of professionals!!

  64. Deviant1 Says:

    If you install it now it works but the you can’t use the dock icons feature. The dock is what was making the phone go into safe mode.

  65. Anonymous Says:

    ^^ exactly what he said. It was working fine for me until i decided to use the dock feature. I had cydia and most my apps hidden so there was no way of getting to them when in safe mode. deleting sbsettings through ssh didnt work so i just decided im going to restore/rejailbreak/unlock all over again.

  66. Pablo Says:

    I would like to know if its possible to add Airplane and Email toggle as in BossPrefs.

    Thanks in advance

  67. Anonymous Says:

    i think the phone toggle is the airplane toggle

  68. Pablo Says:

    Yes it is, but on BossPrefs the airplane toggle turn off the phone and the wifi at the same time but not in SBSettings

  69. Stuart Says:

    In case no one else has asked, how about adding a “Location Settings” toggle? This is a heavly used function and it’s buried deep in Settings. I for one would prefer more toggles rather than the focus on “themes”. SBSettings isn’t anything I care to have themed.


  70. maxm Says:

    there are left over dock applications that had been removed during remove/modify process, but it left out blank icons. Dock application thinks there is an app in that spot so I can not use its spot. Its just an empty blank spot. How do I remove it so I can use that spot. Thanks,

  71. Jimbo Says:


    In SBSettings, click on

    Dock Applications
    Fix Blanks (right hand top)

  72. wizix Says:

    Hi everybody,

    does anyone know if it it possible to have a toggle for ibluetooth (not bluetooth but ibluetooth to share file via bluetooth) in sbsettings (not in dock).

    thank you

  73. FankyArt Says:

    Hey man, I have a brand new 3GS form London, just bought 1 week ago (1.Dec.2009). I jailbreaked and unlocked it.

    Please let me say, I love your software. However the edge lock is not working properly. May I ask you to check this ? Would be awesome – for the coming version !

  74. Soch Says:

    Hey BigBoss,

    First, I want to say I love SBSettings so much they remain the beiggest (and sometimes only) reason I stay jailbroken. They just make so many things BETTER!

    There is one toggle I have never found, though, and I was hoping someone more skilled than I am could either throw it together, or explain why it isn’t possible. Turning call forwarding on and off on the iPhone is really clumsy. Even if you use the same number every time, you still have to dig pretty deep into nested settings each time. I’d love for there to be a toggle for it. If there were different toggles for different numbers, that might be even better.

    Anyway, I don’t know where else to talk/ask about this stuff, but I wanted to express my love for SBS anyway, so I did both.

    Thank you!

  75. bobmcgee Says:

    hey there –

    really wondering if you can help. i recently jailbroke my 3gs (old bootrom) to 5.0 and had everything working just fine. i then loaded sbsettings and the connection/wifi started resetting every 3 seconds. after i tried to do a thethered boot through redsn0w, the screen got stuck at white and will not load any ipsw. i posted this on the dev-team site and, though i haven’t gotten a solution, i have discovered there are others with this same problem with sbsettings. please help. thanks.

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