SBSettings v1.0 Release

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SBSettings v1.0 is out. Make sure you get 1.0-3 (3rd repack). This release has the following features:

1) Brightness toggle
2) Themes
3) No longer launches at lock screen at all.
4) Home button can be used to close the window.

What did not make it: Application launch dock.  I have been testing most these features all week with success. Then I put out a version early Sunday and installed it on my other iPhone and it was doing nothing but crashing springboard.  Anyways, after a few hours more work, I decided to pull the dock out. It’s too problematic and I’m not sure why at this time plus Im too tired to worry about it. That will come back in later.

As for themes, I have added two themes to the main distribution: HUD and Tech Shadows. The rest I will package up as addons and release tonight.

One more thing: this version relies on toggle pack 1.3.1

Tip: To anyone that hid Cydia on the dock in the previous version and cant update. SSH into your device as root. Then run apt-get update sbsettings – after this, respring or reboot and you’ll be out of safe mode and you can use the more button to unhide Cydia.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


92 Responses to “SBSettings v1.0 Release”

  1. ??? Says:

    When I tried to use Tech Shadows, Mobile Substrate crashed.

  2. Alex Says:

    Ok well i just downloaded the newlwy released one and everything seems to work.

    The only thing different is that BB disabled the dock.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    When I first upgraded it allowed to place some apps in the dock. Another upgrade showed up then and I again upgraded but now the dock is unavailable and the apps I had placed in to it previously are gone.

  4. dugmug Says:

    have downloaded latest version but none of the icons show, only text. Any ideas?

  5. chromeluv Says:

    For somereason, i had the option for a dock, I tried to install some options, it reboots, and now it does nothing but crash to spring board every time i boot the phone.

  6. Mik Says:

    THANK YOU!! I love it. I uninstalled sbsettingstoggles and sbsettings using SEARCH in Cydia, and then installed again with the sbsettingstoggles first. Works 100%.

    But, how will you release the packages to download? Do you need to add something to the app to make them show under the more button?

    dugmug, try to install sbsettingstoggles, or uninstall sbsettings and sbsettingstoggles and do it all over. :-)

  7. Mik Says:

    Try uninstall with SSH (se the other post on the frontpage for info) :)

  8. chromeluv Says:

    Just downloaded the new update, that disabled dock.

    Im good to go again, thanks BigBoss.

    If only corporate america could take lessons of customer service from you..

  9. CyberAP Says:

    damn. it has crashed my ipod.
    i added some apps to the sbs dock and then my sb restarted in safemode.
    also the apps that i have added disappeared.
    i made all icons visible by the bossprefs BUT the settings icon didn’t appear.
    I removed sbs and settings icon didn’t appear again!!!

    And what should i do now????????

  10. dugmug Says:

    Thanks Mik, Just noticed sbssettingstoggles, was missing that download. works like a dream now! Great ad on, favorite by far!

  11. StarSoft Says:

    Very nice, it works nice and smooth on my phone.
    Only thing is that the brighness toggle is in the default position everytime you close and open the dock.

    Wow, just noticed sometghing… For some reason my backlightdoesnt work anymore after i rebooted my phone.
    I get the screen, but cant see it unless i hold it close to some light…
    Hope i can get this fixed…

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Had the same problem. If you click ‘more’ and then ‘hide icons’ you can switch the apps you placed in the dock back on and they will show up again.

  13. CyberAP Says:

    BUT! I cant use sbs because it do not show anymore!!! My ipod only do the restart in safe mode and i can’t access the sbs(((

  14. shunsky Says:

    I had a problem installing early version of SBSettings 1.0 few minutes ago because, as BigBoss mentioned above, I added items in “Dock Applications” – as a result, my iPhone entered Safe Mode.

    So I installed this SBSettings 1.0-3 without adding anything in “Dock Applications” then it works fine!

    Thank you agin for BigBoss & the project team!

  15. StarSoft Says:

    Ok i found it… No brightness toggle for me…
    Every time i set the brightness, the screen is completely off with a reboot.
    I have to go to the settings (in the dark) and toggle autobrightness off and on, and then reboot agai to fix it.

    Kinda a bug i guess.
    I only tested the slider on its lowest setting, didnt test somewhere in between.

  16. Danny Says:


    When you press the brightness toggle and lower the brightness, it lowers. Then when you press it again, the little slider is on all the way, although the brightness is still lowered.

  17. Anonymous Says:

    I changed my theme to force it to respring and that took it out of safe mode.

  18. minivinny95 Says:


    “Lol we are all having problems but we all have to give props to BigBoss and iPodTouchMaster on their great job on this app and rest assure they are tring their best to fix problems

    I mean stop complaining.
    I would like to see you try to make an app like this- or actually make an app fro the iPhone.

    So stop complaining and whining, just wait and be patient.

    I think BB and IPM both know there is a problem and are fixing it…”

  19. StarSoft Says:

    I agree, we shouldnt complain, they made this great app and works very nice.
    But i think we should post unique (no use of keep reposint allreadyposted) bugs here. Testing is a tricky process in software development. To test very goodyou need to test all possible possibilities to do something wrong and good. And need allot of different phones with various things running on them to see if they dont interfere with your software.

    So posting bugs is not complaining but helping. Afterall, we dont know which bugs they do know of and which they dont.

  20. Mik Says:

    Of course we are all very excited and pleased of this app. We adore Boss and ITM for this, though, positive complains make greater apps even more great ;) Sorry for the bad english.

  21. Oliver Says:

    First of all… I totally love SBSetting. Makes the Iphone so more user friendly being able to have access to all the toggles. ONE LITTLE WISH…

    I travel a lot and hve to to turn off data-roaming pretty often. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but it sure would be nice having a DATA-ROAMING TOGGLE on the SBSetting.

  22. Ali Majidi Says:

    nice work
    without own toggles docs its nothing new for me busspref do all of this and can make own dock
    anyway this app just with own toggles is good not without it
    im go to uninstall it and reinstall after own toggle for my application was ready

  23. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    hey BB thought id say thanks for this App, I love it!! And thanks for all the help you have given me in the past.

    Just thought id report a bug ive been having on my 2G iphone. Every time i hit the respring button in SBSettings my phone enters mobile substrate safe mode. This has happend since the first version of SBSettings. Im not too worried about it though because i usually only use my 3G.

  24. Ali Majidi Says:

    pls explain ( sorry for bad english ) whats news that bossprefs nothing have ?
    it work without bug or anything and so so fiuture that isnt in sbseting
    sorry i waiting long and hard for making my own toggles and now it isnt !!!!!! you say its complatly replace bosspref and say im tired
    dear friend yes i know you work hard but the best part are disable
    you say iys good news or bad news ?
    anyway this is my idea other user can install and enjoy but ffor god when own toffles docs availble ?
    that time i can say hey update but now i just say hay new theme
    best regards

  25. minivinny95 Says:

    This happend too me and i sent the Syslog report to BigBoss and it turns out it wasnt SBSettings, your iphone must have too many SPringBoard addons/ extra processes and daemons.
    Open Cydia, to to Mobile Substrate, and click remove BUT DONT REMOVE, look at the list of apps and if you dont need or use some of the apps there, UNISTALL THOSE APPS.
    They use up un-needed memory and processes.

    You can also SSH (or use Mobile Finder) and go to /Library/Mobile Substrate/Dynamic Libraries and see what apps addon to springboard/use mobile substrate.

  26. marcoiac Says:

    Can I add my own themes? If yes, where should I put the theme folder. I looked for a little bit in my iPhone, but I didn’t find the SBSettings theme folder

  27. minivinny95 Says:

    The theme folder is in /priavte/var/mobile/Library/SBSettings/Themes


  28. hhhh Says:

    I am not sure why theming is so important. This should be lowest in your priority queue. Good job either way. We should get all the important features in and working before we even bother with theming. Theming are for kids and I am pretty sure the majority using this are adults.

  29. mike Says:

    Thanks Bigboss for this great piece of software!

    keep up the nice work!

  30. Ali Majidi Says:

    look all speake about theme
    this is is my word
    do a work complatly i know thats hard but when anyone start to a work must end it cerfully dear
    sorry im old and i wish you abd other young man work better dear

  31. MakesMoves Says:

    BigBoss Is The Man. He’s been holding down the iphone community since pretty much its conception. Major Go To Guy ya heard. 4H’s right here talking about themeing is for kids, oh please. Customization is the name of the game, ok? This is how it goes down; you buy something and then you make it yours. The naysayers gotta fall back with the rest of the haters. If I want my SBsettings to look extra fly well then thats what the hell i’m gonna do.

  32. MakesMoves Says:

    by the way if anyone comes across some hot THEMES FOR SBsettings please email me –

  33. ??? Says:

    never mind, I fixed it by downloading the update

  34. Ali Majidi Says:

    and in final
    when doc and own toggle ready ?

  35. pitkin Says:

    The appendix is perfect. Thank you very much- for the good work and for the time spent for our benefit.
    Taking in view the original iPhone mode is Airplane mode and not Phone mode, I exchanged the name of the default icons for that mode (on become off and vice versa). Now when the toggle is off-red, the Wifi and the rest is on and when on- green, the mode is Airplane mode

  36. pitkin Says:

    I would ask if other toggles can be incorporated- f. ex KB- AutoCorrect, SafariDL, Syslog

  37. asa Says:

    Thanks BB! I am sure when you get some sleep and come back refreshed the dock problem will be discovered. Thanks for all your hard turned out great!

  38. asa Says:

    OOps…thanks for everyone who worked on this project…

  39. Innovative1 Says:

    Not true. I am 31 and I am all about theming. Having the entire phone customized and matching is important to a lot of us. I spend a lot of time messing around with my theme and icons in Photoshop and so do many others. I believe that your priorities are not necessarily the same as that of the general public.

  40. Innovative1 Says:

    One small bug I have found – If you press brightness and it opens the toggle behind the window. Then you press it a few more times wondering where it is. Then you close it and there are 4 or 5 of the brightness sliders open on top of one another beneath the window.

  41. pl_svn Says:

    Thank you BigBoss: works smoothly! :-)

    Only a small glitch: SSH is always back on after a reboot

  42. Dan Says:

    Very smooth update. Thanks for your work. I love it.

    However, can you please put the ability to access the toggles via the lock screen back? I found it very useful, esp. with Intelliscreen.

    (If people are maybe complaining about it on the lock screen, maybe have an option in the settings that enables/disables the toggles screen on the lock screen?)

    I really miss being able to access the toggles on the lock screen :(

    Thanks again

  43. falcon212 Says:

    thats not a glitch i think, it purposely made that way so that when u reboot and sumtin went wrong and you can not go to springboard, u still have an access of SSH and try to fix it. Thats what i think

  44. falcon212 Says:

    im against SBSetting on lockscreen, since i always accidentally slide it open :(

  45. BigBoss Says:

    That is the correct answer!

  46. hhhh Says:

    I agree that different people has different preferences. In SDLC, practicality should comes first and trivial stuff should be postponed. I am not very into the “All Show No Go” trend, so most probably that is why I find it ridiculous to even bother bout theming when the core of the product itself is not even working right. Either way, this has been very useful and theming is definitely a plus.

  47. hhhh Says:

    The correct answer is the SSH toggle doesn’t work. I SSHed in and disable SSH through SBSettings and I am still able to work in my console. Do I have to reinstall or?

  48. hhhh Says:

    I actually prefer them in the lock screen, that way I can turn on my BT when I hope onto my car and don’t have to slide-unlock. I wish it would work with passcode lock

  49. minivinny95 Says:

    I think the idea of the OPTION for the lockscreen is a great idea.

  50. minivinny95 Says:

    When’s the theme pack coming out?

  51. hhhh Says:

    How can i disable “Auto SSH On”? I don’t want it to turn back on.

  52. dre Says:

    mine just crashes and goes into safe mode when I install it. I have intelliscreen 2.29 as well…may that be a reason why?

  53. minivinny95 Says:

    it wouldnt be intelliscreen because it doesn’t use Mobile Substrate anymore (Zikkkesssss :P) and so if it crashes… your screwed because Mobile Substrate woun’t ‘pick-it up’/detect because it doesnt use/support it.

    Obviously its SBSettings, and currently we are all experiencing problems so just hold on and be paitent like the rest of us!


  54. Rick Says:

    i have intelliscreen 2.29 aswell and no problem with it, but i didn´t update sbs, before i had it but uninstalled it because unstable, so with this new release a made a new install and it´s working fine

  55. MetalMatrix Says:

    after reading all the comments and new features, I’ll stick with v0.92b for now. No problems and ability to access from locked screen.

    Changing themes would be nice but certain functionality is more important to me. Thanks for all the hard work. I really like this app over BossPrefs.

  56. ToyVan Says:

    First of all, thanks for the wonderful work BigBoss! this is the most useful application/utility I have on my phone.

    Second, I would also like to have the ability to access it from the lock screen, but if it never comes back no big deal…one extra slide is not a deal breaker ;)

    And third, personalizing and customizing our ‘gadgets’ is what we do! I’m working on my Glass Orb theme right now for SBSettings…cheers ;)

  57. Anonymous Says:

    I’m not blaming intelliscreen for the Mobile Substrate safe mode, I’m informing you that Intelliscreen didnot do it. It was SBSettings and to me honist, it still unstable (but fir the most part it’s doing well.
    About Intelliscreen, It doesn’t use Mobile Substate anymore as of 2.24 meaning if it crashes or freezes or goes haywire, it will screw up your phone/iPod because it has nothing to “fall back on” and help it/detect it crashing which Mobile Substrate does and does very well. Also it needs to be refreshed so it uses battery and slows down your phone/iPod because it doesn’t use Mobile Substrate so it’s not a supported extension to springboard but rather an addon that is attached to spring board. If it crashes, it’s bringing Springboard with it and mobile substrate wount detect it and help fix it.

    Anyway fir the most part SBSettibgs is ok to install and upgrade and is doing fine AND IS FIXABLE so it’s not life treating or not fixable/impossible to fix (and if crashes it uses mobile substrate so it will detect it and SAVE THE DAY!
    And someday…
    Just maybe…

    Enjoy and goodluck

  58. minivinny95 Says:

    Woops forgot the name, the big long post is from me (minivinny95)

  59. websee Says:

    I was so hoping for VPN Toggle and again a disappointment :(
    There are at least 10 DIfferent Apps out there that offer WiFi and SSH Toggle, but not 1 that has VPN Toggle :(

  60. ToyVan Says:

    Btw, pressing the ‘home’ button also closes SBSettings….didn’t see that mentioned anywhere ;)

  61. StarSoft Says:

    This release has the following features:
    1) Brightness toggle
    2) Themes
    3) No longer launches at lock screen at all.
    4) Home button can be used to close the window.

  62. StarSoft Says:

    You have a passlock on, but when you accessed sbsettings in lockscreen before and choose respring, it logged you in without passcode.

    So what is the use of the passlock then?

  63. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    Yes i Am fully aware of this but this is a freshly restored device with basically only winterboard, five icon dock, and SBSettings in the dynamic libraries folder.

  64. chronzz Says:

    i get the same problem

  65. ziggy Says:

    i would love to be able to rearrange the icons

    thanks for the great app

  66. Anonymous Says:

    for some reason, after a good amount of times using poof through sbsettings, my phone goes into a continuous respring. This happened about 3 times now and ive had to restore every time.

  67. hs Says:

    Fantastic, thanks! Works great so far… I’d love a GPS toggle and an Insomnia button (keeping WiFi and SSH alive when the screen blanks out) for a future release.

    - hs

  68. isamu Says:

    thanks for this update! works a treat! and thanks for fixing the issue about it still working in lock mode! can’t wait for the dock to be enabled again!!! you rock BB

  69. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    Update: I just unlocked and jailbroke a Brand new 2G iphone with firmware 2.0.1 i recieved today as a gift for my bday (Lucky Me) and installed SBSettings and hit the respring button and what do you know, it went straight into mobile substrate safe mode. It seems SBSettings doesnt like any other firmware but 2.1. anything lower and you get problems like what ive experienced.

  70. Anonymous Says:

    overall great job on the update. Just wondering if you can add two toggles on your next update. One for Safari DL and the other for dissabling txt auto corrections. I like the new update alot but with these two toggles I can delete bossprefs on my phone for good.

  71. BigBoss Says:

    If it helps set your expectations, this is not planned anytime soon. For one thing, I don’t even have VPN so there’s no way to even test such a toggle.

  72. BigBoss Says:

    SSH toggle off does not kill your ssh session. It disables the daemon so that new sessions can’t connect. If you’re already connected you would remain connected. When you disconnect you won’t be able to reconnect until you turn it on again.

  73. pl_svn Says:

    thnx, falcon and BigBoss: you are both absolutely right!

    and thank you once more BigBoss :-) :-) :-)

  74. wjax Says:


    I just wanted to ask for the problem that BossPrefs and maybe SBSettings has… and it is the process “ReportCras” that once appears never goes out.

    I had this problem and I had to reinstall firmware. It seems that was something done by Bossprefs. Other people in forums think the same.

    Is it fixed now?


    Good job, anyway

  75. Daniel Says:

    I would also like to get back the ability to access SBS from the lock screen. I never accidentally opened it (it’s as probable as accidentally unlocking your phone isn’t it?)
    I like the idea of being able to switch it on or off. You could make that a toggle option :-)

    Thanks for this great app!

  76. hhhh Says:

    Respring/reboot etc can always be disabled if passcode is on :P

  77. NJ Says:

    once again thanks you so much for such great app,only thing I wanted to ask was,is there anyway to hide our info??? This way the dock will less space.just an idea sir

  78. Anonymous Says:

    i liked the app popping at the lock scren, very usefull to me… Now im sad :(((

  79. Anonymous Says:

    Would be nice if there was a toggle to turn on and off locations services.

  80. Wintermute Says:


    there was a toggle in config of bossprefs called “ssh on reboot on/off”

    can you please give this option in SBsettings as it overrides bossprefs.

    some users want this functionality, please at least keep it in as a toggle.

    thanks so much!

  81. zerocoolak Says:

    Don’t know if any one else has had this problem. My notes would not save. I ran “fix user dir permissions”, but it did not fix the issue. So I manually ssh’d into my phone and changed the notes.db permission to 777. Everything is fixed now. Just my experience. Hope it helps! :)

  82. namakemono Says:

    I love sbsettings! So incredibly handy!

    Can anyone please please please create a toggle to enable/disable the funny wallpaper rotator & the snowflake script? would be handy, since the rotator creates lag during games.


  83. Paradebh Says:

    You are right. This switch will save my life (3g and edge switch don’t works). DATA ROAMING SWITCH for Sb settings

  84. alyson Says:

    so when it comes to this type of stuff I’m fairly illiterate but I just downloaded SBSettings and when I slide to open up the control panel nothing happens. I’ve been having trouble with winterboard and I hoped that I could manually go in and change things around but I can’t even get SBSettings to work :/ Im at a complete loss….

  85. BigBoss Says:

    What sort of trouble are you having with Winterboard? How did you install SBSettings?

  86. alyson Says:

    Well none of the themes or anything that I download for Winterboard will not show up when I select them. Even if I try to use the options that come with winterboard nothing changes on my phone. I installed everything via Cydia. I’m walking into this stuff completely blind. hahah. I was hoping to somehow fiddle with things by means of Fugu but that was a failure also. I’m hopeless.

  87. Zero Says:

    I have an issue that doesn’t seem covered so far. Wondering if anyone has seen this issue or knows a fix. I’ll explain as best I can what I’ve done/tried and I haven’t found anything through pretty extensive googling.

    Installed sb 1.0.7-5 through cydia with processes and stay awake. Worked like a charm had a few themes. After installing winterboard and a few other themes it seemed that I was unable to use the SSH toggle correctly, it would change color or indicate it was off, then after a refresh, or closing/reopening SBsettings it showed “on”. Wound up uninstalling all themes/widgets/sbsetting I could find.

    Restarted phone and installed sbsettings 1.0-11 through Installer 4 and processes. No toggle pack. Worked like a charm until I unistalled it once again through Installer. All “hidden” icons did not return. I then reinstalled 1.0.7-5 and all icons came back but after a reboot of my phone Hide stopped working again. I’m about to reinstall 1.0-11 again through apt-get but I was wondering if there is any knowledge on Hide Icons not working.

    I can slide the icon to “off” and then I click back, or the home button, but the icons do not hide and when going back into “hide icon” the menu shows the icons I previously selected as off, as on again. Other than that this app is sweet. Maybe I have too much cluttered/left over files?

  88. noname Says:

    same here…slide icon to “off”, when i blich back and click on “hide icon” again, the icon is on “on” again. the icons won’t hide after respring as a logical consequence…

  89. noname Says:

    never mind, here is how to fix it: install “libhide” from cydia and it all works fine.

  90. wizzardsgurl Says:

    I too am having this issue! any theme I select won’t work….the only thing I have gotten to show up is some of the text that goes with some themes! This is a new jailbreak as my phone was replaced everything worked fine with my old phone….is there something I am missing??

  91. ian Says:

    What the hell did you guys do. The SBsetting update killed Cydia. Now I cannot open Cydia anymore

  92. Simmo Says:

    I too love SB Settings and for me the only missing toggle is DATA ROAMING
    Please add as soon as possible

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