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I am very excited to announce that after years of being asked if we would fully open the site to advertising we finally are. We are not only offering advertising to get your brand out to well over a million unique visitors each month but offering something even better.

The advertising will include a full write up/review of your product, service, app or whatever it may be. It will be exclusive to only 5 ad spots per month at only $1,000 per spot. Curious if we really get that many views? see the proof by clicking here.

So to hit the important points what do you get-

1. A rotating banner spot that displays on the site for an entire month to be shared with no more than 9 others.
2. A full write up/review on your product, service or whatever it may be. Exposing your product/service to thousands of viewers everyday.
3. The write up will appear on the homepage as all other blog postings do. The write up will be kept for years to come.

This type of advertising elsewhere would cost you thousands of dollars and give you no where near the exposure or results as So are you ready to let the bigboss help you?

Click here to go to our advertising contact page where you can see all the details and then fill out the form and claim one of the spots before they are gone.

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