ios 8.1.3 out, do not update

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Update: iOS 8.2 Just released, Update Warning HERE

iOS 8.1.3 is now out and it patches jailbreaks. If you are jailbroken then do not upgrade or you will lose the chance to jailbreak. Read More here.

For Release date info on iOS 8.2 click here.

For more information on why you shouldn’t update to 8.1.3, click here.

Click HERE for the status of a jailbreak for iOS 8.1.3.

For information on Apple no longer signing iOS 8.1.2 click here.

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9 Responses to “ios 8.1.3 out, do not update”

  1. DJT Says:

    I’d like to just say that I accidentally updated to 8.1.3 and was able to downgrade simply through iTunes as they still validate 8.1.2. Though, this was on February 6th and this probably won’t last too much longer so if ur in need of a downgrade a suggest googling it asap

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  4. Rosa Says:

    so I have ISO 7 & I don’t want to download iso8 because it is slower & etc

    But I keep seeing some new awesome tweaks but they seem to be for iso8 so would it mess up my phone if I downloaded some for my iso7?

  5. KvX Says:

    At best the tweaks won’t work or even install through cydia since you have iOS 7. At worst you will have to restore your phone and loose jailbreak. I would recommend waiting to see if iOS 8.2 is lightened up from iOS 8.1.2 and then instal 8.2 when it is jailbroken.

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