4.0.2 to 4.0.1 Downgrade Possibility

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Update #2: Finally got to the bottom of this, thanks to Saurik who clarified it for me. It seems that more shsh are on file and even some of you that havent ever jailbroken and just got a new iphone may actually have an shsh on file. It’s definitely worth a try to set up Saurik’s signature server in your hosts file and try to restore that way. You may get lucky and get a downgrade even on a new device.


Update: It seems this method is very hit-and-miss. So far, only users with 3gs have claimed it works. Personally, I am still a bit skeptical. However, there is some compelling evidence to think that there is some level of success with this. Semaphore, author of Umbrella, has written a good post saying that this method is impossible. I also originally thought that, but there’s a point in Semaphore’s post that he does not address, and this very point is what made me write this blog entry last night.

Semaphore claims that the users must have had an SHSH on file. That when they used Saurik’s server, it responded with the SHSH on file and that’s why the restore works. When CodeBlue presented this method last night, I told him the same thing. But multiple users are presented with the “make my life easier” dialog in Cydia after doing this method. Make my life easier will never appear if you already have an SHSH on file for any firmware. What people don’t realize is that once you make an SHSH request in Cydia, it’s a one-time deal for life. You are requesting SHSH on file for every firmware starting with the current one being signed. It does not matter what firmware you are currently running.  If your restore worked because, as Sempahore’s post indicates, you had an SHSH on file already, then when you loaded Cydia, you would see the SHSH on file for xxxxxxx screen and you would never see the “make my life easier” screen.

All that being said, I have not personally tried this. I cannot confirm personally that it has worked. I have talked with several people that claim it has worked and many that saw “make my life easier”. At this point, either this method does work sometimes, Apple is accidentally signing 4.0.1 for 3gs intermittently, or the people claiming success are lying and did not see make my life easier.

End update.


A user named CodeBlue has discovered an unconfirmed method that may allow you to downgrade your 4.0.2 iPhone to 4.0.1, jailbreak, patch the safari exploit with Saurik’s patch and be jailbroken safely. This may be your only option if you have an out of the box iPhone with 4.0.2 on it and no other way to jailbreak. Note that I did not try these steps. They sound good to me in theory and others are reporting some success. After all, you have nothing to lose if you are already stuck on 4.0.2 without an SHSH in Cydia.  Here are the steps:

1. Download 4.0.1 ipsw

2. Extract it with winrar or winzip  to a folder on the desktop. You may need to rename the firmware file from .ipsw to .zip to do this.

3. Open the buildmanifest.plist with the notepad. Search and replace all – 8A306 with 8A400.  Save. Repeat the same with the file restore.plist

4. Download 4.0.2 ipsw and open this with winrar or winzip. Note: do not exact it. Just open it and leave it open. You must use this exact file and not create a new one. If you have to create a new one for reasons like you are on OSX, then use zip command line not explorer or finder to make the zip. I will assume you are using the original file opened in winrar for the rest of this guide.

5. Take all the files from the 4.0.1 and drag them over to the 4.0.2 zip archive that you have open.

6. Delete all the dmg files that have 002 at the end, leaving only the 001 files left.

7. Save the archive. And rename it back to .ipsw if you changed the name to get winrar/winzip to open it.

8. Optional: (this helps ensure you get an shsh file request for the future, but should not be necessary to just restore 4.0.1).  Add the gs.apple.com line to the host file. If you need help with this step, read this.

9. Put the device into dfu, open iTunes and restore the firmware you changed.

Check out the original post or give thanks to CodeBlue at his blog.

Note: this only works due to the similarities in 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 and 4.0. This will not be a way to downgrade to 3.1.x and may not work in future firmware updates.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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646 Responses to “4.0.2 to 4.0.1 Downgrade Possibility”

  1. n00neimp0rtant Says:

    Holy what? This is incredible news!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Does it work on iPad 3.2.2 to 3.2.1 downgrade?

  3. Joe Says:

    I tried this but it didn’t work! Anyone else?

  4. Rainmaker Says:

    Just waiting for feedback before proceeding. It seems quite odd, as a way, a Joe’s comment here above does not put me in the right mood to proceed.

  5. Rainmaker Says:

    Does bullet #5 mean that you shold copy all the files in the extracted 4.0.1 folder into the 4.0.2 one ? Then I think you’ll need to re-zip the folder… But it’s not very clear.

  6. bobby Says:

    unknown error 11 occured?

  7. i4 Says:

    Is it possible also in iPhone4 though it is “3GS” in the blog of CodeBlue?

  8. phil Says:

    would be my quesion too!

  9. ReekoB Says:

    First time, i used a mixture of parallels and mac, renaming the files to .zip in mac os x and then viewing them in winrar.

    This didn’t work.

    I then straight opened the .ipsw in winrar, extracted the 4.0.1 files to the desktop, edited them as said, and then opened the 4.0.2 ipsw straight in winrar and replaced them with the 4.0.1 and just closed winrar.

    The restore would not ‘verify with apple’ until i added sauriks server to the host file.

    My 3GS @ 4.0.2 out the box is now restoring to 4.0.1 in front of me and will have ultrtasn0w installed very soon :)


  10. jerry Says:

    it didn’t work either,

  11. wingman Says:

    is it worked for Ipodtouch 3G ??

  12. ReekoB Says:

    Ok, i am now at 4.0.1 and have jailbroken AND installed ultrasn0w and now have my 4.0.1 ssh blobs on sauriks server.

    This really really works. Please follow my previous comment if you have any problems.

    I would write up a quick guide exactly how i did it but a big outlet probably will in a day or so.

  13. bobby Says:

    what is saurik’s server?

  14. Rainmaker Says:

    Yes ReekoB, a more detailed guide would be very appreciated as it sounds there is something important in the way you get back the final .ipsw file after the modifications.

    We clearly need to be sure that the iPhone discussed did not have any SHSH previosly saved. If not, all the matter is simply not significant.

  15. ReekoB Says:

    Editing the host file


    in os x, go to finder, go to folder, and type /etc/

    Edit the host file by adding the bottom line to it. I had to extract it to the desktop, edit it, then move it back to where it was for it to authenticate.

    I then DFU restored :)

  16. Joe Says:

    I’m wondering if the issues do lie within our care to Open instead of Extract… I’m working on this again and adding Reekob’s suggestion with the hosts file stuff…

    Here we go…

  17. Joe Says:

    I’m also seeing if Winrar vs 7zip makes a difference. I used 7 zip the first time and it didn’t work.

  18. bobby Says:

    i used winrar. didn’t work. although i am not very good with computers. so if you do work it out can i please have a dummies guide?

  19. Anonymous Says:

    oh shit… this is /impossible/ (4.0.1 shsh on saurik)
    at least is possible to flash a 4.0.1 rootfs… ah no, sorry, keys changed.
    change ramdisk? shsh is applied to the ramdisk too.
    so find a way to reflash NAND and you’ll get a downgrade,
    frist boot tethered, then just copy new signed kernelcache.

  20. Joe Says:

    Yeah…. I’m getting error code 3194 everytime. I’ve made sure to use both Winrar as opposed to 7-zip and I’ve tried both the Black recovery screen and the iTunes plug in recovery screen… I’m pretty sure black is DFU, but just in case, I tried both. I also tried with and without saurik’s servers in my hosts file making sure to exit itunes and relaunch after the change.

    Still no go. Yet, I get this unsettled feeling that it’s possible that it’s something with the zip process and maybe winrar is killing it, or 7zip is killing. The idea that the .ipsw file needs to be unchanged, makes a good bit of sense. There may be some kind of md5sum or checksum that gets verified by apple that could be broken if the .ipsw file is modified… I don’t know… that doesn’t even make sense, I’m just jabbering.

  21. ReekoB Says:

    You want to EXTRACT the 4.0.1, edit the files, then just OPEN the 4.0.2 in WinRAR and drag and drop the EXTRACTED 4.0.1 files into the WinRAR 4.0.2 windows.

    Then close WinRAR, put phone into DFU mode, edit the host file, then shift + restore (win) or alt + restore (mac)

    Im uploading an edited 4.0.2 that i used for my 3GS which worked to dropbox now. All you should need to do is edit your host file and dfu restore to it. Ill post a link when its up.

  22. Rainmaker Says:

    yes guys, the focus should be:

    1 decompress 4.0.1 in one folder and 4.0.2 in another one
    2 make modifications indicated above on 4.0.1
    3 copy files in the 4.0.2 folder
    4 make modifications on dmg files
    5 re-compress in a new zip file
    6 rename the zip into a ipsw file

    I do not know if that is the correct algorithm, that should be clarified

  23. Joe Says:

    I don’t understand how adding saurik’s ip would fix it being as you don’t have anything saved to the server… agreed? Not calling you a liar, I’m just trying to understand how/why this works/does not work. I wonder if it only works on 3GS…

  24. mohgui Says:

    just curious… if this procedure doesn’t require the SHSH to be stored at saurik’s server, then why do we still need to modify the hosts file to point to it?

    by pointing to saurik’s server, iTunes basically is checking to see if it can sign 4.0.1 and if it’s not there in the first place… how will it work?

  25. Joe Says:

    I believe the key is to NOT decompress 4.0.2 but OPEN it using Winrar and let Winrar do the work behind the scenes…

  26. Joe Says:

    Exactly why I questioned his theory.

  27. bobby Says:

    sorry but can someone tell me will this work for iphone 4??

  28. Joe Says:

    I’m using the iPhone 4 and haven’t been able to get it to work yet, that’s why I said that this maybe just for 3gs

  29. ReekoB Says:

    bigboss has put that step as ‘optional’, however, mine wouldn’t go through the first time without it. After that, i had uploaded my shsh blobs using cydia so it makes sense

  30. bobby Says:

    yeah i’m thinking that too… also i’m a little confused as there are slight differences between the original blog and this site. The original blog tells you to access the original restore file through c: drive, yet this one tells you to download?

  31. ReekoB Says:

    Its because its assuming you have downloaded the .ipsw and its still in the same place iTunes stores them. That doesn’t matter.

  32. bobby Says:

    reekob sorry but are you using iphone 4?

  33. ReekoB Says:

    No, an old 3GS i had given to me. I am not updating my iPhone 4 from 4.0.1 just in case i cant get back!! Can’t help you there.

  34. Joe Says:

    Yeah man, I tried that exactly, and even both ways with 7zip and WinRAR and Still no luck…

  35. bobby Says:

    haha yeah good idea. is your file up yet? i will give that one try when its ready.

  36. Joe Says:

    you can always go back as long as you see your shsh blobs have been stored at the top of Cydia. Still there’s no reason for you to upgrade passed 4.0.1 yet.

  37. ReekoB Says:

    On a seperate note, after downgrading to 4.0.1 with 05.13.04 baseband on my 3GS ultrasn0w is leaving me with my carriers name but not 1 bar of signal. Completely unrelated but if anyone knows of this issue or a possible fix please let me know.

  38. ReekoB Says:

    It’s on its way. just under 1 hour left :/ Crappy internet, ill post it asap

  39. bobby Says:


  40. ReekoB Says:

    Lol, i know that – but im pretty sure anyone else in my position would stay put at 4.0.1.

    I can try putting a iPhone 4 .ipsw together following the above guide as i did before and upload it if it would help?

  41. Boomy Says:

    Pointless :P

    Last few days apple has still been signing 4.0.1.. Or at least letting tinyumbrella pull the SHSH blobs… I successfully downgrading 3 never been jailbroken 3GSs using tiny umbrella and it’s TSS server earlier today..

  42. bobby Says:

    wont let tiny umbrella pull mine

  43. Anonymous Says:


  44. Boomy Says:

    You went to advanced options and changed it to the 4.0.1 firmware for your device?
    I’m 4 for 4 with this method in the last 2 days.. And even the blog big boss posted at the top as a source.. had the same success.. If u read down one article from his hack

  45. mohgui Says:

    would be good if this does work for the IP4. i’m stuck with 4.0.2 out-of-the-box… sigh.

  46. bobby Says:

    yeah it just told me neither cydia nor apple have my SHSH… i’m on iphone 4, could be why?

  47. Joe Says:

    sigh here too. I have almost tried EVERYTHING.

  48. Joe Says:

    Tomorrow, I’m going to try (for the second time) the youtube method… just search “iphone 4 downgrade no shsh” and watch part 2 and part 3… we will see…

  49. Boomy Says:

    @bobby..Yeah, I haven’t tried a iPhone 4.. I’ve done 3 3GSs to 4.0.1, and one iPod Touch 3G to 4.0 (4.0.1 was never released for the touches)

    (using tiny umbrella, not the method at the top of the page)

  50. bobby Says:

    if it makes you feel better, at least your not as dumb as me and had it on 2.0.1 and upgraded only to realise the grave mistake you’d made…

  51. Anonymous Says:

    Liar! U can no longer save 4.0.1 SHSH regardless of FW your currently on!

  52. BigBoss Says:

    I have heard that if you do recompress, as long as you use command line zip (zip -9r file.zip *) it may work.

  53. ReekoB Says:

    That’s funny, DFU restore to standard 4.0.1 failed. Downgrading to 4.0.1, installing Cydia, then tapping ‘Make My Life Easier’ when opening Cydia aloud me to restore to a standard 4.0.1 firmware again.

    Either Apples servers have magically started signing 4.0.1 again for me, where they didnt a week ago, or sauriks server is authenticating my restore.

  54. Useless Says:

    No go for me, following Reeko’s instructions.

    Is there any reason this would work on a 3GS but not an iPhone 4?

  55. Bowie Says:

    The video was uploaded on August 13th…. It was still signing at least 4.0.1 or 4.0 at that time (?) So probably it’s not the brand new iphone 4 on 4.0.2, also it sounds risky unplugging the device while the restore is incomplete…hmm?

  56. jumbo2010 Says:

    Hi ReekoB it sounds that this method is working for you. Can you share your modified 3G’S 4.0.1 firmware to me. Upload and share the link. TIA

  57. Bowie Says:

    1 day ago
    You must had save the shsh blog to cydia or tiny umbrella. Otherwise you will get error for all Newer device.

    This video not clearly saying. Make not

    2 days ago
    a week ago it works and now u deleted all ur shit messages i think u should delete this video it does work for iphone 3gs with ios 4.0.2 but not the iphone 4

    3 days ago
    i need help also same problem as benjamin765432

    5 days ago
    It gives me the error : com.apple.dtdevicekit error 3004.can you help? im trying to downgrade to 4.0.1

    — promising?

  58. ReekoB Says:

    Also, i would urge everyone to jailbreak and tap ‘Make my life easier’ in Cydia so upgrading/downgrading in the future is easier!

  59. ReekoB Says:

    Here is the link without getting moderated ( hopefully)


    Copy and paster into url bar

  60. ReekoB Says:

    It is a 4.0.2 firmware bundle, with the 4.0.1 files inside (as instructed) After restoring you will be at 4.0.1.

    The only things i did where change the host file (it wouldn’t work without changing the host file) and, obviously, DFU mode restore (DFU mode = blanks screen)

  61. ReekoB Says:

    Here it is


    Copy and paste into URL bar

  62. ReekoB Says:

    Here is a modified 4.0.2 firmware bundle


    Copy and paste that into your URL bar.

    It is a 4.0.2 firmware bundle, with the 4.0.1 files inside (as instructed) After restoring you will be at 4.0.1.

    The only things i did where change the host file (it wouldn’t work without changing the host file) and, obviously, DFU mode restore (DFU mode = blanks screen)

    This is for the iPhone 3GS not iPhone 4

  63. Rainmaker Says:

    Great job, ReekoB, many thanks. I can’t just understand (again) why modifiy the hosts file in favour of Saurik Server, if the downgrade is supposed to be a “signature-independent” restore.

    Anyway: see if any other succeeds with this modified ipsw file.

  64. iDarkman Says:

    Can you upload the modified iPhone 4 4.0.1 firmware too?

  65. dhamien Says:

    I’m sorry, but this method doesn’t seem to work. The few users that did have success with it, had to modify the hosts file.

    Modifying the hosts file means you’re using stored SHSHs. There is no getting around this. The 4.0.1 SHSH can’t be uploaded to Cydia’s server /after/ the downgrade because the stored SHSH doesn’t depend on which firmware you’re currently on. All that matters is what version Apple is signing. What this means is that for the users that were successful in downgrading, the SHSH for 4.0.1 was already on Cydia and that is why it worked for them and that is also the reason why it won’t work for others.

  66. jumbo2010 Says:

    Thanks for the quick reply ReekoB. But itunes version does matter? or must be latest?

  67. Anonymous Says:

    there is absolutely no way this works without stored SHSH blobs.

  68. Anonymous Says:

    I tried that on iPad and I’m getting 3194 as well

  69. Rainmaker Says:

    @dhamien: that’s the doubt I have. If the suggested procedure requires the hosts file change, that means that suspectedly the whole procedure depends on SHSHs previously saved, which is not (sadly) the aim of the original intent…

  70. Amir Says:

    I am downloading the modified version, and I did the modification myself last night, again I get the error the device is not eligible for the requested operation !

    Guys, please help… I am in a trip where I can not use my cellphone if it is not jailbroken.
    by the way does unlocking an iphone makes me out of contract with Softbank ?

  71. @rai Says:

    think it will only work for 3gs…

  72. Tony Stark (jk) Says:

    This definitely worked for me. 4.0.2, never jailbroken before and new bootrom.

    Just do the host file part and replace the files in 4.0.2 update without extracting that one.

    AWESOME workaround!

  73. Beaudean Says:

    Reek0b how can you possibly have shsh blobs on Saurik’s server if Apple is not signing them. As far as I understand Apple must be currently signing that firmware in order for Saurik to intercept it and put it on his server.

  74. Slowmo Says:

    3gs? iPhone 4?

  75. Beaudean Says:

    Bobby, Saurik’s server is a server from the developer of cydia put up to store the shsh blobs from Apple on, so that when we want to downgrade you just change the hosts file so iTunes asks Sauriks server but it beleives it is talking to the apple restore server. And Saurik’s server gives it the blobs which tell iTunes it is ok to install said firmware. This is why you can restore to firmware Apple is not signing anymore.

  76. Beaudean Says:

    How ? Apple isn’t signing 4.0.1 anymore.

  77. Mathew Says:

    I just tried on my iPhone 4 a couple of times but I got the error 3194. Is it right that all the files and the folder from the 4.0.1 should be copied into 4.0.2? I use WinRAR and I get several options when trying to drag the files. Is it right to choose copy and replace?

  78. Beaudean Says:

    Exactly dhamien. Some people can’t accept it or don’t understand how it works.

  79. ReekoB Says:

    Ok, im going to say it again. I understand how things should work e.g. blobs must be on sauriks server already, but these definetly were not and it definetly downgraded and would only do it by editing the host file.

    I fully understand that it shouldn’t work, but it did.

    iphone 3GS formerly 4.0.2, not jailbroken, and is now 4.0.1, never jailbroken before.

    Has anyone had any luck with my uplaoded file?

  80. ReekoB Says:

    Yes just the standard copy and replace is fine

  81. ReekoB Says:

    Recieved the iphone 3GS on 4.0.2 never jailbroken before, completely stock and standard.

    I understand it shouldn’t work, but it did.

  82. ReekoB Says:

    Im on latest, dont know if it matters.

  83. relax Says:

    i tried like 10 times on my dads iPhone 4 no luck. i tried with sauriks server, no server, with tinyumbrella still no go. in the tinyumbrella logs you can see it tries to get signatures for 4.0.1 and it fails. The idea was that it gets signatures for 4.0.2 but flashes 4.0.1. THAT IS NOT HAPPENING.

  84. ReekoB Says:

    I both accept it AND understand how it works.

    I had no hope for my 3GS 4.0.2 but this did work, and it ONLY worked when i edited the host file.

    If you can explain why this happened please go ahead.

  85. Beaudean Says:

    This post is going to cause a lot of people a lot of frustration and waste a lot of time if Apple has stopped signing 4.0.1, which I beleive they have. This sounds to me like some people allready had their shsh’s on Saurik’s server or Apple have stopped signing 4.0.1 in the last 12 to 18 hours. They would be the only scenarios I can see this could have worked. So if any O.T.B 3GS has 4.0.2 there is only one way it could work, and thats if Apple were still signing 4.0.1. And the other people that this has worked for must have upgraded to 4.0.2 from a previously Jailbroken firmware release. eg: 3.1.3 and thats why cydia has their shsh’s stored

  86. ReekoB Says:

    Last week i could not restore from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1

    Using these instructions and editing my host file enabled me to downgrade to 4.0.1, then i FRESH restored @ 4.0.1 (since my blobs where now on sauriks server as i installed cydia)

    yes, your right, it shouldn’t work. But it does.

    This is with a 3GS

  87. 4.0.2 Says:

    Do not waste your time! It’s not work
    There is not the way to go…..

  88. Ad3qz Says:

    It doesn’t seem to work with me. I tried these steps, but I still got error 3194.

  89. Anonymous Says:

    I feel bad for people who keep trying something that will NEVER EVER WORK! The people who say it does are just plain lying or have the shsh’s saved and did not know.

  90. cjazinski Says:

    I’ve followed the instructions. I’m pretty sure i’ve created the ipsw with no issues. My problem is it will not verify the software with apple. I have edited the host file as instructed. Still doesn’t work (which makes since my blobs aren’t saved). This doesn’t work for me. Is there anyway to get out of DFU mode or am I don’t to have to install the 4.0.2 firmware. Thanks.

  91. Anonymous Says:

    Something this bogus should not be even posted on this site. I am surprised.

  92. Koko Says:

    Ok, can’t believe it either, but it worked perfectly after a few tries with my own 4.0.2 file and FU (no success), and hadn’t noticed that FU commented the line in hosts for Saurik’s server.
    Then, with ReekoB’s file, it worked!
    I’m using Cydia on it, right now.
    Device is a 3GS, btw.

  93. ReekoB Says:

    It does work. Im sure bigboss would have verified it before posting.

    If you can’t follow instructions or can’t understand this then don;t flame it and bring it down. It works, and it has worked. i am not lying, i am just trying to help.

  94. ReekoB Says:


    Can you try ultrasn0w and see if it works for you please? Im getting a carrier name but no signal with 3 sperate sim cards, your the only person that is in my position! If it doesn’t work then it’s something we can report to the dev team for a fix

  95. ReekoB Says:

    I have no idea, but the 3GS had not been jailbroken before and i recieved it at 4.0.2 last week.

    it would not restore to stock 4.0.1 a week ago (as the blobs werent on sauriks server)

  96. Koko Says:

    Oops, Cydia says the device has SHSHs already on file for previous versions down to 3.1.2… As it’s a friend’s iPhone, I didn’t know it might have been jailbroken b4, or Firmware Umbrella’d…

  97. Anonymous Says:

    So it looks as though this will never work on an iPhone 4 but sometimes works on a 3GS. Strange.

  98. Anonymous Says:

    It is plain as day. people that are getting this to work have the shsh’s saved. This entire post should be removed as bogus.

  99. Rainmaker Says:

    I start thinking the same: suspected correlation between previosly saved SHSH and success of this procedure…

  100. seb Says:

    It is clear. It cannot work !!!!

    If it works for you, it is because you have shsh on cydia…

    Maybe you get refurbished iPhone already jailbreaked in the past without to know it.


  101. tired Says:

    oh my days,
    after 2 days of trying and about to give up, ive just managed to downgrade ipod touch 3g running 4.0.2. ive loaded it with the 4.0 firmware.

    what a mission!!

  102. tired Says:

    EDIT: I also had no SHSH backed up. Miricals do happen!

  103. Hamrdeye Says:

    Curious if this theory would work to modify a 4.0.2 bundle to basically remove the patch for the PDF exploit.

    That is all that is really needed to jailbreak the device.

    So instead of trying to trick the phones back to 4.0.1 Why not just add (or remove, whichever way you look at it) the patch that apple added to the PDF exploit?

    So in the end you would in fact be restoring using a currently supported APPLE firmware, but yet is still slightly modified.

  104. ReekoB Says:



  105. Anonymous Says:

    I was going to also try putting the .dmg content from 4.0.1 into 4.0.2 .dmg files.

  106. carlosicm Says:

    Reeko Wahts is your iTunes Version!? :)

  107. ReekoB Says:

    9.2.1 (5)

  108. carlosicm Says:

    ty for very fast reply! May u upload ur firmware for megaupload, because the download stops in the midle of process! :) Ty ..

  109. justin Says:

    likely just refurbed phones, or phones that had shsh saved in cydia before.

  110. Useless Says:

    Was your 3GS BRAND new or is there a chance it was reconditioned and at some point in its prior life its internals had been Jailbroken and had its SHSH blobs stored? That might explain why this only seems to work for like 2 people.

  111. brambo Says:

    not working for iPhone 4

  112. Anonymous Says:


  113. brambo Says:

    what did you do?

  114. deep Says:

    Works perfectly on a 3GS that didn’t have the SHSH backed up. Thanks a million!

    My friend was totally bummed last week that he bought a 3GS on 4.0.2 that he couldn’t unlock. He’s very happy now with an unlocked 3GS

  115. brambo Says:

    does someone have a modified and working iPhone 4 ipsw?

  116. Nive Says:

    Changing the Host file means changing the iTunes Host File? How? To Sauriks Server?
    Could you please just edit the file for me (Same Way As you did) but for iPhone 4? Just wanna try it with my dads phone ;)

  117. Nive Says:

    You changed the iTunes Host file to connect with sauriks Server? Could you edit it the Firmware the Same Way As you did for iPhone 4? My Tries wont work :(

  118. deep Says:

    Just to be clear, Cydia confirmed that it wanted to “Make my life easier” and DID NOT have the SHSH on file previously… (for all the naysayers here)

    The previous owner was not tech-savvy and had just recently upgraded to 4.0.2 without blinking.

    @ReekoB: Thanks for the dropbox link to the already modified firmware. It made this process incredibly easy.

  119. carlosicm Says:

    Whats is your itunes version?!

  120. knd Says:

    did you use tinyumbrella to save the unmodified 4.0.2 shsh to saurik’s sever first?

    it sounds like this procedure basically imitates a restore to 4.0.2 (hence it looks for the 4.0.2 shsh stored on saurik’s server after you modify the host file), but actually restores to 4.0.1.

    that may be why it says step 8 is optional since it’s really just getting the 4.0.2 shsh from apple’s server.

    but i don’t see why the restore would work using saurik’s server but not apple’s.

  121. paulsiew31 Says:

    Ok, guys….Strange thing happened today. Let me start now….

    I have been using a 3gs (ver. 4.0.1 [8A306] Modem FW:05.13.04) and jailbroken with jailbreakme. Today just got hold of my new iphone 4, did the necessary activation and sync’ed to my present identity/account. Afterwhich, when the iphone 4 displayed its springboard with all my necessary purchased apps (without Cydia and etc.), I discovered my carrier has been changed to my customised name ‘paulsiew’ (which my previous 3gs had fakecarrier installed) and not default telco name, apps from installous which went into the iphone 4 was shazam, talking carl, appbox pro, etc came into the springboard too…however not entire library of apps from installous was sync’ed.

    My current NEW iphone 4 is a new unit and its on 4.0.2 version. How is it possible for it to sync certain ‘jailbroken’ apps/items back into this un-JB unit?

    Please advise….


  122. tired Says:

    i think the reason why my downgrade wasnt working at first from 4.0.2 to 4.0 was because i didnt edit the host file properly..

    i had no shsh backed up because i didnt even know at first i needed to do that lol.

    i was up until 5am trying to downgrade getting errors like 3194 and 3002 .. which i think basically means apple were denying my downgrade request.

    i didnt even have umbrella open at the time of the downgrade finally working. but ive made sure this time i backed up my shsh : P

    obviously i downgraded the ipod touch 3g so might be different for some people.. but god, 2 days finally paid off.. got sick of hearing those kids teling me how to downgrade on youtube lol.

    oh yeah i was using itunes

  123. Dmi Says:


    see first post of

    n00neimp0rtant Says:
    August 30th, 2010 at 12:04 am

  124. ReekoB Says:

    9.2.1 (5) OS X

  125. ReekoB Says:

    Thankyou very very very much! Best post of the day! Feel like im hitting my head against a brick wall here!

  126. ReekoB Says:

    No i didnt use tinyumbrella at all. Last time i tried it wasnt updated for 4.0.2, this 3GS was completely fresh.

    I was on the same wave length, step 8 optional, looking to sign official 4.0.2 when its actually 4.0.1 etc. but i dont know why but this went through and works.

    I have no idea why it only worked with sauriks server

  127. ReekoB Says:

    If you restored from the backup then it will move some stuff over.

    I recommend you restore and SET UP AS A NEW PHONE when given the option.

  128. carlosicm Says:

    Can someone upload the firmware to Megaupload,rapdshare or htfile! Pls! :”)

  129. carlosicm Says:


  130. ReekoB Says:

    I am uploading it to megaupload now for you all.

    Is it worth trying to repackage the iphone 4 .ipsw in the same way and uploading it?

    I won’t be able to test it as my iPhone 4 has shsh on file already but if it would help someone else?

    ill post a link to megaupload at the top when its done uploading

  131. Anonymous Says:

    I tried it and it doesn’t work

  132. dhamien Says:

    I can’t say anything with certainty, but there’s a number of ways to store SHSHs on Cydia. Some of them are:

    The most obvious one is clicking ‘Make my life easier’ in Cydia and forgetting about it.

    Using TinyUmbrella to pull an SHSH from Cydia (if done at /any/ point in time, Cydia will keep getting new SHSH versions for you).

    Having done a normal restore at any point on a computer that had its hosts file modified.

    Back when you had to manually put ECID into TU, someone can have mistyped and put in someone else’s ECID.

    I’m sure there’s a few more, but clicking that button in Cydia, not knowing what it was really is the most probable cause. You have to remember, even now, most people don’t know what SHSH is so it’s likely that they didn’t know what the button did which in turn makes it likely that they don’t remember pressing it. After all, it’s a button that doesn’t do anything when you press it (at least only behind the scenes).

  133. dhamien Says:

    That’s the thing, if this method works, you’re not supposed to have to modify the hosts file. If you absolutely need the modification, then you’re using SHSHs that were already stored.

    What that in turn means is that you don’t need to modify the firmware file because a normal downgrade will work for you anyway.

  134. dhamien Says:

    The SHSHs can only be stored while Apple is signing them. If they’re there now, they were there before you downgraded.

  135. ReekoB Says:

    Ye, but i pressed the button myself. That button would not have been there if the SHSH were on the server already.

    And on that note, the downgrade should not have verified on sauriks server if the SHSH were not on there.

    So 2 things have happened here that make no sense:

    1) Sauriks server seems to have signed the firmware through, without having SHSH on file (without editing the host file it through up errors)

    2) If the restore went through because the SHSH where on file then Cydia offering to ‘Make my life easier’ is also a glitch.

    I can’t explain either of those, i know they shouldn’t happen, but i know this iPhone 3GS has never been jailbroken from new, is not a refurb and i managed to downgrade it. I’ve also managed to learn that ultrasn0w doesn’t seem to work :/

  136. dhamien Says:

    He started his post by saying that it was unconfirmed.

    By the way, stating that you understand what SHSHs are and how they work doesn’t make it so. It seems you think that the SHSHs you can get are based on which version you’re on, which they’re not.

  137. dhamien Says:

    That’s not true. The SHSHs can be stored on the server and still pop up the message.

  138. ReekoB Says:

    Ok, a week ago i tried to downgrade – first with the stock host file, to errors. Second – to sauriks server (in the hope the phone had been jailbroken, even though i knew it hadn’t) – to errors.

    This method worked and im now at 4.0.1.

    Im guessing whatevers happening may be either quite a big, new thing, maybe so simple the dev team have overlooked it, or just a complete freak ’4.0.2 to 4.0.1′ kind of thing.

  139. dhamien Says:

    Isn’t it obvious? You needed the SHSH from his server.

  140. ReekoB Says:

    No, they werent.

    Last week i tried downgrading with both the stock + edited host file.

    Nothing but errors.

    The phone has sat there doing nothing for a week until i saw this guide. It’s now at 4.0.2.

    I don’t think you can logically explain what has happened. I understand what your saying, and i know it shouldn’t work – but it has. I feel like im hitting my head against a brick wall with this because i really really really understand where your coming from!

  141. ReekoB Says:



  142. ReekoB Says:

    Ye, sure, they where there the whole time. Silly me.

    That’s why when i tried to downgrade last week, using both the stock host file and the edited host file (sauriks server) – it through up errors and wouldn’t take it.

  143. Joe Says:

    I am STILL Trying…. I’m starting to feel abused.

  144. ReekoB Says:

    Just in case somethings going wrong with the compiling of the firmware on your end, i am going to make the iPhone 4 firmware the same as i did the 3GS and upload it to megupload. It will take a couple hours im afraid but ill post a link on here at the top when it’s ready.

    All you should have to do then is edit the host file, dfu mode + restore.

    If it doesn’t work then i guess its a 3GS thing only, maybe just a freak thing.

  145. carlosicm Says:

    Wow! :) Ty my friend! :)

  146. Menthol Says:

    iPhone 4 with 4.0.2, tried few times already, never worked.
    Getting 3149 error everytime..

  147. Mepo Says:

    How is it possible for a box out iPhone on iOS 4.0.2 having SHSHs for iOS 4.0.1 on sauriks server?? Confused…

  148. carlosicm Says:

    that process is not with SHSHs… is a diferent process friend! :)

  149. Mepo Says:

    Dude, they said its only for 3GS. Better to wait until an official jailbreak tool release after apple released iOS 4.1.x (soon this is gonna happen)..

  150. Mepo Says:

    OK. We are replacing 4.0.2 files with 4.0.1 (actually with some modifications). After we are trying to restore this custom ipsw with iTunes. In this process, which firmware signs iTunes will ask from apple…? 4.0.2 or 4.0.1 ? ….

  151. Relax Says:

    for me on an iphone 4 it asked itunes for 4.0.1 i saw it in firmware umbrella. i thought it was supposed to ask for 4.0.1

  152. carlosicm Says:

    anyone knows when 4.1.x comes out?!

  153. RodrigoAIWA Says:

    Put link to download for iphone 4

  154. iPhoneUnlockDK Says:

    Hi people.

    Listen up here.
    I have done this the last 2 days and this is how it goes.

    This process is not working for iPhone 4. It only works for iPhone 3Gs (All versions)
    You dont even have to go into those files and chance all kind of stuff.
    Just take a iPhone2,1_4.0.1_8A306_Restore firmware and rename is to iPhone2,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore and then Shift/CTRL restore in iTunes ;)
    I’m telling you. I have done it so many times today alone all without SHSH on hold and no use of Umbrella.
    The only thing i have is Saurik IP in the host file. Thats it. Nothing els.
    Rename the file.


  155. dhamien Says:

    Actually, a number of people on MMi experienced the same thing where they had to click the button even though their SHSH was already on Cydia’s server.

    The phone doesn’t need to be old or have been previously jailbroken to have SHSHs stored on Cydia.

    You’re assuming that the downgrading your phone caused your SHSHs to be stored on Cydia but that’s backwards thinking. If you read about it and understand the process, you’ll see that signatures can only be stored while Apple is still signing.

    If you do understand the process, you should know that the above ‘method’ is completely unnecessary (the whole modifying the firmware thing) as a normal downgrade will work just fine with SHSHs.

  156. dhamien Says:

    The only thing I can think of in that direction, is if Saurik has, within the last few days, found a way to generate working SHSHs. I find that very unlikely since there’s been no news of it. It’s not a thing where Saurik or the rest of the Dev Team would benefit from keeping it secret. On the contrary, if no one knows about, no one benefits from it.

  157. core10 Says:

    Wow, serendipity! The day I go looking to JB my 4.0.2 phone you post this. Kudos!! Verified it works on 3GS.

    Notes for Mac users:

    Assumption: Your ipsw files are in your Download folder. Adjust as necessary.

    *open up a terminal*
    cd ; mkdir -p tmp/401 ; mkdir tmp/402
    cd tmp/401
    unzip ~/Downloads/iPhone2,1_4.0.1_8A306_Restore.ipsw
    *edit your files per instructions*
    cd ~/tmp/402
    unzip ../../Downloads/iPhone2,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw
    cp -pr ../401/* .
    rm *-002.dmg
    zip -r ~/tmp/iPhone2,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw

    Then when you go to restore browse to ~/tmp and select your new ipsw file.

  158. dhamien Says:

    Just to add, if Saurik did in fact generate working SHSHs, then why not for everyone? Why does it only work for a few people?

  159. iverson3 Says:

    I have a old bootrom 3GS on 4.02. I am fairly certain (but not 100% sure) that it has never been jaibroken (I am not the first owner, but bought it from the original owner who I am pretty sure did not JB.) I used TinyUmbrella to check for SHSH blobs, and none were stored on Saurik’s server (I think that is the thing to do, right?)

    I have followed ReekoB’s directions and they have WORKED for me, with the latest version of iTunes. I edited my hosts file, simply to follow ReekoB’s directions. I don’t know what would have happened without editing the hosts file, I understand that for this particular hack to work, the hosts file should be irrelevant. Maybe it would have worked anyway, and Apple’s server really was tricked into authenticating this restore.

    Anyway- THANKS ReekoB for posting that modified firmware on Dropbox!!!! CHEERS!!!!!!!!!!

  160. Curious Says:

    I’m waiting for a brand new iP4 which is surely going to be shipped with 4.0.2 and I’m willing to test this – although I doubt it will work.
    Did someone meanwhile upload the modified FW for the iP4 to megaupload?

  161. carlosicm Says:

    Reeko is work on that! :)

  162. Chris Says:

    FYI- I picked up a new IPhone 4 today with 4.0.2 at the AT&T store (was sealed in the box) and have not had success performing this downgrade. I am getting error 3194. Tried with and without the hosts file mod. All well, at least this has helped the 3GS’ers!

    Running Windows 7 and latest version of ITunes.

  163. iverson3 Says:

    Hi ReekoB,

    I JB my 3GS using your directions, and just installed ultrasn0w. I am on my original carrier (ATT), and am getting full bars.

  164. ibex Says:

    It works for me
    Just renamed iPhone2,1_4.0.1_8A306_Restore to iPhone2,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore
    and write Saurik IP in the host file

    It’s on 4.0.1 again :)


  165. carlosicm Says:

    Rename dont worked for me!!! :(

  166. Kenny Says:

    ReekoB: Is it possible that your SHSHs were saved without you knowing, and the reason that it didn’t work last week was that you had to reboot your computer after modifying the hosts file?

  167. foldup Says:

    just tried it on my iPhone 4 and I am also getting error code: 3194

    Its looking more likely that this is just a 3GS fix.

    PLEASE someone please come up with a downgrade for iPhone 4 users stuck on 4.0.2.

    It has to be possible.

  168. Anonymous Says:

    We need an exploit released that just allows every 3gs/4 model to be JB’d like the 3G. It is a long time coming. i am surprised that Apple has finally won.

  169. Stephanie Says:

    does this work oin an out of box iphone 4 with 4.0.2?

  170. Anonymous Says:

    It did not work for me. I guess that the process for the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4 to get the signature from Apple is different

  171. Anonymous Says:

    it wont work on non backed up shsh’s period. dont believe the hype.

  172. stewberg Says:

    3GS with 4.0.2 out of the box.

    I downloaded the file ReekoB gave a link for, set my hosts file as instructed, DFU and all and I got the iTunes error.

    The only thing I can think, is that I did have Umbrella save my SHSH blobs under 4.0.2. Could that kick back the error becasue it detects 4.0.2 from his redirected site? I’m clueless, but I wondered if that may be a problem?

  173. iPhoneUnlockDK Says:

    Normally this docent work at all. Tried it many times before but it never worked.
    But this time is dose. Awesome. I personally downgraded 5 iPhone 3Gs now all without SHSH on hold just by renaming the damn file ;)
    This is freaking awesome and i’m sure this is only working on 4.01/4.02 and never again. Maybe the 4.01 is so close to 4.02 that it
    makes sense. We know already that this 4.02 update only closes on little hole and therefor the two firmware are maybe identical inside ?
    I give you my word. It works as i describe and already did it 5 times now. :lol:

  174. tired Says:

    why is it mostly kids giving downgrade advice on youtube :@

  175. carlosicm Says:

    Hey Reeko, any sucess with another mirror link?!

  176. Jarod Says:

    I’ve run some tests with my iPhone 4. It does look like this is impossible for those with one.

    Using apple for the server, doesn’t work. Using Cydia for the server, doesn’t work. Using TinyUmbrella yields that iTunes is sending a request for 4.0.1, as such, it also does not work.

    Sorry to all those iPhone 4 users :(

  177. Curtix Says:

    The idea that this could/would work is completely ridiculous. If you modify a file in any way at all, the signiture changes and so would the SHSH blob that would acompany the file. Anyone having success with this downgrade method is simply restoring using stored SHSH blobs from Saurik’s signature server. The short answer is, those who have backed up their SHSH blobs either with Cydia or locally with Tiny Umbrella can downgrade to whatever FW’s they have signatures for. Those that don’t have signatures can’t. Period!

  178. OCDan Says:

    Worked for me, 3gs. Thanks!

  179. verity Says:

    Could we please get the correct ipsw for iPhone 4 according to instructions?

    I’m not clear if we need to select absolutely everything inside extracted 4.0.1 to copy over the insides of 4.0.2, or leave Firmware folder alone.

    Also, could someone please explain if iTunes before restoring says it is about to erase and restore to “4.0.1″ or is it recognizing the new modified 4.0.2 as “4.0.2″? I’m getting “4.0.1″ and then verification error on iPhone 4…

  180. stewberg Says:

    Tried it at work and it didn’t work (windowsXP). Tried it when I got back home
    (Windows 7)and here I am with a 4.0.1 useable 3GS that was out of the box 4.0.2! No shsh becase I checked it last night praying it’d been backed up but no go. So… I was a naysayer, but have seen the 4.0.2 downgrade light! I’m happy to help and see if there are any common threads as to why it works on some and not on others.


  181. Sam Says:

    Sir, you are a God.

    Im on a mac and have neither the time nor the patience to mess about with the process above any more than I have done already with no success.

    Just want to say a massive thanks for posting the file :D
    Saved a lot of hastle and worked.

    Like he said, download the linked file, change the hosts and put the phone into DFU mode and there you go :D

    Thanks again

  182. verity Says:

    That’s my problem as well. I can’t verify with any server since the firmware is taken to be 4.0.1.

    I’m beginning to think that in the case of iPhone 4 there are some other places we need to look to replace the 8A306 or maybe leave some files not moved over from 4.0.1…

  183. LP Says:

    WIll NOT work for iP4, only 3GS. Talk about false hope followed by major disappointment :(

  184. verity Says:

    LOL, I just found a way to do a search for a string through text files (grep “8A306″ `find . -type f`) and didn’t find it anywhere inside 4.0.1 extracted files. Searching for 8A400 found it in 3 places in BuildManifest and 1 place in Restore, as expected. So it’s not the matter of another hidden 8A306.

    Things aren’t that simple for iPhone 4… :(

  185. Intimacygel Says:

    Yeah… this guide is “accidently” retarded. The people who managed to get this to work had their shsh blobs saved with 4.0.1 whether they knew it or not, giving us a LOT of false info. Maybe 3gs.. maybe, but not iphone 4, YOU HAVE TO HAVE SHSH BLOBS SAVED PRIOR. I work as a software engineer and ALL steps listed here.. even in a controlled environment do not work(VM). Using the steps above you get 3194. Those of you having the TU server running (not in steps, but I see why you tried) get 3002 because they don’t validate your 4.0.1 shsh.

    I too tried modifying more shit.. I tried modifying the 4.0.2 buildmanifest and restore to include the old .dmg’s instead of the new ones and then just using those files..AND… you almost get there. Apple approves the restore, you phone backlight comes on.. then turns white.. then goes into recovery mode from DFU (yes these are different) and then reboots.. into nothing but a error 21. You have to kick it out with TU. Moral of the story this does not work as of yet. Tried this literally too many times to count with so many restarts, dns server resets… fucking everything. The only hope we have is someone figuring out what else to change in build manifest and restore.

  186. LP Says:

    Feels better that I (total novice) can’t get it to work, knowing that you (experienced) also can’t. Thanks for sharing details- hopefully someone will figure out a way to make it happen

  187. stewberg Says:

    Sorry… It did work for me and I seriously didn’t have shsh saved anywhere. We’ve just got to try to figure out why it works with some and not others. It didn’t work at my workplace, but did work at home. Try a different computer and let us know!?

  188. Intimacygel Says:

    Iphone 4… on 4.0.2?

    Here’s a thought.. do you restore the current iphone 4 on 4.0.2 to a fresh 4.0.2.. then start?

    And why on earth would a different computer make a difference? Different hardware in the computer is going to make no difference… we’re they different OS? Like I’m using win7 and maybe I should try XP.
    The network ipv4 and ipv6 architecture is different in xp, making different use of the DNS server different. Although almost all of it is the same

    I’m still boggled as it “appears” this to be a validating issue on apples end. But changes in os could make difference. I’ll try on my work laptop.

    Don’t keep your hopes up though:P

  189. Intimacygel Says:

    okay yeah.. not even sure I should try different OS.. I looked further and Stewberg has a 3gs.. which many people have confirmed. Thanks for your input though (although do please try to read what I posted)

    I have yet to see a iphone 4 that works with this tomfoolery with out the wanker not realizing he has saved 4.0.1 shsh.

    We’re gonna have to experiment until someone gets somewhere

  190. star777 Says:

    This method works! I never write in these forums but had to do so. I got a 3gs old bootrom from a friend who does not have a clue about jailbreaking and i am positive that shsh blobs were not stored. I restored in reg mode (not DFU) and have successfully downgraded and used jailbreakme.

  191. Khaled Says:

    when you open cydia
    do you see the SHSH line where it tells you what firmware you can go to?

  192. Khaled Says:

    i have done every possible combo between the 2 files (4.0.1) and (4.0.2)
    the best i got is on the iphone 4
    pass apple software check
    pass preparing for restore
    fails on the restoring software error 21

  193. OCDan Says:

    You know what, i just tried loading a vanilla 4.0.1 ipsw on a virgin 3gs, and already had itunes pointing to saurik’s server. Worked like a charm.
    Latest iTunes, and phone was in DFU mode. Downgrade and go.

  194. iHots Says:

    Possibly we don’t know how SHSHs blob on Cydia really works.
    I have an iPhone 3GS:
    - old bootroom
    - out of the box OS 3.0 FW version
    - jailbroke with redsnow
    - the “make your life easier” button appeared in Cydia and I hit it. Then, I got SHSHs on file for iPhone OS 3.0; but, later I got SHSH for 3.1 though I never used/restore/upgrade it. Then, I restore to iPhone OS 3.1.2 and jailbroke with blackrain, and later I also got SHSHs for 3.1.3.
    Now, I am on iOS 4.0 jailbreak with Snowbreeze and again, I got SHSH for 4.0.1
    Note: the “make your life easier” never re-appears and I know nothing about Tiny Umbrella. This confused thing may be useful for others

  195. star777 Says:

    There were none… I hit make my life easier once i was finished and now have one request pending… Im positive they were not backed up. once again is a 3gs not a ip4

  196. keithor44 Says:

    I have tried everything as well. I think we can confirm that this method DOES NOT WORK for iPhone 4. Sorry.

  197. OCDan Says:

    Pretty sure this is only going to work on the 3gs ;)

  198. snazzy Says:

    Apple has not won, the Dev-team has another exploit for jailbreaking (I believe). They are just holding onto it for a little while until FW 4.1 is released which is probably coming in the next few weeks. If they were to release a new jailbreak right now for 4.0.2 Apple would have time to patch that exploit in 4.1 and then we would be right back where we are now.

  199. Anonymous Says:

    Very well could be that iPhone 4 does not work. The only reason I can think that my work system may have not worked is because they have so many ports closed and filters that it couldn’t verify correctly maybe the network bypasses the hosts file altogether.

  200. AnotherUser Says:

    It WORKS for my iphone 3gs after modifying the “host” file as said above.

  201. AnotherUser Says:

    oh…THANKS!!! :)

  202. Anonymous Says:

    Yup, same here, this was a plesent suprise

  203. Heliamphora Says:

    I have a 3gs, never jailbroken, no SHSH saved. All I did was modify host and rename a 4.0.1 ipsw as: iPhone2,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw.
    Downgrading worked perfectly. While downgrading, iTunes even asked if I’d like to restore to 4.0.1.

  204. OMEGA_RAZER Says:

    If you don’t have it already it’ll have 4.0.2 on it. Got mine last week and it has 4.0.2 on it.

    Using a similar technique to the one posted up top I believe I may be getting close to having a iP4 version of this working… will keep you posted though :P

  205. flood Says:

    please upload the modified firmware for iPhone 4 i sucks with computers

  206. ReekoB Says:

    Megaupload link


    Copy and paste into url bar

  207. ReekoB Says:

    Ok, another experienced pro that understands everything, but can’t exactly wrap his head round the fact that this does actually seem to work. For more than 1 or 2 people aswell.

  208. Jazz Says:

    Yep thats my point to….
    Never heard about Tiny Umbrella, before I fucked my iPhone 4 up…..didn’t even know that Apple closed for firmware 4.0.1. Did click on “Make your life easier” in Cydia, but was peeeending….Daaam. Now I’m stuck on 4.0.2……I HATE IT!!!! Been jailbreaking for 2½ years now…..so my life is heell now….
    Hope someone soon figur out how to downgrade in another whay, Come Fast :-)

  209. koredom Says:

    Okay, summary:
    - iPhone 4 NEVER has been downgraded till now with this method.
    - A few users claim to have downgraded their iPhone 3GS without having their blobs saved to cydia.

  210. Anonymous Says:

    I’m one of the many that just got an iphone 4 with 4.0.2 right out of the box. I’m annoyed that this method clearly doesn’t work for iphone 4 (and it has been advertised as a possibility); however, iOS 4.1 will be released very soon and I have absolute confidence that the dev team has an ace in the hole to jailbreak it. In a week from now, we’ll all be wondering why we got so invested in this “hack”.

  211. SENSEF Says:

    just to be clear. it will work on an iPhone 4 version 4.0.2 right ?

  212. ravin Says:

    didnt work for me in iphone 4 oops

  213. brambo Says:

    i can’t get past apple’s software check…
    does this mean i have to use option 8?
    i gave up hope to fix my iphone 4…

    can someone upload the iphone 4 custom made firmware if it worked??

  214. Intimacygel Says:

    You’re kidding, right? You were obviously able to type in English.. so I presume that you are able to read it.

    Sorry for trolling.. but jesus..

  215. Anonymous Says:

    Probably you already had shsh blobs for 4.0.1 on saurik’s server from before you upgraded to 4.0.2. so you could have probably downgraded without even going trough the trouble of modifying the ipsw. that’s why it didn’t work without the modified hosts file. ;)

  216. Joel Says:

    To clearify:
    Downgrading 3GS MIGHT work, for some. Haven’t really found a common denominator for what phones that can downgrade, and which ones that can’t.

    However, iPhone 4 WILL NOT DOWNGRADE, unless you have your SHSH blobs for 4.0 or 4.0.1 stored @ sauriks server, in which case this guide is void anyhow.


    3GS, MAYBE, With firmware downloaded from URL mentioned in the first few comments
    Tried every consievable angle to do this, nothing works. Only option so far is waiting for 4.1 (roumored for wednesday 01.september), jailbreak will not be long after. (4.1 betas have been around a long time)

  217. Yvorobyov Says:

    Guys,we need to find some method for iPad 3.2.2.maybe somebody have some ideas?

  218. Kiki Says:

    Re: joes reply upgrading 2.1 to 4.2. I have 3GS jail broken 2.1 & want upgrade to 4.1 so I can keep jailbreak and get the 4.1 updates. Can/should I upgrade to ios 4.1?

  219. Kiki Says:

    I have 3GS jail broken 2.1 & want upgrade to 4.1 so I can keep jailbreak and get the 4.1 updates. Can/should I upgrade to ios 4.1?

  220. siick Says:

    doesnt work for me :’(

  221. Beaudean Says:

    Reekob OK I dont know how but good on you. I’m glad Apple weren’t able to hold everyone hostage on 4.0.2 at least.

  222. Joel Says:

    NO, do not upgrade to 4.1 until jailbreak is available. Unless you dont rely on jailbreak/unlock, in which case, go ahead when its released :D

  223. Beaudean Says:

    ReekoB did you use the exact same edited hosts file because it is very easy to not edit it correctly. I have done this myself and have had to do it again. I ended up keeping a copy of the edited file for Sauriks server so I can just copy & paste it. I’m not saying your stupid just a normal human. It’s a possible reason ! (One way to determine this once and for all is to go to Saurik’s IRC and ask him very very nicely to please confirm the aquisition date of your SHSH blobs.)

  224. Beaudean Says:

    Well in about ba week you’ll be able to tell us what shsh’s Cydia has stored for your device.

  225. Beaudean Says:

    WTF does that mean. All that means is that you are able to go to any firmware you like. So obviously this issue doesn’t affect you. Once you press that button “Make My Life Easy” once, it will continue to acquire your shsh’s for all future firmwares without you having to install that FW version, and once cydia has it, you can go to that version any time you want.

  226. Anonymous Says:

    Funny thing I found. If I use tiny umbrella with my iphone 4 and select 3gs in advanced options an shsh will be returned by cydia for 4.0.1. unfortunately this doesn’t allow me to downgrade my iphone 4 but it is awful weird that my ECID returns shshs’s for a 3gs.

  227. sofia Says:

    ITS SOOO COMPLEX! I juz cant wait for jailbreak 4.0.2 to come out… lolzzz

  228. dhamien Says:

    The funny thing is, all the people who had success by modifying the firmware and then editing the hosts file could have just done what you just did.

    Simply edit the hosts file and use vanilla 4.0.1

  229. dhamien Says:

    For anyone trying this, try it with a stock 4.0.1 firmware file and then edit the hosts file. I assure you, if that doesn’t work, modifying the firmware file won’t work either.

  230. Josh Says:

    This totally works on my iPhone 3GS! I successfully downgraded from 4.0.2 to 4.0.

    I used an old 4.0 software version, and replaced 8A293 (instead of 8A306) with 8A400.

    Apart from that change, I followed the instructions above, and it works wonderfully! Well done everyone involved :)

  231. BigBoss Says:

    Actually it cant. If your shsh is on file it will not ask you to make your life easier. Instead it shows a pending (or actual) shsh.

  232. BigBoss Says:

    No, I believe the shsh is a hash of some data on your device taken from your ECID and the firmware version number. The contents of the file can change. In fact, Musclenerd’s last ditch effort actually modifies the ipsw and allows it to restore in this case: http://wikee.iphwn.org/howto:removellb

  233. BigBoss Says:

    If he hit “make my life easier” then there was never a pending request for that device, period. Also, since Apple is only signing 4.0.2, that’s the only thing that should show up. If somehow 4.0.1 shows up, then that means that Apple is actually signing some 3gs requests, which would explain why this method is hit-and-miss for some.

  234. BigBoss Says:

    Here is how Cydia SHSH blob’s work. When Cydia loads, it checks for your device’s SHSH in the system. If you do not have a request at all, it shows the “make my life easier” screen. Only exception is if you said “I hate jailbreaking, go away”. Once you put in an SHSH request, you get an SHSH stored for the current firmware that is being signed. It makes no difference what firmware you are running. You get it for the current firmware being signed. If a user today, on 3.0, requests his SHSH blob, it will be for 4.0.2.

    Sometime later, new firmwares come out. Anyone that has ever said “make my life easier” is automatically put into the signing queue by saurik’s server and you will eventually get a signature on file for that firmware. You only have to hit “make my life easier” once in your life.

    As for refurbished devices, about 10% of devices are jailbroken. That means if you buy a refurbished device or swap your device for a refurb, you have about a 10% chance that the shsh was already put on file by the previous user.

  235. ReekoB Says:

    Great update bigboss. Thanks or clarification regards the ‘make my life easier’ screen.

    Everyone is saying this is impossible, and I agree it should be, but I swear I’m not lying when I say this is working. Also, editing the ‘host’ file means that sauriks server is signing the 4.0.1, not apple themselves, which is even more odd considering the lack of SHSH on file.

  236. Anonymous Says:


  237. mollet Says:

    i can confirm this, and 3 other people sitting around can also prove that i succesfully restore an brand new Iphone 3GS with factory shipped 4.0.2 on it using this methode explained here, id did not worked with my Iphone 4 but the Iphone 3GS which has NEVER EVER been Jailbroken because it was Brand NEW did work !

  238. Anonymous Says:

    You’re on 3gs… Honestly don’t care about people with 3gs lol.

    I’m on iphone 4 and have yet to hear a “genuine” success story using this method. Usually they had shsh blobs saved on server and didn’t know.

    Not possible on iphone 4…as of yet

  239. cj1331 Says:

    I am kinda new to this, exactly do I change the hosts? I do have winrar,

  240. Anonymous Says:

    Guys,we need to find some method for iPad 3.2.2.maybe somebody have some ideas?

  241. yesjb Says:

    Does not work with iPhone 4 (4.0.2)
    Will just have to wait for 4.1

  242. OMFG Says:


  243. Sparkles Says:

    Worked like a charm on 3G 8GB, even downgraded it to 3.1.3 now :-D

  244. Dan Says:

    The 3g will downgrade regardless to whatever you want. It doesn’t use the SHSH files as with the 3GS and I4.

  245. New Says:

    So just being a little confused here
    What are the exact steps for ipod touch 3g?
    Sorry i have tried but no success.
    thx a lot

  246. Travis Says:

    Exactly. It makes sense why they are holding on to it. It just sucks for those of us who need it! :)

  247. hesho Says:

    Please advise if this will work with iPhone 4 which was shipped less than a week with 4.0.2??

    I hate to use my iPhone just like a normal iPod??????

    Your quick response is highly appreciated.

    \ Hesham

  248. Oracle Says:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to downgrade an iPhone 4 on 4.0.2 if it was on 4.0.1 when I bought it. Some people claim it’s possible but I have read hundreds of blogs and I’m yet to see a method as to how.

  249. Travis Says:

    As of right now, there have been NO SUCCESSFUL downgrades of iPhone 4. If it is on 4.0.2, regardless of when it shipped, you cannot downgrade. Also, dev-team have stated they will not do a fix for 4.0.2. They are going to wait for 4.1 to come out for a jailbreak.

    So as it stands, you will have to use your iPhone like an iPod until 4.1 comes out, or until someone can find a work around for 4.0.2.

    This work around does NOT work for iPhone 4.

  250. Travis Says:

    It is not possible. If you have an iPhone 4 running 4.0.2 and have never saved your SHSH’s with cydia (ie. had the phone jailbroken at 4.0.1) you will not be able to downgrade it as it stands right now.

  251. Oracle Says:

    Thanks Travis. I feel so stupid for upgrading my phone to 4.0.2 in the first place. I’m in the uk so I didn’t hear about jailbreak being available for the iPhone 4 until a few days ago.

  252. medo Says:

    is this for Iphone4?

  253. Zsookma Says:

    Hey everyone, just wanted to let you know theres a much easier way to do this. simply, download you firmware for 4.0.1/4.0 and change the name to iPhone2,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw then from there all you have to do is modify the host and then put the device into DFU and restore. note this worked on my 3GS, not an iphone 4

  254. Travis Says:

    No problem. My mom was having a proximity sensor issue and thought it would fix that and did the same thing… We will just have to wait for 4.1 to come out.

    We live and learn!

  255. MLZ Says:

    So, according to the update #2, it works because it might happen that the shsh (even for new devices) are on saurik’s servers not because the content of the firmwares have been swapped.
    Given that you just need to change the hosts and try pointing to the 401 firmware. Forget about messing with the ispw’s and zips.

    I just got a Iphone 4 out of stock with 402 brought from US to Brazil and I assume it is useless here until 4.1 is out and jailbroken.

    I hope they announce it soon.

  256. rev056 Says:

    Ive tried it like ten times, with host file without , and nothing, Followed the derections to the core! I have an Iphone4 4.0.2 straight out of the box, beggining to think it will only work with 3Gs? If anyone has any luck with Iphone 4 please help

  257. Anonymous Says:

    Where can we download it man plz I need to downgrade just got new iPhone 4 plz

  258. julago Says:

    Very strange: When i delete all blobs in .shsh folder, then open TinyUmbrella, connect my Iphone 3GS, select request from Apple and FW 4.0.1 and hit “Save My SHSH” it says: SHSH SUCCESSFULLY saved! This works for 4.0.2, 4.0.1 and 4.0, but not for 3.1.3 or older Versions. Why is Apple signing old Firmwares for my 3GS right now?

  259. elaine Says:

    it says to d/l the 4.0.2.ispw or whatever.. but i don’t see the firmware on the URL?! only the 4.0.1 and the others..

  260. Eyad Says:

    How to change the stupid host files ? Do i change it on Itunes ?or in the Ispw file ? or where ?

  261. ReekoB Says:

    @bigboss Update 2 is wrong. A week ago I couldn’t downgrade the exact phone to 4.0.1 that I did using these instructions.

    What has happened in the last week so that saurik got my shsh because the phone has been sitting collecting dust since I last tried.

  262. Anonymous Says:

    Is it working with iPhone 4 with 4.0.2 out of box?

    Please please please confirm

  263. Matthack Says:

    This worked fine for my 3GS that has no shsh on file. I then jailbreak and got “make my life easier”. Changed my host file to the other one.

  264. Boby Says:

    Nice Effort ReekoB…did you try to make custom ipsw for iphone 4 ?? i have with 4.0.2 and need to downgrade but dont have SHSH…

    can you make same custom ipsw for iphone 4 and send me the link..so ill try with my iphone 4

  265. Archon Says:

    I spent about 6 hours trying this last night with my 3GS which I stupidly upgraded to 4.0.2 and kept getting the 3194 errors inside iTunes.

    Tonight, I re-downloaded the f/w posted by ReekoB and it worked on the first try. I just copied the f/w to the iTunes f/w folder, put phone in DFU mode, hit Restore and it worked. I am now back on 4.0.1. Thank you to all who posted and especially to ReekoB!

  266. RTB Says:

    @ReekoB Just wanted to thank you for posting the file. Worked perfectly!

  267. paulsiew31 Says:

    Uh, guys…just referring to my earlier post:

    paulsiew31 Says:
    August 30th, 2010 at 9:25 am

    I just tried to hook up to iFile to check whether I could see the folders in my ip4, surprisingly I could! I am just at a position on how/where to go from here in order for me to further downgrade and JB this unit.

    Was wondering too whether the comments posted here are relevant to compliment on the downgrade/ JB enhancement.

    So near, yet so far…sigh…


  268. Vladimir Says:

    It is really works for iPhone 4! The phone from USA (locked), was updated to 4.0.2 by me (i was noob in that time).

    Yesterday, i saw in umbrella – there was NOT saved shsh!

    Due to instructions the iPhone 4 was flashed by this edited firmware. In progress faults an error 1004 and phone switched only in recovery mode. Tiny Umbrella with “Kick device out of recovery” helped to solve that problem!

    After that “Activation”, then jailbreaking, then unlocking with ultrasn0w!

    Thank you for that method ;)

    B.R. brealx

  269. Hardik Desai Says:

    Awesome, confirmed working for iphone 3gs.

    I had 3gs with version 3.1.2 but battery was draining out very quickly. So i went to apple store, they verified that my battery is bad, and they gave me new phone. It had 4.0.2 on it. I just downloaded files from ReekoB and copied under %Userprofile%\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates where apple stores firmwares. Put the phone on DFU and restored, volia!!! all done in 10 mins. After that i did Jailbreakme + ultrasnow and now i am running tmobile on it…Very happy…Thansk so much guys for your help…Specially ReekoB. Thanks very much. And it definately works without storing shsh files…or whatever…

  270. chucky4444 Says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have read all the posts but I still don’t know exactly what to do to downgrade from 4.02(8A400) to a 4.0 in an Ipod touch 8g (MC model). Can anyone write the steps again?

    thank you.

  271. Cameron Says:

    Thank you for the great post. This did work for me after many failed attemps to downgrade to 3.1.3 I was able to downgrade my 3gs from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 (using the file you supplied) then jailbreak it via jailbreakme

  272. Cameron Says:

    let me clarify, i used the file that ReekoB had supplied and it worked like a charm. Thanks ReekoB!

  273. brealx Says:

    For iPhone 4 verified!

  274. Boby Says:

    Has any one tried this on iphone 4 ???? im stuck with 4.0.2

  275. B Says:

    All the steps worked fine for me, until it started copying apps, songs etc after the restore.

    The entire memory were shown taken up by apps (in green color). THen an error message displayed saying “Not enough space”.

    Any idea why?
    After the downgrade to 4.0.1, I tried to restore the backup I have taken just before the downgrade


  276. brealx Says:

    iPhone 4 was tried and it WORKS!

  277. BossMan Says:

    Am having no lick downloading ReekoB’s file…

  278. Jr Says:

    There’s a tread on modmyi with video that will show u how to downgrade. I downgraded from 4.0.2 to a 4.0. Works great

  279. Joel Says:

    How, post description!

  280. Joel Says:

    How?? Post description, or it didn’t happen!

  281. Joel Says:

    Post a description how you did it, or it didn’t happen.

  282. Jazz Says:

    How is it then, when your SHSH file is pending, is the file lost or what?

  283. Joel Says:

    Same problem here.. had “pending TSS request” in cydia for fw 4.0, but no SHSH there now, 2 weeks later :(

  284. Beaudean Says:

    Thanks for the update but I can’t understand what editing the hosts file acheives if in fact Apple is signing the 4.0.1 firmware. If your assumptions are correct and Apple is signing them, then editing the hosts file should cause the signature request to fail. I’m stumped because none of this makes any sense except Sauriks server somehow has their shsh’s. I can see this thread growing daily untill 4.1 is released.

  285. Beaudean Says:

    I can’t ever see you getting that unless Apple is signing 4.0 or were when you hit the MMLE button, but after reading this thread the last few days who knows what is possible. Good luck anyway.

  286. ReekoB Says:

    Here is a modified 4.0.2 file for the iPhone 4, compiled the same way as the 3GS one I made


    Copy n paste into URL bar.

    I can’t test this to verify it works, please comment.

  287. ReekoB Says:

    Here is a modified 4.0.2 file for the iPhone 4, compiled the same way as the 3GS one I made


    Copy n paste into URL bar.

    I can’t test this to verify it works, please comment.

  288. Anonymous Says:

    16 hours to download? fail

  289. sierra Says:

    Ok so I downloaded your file for the IP4 and put the phone into DFU mode. I hit shift+restore in itunes and try to load the customer firmware onto the phone but it says it is not compatible with my iphone. Any ideas?

    I have an ip4 that i bought friday from att with 4.0.2 out of the box

  290. Hgharib Says:

    please ReekoB, try to upload to another web site, it’s blocked in my area!!

    I am talking about the custome FW for the IP4 on 4.0.2 out of the box??

    I will try it and keep the others posted ;-)

    Thanks MAN..

  291. carlosicm Says:

    Ty for Megaupload links!!! :)

  292. Joel Says:

    Ill try, but lets see =) Get back to you in a couple of minutes!

  293. Joel Says:

    Do you have another service to upload it to?? Get 5KB/s from megaupload :(

  294. ReekoB Says:

    Lol, I was using dropbox and someone specifically requested megaupload! Had to make an account and everything!!

    I’ll upload it to dropbox later.

    Try editing the ‘host’ file if it doesn’t work right away see if that makes a difference?

  295. Joel Says:

    Im all loaded over here :) Want to try so badly! Even brought my mac to work and everything :p hehe

    Ill try with/withouth editing host, and with gs.apple.com if necesary!
    Of course both with proper DFU and even restore mode :p

  296. Joel Says:

    FYI, MegaUpload is reporting this taking 20 hrs to complete the download..

  297. Hgharib Says:

    Gents, you are trying to say that even after downloading this custom FW, I have to change the host name or so!!

    I thought it’s going to be easier if I did it straight forward…

    What a lovely weekend I will have with my IP4 if it’s working….

    NB: please upload to another server..

  298. Flo Says:

    give a link please

  299. Joel Says:

    You might, depends a little. Some reports indicate that it actually makes a difference if you point to sauriks server. However, this is only for getting the SHSH blobs for 4.0.1.
    The community is a little bewildered as to what the H is going on with this :) I reckon, it’s all worth a try!

    And to that end; great thanks ReekoB!

  300. Anonymous Says:

    Brealx is obviously lying about his iPhone 4 working. He’s the only one, out of hundreds, that have tried this and had it work. He’s just screwing with people.

  301. chucky4444 Says:



  302. chucky4444 Says:

    hucky4444 Says:
    August 31st, 2010 at 9:25 pm
    Hi everyone,

    I have read all the posts but I still don’t know exactly what to do to downgrade from 4.02(8A400) to a 4.0 in an Ipod touch 8g (MC model). Can anyone write the steps again?

    thank you.


    chucky4444 Reply:
    September 1st, 2010 at 7:06 am



  303. Anonymous Says:

    This process simply doesn’t work unless you have shsh blobs saved. why are people so damn stupid? This is why our world is going to hell in a hand basket.

  304. Beaudean Says:

    I just tried and no go. I’m sure you’ll find that when you pressed the save my shsh, the fields were not set correctly, it must have been asking Cydia. Check again because there is no way you got shsh’s for 4.0 from Apple on 31/08 for any 3GS

  305. Beaudean Says:

    What do you mean hook up to ifile. If you have an unjailbroken iphone the only files you can see are the ones apple allows you to see. You will not have root access to the device. Sorry but I think you will probably workrd this out by the time you read this. You can NOT jailbreak untill they release 4.1 and then wait for dev team to release their jailbreak for 4.1
    You will NEVER have 4.0.1 on your device.

  306. SmartAlex Says:

    DownGrade CodeGreen

    1. Download iOS 4.0.1 IPSW and iOS 4.0.2 IPSW files

    2. Rename the file as .zip and then extract it’s contents using WinRAR to your desktop.

    3. In the ios 4.0.1 folder and rename the 018-8229-001.dmg to 018-8380-002.dmg , 018-8235-001.dmg to 018-8393-002.dmg 018-8232-001.dmg to 018-8387-002.dmg.

    4. Now open iOS 4.0.2 IPSW file using WinRAR or WinZip. You should be able to double click and open it if you have either of the utilities installed. Do not extract it’s contents, simply open it.

    5. Copy all the newly renamed 002.dmg files and the kernelcache.release.n90 files from iOS 4.0.1 folder and drag and drop them into iOS 4.0.2 file opened in WinRAR.

    6. Save the iOS 4.0.2 file in WinRAR and change back it’s file extension to IPSW.

  307. Beaudean Says:

    So you were a noob a few weeks ago and now you’re an expert who can jailbreak ip4 on 4.0.2
    I’m sorry but your post cracked me up so much my dogs were looking at me like I was an idiot.
    Please belive me when I tell you that if you downgraded an iP4 to 4.0.1 from 4.0.2 then cydia had your shsh’s. It’s very easy using TinyUmbrella to mistakenly have the fields not set right. For instance when you thought Cydia said it had no shsh’s that field was set to Apple. The data fields seem to set them selves sometimes in TinyUmbrella.

  308. Ginge Says:

    File is temporarily unavailable.

  309. Medo Says:

    file is unavailable

  310. Anonymous Says:

    I actually tried that very thing last night after trying every modification I could think of. I have an iPhone 4 OOB 4.0.2. It got past the “verifying restore with Apple” and I thought I’d hit paydirt until the dreaded error 21 showed up…

  311. ReekoB Says:

    iPhone 4 .ipsw new mirror!


    copy and paste into URL

  312. ReekoB Says:

    New mirror for the edited iPhone 4 .ipsw


    copy and paste into URL

  313. Jazz Says:

    could you also modfie an Ipad IPSW? Because I would like to give it a try.

  314. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah i even renamed the .dmg files to match 402 but got error 21.

  315. mmarmouz Says:

    Just tryed it with an out of the box iphone 4 4.0.2, and it does not work !

  316. ReekoB Says:

    BIG :(

    Must be a 3GS only thing then. I’ll up a iPad .ipsw later but i doubt it will work.

    i’ve now read about people who had saved their shsh now have not got any on file, i did not save my shsh and magically appeared to have them on file – maybe. Very odd things happening right now.

  317. mmarmouz Says:

    They just announced the 4.1 for next week, so jailbreak will be available soon !

  318. sid91 Says:

    it works for 3GS! thanks Reeko. I had never saved any SHSH’s before

  319. thomas Says:

    this works perfect i did it on my iphone and it is fully working right now on 4.0. really great thanks

  320. mmarmouz Says:

    Will really help if the people that succeed specify witch iphone it is !!! 3g 3gs 4 ?!??!??!

  321. Jazz Says:

    Again, is it possible to repack the 3.2.1 files for an ipad?
    Like steve said. Next Update iOS 4.2 on iPad in november. So it’s a long time to stay on 3.2.2 with my new iPad. It would be great to give it a try for downgrading with this method.
    the renaming of the ipsw and the saurik hosts file doesn’t work.


  322. AJ Says:

    itunes says iphone cannot be restored because the firmware is not compatable. this is for the iphone 4 firmware bundle. do you have another bundle ??

  323. Medo Says:

    i got the same reply as AJ, dude im starting to hate apple

  324. ReekoB Says:

    Ill repackage the .ipsw for the ipad later and upload it for you.

    Give me time please!

  325. Jazz Says:

    that’s realy great! I know it’s a bit bigger than the other one. I’ll be patient.

  326. mason Says:

    I received a replacement 3GS with 4.02 installed yesterday. I tried the tiny umbrella method and (why I have no idea) it DID find a matching SHSH blob. Successfully downgraded to 4.01.

    Strange, but amazingly, yes I got lucky and it worked for me.

  327. mason Says:

    Oh, and I DID NOT MODIFY ANY FILES. I didn’t even bother to download 4.02

    I just downloaded 4.01 and restored it straight away after running tinyumbrella.

    Again, I have no idea why this worked, but I am not complaining either!

  328. paul Says:

    hey reeko, I have a 3gs and downloaded your custom firmware, changed the host file, put it into dfu mode, but itunes says firmware file is not compatible

  329. paul Says:

    i re downloaded the firmware, but itunes is now giving me the 3194 error??? any suggestions

  330. scuba_steve Says:

    Just tried with new iphone 4 shipped with 4.02. Did NOT work. with or without the host file redirect. I get a message that states…
    Verifying iphone restore with apple…
    Then errors out with…

    “The iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored. This device isn’t eligible for the requested build.

  331. Suprised fella' Says:

    I have an iPhone 3GS (used to be 4.0.2)

    The modified version in the comment didn’t work (Error 3002)

    When I turned off TU, and restored untouched firmware 4.0.1 it somehow worked – no idea how.

  332. rob Says:

    make sure that you edit the /etc/hosts file by adding “ gs.apple.com” to the bottom of the list (in mac its -applications, utilities, terminal- and type “sudo nano /private/etc/hosts” and add “ gs.apple.com” to the bottom of the list.

    and try the 4.0.1 file that is unedited… thats what i used on 3gs (new bootrom) that ran 4.0.2 and it worked… just did it today… when you edit the hosts file it authenticates the firmware with cydia instead of apple..

  333. rob Says:

    mine too… i dont know how either… do you modify the host file?

  334. sierra Says:

    would downgrading itunes help?

  335. Suprised fella' Says:

    Yes I did :)

  336. Shady Elyaski Says:

    This thing works 100% !!! I REALLY ASSURE YOU! It worked on my 3GS 32 GB. I’ve never jailbroken it before. I used ReekoB custom firmware from the link above!!
    For people whom getting not compatible error:You should redownload the firmware and make sure it’s the same size… :)

    Thanks everyone.. It’s my LUCKY DAY!!! xD

  337. Boby Says:

    Have any one succeeded on iphone 4 ?????????????????

    what if we replace all dmg2 with dmg1 in 4.0.2 and rename them to dmg 2 ????

    did any one tried that?

  338. BossMan Says:

    after 3 days of trying to download ReekoB’s modified file i finally got lucky today…

    i downloaded the file and followed the instruction exactly as explained and know my 3gs that’s been sitting there for months is now jailbroken and unlocked to my unofficial carrier..am soo excited rightnow…. thanks to codeblue,thebigboss and Reekob for all the help..nice work guys

  339. jason Says:

    maybe a stupid question, but what are the steps to changing the host file, where is the host file?

  340. H2o_hERo Says:

    Dear Sir, Hereby I Confirmed this method worked on my 3Gs, but I’m not downgrading, it upgrade from 3.1.3(JB) to 4.0.1, tried before to upgrade directly from 3.1.3 to 4.0.1 before using this method but unsuccessful.


  341. Tayya Says:

    HI…I would like to now if someone can help me…I bought a iphone 4 16gb on the 4th and jailbroke it…I would like to exchange it for an 32g..How do i do this now sice the new phone will be 4.0.2?If i save my shsh through tiny umbrella will it work for the new phone if not..how does shsh work..Pls help me if you can any advice will help..thanks

  342. d0eb0y Says:

    Follow the above instructions FULLY and you will be able to successfully downgrade your iPhone 3GS 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 and than you can Jailbreak it.
    IDK if it works on iPhone 4,,,havent tried and do not need too cuz my iphone 4 has 4.0.1 on it….but this downgrade method works for 3GS.

  343. jason Says:

    You guys are the shit!!……..downloaded the modified file, then watched the youtube on how to change your host file with the suggested host file and downgrade worked. The key was the host file it didn’t work without changing that.

  344. jason Says:

    it was a swapped out 3GS that was replaced at the apple store 3 days ago, because of a faulty vibrate switch btw. it came out of a box, but may have been a refurbished box

  345. Qletis Says:

    I had a Jailbroke 3GS, with my SHSH saved on Surik server. Im am getting an iPhone 4 today. Is it possible to use the iPhone3,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw and my saved SHSH, from the 3GS, to downgrade my new iPhone 4 to 4.0.1?

  346. Anonymous Says:

    no, not even kind of

  347. Anonymous Says:

    i was getting all these errors so i tried editing the host and now i can’t put my iphone into dfu mode

  348. Omer Says:

    Yes, tied but not working… it seems we should wsit :-(

  349. natalia Says:

    @reekob hi, i try the first ipsw that you uploaded for 3gs and itunes didnt find any error, but when it finished the recovery my iphone was stuck in “please insert an allowed sim card” (or something like that) i change the host thing… did i do something wrong? or what is the next step, since i cant enter the phone only to emergency calls… thank you so much for your efforts!!

  350. ayth8 Says:

    you did everything right, yu just need an activation sim, not your normal network sim but UITS iphone activation sim card or oneSim. search on google, they have distributors everywere. it will help you activate your phone and then you can use your sim.

  351. Yvorobyov Says:

    ReekoB. Do you have some information about iPad 3.2.2?I

  352. Anonymous Says:

    Okay, so after reading all those comments I am still unsure if this will works on iPhone 3GS? Will somebody please tell me

  353. Anonymous Says:

    & by the way it is not Jailbroken

  354. Beaudean Says:

    I’m not being rude to Reek0b but if you read the whole thread you’ll realize Reek0b is most definetly not an iphone genius just a guy who got lucky, he’ll admit he has no clue what happened or why. I’m pretty sure that either Apple is selling new 3GS’s with device identification data from 3GS’s that apple have destroyed because they were beyond refurbishing or Apple is selling new 3GS’s with refurbished internals or people aren’t stating that their new 3GS is in fact a refurbished 3GS. The above reasons are the only explanation as to why some 3GS’s are reporting sucsess.

  355. Beaudean Says:

    I can’t belive you asked that. Try reading the thread. My god! Really I’m not being a wise guy but you’ve got to put some grey matter to work, then things will run much smoother for you.

  356. BrainCake Says:

    Does anyone know how to see the content of .dmg files?

  357. Dragonfish71 Says:

    Please help
    I just bought an Iphone 4G yesterday, out of the box is 4.0.2, I read all the blogs above and tried different ways to downgrade to 4.0.1, seems like ate the end when it comes to veirfying with apple website that is when it doesn’t allow to complete the restoring process. and also seems like different user has a different IP on the addition line in the host file. Please help

  358. sms021 Says:

    I just upgraded to the iPhone 4, my shsh is on file, but only at 4.0.2. I’ve tried the steps above without success, however by copying the 001.dmg files into the 4.0.2 .ipsw and renamed the files as follows:

    018-8229-001.dmg –>

  359. ReekoB Says:

    The restore has gone through perfectly fine. You need to activate it with the required networks sim, after activation you can jailbreak + unlock

  360. ReekoB Says:

    That’s exactly right. I am merely repacking the firmwares as instructed to save some people the efforts of doing it.

    My iPad has SHSH on file so i can repackage + upload one for you all but i can’t promise it will work. The only confirmed cases of this downgrade working are for 3GS so far.

  361. sms021 Says:

    let me try that again,

    I renamed the .dmg’s as follows:

    018-8229-001.dmg –> 018-8380-002.dmg
    018-8232-001.dmg –> 018-8387-002.dmg
    018-8235-001.dmg –> 018-8393-002.dmg

    and was able to get past the apple verification step, but the restore got stuck on the preparing phone for restore step. after about 5 minutes i received an error 21.

    anyone have any ideas how to get past this?

  362. Anonymous Says:

    You can’t. Why can’t people get it through their skulls.

  363. Anonymous Says:

    tht right. only 3gs may be?

  364. sms021 Says:

    Because we would like to JB our phones as well. I understand the frustration of trying to deal with those of us who were not lucky enough to have our shsh on file. I purchased my iPhone two days ago and sadly I’m unable to JB now.

    However, there must be a way to do it, it just hasn’t been discovered yet. if you would like to assist in the discovery, I would appreciate your help.


  365. Anonymous Says:

    yeah, worked for 3GS failed on iphone 4

  366. Anonymous Says:

    There is no way to downgrade iphone 4 to 401 without blobs. period. Wait for 4.2 and hopefully someone graces us with a jb.

  367. Mizzle Says:

    Im stumped. I have a 3g that was updated to 4.0.2. I Downloaded redsn0w_win_0.9.5b5-5 and firmware iPhone1,2_4.0.1_8A306_Restore. It downloaded as a zip and i chnaged it to .ipsw.
    Click browse on redsnow app and “location not avail.,could be on hard drive or newtwork. Make sure disk is prop installed or that im connected to net. if still not located may have been moved to diff location. I hit ok out of warning msg and it brings up folder box with nothing in it Any ideas? Im running Windows 7.

  368. HTP182 Says:


  369. HTP182 Says:

    ReekoB email me your paypal I want to buy you a BEER!

  370. ReekoB Says:

    Haha don’t be silly pal! Happy enough just helping a few people :)

    Now has anyone DOWNGRADED a 3GS and installed ultrasn0w? I can’t get ultrasn0w to work even though it should do (05.13.04 baseband)

  371. sierra Says:

    can u upload what you have? maybe it will work for one of us if its a device issue

  372. harryham1 Says:

    seems good in theory, but you are really saying is that if the ipod/iphone was able to be controlled in any other way (non-jailbroken) other than through itunes (bloody itunes. if you were to mod the firmware 4.0.2 in any way like that, because it is designed specifically to p jailbreak it would probably not authorize the restore. And even if you did, this firmware is extremely advanced, and without our whole dev-team to help, it would take one hacher day upon day to make a program that would help them do such a thing. If there is a programmer out there brave enough to create such a program, or agree to use such program to make a stealthed jailbreak, please please help

  373. ST Says:

    HOW DO I EDIT THE HOST FILE iPhone2,1_4.0.2_8A400_Restore.ipsw


  374. Syler Says:

    Hi there, I updated by accident on 4.0.2 and now wanna go on 4.0.1.
    Now i’ve got a problem & i hope someone help me. I used reekob file on my 3gs but i am getting an 1611 error. I did the steps with host file, no shsh but nothing…
    Did someone had the same problem or knows something…

  375. Boby Says:

    i tried with custom firmware for iphone 4 but no success !!!!!

    i think this only works with 3Gs and not iphone 4


  376. Me Says:

    Bull crap DON’T BOTHER IT’S already been proven to not work.

    I wasted 3 freaking hours of my life on this. Ask those in the know, does not work

  377. lankuto Says:

    thanks to codeblue,thebigboss and Reekob for all the help….now my iphone 3gs successful downgrade from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 .. :-)

  378. KP Says:

    ReekoB – this works!! i was reading this for 2-3 days.. My iPhone 3GS never jail broken before.. did exactly what was told here and now I am using it with non AT&T sim!! awesome post!! thanks to big boss and codeblue…keep the good work up…

  379. Ho Oisme Says:

    I’ve got a new iPhone 4 with 4.0.1.
    After saving the SHSHs and jailbreaking, I get the top screen Cydia message stating: “This device…..for iPhone OS/IOS: 4.0.2!How is this possible and it means that if I accidentally upgrade, I can downgrade from what to what?

  380. Anonymous Says:

    yes how….?

  381. Skevus Says:

    Have anybody wondered with so many Iphones sold there are 1 or 2 with the same SHSH Blob, and when the other person with identical SHSH Makes his life easyer he makes the other persons to?

    If everybodt with 4.01 did this would be great. This could be another mistake from Apple. Who knows maybe every phone sold in the USA has a clone in Europe or Asia….

  382. CupTake Says:

    For all that tried renaming the dmg files, did you also copy the kernelcache.release.n90 file. I noticed it is of different file size and date between 4.0.1 and 4.0.2. This might be the solution for error 21/

  383. iPhwne Says:

    Dont have to put into DFU mode, once the hosts files have been changed just leave iphone 3Gs on and click shift restore in iTunes, then select reekoB’s .ipsw worked a treat, thank you very much

  384. Anonymous Says:

    Nah i copied the kernel. once you change anything in the file it becomes a different file and the hash’s don’t match. Once again, this is just impossible on iphone4. dunno why people cant understand that.

  385. Beaudean Says:

    SMS021 thats what Anonymous said. It can’t be done. Not with out the blob containing the signature hash for that version of F/W and of course redirecting the iTunes request for the F/W sign off from the Apple server to Saurik’s server. The succsess stories you’ve beem reading are for 3GS’s only and (I belive either Apple is either 1)Using device I.D data from defunct/destroyed devices Apple deemed too far gone to refurbish. 2) Apple is using refurbished 3GS parts in new 3GS devices. 3) Those with succsess stories have failed to state that their new 3GS is in fact a refurbished device packed like a new device.
    For example most have stated it only works when the hosts file is pointing to Saurik’s server.
    This proves that all the meddling with the .ipsw F/W file is doing no magic trickery as Saurik’s server is giving permission for it, and even though it is slightly & unprofressionaly modified iTunes still regognizes it as a unaltered .ipsw, but if you have your shsh’s stored there is no need for this tom foolery. Use an original .ipsw
    This has been good brain food I don’t mind admitting it has had me exercising mine.
    For example BigBoss update 2 states some 3GS’s may have their shsh blobs stored on Cydia. This puzzled me untill I let logic prevail and realized they are devices using the same UDID etc from defunct, destroyed devices or one of the 2 scenarios above,

  386. Mathias Christoffersen Says:

    Hello everybody!

    Im sitting here with a 3gs – Using ReekoB modified IPSW – I can now confirm that it works. Im sitting here with my downgraded iPhone 3gs 4.0.1 now.

    Thanks a lot ReekoB!

  387. Anonymous Says:

    Use Recboot to exit recovery mode that he will be with the version 4.0.1

  388. Isatan4 Says:

    Anyone sitting somewhere with an downgraded IPhone 4 4.0.1? Maybe I should just give up all hope…

  389. Wicked!!! Says:

    It worked for me on my 3g!! Thank you so much!

  390. demnit Says:

    can anyone confirm on the iphone 4?

  391. Anonymous Says:


  392. Jazz Says:

    I tried several things with the iPad firmwares yesterday. but without success.

    How far are you reekob with the modified one?

    Maybe it’s also not possible.

  393. syler Says:

    now error 11 wtf??? why can’t go on 4.0.1

  394. demnit Says:

    There has to be a work around with the 4 mofo!!!

  395. Anonymous Says:

    There does not have to be one. you may want one but it doesn’t exist. not possible. if the JB is so important go buy and old/used phone.

  396. ReekoB Says:

    Sorry dude, I’ll upload it tonight I promise. I’m on London time and I’ll have it up by 9pm

  397. Anonymous Says:

    so i noticed with the iphone 4 using tiny umbrella that i cannot save a 4.0.1 blob. however when i selected the 3gs 4.0.1 from the drop down, it did save an shsh blob for my iphone 4 ecid as a 3gs 4.0.1 blob. is there any way to modify the iphone 4 4.0.1 ipsw to make itunes think it’s a 3gs ipsw file?

  398. Boby Says:

    i tried many ways on iphone 4. i replaced both second and third dmg files from 4.1 into 4.2 seems restore fine but doesnt downgrade. the first dmg which is making problem when replaced. i think if some succeed to work on first dmg may get it done..i wanted to open that dmg with HFSExplorer but its password protected..there are password crackers but dont have time for that.

  399. melody Says:

    Just wanted to say big thanks, all working here :D taski xx

  400. Jonah Says:

    This reversal does indeed work without ever publishing your SHSH files. I just did this on my 3GS and it worked flawlessly. I am the original owner of the iphone and it has never been jail-broken or unlocked. I downloaded the file ReekOb had modified and then modified my host file. Thank you so much for this workaround!!!

  401. meanmachine Says:

    I had an iphone 4running 4.0.1 jailbroken but that one got waterdamaged. jst got my new one sent today and was wondering if I could restore from my old shsh on cydia ? if so how to do it, i.e how do i trick apples server check when i go to restore and how would i get me shsh anyway cheers for any responses ! on a plus side voda did replace my 16gb with a 32gb by mistake ha sweet

  402. jae Says:

    wat is buildmanifest.plist and how do i find this?

  403. Anonymous Says:

    tell him just keep dream on

  404. Anonymous Says:

    yeah keep thinking may be it will work heeeeeeee

  405. ali Says:

    just unlocked an iphone 3gs with 4.0.2
    downloaded the bundled firmware from
    the link and edited the server file
    my phone is completely unlocked now
    and firmware shows i am on 4.0.1
    works like a charm
    thanks a lot

  406. Yvorobyov Says:

    ReekoB,did you upload modified firmware?

  407. Will Says:

    Hey i have an ipod 3rd gen and when i try to do step 3, there is nothing to change because i cant find any 8A306 or 8A400 file.

  408. Yvorobyov Says:

    for ipad 3.2.2

  409. Anonymous Says:

    Can anyone do another bundle for the iPhone 4. If it can be done for a 3GS it must be possible for the iPhone 4

  410. AJ Says:

    Can anyone do another bundle for the iPhone 4. If it can be done for a 3GS it must be possible for the iPhone 4

  411. nelly Says:

    i already downgrade my iphone and boyfriend iphone and hacked them yaaaay

  412. Gully Says:

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW. it worked for me.
    I had a replaced (brand new) iphone 3gs and the version was 4.0.2. I didn’t have shsh on file but i could downgrade to 4.0.1.

  413. DEAR ALI Says:

    how do i change the host file????

  414. Skevus Says:

    Al iphone 4 user just forget it, cant you seee it’s a giant Steve Jobs conspiracy to sell us another 3GS? He obviously sold us one and now he thinks we all will drive to the store and buy one before they also have 3 week waiting time for the 3GS, A friend just got his 16 GB and it was 4.0.0 so they obviously want to kick the biggest tech nerds in the balls just to show us who’s boss. I should have gotten a 16GB but what’s a £100 and 32GB is to small since there isn’t any microSDHC option. Only Apple does this every other manufacturer gives us the option just to buy a bigger card but if you want something from Apple you need to buy a new device.

    They also thought the ones with 16GB wasn’t going to Jail Break since there isn’t enough space for free apps, they are anyway just buy 2-3 apps at max from Apple anyway. I am quite sure this was what the 3 weeks wait time was about, they all were made with 4.0.0 however they needed to upgrade the antenna problem and why not take care of Jail Breaking to now that it’s legal. Their Legal channels were lost so now they are screwing us instead. It’s about the freedom of choice given to us by God not Steve Jobs, by now he believes he is God so why not take our freedom of choice away? People!!! they are selling Jailed Breaked iPhone 4′s in China, yes I said “CHINA” saw it on you tube, what is happening to the world? Is the bibble true and the Harmageddon will begin in Europe? You in USA could atleast get the phone first, I could get it 1 month ago to however since I live in Sweden I wanted to buy it here. Bought it in the UK anyway since the wating time was a week less but what a hassle since they don’t ship to Sweden so I had to get a UK adress and that not cheap either. and once I get the phone it’s 4.0.2. They literally had to open the package upgrade and put it back between when I ordered it and when I got it. Made my order the 31th of July 4.0.2 didn’t even exist back then, nobody knew. We obviously payed for something else that we wanted and now if we want to Jail break something we need to buy a 3GS with inferior hardware then anything else today. We should go stand together and talk to a lawyer because this can’t be legal. I spent a week of my time trying to find a solution, didn’t do anything I ordinary do whitch means I lost money, a week of my life is worth atleast an iphone if not more. If we wanted a secure phone we would ask for one and we can thanks to third party. We should claim a 4.0.3 Firmware within 3 days witch is already Jailbroken since it’s legal and everything. Or we sue Apple for monatery los and alot of headache, and time is money people. Steve Jobs Isn’t God he should’t be able to screw us like this just because he couldn’t legally. I wouldn’t bought an iPhone if I couldn’t Jail Break it, I would have bought a Samsung Galaxy with Android witch is already liberated. That is what Steve is doing he is puting us all in Jail without a cause even after he lost the trail. We shouldn’t need to make a hack and we should have goten atleast a choice. Apple should get ordered by a judge to open up their servers for us who wants to go back or they have to pay a huge fine for every day they don’t it’s how it usually gets handled. If every person would put one dollar each we could hire a lawyer, the best and he would kick Steve Jobs ass

  415. chris Says:

    Hey, so ive been working on my 4g and i have 2, one is running 4.0.1 i tried using the umbrella program and saving the shsh blob to the server and changing the ecid to the iphone that i want to downgrade that has never been jailbroken, problem is i cant get it to bypass the difference with the ecid being different if anyone has found a way to downgrade the iphone 4 please let me know, ive tried the whole modified thing that doesnt work what im thinking will work is since i have the other iphone 4 running on 4.0.1 i can somehow make a duplicate of it and reload it on the 4.0.2! just gotta make it work somehow email me if you figure something out thanks! magenty@hotmail.com

  416. PISSED GUY! Says:


  417. PISSED GUY! Says:

    and im usin iphone 3gs btw

  418. Nidal Says:

    I tried these instructions:
    1- Downloaded the bundled firmware.
    2- Edited the host file (added gs.apple.com)
    3-DFU my 3GS iphone.
    4-Started thr restore process. I get the error 3014 when itunes trys to verify the restore.

    Please help.

  419. AJ Says:

    I get the same with iPhone 4

  420. Riccardo Says:


    do you have also a modified 3.2.2 for iPad??



  421. larry Says:

    I downloaded the modified firmware file referenced in one of the posts, changed the bottom line in my hosts file and restored using the file. It worked for me and a 3GS and I did not have my shsh blobs saved on saurek. I bought the phone from someone else who had already upgraded and have been trying to downgrade the os for two weeks. It’s doing it right now. Thanks for the help.

  422. larry Says:

    I’m on a mac by the way running OS 10.6.4 and itunes 9.2.1. I got an error at the very end of the restore saying the restore could not be done. But the white progress bar was at the end of the scale. I used tiny umbrella to kick the device out of dfu mode, the phone restarted. Then I checked the “about” in general settings and it now has 4.0.1 and the device is designated 8A306. I’m waiting for it to setup from my backup and sync, then I’m going to jailbreak.

  423. jay Says:

    well i try it on my Iphone 4g, it didn’t work …
    so i try renaming the dmg of 4.1 en coping the firm ware folder i got a whit scream on iphone then got error 23
    :0( sucks

  424. Oracle Says:

    Does anyone know how to recover a deleted video on an iPhone 4. Deleted some stuff today by mistake and would like to get it back. Really would appreciate the help. Thanks

  425. hammad Says:

    ali please help me i am stuck with 4.0.2 version plz help me my email id is hammad5314746@yahoo.com plzzzzz plzz i really nned yur help

  426. Rok Says:

    @Anyone willing to help

    I have a new iPhone 3Gs 32 GB out of the box, that was already activated (not by me…)

    It is on 4.0.2, so it can not be JB, unless downgraded to 4.0.1.

    If I downgraded it to 4.0.1 using the method on this site, will I have to activate the phone again. I am asking because I don’t have the “activation sim-card”.

    So if I downgrade I am stuck with an unactivated phone – which is useless…

    And if I don’t downgrade I can not Jailbreak, which is a bit less useless… :)

  427. lokthelok Says:

    i have a iPod Touch 3G with 4.0.2 and i want to downgrade to 4.0 (there is no 4.0.1 for ‘touch 3G) but when i get to step 3 there is no section saying ’8A306′. does this matter? also has anyone managed to create the package for ‘touch 3G. if so can they upload it to a site for others to download.

    Thanks in advance

  428. macs Says:

    хай, я тут поработал над вашей проблемкой.)олказалось все намного проше!!! зашел в деф, прошиву 4.0.1 переписал как сказанно и нажал востоновить …. и все!!! все работает)

  429. Anonymous Says:

    Hey ali,
    I’ve got a LOCKED 3gs, since u mentioned u managed to unlock it…. So i just follow ur instructions accordingly n unlock it rite? Just to confirm…..

  430. Beaudean Says:

    My best suggestion to you is this: If you don’t know what it is how the heck do you have any chance of hacking it-ie:(Fooling Apple system Engineers withy years of exp): Leave it alone untill you research it a little. Better yet wait for 4.1 next week but don’t install it untill dev team gives the go ahead. Good Luck

  431. 3n1gm4 Says:

    If i downgrade to 4.0.1 it is a costum fw or original fw? And in future, if i want upgrade to 4.1 or more, i can do it without any problem on iTunes?

  432. Aidan Says:

    im stuck with this too just on mac, someone give me directions to this please!

  433. K-Dog Says:

    Works fine.

    I’ve just done it on an un-jailbroken (ever) 3GS that I’d upgraded to 4.0.2 by mistake. Now off to jailbreak it.

    Make sure you do the host edit, not doing that was the reason I kept getting 3194 errors.

    Thanks all.

  434. tommy Says:

    how do u do the host edit i have a 3gs on 4.02 fw


  435. Jazz Says:


    any news about the iPad modified firmware?

  436. Yvorobyov Says:

    Jazz,I think Reeko forget about it))))

  437. Anonymous Says:

    good comment

  438. meanmachine23 Says:

    anyone with iphone 4 hoping to jailbreak it !!
    after many hours looking through blogs forums etc on how to do my new 32gb 4.0.2 iphone it seems just waiting till end of week may help.
    on weds apple are supposedly releasing 4.1 and theres a cpl of teams already jailbroke it and just waiting for full public release , swo fingers crossed end of week these gods to us iphone lovers will release the jailbreak methods they have done . Thankyou in advance to these geniuses for their time and effort i think !

  439. mario Says:

    me to im fucked now i can’t jailbreak until it’s supported.

  440. SAM Says:

    reekob. When i try and change the hosts file to cydia’s server, it says i don’t have permission to access it. Help meee :( I’ve been trying to downgrade my iphone 4 for like two weeks!

  441. Rameel Says:


    i have an iphone 4. on 4.0.2. on itunes 10 on a mac. i added the line to the end of the etc/hosts file and i still cant get past the error i get before the restore even happens. I forget the actual error explanation but im assuming it wont connect to saurik’s server. Ive even tried another ip adress i found that was supposed to be cydia’s server…. PLEASE HELP.


    any direct help to my email would be highly appreciated

  442. Rameel Says:


  443. Mike Says:

    WORKED FIRST TIME!… To all that didn’t work, keep calm and make sure you did everything right… I triple checked!

  444. reika Says:

    yup it dont work 4 mi either.

  445. Anonymous Says:

    Just give up guys…..this will not work on IP4 unless you have saved your SHSH blobs on cydia.
    Let’s wait for IOS 4.1 to release thsi week.

  446. Anonymous Says:

    I tried this on a 3GS which had never been JB before and it worked perfectly – thanks.

  447. FdUmCh Says:

    this 100% works. i have a 3gs and do not have shsh blobs saved. I tried this for the last 3 days and today i got it to work.

    What i did was download the modded firmware from this site.change the host file as stated above and i also started the tss server on tinyUmbrella before i put iphone into dfu and before i opened itunes. Did not get any errors and now i am on 4.0.1 down from 4.0.2

    This really works thanks lads.

  448. tommy Says:

    hi how did you change the host thanks for any help i have a 3gs new on 4.02 firware

  449. Lmagic Says:

    Omg… This actually works… 3Gs

  450. Wolf Says:

    So I have an iPhone 3gs on 4.0.2. I edited my host file to point at sauriks server and i download ReekoBs prefixed firmware bundle. I DFU’d the device and less than two seconds it says iphone iphone could not be restored because the firmware file is invalid or something like that… Anything I could have missed or something i might have done wrong. Im on a mac and any help would be very appreciated.

  451. Paul Says:

    After extensive research and failed trys I will let everyone know there is no downgrade for a out of the box 4.0.2 iPhone 4. And no I don’t want to hear it because it’s BS.

  452. Anonymous Says:

    On windows the host file can be found here C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\ or %systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc\, use notepad to edit it.

  453. TicToc Says:

    Spent more than 5 hours for iPhone 4, still no luck. But worked on iPhone 3GS.

  454. Rameel Says:

    How do i set up the hosts file guys. i added the line at the end, and set it up perfectly. I am good with computers i have jb several iphones before. I have also downgraded a 3.1.3 3gs to 3.1.2 successfully when it was claimed to be impossible using a similar method. But i still cant get passed itunes usings the other server. Please help. can someone posts up a hosts file they used so i can copy the exact format??? please help

  455. ro Says:

    Thank you very much!

    The Hosts file was the hardest part. Recent switched to mac and had to find out what terminal editors it comes with (Nano). Rameel, suggest you redo the hosts file. Save a copy and use nano to add. Grace.

  456. Rameel Says:

    i used both nano and vi. both didnt work for me.

  457. Chewy McCloud Says:

    Did Apple pull the 4.0.1 firmware for 3GS? I’m on iOS 4 and when I tried to restore the 4.0.1 firmware which I obtained using the link provided on this site, it says that the firmware is not compatible with my phone.

  458. maynard23 Says:

    This totally worked on my 3GS and I’m so stoked!

  459. Chris Says:

    Hey, it totally works. I downgraded from 4.02 to 4.01 using the first poster’s premade IPSW. Changed the host, and restored as instructed.

    Nothing to it. Thanks everyone else for doing the hard work and research so I didn’t have to!

  460. Aaron Says:

    It worked for my iPhone 4! I just shoved it all the way up my bum, jiggled around some dmg files with my sphincter, and tada!! Jailbroken!

  461. Dawood Says:

    Pls give us how you do it

  462. Aaron Says:


  463. Hellraizer87 Says:

    I didnt notice that i upgraded to 4.0.2 I was upset cuz therefore i couldnt jailbreak my phone. Lucky enough i was able to downgrade from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 just with a few simple steps. So yeah downgrading does work.

  464. Dawood Says:

    It’s not working with iphone 4 ,, we have to wait for ios 4.1 and the jailbreak for it

  465. Boby Says:

    i dont think it worked with Aaron..if it worked then let us know.. its not so easy mannn….!!!!

  466. redman Says:

    I have a new iPhone with 4.0.2 and I tried doing this and added the ip address into the host file. I’m still getting a 3194 error. anything else I can do?? I’m trying to to be SOL after buying a new phone.

  467. Boby Says:

    No use People with Iphone 4…you all have to wait till new os comes and the jailbreak.

    ReeKoB had done good work, people with 3GS can enjoy the jailbreak…

  468. Follett Says:

    OMG… tbh i thought reekoB was an utter bs’er (no offence).
    But after constant reading of this long ass blog i have done it!
    Returned my newly brought iphone 3gs 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 The iphone is not a refurb or 2nd hand… brand new out the box! I dont have much tech know how on iphone but i changed the host to saurik’s and it worked! thats the only thing i hadnt done before that was stopping me from downgrading! I have no shsh files… cant explain either (as i dont have a clue) but i thought i would just back him up and say it works! YAY

  469. jupp Says:


    but all of this is a FAKE!

    WAIT 4 IOS 4.1 and an official DEV crack! @all

  470. Ken-Ken Says:

    I had a broken 3GS that I jailbroke (the vibrate switch broke) and got a replacement with 4.0.2 out of the box. I was pissed when I went to jailbreak it and it said firmware was too new… Just used ReekoB’s method and it worked like a charm. Just thought I’d say it’s another confirmation. <3 the internet and many thanks to ReekoB and others for their contributions to society^^

  471. Hector P. Says:

    After 3 days I finally downgraded my Ipodtouch 3g from 4.0.2 to 4.0!!! Yeahhh no hacks or anything,just downloaded the 4.0 firmware(Iclarified.com) and did a fresh install and wammmmm! But I did use another computer with the new version of Itunes. This ipod is fresh out of the box too! I think the problem was the firmware I was downloading from other websites. Good luck and keep trying guys!!! I almost gave up!

  472. Anonymous Says:

    Change the biltmanifest & restor the same way you did 8A306 to 8A400 from 4.0.1 to 4.0.2 and start to work but stays on white screen on iPhone 4 but pass the shsh verification

  473. Boby Says:

    yes i did the same and got the same white screen,, no use :-(

  474. Step Says:

    Anyone who says it doesn’t work, never bothered to mess around with this tutorial. You people are right, yes the way he stated the tutorial it will not work, but I brought a brand new Iphone 3GS, upgraded to 4.0.2 used a portion of this tutorial, and messed around with it a bit on my own, and gues what? I was able to downgrade back down to 4.0.1 without redirecting SHSH request to Cydia. If you really want to know how to do it, just email me at netstep@yahoo.com

  475. Anonymous Says:

    buddy, read carefully…they are saying this method doesn’t work on Iphone 4 but could still wrok on Iphone 3GS!

  476. Anonymous Says:

    can’t that work for ipad i mean downgrade from 3.2.2 to 3.2

  477. Aj Says:

    Could you please share, how you have done this for the benefits of others?

  478. m.0.e stakks Says:

    how do you change host file

  479. chuffy Says:

    I had to get new phone around 2 weeks ago as I lost my old one (in all this time badly missing my jailbreak) and have been very cautiously reading, waiting and youtubing, and wondering can you? can’t you? anyway on finally reading the post today on this site thought W,T,H.
    on this day 8,9,2010 downgraded and JAILBROKEN yes

  480. chuffy Says:

    3gs mc model

  481. Adolfo Says:

    I Just downgraded an 8GB Ipod Touch 2G from ios 4.0.2 to 4.0 I used tinyUmbrella to get the ssg onsauriks server.
    Did not change the host file as stated above and used the trap for the Itunes requesting cydia. no errors, and I just jailbrake it with no flows.

  482. Howard Says:



  483. Riccardo Says:

    Thanks a lot also from me!!!!!
    The 3.2.1 for iPad repacked will be a fantastic gift!!!

  484. daudi Says:

    hey contact me jo on daudi250@hotmail.com i mite help ya out.. cause i had a 3gs no shsh blobs saved and i restored it back to 3.1.3 with the host file….

  485. daudi Says:

    does th reekob mehod works on iphone 4???

  486. mike Says:

    so the only thing i need to do with this file is press shift restore and selected this file?

  487. donny Says:

    hi, can you tell me what u did after u made the downgrade. so far i got the downgrade installed, but now itunes says that my sim is locked and i dont have an original sim. I also got a message saying i had to reinstall itunes, so im not quite sure what is the next step from here, i would appriciate if u got the answer for the solution???

  488. donny Says:

    what do i do after i changed back the firmware…i think i should be on 4.0.1 now but my sim is stil locked! HELP!

  489. Comunista666 Says:

    Thank’s Reekob you are amazing

  490. Anonymous Says:

    i did all steps one by one but about the last one
    **9…..open iTunes and restore the firmware you changed.))
    when i conect my iphone to pc itunes gonna restore and update to iOC 4.1 im ean automatically
    how to to manual restore the saved firmware (4.0.2)???
    i have Iphone 4 iOC 4.0.2 not actived (locked)

  491. Arash Says:

    i did all steps one by one but about the last one
    **9…..open iTunes and restore the firmware you changed.))
    when i conect my iphone to pc itunes gonna restore and update to iOC 4.1 im ean automatically
    how to to manual restore the saved firmware (4.0.2)???
    i have Iphone 4 iOC 4.0.2 not actived (locked)

  492. fabular bells Says:

    Oilra1n is a fake, for me is not working on iphone 4.1

  493. julian drake Says:

    does this work for the ipod touch 3rd generation 32gb?

  494. Jake Says:

    Hi my 3GS iPhone broke and apple replaced it.
    They upgraded the firmware to 4.02. Can I downgrade to 3.0? I don’t want to jailbreak it. I just want it back to the way it was.

  495. Anonymous Says:

    The host file is in:


    The file name is ‘hosts’

    Open it with Notepad.

    Now you can edit, save.


  496. Anonymous Says:

    you need to activate the phone.

    Find a software which can hacktivate your phone.

    – or –

    use a friends sim card who can at&t and working iphone plan.

    Once it is activated, you can jailbreak and unlock it @ iOS 4.0.1

  497. ttoo Says:

    Hey could somebody put up one for ipod touch. thanks

  498. profet127 Says:

    hey reekoB i need your help man! i downloaded your file and changed the host and i still get error 3194, what do I do?

  499. Anonymous Says:

    SHIFT RESTORE at the same time

  500. Jon Says:

    Will this work on 3G?

  501. icanlevel99 Says:


  502. dTERM Says:

    I have a fresh iPhone 4 that shipped with 4.0.2 and this method didn’t work for me. I tried both

    (1) replacing everything in the ipsw
    (2) replacing everything but the firmware folder in the ipsw.

    Neither method met with success. Thankfully, after unplugging my iphone and forcing a home+power reboot, the iphone booted up normally and I didn’t have to re-restore.

  503. vekson99 Says:

    Has been using this method for the past week and worked perfectly, but seems like it has stopped working since yesterday. Will not get pass the apple verification part, keep showing device is not eligible. Any help please?

  504. tony2020 Says:

    It works!! with my iphone 3gs

  505. esqalade Says:

    to ReekoB – WOW – thank you and it worked! My phone is an old bootrom 3GS (upgraded from 3.1.2 to 4.0.2 by mistake) whose SHSH files had only been backed up with Cydia on a 3.1.2 jailbreak. I REPEAT I never had 4.0.1 yet this solution worked to downgrade my 3GS from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1. GREAT WORK.

  506. Anonymous Says:

    don’t you pple fucking understand….this will not wokr on IP4!!!

  507. Andre Says:

    I tried posting this when I got a phone from Apple to replace my hardware malfunctioning one I had previously.
    It came stock with 4.0.2 and I was INSTANTLY depressed…

    The method worked and after I downgraded to 4.0.1 then I clicked Cydia..
    “Make My Life Easier” Appeared..

    So I testify that it could be that I just have a phone that may have been a refurb and i dont really mind- but if anything more is needed fom me to help others in the plight of having a 4.0.2 phone- Please let me know!

  508. Andre Says:

    oh and btw
    I have an Iphone 3Gs…
    Serial # : 880350****
    Modem Firmware: 05.14.02 <- this was because I upgraded to 4.1 to look at Game Center… which didnt do anything for me since no one at the time really had it!

    Yet I was again able to downgrade to 4.0.1 using th appended host file (add to it that Apple was still signing 4.0.2 Shsh blobs so i was safe to downgrade anyway)

  509. Andre Says:

    It worked for others boss… sorry it didnt for you.
    I know the feeling of being stuck- but 4.1 should have a break soon- which is better than nothing.

    Again sorry to hear it

  510. Andre Says:

    Try download TinyUmbrella
    Closing Itunes and all..
    matter of fact
    Log off your session if your on widows.
    Quit itunes if your on your Mac

    Log In-
    -Run tinyumbrella and turn on TSS server.
    Be sure it is being directed to Cydia (click advanced on the top left and the drop down should have Cydia not Apple highlighted)

    -Be sure the host file is changed the way its supposed to be (make sure no # sign is in front of the 74.***)

    -put your phone in DFU mode

    -Open iTunes and Shift+Restore to the modified firmware.

    If it still isnt working.
    Try repeating the steps on another machine.

    It is also possible the file you downloaded wasnt modified correctly OR isnt compatible with your device.
    Reread all these pose again to be sure you have the right one.

    Hurry before apple figures out this loophole!
    It seems like some are having success at different times (one person wrote that they tried it one day and then the next day they did it worked)

    Its not a guarantee as BigBoss said- but its a chance!

  511. vekson99 Says:

    Please help, have tried this method on a brand new replacement 3GS from Apple and have no success.

  512. shanth Says:

    i have an iphone 3gs , which was restored by accident . When i copy this url db.tt/T5MjgPF , and download the file and restore it , it says the firmware is not compatible . What should i do now ?

  513. ZAKA Says:


  514. Anonymous Says:

    this really works. i just got a new iphone 3gs with 4.0.2 and downloaded the modified firmware and it downgraded to 4.0.1

  515. hamid Says:

    i have a iphone 3g on 4.1 firmware will this work for it ??? thanks.

  516. Wadman Says:

    Yup. I have the same problem as “shanth” (comment #298). What can I do? or what am I doing wrong?

  517. applebook Says:

    This does NOT work on the iPhone 4. Do not bother trying it. Anyone who says that it does either has an SHSH saved or a clone on Cyndia or a liar.

    Do not waste your time with this if you have an iPhone 4.

  518. Faisal Says:

    Hi ……… I’ve tried this method repeatedly with a 3GS (old bootrom) but it gives the 3194 error in itunes, probably because of the SSHH files in Cydia etc problem. The phone hasn’t been jailbroken before and was upgraded via itunes to 4.0.2. Can anybody help ?

  519. Faisal Says:

    The 4.0.2 IPSW file is the same one provded in a link above

  520. mimu Says:

    First i tried just like posted here on the site.
    Then i tried with tinyumbrella. and nothing worked.
    One thing I’m not really shore about is 5. “all files” is the firmware map included here or is it just “files” without firmware map?
    I tried that too but it does not work. Really strange that some people seams to get there iPhones downgraded and some don’t :\

  521. Anonymous Says:

    Has anyone done this with a brand new iphone 3gs

  522. Anonymous Says:

    I just got a new(refurbished) 3gs from apple! and its on 4.0.2 will this work its was never jailbroken before!

  523. Anonymous Says:

    Tried it for like 20 times with multiple variations and restarting machine etc.. does not work. I have 3GS with 4.0.2 on it, never jailbroken before. Can anyone confirm that this works even for 3GS? I have seen so many responses that it does but let’s not fuck around guys it gets to you when it does not on yours.. tell me the truth

  524. LaLa Says:

    I must say that I am not too good with computers but after reading these instructions, and informing myself on computer lingo, I was able to fix my dads iphone. I was able to downgrade from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1, jailbreak it, unlock it and he’s back on t-mobile with his iphone! Thank you so much! I don’t understand why other people can’t get it to work. Have a great day!

  525. LaLa Says:

    I forgot to mention it was an iPhone 3GS downgraded from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1

  526. Anonymous Says:

    There is much discussion on many blogs about a potential means of downgrading iOS 4.0.2 to 4.0.1 by simply changing a couple values in the buildmanifest.plist and copying all of the images from 4.0.1 into 4.0.2 and then deleting the files ending with 002. Following all of this, perform a DFU restore and somehow you will be on 4.0.1.

    There is a perfectly logical explanation for all of this and I will lay out exactly what is happening and explain why it is working for the folks that are the lucky ones.

    Let me get this out first.

    1.This is not a miracle, at least not in the sense you all hope for
    2.SHSHs are STILL required for any iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad, iPod Touch 3G, and iPod Touch 2G (MC Model)
    3.There is NO way around this… unfortunately this method included.
    Let me start by explaining something very important. The buildmanifest is used by iTunes to build much of the TSS request that is used to obtain your SHSH for any given firmware revision. Unfortunately, the BuildNumber has no part to play in the request for SHSH. All that you ended up doing in following these directions is request 4.0.1 SHSH blobs. THAT IS ALL. Since every single one of you that got this to work changed your hosts file to point to Cydia, Cydia responded to the TSS request with an SHSH blob that was ALREADY “on-file”. There was no magic. There was no miracle, apart from the lucky break that your device had been put on Cydia’s SHSH request list at some time in the distant past.

    That’s it in a nutshell folks. There was no amazing technique for bypassing Apple’s TSS. There was no amazing exploit that exists in DFU mode allowing for 4.0.2 -> 4.0.1 downgrading. It’s simple; Cydia had your SHSH because at sometime in the past either:

    •Someone saved your SHSH with that device using TinyUmbrella and the default options
    •Someone restored that device with Cydia in the hosts pointing to gs.apple.com
    •Someone jailbroke the device and pressed ‘Make my life easier’
    That’s it folks. Sorry to be a buzzkill but there was much confusion about this issue and many blog posts that simply didn’t give the full story of what exactly was going on.

  527. AP Says:


    Does this wrk on Itunes 10.
    I can nt shift restore.

    Pls help.


  528. THE LEDGEND Says:


  529. Mo Says:

    I got a new iphone 3gs vth 4.0.2..
    I followed the steps but NO LUCK :( got 3194 Error.. then I tried running the TinyUmbrella first and then restoring from iTunes…it gave me a 3002 Error :(…so I guess got to wait until someone comes up with a solution to unlock 4.0.2…
    Any Help is Appreciated

  530. Mo Says:

    Is your dads iPhone a Brand New 3gs vth 4.0.2 ???

  531. Anonymous Says:

    I managed to downgrade my 3g iPhone from 4.1 back to 4.0.1 without a 4.0.1 SHSH stored on Cydia. I do have 4.1 SHSH stored there by using tinyumbrella. I have version 4.0.1 with modem firmware 05.14.02 so unlock is probably out of the question.

  532. winston williams Says:

    will this downgrade work for the 3g version as well as the 3gS

  533. Notstrong Says:

    Did you add the Host bit (the optional part of the instructions)

    Please let me know @ spudnick@ntlworld.com

    Thanks in advanced.

  534. maxgde Says:

    does this work on an iphone 3g with 4.1 firmware?

  535. filiep Says:

    could you tell me how you exactly did that? i upgraded mine to 4.0.2 not knowing that i had to save my shsh, and now im quite stuck at this

    many thanks in advance

  536. Downgrader Says:

    Hi Folks, for those who are still interested to downgrade to IOS401. The idea is to use the current 4.1 shsh from apple server.

    1. Download the 4.1 and 4.0.1 ipsw.
    2. Extract the all the dmg files from 401.ipsw
    3. Example for 3GS Rename the 018-8228-001.dmg to 018-7073-079.dmg , 018-8231-001.dmg to 018-7073-079.dmg and 018-8228-001.dmg to 018-7061-122.dmg.
    4. Replace the renamed dmg files into 4.1 ipsw.
    5. Proceed to do the itune restorations.

    You should see the itunes go pass the apple verifications.

  537. cenzi Says:

    3. Example for 3GS Rename the 018-8228-001.dmg to 018-7073-079.dmg , 018-8231-001.dmg to 018-7073-079.dmg and 018-8228-001.dmg to 018-7061-122.dmg.

    you have repeated “018-8228-001″.

    I only have

    I am logically thinking to rename them, respectively:


  538. cenzi Says:

    also… quick question.. but um… when you go to restore on Itunes… shouldn’t it have asked me where the file was? I think it just went straight to apple to restore… :(

  539. Arber Says:

    sorry but where is the 4.0.2 edited firmware?? can’t find it here

  540. Master Wong Says:

    Just Press shift key and click restore in Itune will ask to browse the file ….

  541. boss Says:

    Has anyone tried the procedure posted by Downgrader on 313? Does it work?

  542. N_Riddick Says:

    hey guys.. i’m so tired tryin to downgrade my 3gs with fw 4.0.2 to 4.0.1.. and i really tried many ways… with tiny umbrealla with redsnow… it just doesent work… so pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaase helb me… idon’t wanna go to t-mobile again… so once a 3gs.. never jailbroken befor so no shsh files saved .. so can somebody help me… i know that there is going to be a jailbreak for 4.1 soon, but what does ” soon ” mean… are we talking about weeks ..months …or years …so plz help… if you have any advice…..

  543. Discoverer Says:

    key guys

    Found that tinyumbrealla stores the 3G 4.0.1 shsh for my new 3GS.

    Maybe we can some how tweak the 3GS ipsw BuildManifest.plist to use the 3G SHSH.

  544. Danny Says:

    How do you change the host? and to what?

  545. NASAbusa Says:

    I found these steps on the web awhile back and it was classified as unconfirmed. I decided to give it a shot and to my surprise it worked on my 3GS. I downgraded to 4.0.1 and did the jailbreak on my phone again. Thanks to whoever came up with this.

  546. Wong Master Says:


  547. Hector Says:

    i do all the right steps to restore my 3gs nut i get an error witch is that my iphone isent eligible for this build how do i fix this issue?????

  548. Naveen Says:

    I have new iphone 3gs with 4.0.2 and I cannot make it downgraded. I dont have activated sim card. Does this iphone can be downgraded only on activated iphone?

  549. SmallHorse Says:

    It really worked like a charm!!!

    I bought a used IPhone which had 4.0.2 on it. I downloaded TinyUmbrella and tried “Save my SHSH”. I saw, that it saved the SHSH, but used the 4.1 firmware since Apple does not sign the 4.0.1 or 4.0.2.
    When selecting the firmware 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 TinyUmbrella said that Cydia did NOT HAVE MY SHSH files!!! Which would mean I should not be able to restore back to 4.0.1 …

    Then I prepared the 4.0.2 firmware file like described here, however out of stupidity I forgot to edit the “Restore.pslist” file, I only edited the BuildManifest.pslist! I then put my Phone in DFU mode and used ITunes to restore it (/etc/hosts was modified during this).

    It worked! ITunes was stuck quite a while one the “Checking restore with Apple” step, but then it ran and my phone was back to 4.0.1! Because I forgot to edit the Restore.pslist file earlier and because I didn’t know if that would leave any effects on my phone I tried restoring again, this time with the ORIGINAL unmodified 4.0.1 firmware file and guess what … it worked as well.

    I don’t know why it worked and actually I don’t care. I am just glad it did. And no, I am not making this up or anything.

    And I can assure you, this phone was never modified before!

  550. puls Says:

    thats great news!!..can you pls tell..ur device..like it is iphone 3gs or iphone 4?? thanks..

  551. Rox Says:

    it awesome!post your custom firmware please~

  552. Mo Says:

    tried the above file on my 3gs didn’t work. and I did change the host file and made sure i was in DFU mode. any other ideas on how to down grade to 4.0.2 to 4.0.1. also whats with the 4.1?

  553. Mo Says:

    FYI I just noticed something, every time i download the file from the link above, it says downloading 378 mb, but when its done it is a different size. I tried to download twice already and I got 189mb and 217 mb, this is the 3rd try. hope i get the entire file this time and maybe it will work

  554. jo Says:

    if mAc it’s options and restore
    and if windows shift and restore..

  555. SmallHorse Says:

    Ups sorry that I forgot, it is an IPhone 3GS which was updated to 4.0.2 before I got it.

  556. SmallHorse Says:

    Well, I did nothing special, I just followed the instructions posted here on the site and made my own firmware. I searched the web for the original Apple FW 4.0.1 and FW 4.0.2 and modified the files according to the instructions.

    I think it is the best to make it yourself (it’s easy!), this way you can be sure you did everything correct and don’t need to rely on other’s work.

  557. Lee Roy Says:

    Has anybody downgraded from 4.1 to (4.0 or 4.0.1)??? I have tried the steps at the top and the tip of changing names 313. I can’t get anything to work after spending hours on it. Itunes says firmware is not compatable and it is an .ipsw

    Please Help…

  558. Dooka Says:

    can u put up a ios for ipod touch 2g mc so i can jailbreak too

  559. Dooka Says:

    works fine for 3gs no problems you have to change the hosts file and use firmware umbrella-4.02 but it works any one having trouble open notepad with run as admin and it will save then open firmware umbrella run the tss server then shift restore in itunes i used itunes 10 no problems

  560. Frozen Zero3G Says:

    Works Fine in 3G i try tiny umbrella

  561. Thomas G Says:

    I’ve tried this method with my iPhone 4 and pretty much all others to get it to downgrade. It simply doesn’t work.

    I’ve got 4.0.2 and have tried EVERYTHING. Changed host file, altered the restore as shown above, and still, nothing.

    I get the 3194 error when trying to restore a valid copy, and I’m not able to.

    I really want a method that will work, it sounds like this restore method only works with iPhone 3GS and below.

    Does anyone have a confirmed method for downgrade on the iPhone4!? PLEASE?

  562. Thomas G Says:

    Shift + click on restore..

  563. Simha Says:

    Will not work if its not jailbroken earlier or SHSH backed up earlier.. Good try though..

  564. Rob83 Says:

    ive been readin this and am positive! im @ 92% downloaded of the file from the link @ the top of the page!….i will post if this works or not cause i dont believe it either! no offense!

  565. Vlad Says:

    Hey, I’ve been trying to downgrade my iPhone 3GS 4.1 for 3 days now. Tried numerous methods and non seem to work. I have a quick question, when I opened Tinyumbrella and pressed “Save My SHSH” this message came up: “09/28/2010 22:39:58.448 You have saved your SHSH locally and the request was sent to CYDIA. This means that CYDIA DOES have your SHSH. Do NOT bug semaphore about the Cydia home page showing this version.”

    Does that mean that I already have an SHSH saved, or simply that it has saved my current SHSH?

    And please to the people who’ve gotten to get this to work, please post the steps you took. We’re freezing out in the cold here, and it really sucks having a 4.1 iOS :(

  566. A.K. Says:

    I just tried it and an error message came up saying that the firmware is not compatible… did you have this issue/ do you know how to fix it?

  567. Rob83 Says:

    now im gettin error message 3002 instead of 3194, reekob u seem to kno what ur talking about can u pls help me!

  568. daudi Says:


    3002 is the error if u havent installed itunes properly or stuff..

    cause i was on 4.0.1 and jailbreaked and i had ma SHSH blobs saved.. but what i did was updated ma ipohne 3gs to 4.0.2 and activated via phonebook sim and i made the firmware my self. and i just restored to 4.0.2 the custom one i made through this step and it restored and then i was back on 4.0.1…!! i didnt used tiny umbrella..!

    any ways thanks to the owner of the post. it worked for me like a harm on itunes 10… i u need to ask more about it so i can help ya out mail me at daudi250@hotmail.com

  569. daudi Says:

    hey u can mail me at daudi250@hotmail.com

    i ll try my level best to help you out and see if it works for you..

  570. daudi Says:

    hey dude how u restoring ur iphone..?

  571. daudi Says:

    yah thats what i did. i downloaded and made ma self and it worked.

  572. Mary Says:

    Will this work using Windows Vista? I have a 3gs phone with upgraded to 4.02, never jail broken. But Id REALLY like to Jail break. I dont care about unlocking it, Im with att.

  573. Mary Says:

    Oh and what itunes do I need? I havent upgraded to 10 yet.

  574. Ray Says:

    WOOOOHOOOO!! finally my iphone 3gs new bootrom on 4.0.2 without shsh blobs is downgraded!!! Took a lil while and a few additional steps, bt iv finally manged it!! thanx a million!!!!

  575. Rob83 Says:

    @ Ray! can u pls or anyone PLEASE!!!!!! put a step to step guide of how to do this on here! Thanks in advance!

  576. daudi Says:

    if u can mail me at daudi250@hotmail.com so i can mail u the write up and cause i will be writing one..

  577. daudi Says:

    yah it will work on win vista i have done it

  578. Ruy Says:

    not work in iphone 4

  579. Ruy Says:

    This procedure is useful for iphone 4?

  580. daudi Says:

    hm itunes upgrade it t0 10. and try the steps it will work

  581. A.K. Says:

    can someone PLEASE explain what i’m supposed to do if when i choose the new ipsw under shift + restore, and it says that the firmware is not compatible?!?

  582. Chip Says:

    Thanks for this manual. I change hosts file, download patched firmware from link at this page, switch iPhone 3GS with FW 4.02 to DFU mode and downgrade to 4.01. IT WORKS!

  583. Anonymous Says:

    Can someone please tell me if it worked without ssh being jailbroken in cydia before

  584. Anderson Says:

    Join to Rob83. put a step by step guide please. I have 3GS with new bootrom. Itunes give me 3194 error without TinyUmbrella, and 3002 with them. Version of itunes was and now. The same result. File got at the megaupload.com/?d=2LS7PASQ.

  585. Anderson Says:

    Please write version of itunes who made downgrade. th a lot.

  586. Meow Says:

    The fact that this took you 3 hours just shows how slow you are. My attempt took me all of 15 minutes (editting my own files, not downloading the pre-editted ones), don’t freak out just because it didn’t work.

  587. daudi Says:


  588. ho Says:

    i had an iphone 4 with 4.0.2 . i wan to downgrade to 4.0.1 but i had try a few ways it doesn.t work ! pls help me eith this . pls email me thnak you

  589. AMG8888 Says:

    Was your 3GS unlocked or jailbreaked before?? if so that explain why it worked for you

  590. AMG8888 Says:

    I have same anyway :(

  591. AMG8888 Says:

    The Stupid donks that says WOhoohohooo worked bla bla… bla… And dont explain anything about how they did it. THANKS your comments were very helpful. You donks are so lame that Iam thinking you must be all 1 guy faking this shiit.

    Lets just wait DEV-team

  592. AMG8888 Says:

    How many mega was the file??? 200 something??

  593. Beaudean Says:

    Ah, have you read the begining post. This is not compatable with iP4 and also only works with some 3GS’s also.

  594. iSad Says:

    no work anymore!!! case close…

  595. zeroknight Says:

    Also I forgot to state I did not have the SHSH file saved and it still worked. iPhone came to me with 4.0.2 already installed and jailbroken but not unlocked and I managed to use this trick (which did work) and unlocked it after with ultrasn0w.

  596. wildone Says:

    the limera1n Jb is out..go get it guys..i just JB my iphone 3gs FW4.0.2..no shsh blobs…

  597. hugo Says:

    is this work for ios 4.1??

  598. folababa Says:

    hi guys, i just jailbreaked my 3gs 4.0.2 new bootroom with limera1n. not jailbroken before. i now unlocked it with ultrasnow. pls try this.

  599. Chris whittaker Says:

    im following the instructions but there is no 4.0.2 on the link at the top :S pls help

  600. THe Guy Says:

    When I tried it for 3gs it says iPhone “iPhone” could not be restored because the firmware file isnt compatable…. i downloaded your like ReekoB

  601. blackops US Says:

    Just got my iphone 3gs under warranty running 4.0.2 and 5.13.04; after doing searches to make sure i don’t brick my phone, i tried folababa’s method and within 10mins, i got it jailbroken and unlocked with ultrasnow (ver 1-1-1). Wanted to let you guys know! Good luck1

  602. Pistolpete Says:

    It seems that the iPhone 4 CANNOT be downgraded from 4.0.2 to 4.0.1.
    sooooooo. best just leavi guys until they geta jailbreak for 4.0.2

    no more sweat and grief and endlessly searching the web for methods to downgrade. IT’S NOT POSSIBLE!!

  603. myself Says:

    does this work for 2nd gen ipods?

  604. Saleem Says:

    Hi Pistolpete, there is already a jailbreak and unlock for iphone 4 with 4.0.2 iOS called “limera1n”. you should google it.

  605. zalreski Says:

    hey i need to get my iphone 3gs from 4.1 ios to 4.0.1 how may i do that

  606. omar Says:

    I just bought iphone 4 from amazon and thought it was unlocked by sadly it is locked but there is no contract.. Sadly it came with 4.0.2 on it. I tried the SHSH blob thing, and they told me you are too late.. Will this method work for me?? I think it will not but just want some1 to ensure it

  607. prz Says:

    I get an error it loads this file fine and when it comes to check with apple it says apple couldn’t verified this file I edited the hosts file just fine what am i doing wrong?

  608. MATINA Says:

    pleases help any one i am stuck that problem and i came there i hope you guys can help anyway

    my problem is

    i did misunderstand upgrade to my iphone 3gs ios 41(8b117)and i try much enough fix my iphone and i did all those thing but i can’t downgrade ???

    pleases any one help me pleases i need really help

  609. MATINA Says:

    i use itunse 9.2 on vista 64bits

  610. Anonymous Says:

    It could be all the old 3GS phones resold by apple that were turned in. I turned mine in and I’m sure apple reset it and resold it because it was in perfect condition. I had all the shsh backed up and it will always be backed up no matter what apple does. So someone could have gotten my phone and had the shsh blobs already on there.

  611. MAT Says:

    I am having issues trying to get the phone to restore to an earlier version i.e 4.0.2 even though i have followed the above several times

    I am getting the following error
    The “iPhone” could not be restored. An unknown error occoured (3194)

  612. carrie7244 Says:

    can you use this for 3G

  613. Eric Says:

    Hi guys please help me here do i have to download the 4.0.2 version on my phone or computer.

  614. Missyy Says:

    When I press open to download the firmware it wont let me.! whats the problem?

  615. mrfix Says:

    hey..i need help is there a way to downgrade iphone 4 4.1 MC model
    because i want to use 4.0 firmware..and when i first brought the phone the firmware was 4.1 i tried many ways to downgrade to 4.0..but no improvement..and i know the only way is to save our SHSH but my phone is running 4.1 when i first got it..please somebody help me!!
    Thank you

  616. tudwer Says:

    Works well , downgraded my ipod g2 (mc) from 4.2.1 to 4.0 :DD!!!!!!!!

  617. forrest Says:

    so can you do this from 4.2.1 to 4.1 also?

  618. francisco Says:

    Couldnt u just doing so when u kick you idevice into recovery u could just recover it at the wanted firmware weather it is jailbroken or not ??? I did that to my friends ipod 3g after i messed up the jailbreak it restored to 4.1 and it just delected everything

  619. francisco Says:

    i think u could do shift and then click the restore while u hold shift and it should let u browse for your firmware i dont know if thats the problem you having

  620. Eric Says:

    Will this work with iPhone 4 iOS 4.2 for downgrade to iOS 4.1???

  621. Hayk Says:

    Hey guys. I also have an iPhone 4 on 4.1. i bought it like this so no shsh blobs. is there anything that will work cuz they say the unlock will come out after the 4.3 update (which is possibly in march)

  622. Alex Says:

    Worked for my iphone 3gs (old bootrom).

  623. CODY Says:

    doesnt work with 4.2.1

  624. kurtman1 Says:

    ok ok im really stuck here im on pc and im tryin yo downgrade my iphone 3g but i dont really under stand the 3rd instruction! how do i open the files with note pad !?

  625. wesley Says:

    how do i do this. i have no idea what to do

  626. JDK Says:

    I can conferm that this works with my iPod Touch 2G, downgrading from 4.2.1 to 4.0! Yay!

  627. fenil Says:

    hy please make video of it and upload it on youtube… n if u have it than plz give me link of it

  628. ¬¬ Says:

    i hav a 3gS and don’t work for me too ¬¬

  629. Apple iPwn Says:

    ps made my files my self..

  630. cambonicky Says:

    Downgrade from 4.02 to 4.01 does not work for me. Do you have other way?

  631. 13 year old that needs help Says:

    I need help. I’m 13 & I have no clue what I am doing :(

  632. Nic Says:

    does this work on ipod touch 2G??

  633. andrew Says:

    do fat ppl use this web 2 caussssse jk ummm does it work 4 ipod touches 4.0.2 2g?

  634. adew Says:

    yea i see wat andrew said and im thinking the same thing

  635. Paco Says:

    Will this work with the 4.3.2 firmware?

  636. ziom Says:

    what if itrz to downgrade to 3.1.3

  637. Eric Says:

    Just attempted it, replacing all files and deleting new files with no equivalent

    Passed verification, but recieved Error 1600 at restore stage.. not sure whether to attempt further

  638. Anonymous Says:

    you are the fucking man!

  639. jibin Says:

    hi guys im using iphone 4 with ios 4.3.5, i cant downgrade it. i dont have SHSHs blobs for any version and im stuck in it……… pls help me out guys……

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  645. CHARLIE Says:

    hi guys i need help to jailbreak my iphone4 wich is never jailbreak before.
    can u guy’s help me to do this?
    my iphone is 4.0.2 original.

    and i know u guy’s are profesionales, please help me. thank you for ur assistens.

    atte….. CHARLIE HERNAN.

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