Fuzzyband 3.1b1 Available Now

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Fuzzyband has been updated and is now 3.0 ready.  It’s feature set has changed a little as yellowsn0w is deprecated.


Upgrades / Downgrades baseband to 4.26.08 for unlocking with the ultrasn0w tool released by the iPhone Dev-Team


Upgrading is for users that wish to remain on 2.2.1 but also unlock.  Upgrading will put the 4.26.08 baseband from 3.0 on the modem so that ultrasn0w may be installed from cydia


Downgrading works from any version greater than 4.26.08 (currently 5.08.01 is the newest version available, found in 3.1 beta 1).  It will put your baseband back at version 4.26.08 which is the current unlockable version by ultrasn0w.

Downgrading only works on phones that have the 05.08 (5.8) Bootloader from the factory.  This is a very limited number of phones that were released in the first few weeks of the 3G production cycle.

If you do not know your bootloader then you can run Fuzzyband and it will report the version number for you.

Any questions or comments can be directed to me fuzzyband@peacefulinsanity.com

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278 Responses to “Fuzzyband 3.1b1 Available Now”

  1. Lcymru Says:

    I’m all in favor of progress, but do have a concern. I’ve unlocked my 3G 2.2.1 (BL 5.08) with yellowsn0w, after using the prior version of Fuzzyband, and it works great. But what if I need to do a restore as “new phone” at some point and prefer the old reliable yellowsn0w to the new ultrasn0w? But now Cydia won’t offer the prior Fuzzyband. Or am I wrong? If I’m right, why aren’t perfectly good prior versions of packages maintained on Cydia? Not complaining about the author, just curious.

  2. Oz Says:

    I’m curious how rare the 5.8 bootloader actually is (I’m lucky enough to have it), and what the other consequences of different bootloader versions is.

  3. Lcymru Says:

    My 3G is a refurb apparently that was given to me about 2 months ago by the local Apple Store in exchange for my original 3G that quit working.

  4. Poseidon79 Says:

    These were only manufactured for about 3 months.

  5. Shailesh Says:

    Thank you so much..
    i was waiting for this :)

  6. bine0202 Says:

    I’m so lucky … i’m sooooooooooooo lucky … I’ve that bootloader!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhhhh … Thank you soooooooo much … kisses

  7. bine0202 Says:

    I’m still on 4.26.08 … but you’ll never know … perhaps I’ll need fuzzyband once … great to know that there will be help … ;-)

  8. w1kedZ Says:

    ultrasn0w is the same payload as yellowsn0w and should be just as stable on your 3G, it’s just using a different exploit to administer the payload. If you need an old version of fuzzy I can provide one to you, email me (fuzzyband@peacefulinsanity.com), the old one will downgrade from 4.26.08 -> 2.28.00.

    The other problem is, there were a lot of features and fixes added dto 4.26.08 and most have reported noticeably better call quality, less dropped calls, etc… so you may reconsider staying at 2.28 and upgrade to 4.26.08 for ultrasn0w

  9. sbsettings Says:


    I recently got an 3gs and want to install sbsettings but i´m constantly getting an “http/1.1 504 Gateway Time-out”. what does this mean?


  10. avraz Says:

    dear w1kedZ
    i need the old version of the Fuzzyband on cyida to downgragde my BB 4.26.08 -> 2.28.00 becouse the ultrasnow doesnt work on my iphone 3g
    kindly send me the sourse for the old fuzzyband please please

  11. Lcymru Says:

    Thanks w1kedZ – I’m sold. And my initial reaction was short sighted since it’s likely that I’ll move to 3.1 at some point soon anyway. I feel fortunate to have the 5.8 BL — and this nice tool.

  12. elbono Says:

    i need need need need
    the old version of the Fuzzyband on cyida to downgragde my BB 4.26.08 -> 2.28.00

  13. avraz Says:

    i need the old version please help

  14. Anonymous Says:

    please help
    please help
    please help
    please help
    please help
    i need the old version
    i need the old version
    i need the old version
    i need the old version

  15. Anonymous Says:

    i have the 5.8 downgragde my BB 4.26.08 -> 2.28.00

    please help
    i need the old version

  16. OSAMA Says:

    downgragde BB 4.26.08 -> 2.28.00
    i need the old version
    IPHONE ON 3.0 NO network

  17. avraz Says:

    why no body answer us i need the old version of Fuzzyband how can i get it please some one answer me

  18. iphone addict Says:

    why put an email adress if no body answer us ,
    please we need someone to answer us we need the old version of fuzzyband to make my iphone work again other wise i can use it as ipode touch only ,
    someone to answer me ,please ,please please please answer us where are you all doings when we need someone

  19. OSAMA Says:

    we need answer
    need the old version

  20. iphone addict Says:

    hi people
    i got an answer that the old version will be available in the repo by tomorrow .

  21. OSAMA Says:

    iphone addict
    Thank you so much..
    Thank you so much..
    Thank you so much..
    Thank you so much..
    Thank you so much..

  22. OSAMA Says:

    Wayne is the old version

  23. muffinmuncher Says:

    i got a reply back from ‘fuzzyband@peacefulinsanity.com’ today saying
    “I’m currently submitting the old version to the repo so you guys can install it.”

    that was reply was nearlt 18 hours ago now.

  24. mathen Says:

    is there any way to control volume ,when connected by A2DP in the ipod touch,since my head set has no volume buttons..?

  25. w1kedZ Says:

    You’re crazy, I have answered every email sent to the address above, as well as posted the old version back in the repo for your use. Some people here, quite a few actually need to show some restraint and patience. We offer software like this to the community at no cost, I do maintain a job and juggle that with development for you guys.

    One user here emailed me 4 times in the matter of a 5 hour period with the exact same message.

  26. w1kedZ Says:

    And was submitted prior to replying. It required some discussion about how we would have both versions in the repo at the same time. Like I stated above, this is all free to you guys, and many of you need to show some patience.

  27. Lcymru Says:

    Thanks, again, w1kedZ for Fuzzyband. My 3G came with 2.2.1 already installed — so the synergy between your program and a bit of luck (BL 5.8) was what provided me with a painless path to unlocking. Much appreciated.

  28. mike Says:

    what is iphone?

  29. moberts Says:

    Hey!! Will this work on 3GS?
    Thanks heaps

  30. Yogesh Says:

    I have a problem with my unlocked iPhone.
    iPhone 3g OS3.0 (7A341) & firmware 4.26.08

    After a period of inactivity(?, maybe be random) on my phone, callers calling me get a message that my phone is switched off / phone is outside coverage area whereas at that point, my phone shows adequate network coverage & I can dial any number.

    Do you think of a probale reason? Should I reunlock it?

  31. djurekz Says:

    my bootloader is 05.09 …
    will fuzzyband create for bootloader 5.9 ?

  32. Dara Says:

    i’ve got iphone 3GS with BL 06.04 and BB=05.10.01 OS 3.0 and could not unlock. any ideas for solving this problems please?

  33. SB Says:

    Hi w1kedz,
    I sent you an email about iPhone OS 3.1b2 containing 05.10.01… Can you please release an update to allow me to downgrade ? (or the baseband contained in 3.1b3 (05.11.04))

  34. Nate Says:

    is there going to be an update for bootloader 5.09 people? i acedently upgraded to 3.1b3. i can wait as long as it takes since i have a backup phone i can use.

  35. HUGO Says:

    yes please, my iphone is my only phone, i need the fuzzybadn downgrader, im currently on basbeand 5.11.04??? i just accidnetly updated to 3.1 beta 3??? i will pay for it if i have too but i need it badly

  36. Bastian Says:

    same as Hugo, i update it to 3.1, now i have idead 3GS, but im sure fuzzyband will help us who has 6.04 bootloader.. dont you?
    thanks fuzzzyband, cant wait for your update

  37. Bastian Says:

    me too… i will pay if i have too. need to downgrade baseband, but my bootloader is 06.04..
    if you have it, just email me your paypal account will send you the payment directly

  38. HUGO Says:

    YES me too, its my only phone and for work, i need it urgent, PLEASE

  39. HUGO Says:

    why dont you answer the emails i sent you, i need this please

  40. Blader Says:

    Please update fuzzyband to downgrade baseband from 05.11.04 urgently.
    I surfed all internet site, but failed to find the solution.
    My iphone 3G informationsare as below.
    [Bootloader version]
    06.02 [G2M3S2]
    [Baseband Version]
    [iPhone OS version]

    I hope to get updated Fuzzyband to unlock my iPhone!!!

  41. HUGO Says:

    PLEASE me too, i really need it, im loosing business right now..you guys are my only hope?? here are my iphone info:

    [Bootloader version]
    06.02 [G2M3S2]
    [Baseband Version]
    [iPhone OS version]

  42. HUGO Says:


  43. hazhar Says:

    here are my iphone info:

    [Bootloader version]
    06.02 [G2M3S2]
    [Baseband Version]
    [iPhone OS version]

    how to downgrade bb version

  44. saibarspeis Says:

    iPhone 3G BL: 06.02 BB: 05.11.04 OS: 3.0 locked on Orange 3G Romania.

    My phone is usable though, I use it with an Orange 3G simcard so I guess it’s okay. I would really like to contribute to the developers to free up their time and seek vulnerability in the new BB driver or maybe a solution for downgrading baseband to older jailbreakable versions.

    Thanks a lot for all your effort and pacience to the users. You do realise you’re trying to unscrew the monopoly that Apple tries so hard to impose on us. You’re doing a huge work and this is all appreciated, at least from me.

  45. Tim Says:

    Hi there

    I have an iPhone 3G.
    Bootloader 5.8
    OS 3.0.1, locked to O2 (UK)
    Baseband: ICE2-05.11.07
    I have jailbroken with redsn0w 0.8
    I downloaded fuzzy 3.1b1-1 but it cant downgrade the baseband? :(

    Will a new version be released soon or not?

    Please help. Thanks.

  46. Waleed Says:

    Please fuzzy band , I am waiting for your update anxiously , I updated to the 3.1 firmware , I have an iphone 3g and I can’t use it , pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee fix update your fuzzy band so that it can support the 5.11 baseband . Thanks a lot , i downgraded firmwares but I am waiting for your new fuzzy band to restore my baseband

  47. Waleed Says:

    I need a newer version please , because the latest one will not downgrade my 5.11 baseband , i need a newer version pleaseeeeeee , i can’t use my iphone and i just bought it. thanks

  48. scott Says:

    How can I downgrade from 05.11.07 on bootloader 5.08? I read that since I had a first day 3G that I could do this, but I tried both fuzzyband apps and they both said that my baseband was not supported!

  49. Dustin Howett Says:

    New version out soon will address this! :)

  50. Matt Says:

    Plz help bb 5.11 bl 5.08 plz update ur software help us!!

  51. Waleed Says:

    Hey Dustin will the new version deal with downgrading baseband 5.11.07 to a lower baseband or at least the 3.01 fimware baseband . please help meeeee , I can’t use my iphoneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee please fuzzy teammmmmmmmm, I have been waiting for your fuzzy band update. Thanks in advance. I appreciate your hard work

  52. Stefan Says:

    hi Dustin,

    thank godness i have the 5.08 bootloader. Hopefully you are the last chance i think to save my iphone now after i updated my iphone 3G from 3.0 to 3.1 with the new itunes9. So do you think there will be a chance to downgrade the baseband 5.11.07 to the working bandwith? Musclenerd from dev team means that there will be no chance…what do you think.
    Do i have to sell my brand new lovely iphone ?

    Thank you very much for your help.


  53. Elias Bardis Says:

    Please fuzzy band. i made the biggest mistake and accidentally updated to 3.1.. I mistaked it for 3.0.1 and now i can’t unlock my phone PLEASE release a update that allows us 3.1 users to downgrade 05.11.07

    Bootloader version:
    Baseband version
    Iphone os

  54. Naveen Says:

    Hi Dustin,

    When I found my iPhone 3G not receiving the incoming calls i though of restoring it back. So I hit the restore button in iTunes 9.0 and it asked me to click “Restore and Update” button (I didn’t know that I can select a pre-version ipsw file to restore with at that time) and accidentally upgraded to OS 3.1. I would like to downgrade the Baseband from 5.11.07.

    Could you help me out with this situation..

    Your help is greatly appreciated…

    Thanks in advance.

  55. Kad Says:

    We are all waiting for the new fuzzyband. Pleeease save our iphones

  56. Waleed Says:

    Hi Fuzzy band , I would like to please to ask you when will you release a new fuzzy band version that will support baseband 5.11.07 , when i download your current one , it tells me that this version will only support baseband bootloader 5.08 and , what is the baseband bootloader ? I am on baseband 5.11.07 and bootloader 6.08 ? Please let me know what does baseband bootloader mean and when will you release a new version

  57. Waleed Says:

    pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee fuzzy team release a version that will support bootloader 6.02 and baseband 5.11.07 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee , fuzzy band i am stuck and i bought this iphone recently please help me and everyone who have this problem

  58. Nightwolf30 Says:

    First I want to thank you for the time and effort it takes to help people without asking anything in return, unfortunately I update my iphone 3g to vercion 3.1 and my baseband is 05.11.07 and I can now unlock, do you think may make a baseband downgrade?

  59. Soulsmugler Says:

    People!!! Thank you verrry much. Downgrade from 5.11.07 return my Iphone for me. you are the best!

  60. Stefan Says:

    but how did you downgrad ????

  61. Aye Says:

    What are you talking about you downgraded from 5.11.07? I just tried it. It does not work.

  62. Paulo Says:

    Hello, I have the same problem, I update my iphone with the 3.1 and now i can’t use it.

    Bootloader version:
    Baseband version
    Iphone os
    3.1 with cydia

    can you please help us, and tell us if is possible downgrade the beseband?

    thank you.

  63. Stefan Says:

    yeahhhhhh …. oh my god. There is a new version of fuzzyband 3.1 gm in cydia. I could flash my baseband from 05.11.07 to 04.26.08!!

    Ultrasnow and ….Yessssss Carrier signal is back again!!

    Thank you sooo much guys. You are the best!!!
    You don´t know how happy i am right now… :)))

    all the best
    lucky stefan :))

  64. paulo Says:

    good for you, but this is only if you have bootloader 05.08, will not work if you have bootloader 06.02

  65. Skipl Says:

    This is great! Fuzzyband 3.1gm has successfully downgraded my baseband from 5.11.07 to 4.26.08 (bootloader 5.08) and I can now use T-Mobile again! :D

  66. MasterPretty Says:

    Hello… I have 05.09 bootloader and 05.11.07 baseband, my problem is that unlock works very well but when I insert my sim card doesn’t have signal or no service on screen, I guess is because the baseband…HELP PLEASE!!!!!

  67. Soulsmugler Says:

    I have bootloader 5.08. So downgrade problem is solved for me :)

  68. MagicUser2 Says:

    Hi every body..
    Sorry for those who have other bootloader 5.08.
    I’m also in the list of unlucky ones..
    Accidentally restored and upgraded to OS 3.1 baseband 5.11.07.
    Phone was previously working with my carrier -Azercell. After this restore -it just show I-tunes – which means its in recovery mode. Shortly , I’ve downgraded from 3.1 to 3.0 by putting tool into DFU and selecting 3.0 ISPW file twice. And then using RedSnow to pwnage it. Done , it worked. OS became 3.0 but Baseband remain 5.11.07. NO COVERAGE – It search but then NO NOTWORK – despite I used repo666.ultrasn0w.com and installed ultrasnow application. As these few days reading all this post there is two option we can go
    1- through iphone away – use as itouch listen music
    2- wait until fuzzyband dowgrader for bootloader 5.09 or higher,
    3- wait until Dev Iphone team comes with splendid solution to help everybody..
    If anybody has accidental unlock with his 3G please let us know :)

  69. Aye Says:

    If you have 5.08 what do you then mean you downgraded from 5.11.07?

  70. Dk Says:

    To those who have successfully downgraded: On fuzzyband with 3.0 OS, I have bootloader 5.08 and baseband 5.11.04 and it’s saying not supported to downgrade the baseband. If you can downgrade from 5.11.07 then It should work for 5.11.04 right?


  71. junk phone Says:

    if you guys bought your iphone in the last 30 days in US and if you accidentally upgraded to 3.1 then walk into the store and exchange the phone. Current stock is still 3.0.1. Hope that helps.

  72. Jaime Says:

    Bootloader Ver 05.09 and Baseband Ver 5.11.
    Accidentally upgraded to 3.1, but then backed down to 3.0.1. Wifi, etc., OK but no phone.
    As the rest, will appreciate your help whenever you get around to 05.09. Thanks much for your great service.

  73. ozone Says:

    I’m waiting to unlock my iPhone with Bootloader 5.09. I sure you are the best in your work. Just wait with hope!

  74. Nizzywizzy Says:

    Good news for you.

    I made a mistake updating my 3G 8gb to 3.1 in itune. after spending the whole night I managed to put everything back how it was ie. back to v3.0 jail broken and unlocked with modem firmware 4.26.08.
    This sis how I did it..
    1.Installed version three firmware using quickpwn2.2
    (everything back to normal but the baseband showing as 5.11.07)

    2. Jailbroke it using redsnow
    (This installed Cydia)

    3. Now Installed Ultrasn0w – and i lost the carries signal – saying No service

    4 After much searching the the net finally I downloaded Fuzzyband, downgraded my baseband back to 04.26.08 ( luckily my bootloader versaion is 5.08)

    .. Took few minutes to flash – I was nervous wreck watching the flashing slider – at the end I saw the message DONE

    5. Rebooted the iphone and back to normal, everything works fine as it was ie. jailbroken and unlocked

    Hope it helps… Good luck
    2. Jailbroke it using

  75. Dk Says:

    Any ideas would be deeply appreciated!! Please. Thanks.

  76. HUGO Says:

    hello, hows the porgress on downgrading 5.11.04 and 5.09, i need iphone for work…PLEASE HURRY UP

  77. Kholio Says:

    When the version that support BL 5.09 will be available? Thanks

  78. hihi Says:

    you have a way only is waiting……… for new Fuzzy soft.

  79. HUGO Says:

    yeah, i just need a reales date?

  80. frank Says:

    actulizen fuzzyband so that compatible to blotloader 06,04 pleas

  81. Sukuifeng Says:

    where could download the Fuzzyband 3.1b version

  82. rio Says:

    i have 06.04 bootlaoder and 05.11.07 how can i downgrade please help have trie allsorts with no luck

  83. Naveen Says:

    Hi Fyzzyband Guys,
    You really rock. just now downgraded my iPhone baseband from 5.11.07 to 4.26.08 and was able to unlock with Ultrasn0w.

    Once again really thank you. :D

  84. Yuval Says:

    when do u think 06.02 bootloader downgrade will be released?

  85. Mr. Hope Says:

    Hy there,

    accidentally i updated also my 3g yesterday with itunes – i readed the part from dev-team to fast :-(

    so please guys, let us know when downgrader for bl 5.09 will be available…

    thanks in advance…

  86. ARUN Says:

    helo pls help me

    I’ve had my iphone 3g from my friend he brought from UK, he is unlocked in India and used here with out any pblm. when i buy from him i accidently updated to 3.1. Then I downgrade it to 3.0, but the Bootloader Version 06.02 and Baseband Version: 05.11.07 cant downgrade, so i can do only jailbrake,
    i cant unlock…. if any possibility to unlock in mac os with any tool……pls help me

  87. Cybertoy Says:

    ARUN, no unlock for 3G at this moment, we only can wait for a solution, if this exists….

  88. Dk Says:

    OMG AFTER TWO DARN WEEKS OF FRUSTRATION.. I’ve finally downgraded the baseband!! Had to go from 5.11.07 to 4.26.08. Running 3.0 OS firmware..Thanks GOD!! Thanks fuzzyband your the best no joke.

  89. Angel Says:

    I have the same problem, I update my iphone with the 3.1 and now i can’t use it.

    Bootloader version:
    Baseband version
    Iphone os
    3.1 7c144 with cydia

    can you please help us, and tell us if is possible downgrade the beseband?

    i wanna talk with my iphone…. please hurry up

    thank you.

  90. paulo Says:

    This is great news, Thank you.

  91. ZeAa Says:

    YEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS………………i cant wait i miss my iphone so much its like my partner in crime…thank you fuzzyband team

  92. Cybertoy Says:

    Wow, impressive, i can’t wait for it. A question , it will support all bootloaders? (mine is 06.04) or we are comdened…


  93. brandon Says:

    will this support the bootloader 5.9 ..??
    thanks in advance, Brandon Daniel

  94. mOOmAN177 Says:

    I have bl5.9 bb5.11.07 and have been looking everywhere for a fix! I came across this website and saw that the release date is sept 24 which is tomorrow!! I can’t wait!! Thank you soo much for working on this!

  95. Phlooo Says:

    Hi, will the tomorrow’s update support all bootloaders ?
    I would be sooooo happy ! :D

  96. Phlooo Says:

    I’m wondering if the “Fuzzyband”‘s comment is not a fake…

    Just type Fuzzyband in place of your name, and write what you want…

  97. Cybertoy Says:

    Umm Phlooo i agree with you, i think that Fuzzyband comment its a joke… damn

  98. ZeAa Says:

    yea guys u got me thinking now….until we get some real conformation we will never know

  99. FuzzyBand Says:

    This is a fake. I don’t know about the others

  100. Nova-Nova Says:

    i accidentaly upgraded my jailbroken iphone 3G 3.0 firmware to the newest 3.1 firmware. and i used a MAC to jailbreak the 3.1 firmware but my bootloader is now 6.02…i seriously need someones HELP..i have t-mobile so now i can’t downgrade the baseband and unlock my iphone..PLS HELP ME PLS!!!!

  101. mOOmAN177 Says:

    What time will the new version be released on the 24th?

  102. Phlooo Says:

    The “new version” WON’T be released today.

    The “FuzzyBand” comments are fake.

    We don’t even know if there will be a “new version” one day…

    The real creator of this soft is w1kedZ. He posts comments with “w1kedZ” name, not with “FuzzyBand”.

  103. rio1 Says:

    is now the 24 sept and as informed it is fake no new fuzzyband software i was also informed that it would be more than a couple of days, weeks and may be even months before all software that could do it would be in the hands off the pro’s

  104. kevin Says:

    can some one tell me when new version fuzzyband be release so we can downgrade the baseband with bootloader 5.09. Thanks

  105. Bryan Says:

    Update us with the progress of the fuzzyband pls.. Thanks

  106. rio1 Says:

    as of yet there is no software out there

  107. skeetskeet Says:

    Or why don’t you quit bitching and just fix the software for us so we can unlock our 5.11.07 versions. I’ll give you 5 bucks

  108. Terry Says:

    Can we please get an updated fuzzyband that will downgrade for us? and why is it taking so long to get one anyways WTF

  109. Goodman1501 Says:

    You got the wrong attitude. Who are you that has the right to say somebody dumb and not deserve to ‘own’ an iphone !

  110. Cybertoy Says:

    Its taking so long because 2 commands on bb that it was used for downgrade the bb now on 5.11.07 it doesn’t be. It was deleted for apple with other 100 commands. Then, now, its more difficult search a new solution for this problem…

  111. 2prime Says:

    Follow iH8sn0w on twitter he is working on baseband 05.11.07

    he writes:
    CONFIRMED: Baseband 5.11.08 has removed 2 of the useful commands that were found, but has one left over. A third command :).

  112. Anonymous Says:

    you shut up

  113. Razvan Says:

    Kk I made some progress. I managed to downgrade 5.9 bootloader to 5.8 which can than be usedti downgrade from 5.11.08 baseband however it doesn’t always work which I’m trying to fix at the moment.

  114. Anonymous Says:

    i have the same problem. When the version that support BL 5.09 will be available? please somebody help us pls! pls! pls! Thanks

  115. Rossi Says:

    I have an 3g with 3.1 jailbreak
    BL 5.09
    Baseband 5.11.07

    Pls help us !!!!!!
    Any news to downgrade BB 5.11.07 with BL 5.09 ????

  116. vANINA Says:

    Razyan … How are you managed to downgrade 5.9 bootloader to 5.8 ???


    Bootloader version:
    Baseband version
    Iphone os

  117. Anonymous Says:

    pls help us

  118. Anonymous Says:

    what u think is better to sell my iphon as a iphod or wait?

  119. Anonymous Says:

    no one is here?

  120. Anonymous Says:

    hello any news ????

  121. Anonymous Says:

    any news about downgrade bootloader 5.9?

  122. Anonymous Says:

    hey ?????????????????????????

  123. edwin zapata Says:

    it is in cydia. go to search in cydia and type in fuzzyband

  124. Anonymous Says:

    any news about downgrade 5.9?

  125. sufingboy111793 Says:

    well can you put out the method so we can try it out, it will probably work on some of us?

  126. sufingboy111793 Says:


  127. Razvan Says:

    Ok I think I have it let me finalize it and I will put it out for you guys.

  128. Anonymous Says:

    i think is a fake

  129. pepe Says:

    any news about downgrade 5.9?

  130. Anonymous Says:

    what’s appening??????????

  131. Anonymous Says:

    no one say nothyng?

  132. pepe Says:

    no one is working on the bootloader or baseband downgrade? pls! pls! pls!

  133. pepe Says:

    is somebody working to a version that support BL 5.09 ? Thanks

  134. Anonymous Says:

    there are thousands peoples all overe the world that have this problem with 3g BB 5.9 please help us to unlock. please help us

  135. Dara Gakhal Says:

    I Have Seen Your Post Down Below Have U Got The Solution For Your Iphone I Have The Same Problem Brother Please Tell Me If U Find Some Thing?

    i’ve got iphone 3GS with BL 06.04 and BB=05.10.01 OS 3.0 and could not unlock. any ideas for solving this problems please?

  136. Anonymous Says:

    we we

  137. Stu Says:

    If you pricks just take time to read, you’ll see that ‘Razvan’ is currently working on the bootloader downgrade, which he says has worked and he is finalizing it. Just be patient for fuck sake!

    I too am on 05.09 and cannot downgrade. Just shut up and let the man work! The more you pester, then more pissed off he will get and then bin him project and keep it to himself. OK!

    Good work, whoever gets it working by the way!

  138. Kim Says:

    Can you put it without finalizing?

  139. Frances Says:

    @stu – Ditto that. These whiny people who all ask the same question over and over are just so annoying. We’re all in the same boat here and need to be patient and grateful to all that these genuises at the Dev-team do for us for FREE.

  140. Kim Says:

    “maybe for years to come” hahaha I can’t stop laughing. You are really idiot. You are talking as the representative of fuzzyband developers. I advise you to shut up when you don’t know what you are talking about.

  141. Anonymous Says:

    when will the fuzzyband come out the version for bootloader 5.09 ?

  142. Phlooo Says:

    Please STOP asking that !!!!

    Nobody knows when it will come out. Nobody even knows IF ONE DAY it will exist !!

    Just wait. You’re not gonna die without iPhone.

  143. Stu Says:

    Well…. im not sure about that. haha

  144. Phlooo Says:

    Well.. i am. :D

  145. Stu Says:

    Im so bored of my £40 nokia now…

  146. Phlooo Says:

    Hahaha so do i :D

    I have a Sony Ericsson C905 – which is great – but soooooooo lame compared to the iPhone :D

  147. w1ck3dz Says:


  148. Phlooo Says:

    Fake. Everybody can post using this fake name, the real creator name is w1kedZ, not w1ck3dz.

    So shut up please

  149. Stu Says:

    Oh man, I had a c905 but lost it on the tube in London. I may have to shell out for a new phone with something more interesting on it than my alarm clock on the nokia..

  150. eNYCe Says:

    So sad to see my white iphone as paper weight :(

    Thanks for working on this, im sure this will get solved SOON.

  151. Lolita Loco Says:

    Hear, hear! ;)

    Eagerly awaiting a way to downgrade with bootloader 06.04. I just turned my iPhone into an iPod Touch. Eeek! :-S

  152. Christy.V Says:

    when will there be a 5.09 bootloader with 05.11.07 BB downgrader? cuz that’s what my phone is right now. im like suffering ><

  153. Anonymous Says:

    u guys are all fucking lmae, just STFU already and wait.

  154. gegonasr Says:

    STILL WAITING … 5.09 bootloader with 05.11.07 BB … a f#&%ing pain in the A$$ … please find a solution … we really appreciate what the dev team is doing for all of us … we really do.

  155. GOD Says:

    Here’s show you how to unlock 3G 3.1 bootloader 05.09 with baseband 05.11.07
    -First Plugin your iPhone to PC
    -Second Put your 2 hands together
    -Three Pray and say Outloud Miracle, Miracle. Miracle until your iPhone Unlock ;)

  156. Stu Says:

    How long do I have to do this for..?

  157. eNYCe Says:

    To the idiot that keeps telling people to shut up, what about you stop replying you moron?

    What the hell do you suppose, us troubled users to keep quiet while our iphones become obsolete?

    Tap dance your way out of here and keep out!

  158. the big boss Says:

    okay peps is oficial the new baseband/bootloader downgrader is out, after a lots of work is finally here, so go to cidia and enjoy.

    thebigboss team.

  159. the big boss Says:


  160. the big boss Says:

    can someone confrim it wokrs on 5.11 baseband?

  161. juan Says:

    hey bigboss team

    what is the new baseband/bootloader downgrader called?

    is it still fuzzy band 3.1gm-1?


  162. the big boss Says:

    its not the 3.1gm-1 i just tried it, maby its another fake

  163. surfingboy111793 Says:

    that was me above testing the fake name

  164. Someone Says:

    W1kedz put on his Twitter that it’s not possible. Go check it out.

  165. Phlooo Says:

    W1kedZ said on his twitter that there will be no downgrade for this BB.

  166. gentleman Says:

    how to downgrade baseband 5.11.04 to 4.26.08? If it so urgen, i’m in very big problem…?

  167. csargeantuk Says:

    Does anyone know what sn0wbreez is, does it unlock phones that have already been updated to 3.1 through itunes?

    I found it here: http://chronic-dev.org/blog/2009/10/the-full-story/#comments


  168. wicked Says:

    Hey anybody know how long it will take to find a solution to downgrade bootloader 05.09 baseband 05.11.07 ?

  169. dee Says:

    Hey guys,
    I’m in the same boat as alot of you guys, I accidentally updated my iphone to 3.1 then I downgrade back to 3.0.1, but can’t receive any signal or service, it is just searching, when I download fuzzyband from cydia it say that I am using the BL 5.09 and now I’m stuck, this is my only way of communicating with anybody. Can I please get some help please on when can we have our working again? Please.

  170. surfingboy111793 Says:

    ALright guys wait is over, a new unlock is out, its called ferociousbird, follow this guy on twitter @ferociousbird and also follow @appuloha1l for updates.

  171. Phlooo Says:

    Theres noone named frociousbird or appuloha1l AT ALL on twitter…

  172. Phlooostopbitching Says:

    Phlooo, since day one you been bitching, why don’t you shut your big mouth and read a little bit.


  173. Stu Says:


    Spell it right f00l.

  174. Phlooo Says:

    Yeah you’re right.

    I found it. But its smells like a HUUUUGE fake.

  175. dee Says:

    So it sound like the announcement of this ferociousbird is a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE fake is that you all are saying? then if it is a fake then when are we going to be using our iphone 3g which has our baseband at 5.11.07, or any other and want to unlocked their phone, what are we to do now? We don’t have a phone and need our phone to used, we all make mistakes in our life, but some of us need help to fisk the problem for us, just like how we need help in using our iphone. please can we please get some help?

  176. surfingboy111793 Says:

    might be a fake, may not be a fake, they weill be relasing a live demo of it sunday, following the relase that same day? so we will know the truth on SUNDAY :D

  177. surfingboy111793 Says:

    its not fake, listen to what he said

    appuloha1l All you non-believers: Go use @geohot jailbreak, quit complaining. Everyone else: Wait for a #ha1lday!

  178. surfingboy111793 Says:

    ^^^ why would he say that if it was lying

  179. dee Says:

    look i am really new to all this but if u thinks that this sunday is going to be the big hit then i can wait for sunday to get a really good one instead. man no harm done.

  180. Phlooo Says:

    “why would he say that if it was lying” ?


    Yea you’re right, if he was lying, he would have said “DO NOT BELIEVE US”.

  181. dee Says:

    ok now i have seen that they also have a different one coming out on monday which is chocolatera1n and this one comes out on sunday appuloha1l, but everyone please read this. appuloha1l team member jay has been working on a seperate project called chocolatera1n. appuloha1l is a easy to use jailbreak, but chocolatera1n is more advanced.

    Here is what chocolatera1n has:

    * A better ui than appuloha1l, but it is not a 1 click jailbreak
    * In the future if Apple blocks the usb exploit used by appuloha1l, only chocolatera1n will support the h1ssingsnake exploit.
    * Custom boot logo option
    * Download Cydia packages right from chocolatera1n
    * Hacktivation support
    * No need to download a new chocolatera1n, you can update chocolatera1n from the update menu whenever a new chocolatera1n is out.
    * and a lot more…

    appuloha1l will be released on Sunday, but chocolatera1n is coming on Monday. this is what i heard.

  182. dee Says:

    so maybe they are right then but lets see by Tuesday.

  183. surfingboy111793 Says:

    exactly, whatevr im just hoping it comes out, i need an unlock BADLY

  184. dee Says:

    hey has anybody seen the video demo yet?

  185. dee Says:

    dont worry i need an unlock too BADLY for this is my only phone

  186. Salman Says:

    I have a problem with my unlocked iPhone.
    iPhone 3g OS3.0 (7A341) & firmware 5.11.07 with bootloader 5.9, please help how to unlock it…….. i am totally screwed up now…… is there any software????? pls help

  187. surfingboy111793 Says:

    no software, people START bugging ih8sn0w about it becouse he has an exploit which means he can unlock it but he hasent started becouse hes working on something else, bu if we bug him , we will probably start, so fill his tweeter with requests K

  188. dee Says:

    has anyone find or used the ferociousbird to unlock their phone yet?

  189. Hamed Says:

    I think, that was fake

  190. Phlooo Says:

    It is a fake.

    We told you so

  191. Stu Says:

    Ok guys, I tried ‘Blackra1n’ which loaded etc etc etc but it loads back up with the normal itunes screen (arrow) I have got an Orange simcard in the phone but when I jailbroke last with a Mac I would at least get a springboard just with no signal, has anyone else got this?

  192. dee Says:

    yes it was big time and now i am stuck with my phone still not unlock, also i even tried the blackra1l and still nothing works, is there really going to be a unlock for our iphone soon?

  193. dee Says:

    i mean blackra1n not blackra1l

  194. Phlooo Says:

    There won’t be any unlock for this baseband.

    Nobody works on that.

    The dev-team said they will not work on this BB because “they have other things to do” (just read “adding 3.1.x support in redsn0w”).
    They said that there are no exploit found in this BB, and they don’t want to waste time in searching for such exploits.

    So they’ll wait for Apple to make a new BB, BUT…
    If this one is never unlocked, why the hell Apple would make a new one ??? And if Apple does so, it might be way harder to unlock than the 5.11.07…

    So we’re stuck, the ONLY hope is downgrading ths 5.11.07 (this could be easier since the 3.1 OTB jailbreak)…

    But I read somewhere that the Dev-Team wanted to hack the Bootloader, so we could have pwned-for-life and maybe unlocked-for-life iPhones…

    But as always, they don’t give people informations before the release of their products, so we can’t really know anything for sure.

    We just have to wait, or to sell our locked iPhones (that’s what i gonna do right now).

  195. Hamed Says:

    i agree with Phlooo, We just have to wait and pray

  196. tho Says:

    Dude… that’s just wrong!

  197. vietpham Says:

    anyone could tell me where to download this tool?

  198. Phlooo Says:


  199. Fastorro Says:

    We are fuck…

    Dev team aren´t working? because if them not waste ther time in unlocking, we go bad.

    iphone 3G
    Bootloader: 5.09
    Basehand: 05.11.07

  200. Fayeed Says:

    ok.. my story is a sad one… i downgraded from 3.1 to 3.0.1…. however Fuzzyband says my bootloader is 6.08, and from what i’ve read… my phone can olny be jailbroken… is there no way at all I can unlock it??

  201. Wrong Says:

    Its totally wrong to post such links.

  202. Chris Says:

    I bought a new one with OS 3.1 Bootloader 06.04 and Baseband 5.11. Looks like I am stuck with it until a unlock solution is found.

    This is very very saddening.

  203. Chris Says:

    Has anyone tried this product for unlocking?

    unlock-the-iphone [dot] com

  204. Pan Says:

    this tool is crap. It won’t work with Baseband 5.11

    Stop advertising junksites & junkttools like
    unlock-the-iphone [dot] com


  205. Steve Says:

    You are wrong. They are working on BB unlock. It seems you didn’t see their latest post. Please do not assume anything from your mind. Depend on facts not on thoughts!

  206. Steve Says:

    From dev-team blog:
    ” We’ll continue to work on a carrier unlock for the latest basebands, but the timeframe for such an unlock is unknowable.)”

  207. TxIphone Says:

    I too am in the 3.0, 5.11 with 5.09 BL. Jailbroke but not unlocked. The wait is killing me as well. I believe there will be an audible sigh of relief WHEN Dev Team breaks this one. I have spent weekd learning the IPhone in’s and outs. I have the Champaign waitin Dev……we all wish you guys luck.

  208. nenyi Says:

    so when will the latest hack for the baseband downgrade be available? for 05.09 3g tho..

  209. Hingsten Says:

    Hi there

    I have an iPhone 3GS.
    Bootloader 06.04
    OS 3.1.2,
    Baseband: ICE2-05.11.07
    I have jailbroken with PwnageTool
    I downloaded fuzzy but it cant downgrade the baseband? :(

    Will a new version be released soon or not?

  210. Gerk Says:

    Is there any SSH options to enter root in iphone 3g and change og delete the bootloader? stuck with BL 06.02 and BB 05.11.07.

    I’m so sad…
    so sad…

  211. Daniel Says:

    Give me the iphone programs, and ill script a program so bad that it will change both firmware and hardware!

  212. Steve Says:

    Hi there!

    One more whiht Bootloader 05.09!!! Can´t unlock my iPhone.

    If theres anyone know how to downgrade Bootloader 05.09 to 05.08 or unlock it plz replay.


  213. Phlooo Says:

    Nice going looser, do you think with that attitude you are going to get anywhere, you fucked up your phone and you want other people to fix it for you fool, you are so fucking looser that you don’t even type your name the same goes to Marc fucking douchebags.

  214. Andy Says:

    Calm down guys!!!

    Be patient and pray…


  215. Phlooo Says:

    I didn’t wrote the previous comment..

    Please don’t use my pseudo to insult people…

  216. Phlooo Says:

    didn’t write *

  217. surfingboy111793 Says:

    its ok phlooo we know, so ifound a way ;D but you have to fromat youriphone

  218. gego Says:

    well , what is it then ?? care to share ??

  219. John Says:

    thanks for all the hard work DevTeam.

    Please post a link with a “special 5.09 donation option” I’m sure few thousands people would be happy to pay for breaking that bootloader version. I know I would.

    Thanks again and keep up the good work.


  220. Sam217 Says:

    Its fake..

  221. Sam217 Says:


  222. Barack Obama Says:

    You morons just sell ur iphones buy one with lower firmwares and get it over with!

    Worked wonders for me!

  223. Sam217 Says:

    Good for you.. you bought somebody else crap…….

  224. rio1 Says:

    after a lot of messing about I’ve done it i am on bootloader 4.6 and have base band 5.11.07 i have jail brook my iphone 3g and using o2 i was on 3.1 and now i’m back to 3.0 and open (not unlocked to other networks but part way

  225. rio1 Says:

    can anyone help with the next step as i have been at this for over a month and i’m getting tired need help ?????

  226. Genaro Says:

    On 1. version 3 firmware… quickpawn2.2? how?

  227. surfingboy111793 Says:

    how did you do it? care to explain

  228. surfingboy111793 Says:


  229. bawa Says:

    i upgraded mu baseband when i upgraded to 3.1 and my bootloader version is now 06.02 i need help to downgrade plzzzzzzzz

  230. SHANTONU Says:

    Please give my iphone a life againg with a new fuzzyband what can downgrade BL 5.9 and the baseband 05.11.07.

  231. rio1 Says:

    sorry i’m on bootloader 06.04 and not 4.6 but i had to downgrade to 3,0 firmware to via itunes and then redsn0w 0.7.2 for jailbreak and found that i had my O2 back but don’t know how to unlock the networks

  232. rio1 Says:

    to those of you who have updated to 3.1 and 3.1.2 and found that after you had no network on their iphone’s a concelation is to restore backwards to 3.0 and then jailbreak on redsn0w 0.7.2 you just won’t be able to unlock all networks until a software becomes available to downgarde your bootloader and baseband

  233. rio1 Says:

    i’m sorry for this but why does everybody think that the problem is baseband on other forums it is not the baseband it is the bootloader

  234. Paresh Patel Says:

    Dara, Stucked with the same problem, did u get any solution for it? Your help highly appreciated!!

  235. Paresh Patel Says:

    Absolutely right Bastin…Cant wait for the update….desperatly seeking help…

  236. sam217 Says:

    its the bootloader

  237. L33tZh4xXx Says:

    So, iam a hacker too and friends of me works for a program to unlocking your phone, it still takes lot of times.

    I will talk to ya for Latest news

    ha1l from GERM4NI4

  238. Klit Says:

    Me too. Great job!

  239. Coops Says:

    Hey L33tZh4xXx and Matt,

    I just ran the Fuzzyband v3.1gm and was advised that baseband version 05.11.07 with bootloader 06.04 on OS 3.1.2 is not supported?

    Can you advise on how you downgraded and unlocked both of your handsets as I am keen to do mine.


  240. Coops Says:

    Apologies, the questions was meant to be directed to Klit not L33tZh4xXx.


  241. Praveen Says:

    i think
    we got only hope on Fuzzyband team to downgrade 05.11.07
    which can able to downgrade in feature with new version!
    and then only we can unlock

  242. tt Says:

    hey guys mine still not supported for 6.02 bootloader could u help me plz? is there a newer fuuzyband than 3.1gm-1 and where can i get it?

  243. w1kedZ Says:

    Fuzzyband WILL NOT WORK on anything but bootloader 5.8. Anyone posting otherwise is lying. If we are able to update it in the future there will be a new post regarding the update. Disregard anyone supplying false information in these comments.

  244. w1kedZ Says:

    I went through and cleaned up some of the fake comments, hopefully this clears up some confusion created by malicious users.

  245. w1kedZ Says:

    btw, you can also follow me on twitter (@w1kedz) or follow fuzzyband on twitter (@fuzzyband)


    any updates will be posted there as well

  246. L33tZh4xXx Says:

    Lawl, ive try fuzzyband with BL 6.02 w1kedZ and it still works BB 5.11.07 – FW 3.01!!!

    GreeZ L33tZh4xXx

  247. eyepoper Says:

    What are you talking about

    L33tZh4xXx Says:
    October 28th, 2009 at 11:17 pm

    Lawl, ive try fuzzyband with BL 6.02 w1kedZ and it still works BB 5.11.07 – FW 3.01!!!

    GreeZ L33tZh4xXx

  248. tt Says:


  249. Hamed Says:

    Hey guys, what do you think about Blacksn0w??

  250. George Says:

    Rejoice! unlock is being released on wednesday. Blacksnow is the name and you won’t have to downgrade the baseband. It unlock the 05.11 !!!!

  251. Hamed Says:

    Hey, go to http://iphonejtag.blogspot.com/ and enjoy your unlock Iphone with baseband 5.11.xx

  252. rio Says:

    yes and it’s fffrrrreeeeeee

  253. rio Says:

    so don’t buy it

  254. George Says:

    you should all send something to the kid. He deserves it. I will…

  255. Hamed Says:

    It is Asem, Enjoy your unlocked iphone,
    Have nice time

  256. rhomell Says:

    plz help me.i upgraded mine to 3.1.2 and suddenly my wifi is not working.it is looking for network but not detecting any network>plz help me…

  257. George Says:

    Have you tested it on another network? If it still doesn’t work then restore firmware again.

  258. liquid Says:

    PLZ Plz plz
    06.02 BL
    ican’t unlock that fucking fon

  259. slumlord Says:

    weird: when I run fuzzyband, all that shows on the screen is “Querying modem” and briefly thereafter, “SIM card locked”. So I input my SIM code and that is that. Nothing else happens. What up?

  260. ohh yeahh!!! Says:

    In yo face APPLE HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! i wated a whole week for this thank you fuzzband thank you!!!

  261. ohh yeahh!!! Says:

    Worked 100% on my 3g 3.1.2 baseband 5.12.01 didnt even need to reset the phone…

  262. Howard Says:

    Will it ever be possible to downgrade the baseband using a future fuzzyband for bootloader 06.02???

    (Congrats to those who successfully used fuzzy to downgrade from 05.12.01 today!!! :D )

  263. Betti Says:

    I’m on 3.1.3 baseband 05.12.01 and it seems that fuzzyband doesn’t work for me… It says that it is not possible with the 05.12 but only with the 05.08…

    What should I do then?
    Thank you for your help anyway!

  264. eragonios Says:

    hey W1kedZ update to b2 to support 5.09 BL plzz i cant belive it i cant downgrade my bootloader to unlock this thing :(

  265. Scotty Says:

    BL – 5.9
    Version- 3.1.2
    BB- 5.12

    I am a marine living in Japan now with no phone :(. Will there ever been an update soon to unlock???

  266. David Says:

    Please a need help mi iPhone 3G have bootloader 06,02 baseband 05.12.1 i need fuzzyband for mi bootloader

  267. Jizm!! Says:

    ok i have a iphone 3g jailbroken running 3.1.2 firmware with[bootloader version] 06.04, and baseband 05.12.01….. all i want to do is unlock the phone, i have managed to get blackrain on the phone but the unlock it offers tells me my phone is unlocked when it’s really not????? i’ve tried ultra snow, yellowsnow all that nothing will unlock this phone?????? if anyone could help!!!! let me know, asap

  268. Z3R0C00L Says:

    Just like to say iv just found this site looking to downgrade my bootloader from 06.04 but fuzzyband wont downgrade from that high up my basebands @ 05.12.01 hopefully u guys can crack it soon..

    just like to say keep up the good work guys as soon as fuzzyband can fix my problem il be more then happy to send u a £10 donation for all the hard work going in to cracking this thing :-)

    Much Luv ALL

  269. Marc Says:

    Fuzzyband sounds like a great program. Are you guys going to make one for Bootloader 6.02? I can’t write SW but my idea would be to trick the IPSW. Do a custom restore where the Firmware is tricked into loading an older version that looks newer.

  270. one Says:

    any updates for
    bootloader 05.09
    baseband 05.14.02
    realy need it…
    dont hav any phone right now….

  271. update-yes-clicker Says:

    Too bad, I need to downgrade 05.14.02
    (bootloader 05.09)

  272. BBDowngrade Says:

    i need to downgrade my BB 5.14.02 to anything lower to unlock. pls help.

    just another dumb assss who upgrade to 4.1 os

  273. update the fuzzy! Says:

    when will be the next update for the fuzzyband for BL 5.09? DAMN! :D

  274. Michael Says:

    i have an 3G 16GB FW-3.1.2 unlocked with ultrasn0w.
    I used Fuzzyband to check baseband (04.05.04_G) and bootloader information (5.09).
    Fuzzyband confirmed, that baseband-upgrade to 5.13.04 would be possible (without loosing unlock).

    I pushed the upgrade-field and fuzzyband started upgrading/ flashing the baseband.
    THEN: After about 30 seconds my little son pushed the Home-button and so fuzzyband was canceled before the upgrade was complete.

    Now the baseband is not working anymore, no phone, wifi and bluetooth….

    Fuzzyband now freezes with “Querying Modem” after start, maybe waiting for modem-answer.

    Is it possible to flash the baseband with Fuzzyband skipping “Querying Modem” or to repair the baseband maybe with other method?
    (The Iphone still connects normaly by USB to PC with IphonePcSuite.)

    Thank You, best regards, Michael

  275. iphone-unlocker-pro.com Says:

    Its like you read my mind! You seem to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog. A fantastic read. I will definitely be back.

  276. samuel Says:

    i have bootloader 6.04.but i upgrade to firmware 4.2.1 and jailbreak and unlock my iphone 3g by updating my baseband.for this is the only solution i have found to now.

  277. ryan Says:

    i cant seem to download fuzzyband 3.1b from cydia. im using cyder because my wifi is not working and thus im trying to downgrade my iphone 3g baseband and see if it will work..

    where can i download fuzzyband 3.1b please?

  278. cristiblondu Says:

    try to install via cyder2

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