Coming Soon: ScreenDimmer – saves battery

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Autolock is sometimes annoying. Most users use to set a long time interval until locking or even have disabled autolocking. Only problem: this consumes a lot of battery, especially if autolocking is disabled. But now there will be an app for that: ScreenDimmer

From now on it doesn’t matter if you forget to lock your device or your device is laying next to you waiting until autolock kicks in, cause ScreenDimmer will dim your iDevice’s screen after a user-defined time, saving lots of battery. A simple touch will bring the display back to live.

In case you are running an app which needs the screen to stay “alive”: ScreenDimmer handles this automatically (for example Navigon, VideoPlayback, …)

ScreenDimmer is being developed by Crash-X (3G Unrestrictor) and Yllier (Firewall iP).


  • dims your device’s screen
  • you set the time interval
  • doesn’t dim when the battery is charging
  • doesn’t dim when an app needs an active screen
  • ability to exclude apps

ScreenDimmer will be integrated into your

It will be available via CydiaStore for only $0.99 !

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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28 Responses to “Coming Soon: ScreenDimmer – saves battery”

  1. c Says:

    will you be able to have it change brightness during night hours automatically and regular brightness for the day?

  2. Jerry Says:

    or just add SBAutoDimTime to the Brightness.plist inside the
    but this seems less of a hassle, so I’d pay $0.99

  3. magusxxx Says:

    Okay, this is coming out from left field, but I have a reason I’m not going to give. ;) But is there a way that when it dims you could give it a hue?

    So, for a stupid example, if you had a Prince theme you could make it dim the screen in a purple color?

  4. Kim Says:

    It dims the screen by reducing the backlight and not by displaying some color, so no magusxxx.

  5. Yllier Says:

    that wouldn’t make much sense, cause then you would save less battery on daytime

  6. crackout Says:

    This is a cool feature. Especially for chatting.

  7. S0m3 DudE Says:

    Extending battery life is always a good thing. Can’t wait.

  8. Adam Says:

    i was just thinking about this the other day. thanks :)

  9. bruceo Says:

    Hopefully when the battery is fully charged and iphone is plugged in it still keeps the screen on. One major iphone flaw is the inability to keep the screen on when plugged in and not have to toggle autolock so that when you go to battery you dont have to rememeber to turn autolock back on.

  10. macfr3ak Says:

    You da Man Mr Yllier !! (hehe) :)

    You find always the Must-have apps missing for the iPhone with Crash-X’s ones of course btw ;)

    Keep up your good work ! Yet another reason to pay these nice people & JB your iPhone right now if you didn’t do yet :)


  11. Poseidon79 Says:

    I love it! I can set the autolock to never and just let it autodim most of the time.

  12. Javi Says:

    Intelliscreen has a dimmer timer, that’s what I use.

  13. Poseidon79 Says:

    Anticipated release date? :)

  14. macfr3ak Says:

    This week if nothing’s wrong ;)

  15. The6uest Says:

    I agree. I’d just like to see an app that replaces Push notifications such as GriP does, but one that has better support and less bugs. Maybe that can be their next project! I’d pay for that too.

  16. The6uest Says:

    Oops, that was supposed to be in reply to Macfr3ak’s comment.

  17. Rogerinnyc Says:

    “Advanced Preferences” — available already for free in Cydia — gives you the same ability to control dimming time separately from lock time, assuming you have Winterboard installed. It adds a power management choice in your settings.

  18. macfr3ak Says:

    Yllier is really busy today ;)

    Maybe tomorrow ? :)

    Take care,


  19. Keyaku Says:

    I’m sorry to be an idiot and cheapstake… I did buy Firewall iP but I just don’t understand: Why making a Screen Dim function paid?

  20. macfr3ak Says:

    Please Guys, check his own blog out before ! ;)


    This app will save your Battery & much more !

  21. Yllier Says:

    ScreenDimmer will be fully configurable and support turning of the screen’s backlight.

    Something Advanced Preferences is not able to.

  22. zee Says:

    the real reason is because they are jews

  23. Yllier Says:

    what are you? a Nazi?!!

  24. Yllier Says:

    ScreenDimmer will be much more advanced and you can even disable the backlight instead of dimming.

    and it doesn’t dim if you’re iPhone is charging :)

  25. Bill Gates Says:

    Yllier AKA Reilly charging .99 for a worthless hack!? You should be ashamed at yourself! Stay far away from this loosah and his apps! He once hacked and stole everything he could, sorry Reilly, your character is too well known to allow your crap on my phone!

  26. Woodo Says:

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  27. djreno Says:

    hello I have bought the application but this does not work activates, it or it activates it, this neither it darkens nor it goes out the basic light.

  28. sldsnd Says:

    I bought screen dimmer (& downloaded advanced preferences) hoping to fall asleep watching movies without burning the whole ipad battery, but the max b4 dim is 15 mins. which it doesn’t say prior to purchase and isn’t helpful.

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