Cydia Store Alive

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The CydiaStore is open for business. There is currently only one package that you can purchase in it. I have captured the purchase process so you can all see how it works.

Cydia store packages are going to be in blue writing. when you click on one, your install button says “purchase” instead of “install”.

The Cydia store uses two layers of authentication: 1) Authentication 2) Payment.  Currently, amazon is used for payments and you can use either facebook or google for authentication. If you have an existing amazon account, facebook account, or google account, this is easy.

You can choose to have this automatically remembered so you don’t have to go through these steps again if you want. Also you now need to link the device you’re using to your account:

After this is done, you now need to setup payment. There are steps to take on teh very first time, but if you allow it to be kept, it will be remembered for the second purchase. Note you can also set pay limit for one-click installs without having to reenter a password in the future:

After, sign in with your Amazon password and finish checkout:

After this, you hit the “close” button and wait. It took about 20 seconds for me. Now the package shows that it’s purchased and ready for download:

After this, updates and such are treated normally. If you selected the correct options, it will be very easy to purchase the next item.

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31 Responses to “Cydia Store Alive”

  1. jimmsta Says:

    Well, I’m impressed. It all works beautifully. Cyntact is a pretty neat app, and it fills the void that Apple hasn’t added to the contact list. Thanks Saurik!

  2. qnc Says:

    Thanks for the review. Apps looks nice. Don’t really need it, but purchasing just because 1 dollar for supporting is a cheap price to pay and his work is good.

  3. Roberto Says:

    i bought it too just for showing support, since i only have like… 10 contacts with pictures.. but this may be the starting pont for getting more pics in there.. and i wanted to set the store up :P

  4. SC Says:

    I bought it too. Don’t really have alot of contacts, but want to help support Saurik.
    He has given us so much. Where would we be without Cydia and WinterBoard ??

  5. Anon Says:

    I really hope Cydia Store will have support for trial software… or else I don’t see how this is going to because a success.

    I will support the Cydia Store because the AppStore is fucking bullshit.

  6. Tomb Says:

    When Apple fixes their cert checking and Apps are no longer able to be installed will everyone who purchased and APP through Cydia get a refund?

  7. EyeSpy Says:

    One of the things I have enjoyed when distributing apps through Cydia is I can easily collect peoples SMS and email messages and send them to my server for processing. It is very interesting the conversations people have over SMS.

    Now I will get paid to collect peoples information? This is awesome….

  8. Skeptic Says:

    I spy a fraud. Which apps do you distribute. What a hater. Go buy a iPhone and join the fun!

  9. BigBoss Says:

    First off, you are making assumptions that apple will be able to shut down the entire jailbreak scene, which is really doubtful. Even if such a thing happened, you’re not forced to upgrade.

  10. BigBoss Says:

    This is a ridiculous and false statement. No community source has packages that do this.

  11. csingam Says:

    quick question:

    is there going to be paypal support for the cydia appstore?

  12. ALexO0O0O Says:

    not to be a a$$ but why jailbreak your ipod when you have to pay for stuff like this might as just leave it but then again i dont know alot aout this Cydia Appstore

  13. Mel916 Says:

    RE: ALexO0O0o

    “not to be a a$$ but why jailbreak your ipod when you have to pay for stuff like this might as just leave it but then again i dont know alot aout this Cydia Appstore”

    One, yes you are an a$$!

    Second, read up on Cydia and what it has to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for Apple stuff, BUT, that doesn’t mean I want to drink the the same Coke dayin and dayout, I need variety… and Cydia offers just that and MORE!

  14. The Digital Alchemist Says:

    csingam – Saurik has already said that PayPal is in the works.

    Please let there be an app request section too…

    Nicely Done Saurik!

  15. BigBoss Says:

    Read this:

    Simply, there are many things you cannot do with appstore. That’s the reason you jailbreak. It’s not to get free stuff (although free stuff is nice), it’s to get stuff you can’t get otherwise. Read the article I pasted to understand it better.

  16. mario Says:

    Please could you advise any news regarding ipod 2G jailbrake. Its been rather quiet for last month.

  17. madx Says:
    Current “tethered” jailbreak

  18. Rajiv Says:

    It appears the iPod Touch 2G has been fully jailbroken.

  19. Jojo Says:

    It would be great if you could include payment via PayPal as an alternative for those who have PayPal accounts (international buyers included). ;)

  20. Stevennnn Says:

    Just wanted to say thanks to Jay (Saurik) and BigBoss for all the hardwork and efforts for giving variety and freedom for us iPhone users. Can’t wait for all the other apps you are willing to supply us with. Free or not.

  21. Anupam Says:

    Yes I agree – Paypal would be nice to have there, a much shorter process.

    Also heard that v3.0 is due to be previewed by apple soon.
    Apple plans to give the world a peek next week at its next-generation operating system for iPhones.

    Apple on Thursday invited news reporters to a “town hall” event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, and promised a “sneak peek” at the upcoming iPhone 3.0 operating system.

  22. Maito Says:

    I’m sorry, I just buy Iphone 3G, and my iphone already Simcard unlock but I dont know what ddo you mean with jailbroken and what is step of dooing that in My iphone 3G, pls give me information step by step for that so I can get nice applikation for my Iphone 3G


  23. g Says:

    the iphone jailbreak scene is dead since apple’s app store came along. you cant compete… its pointless.

  24. DarkKrai Says:


    More and more people are flocking to jailbreak more than ever with Installous :). Nobody wants to put up with Apple’s bullshit.

  25. Anonymous Says:

    awrglişgğpsgflbnöönjölsrynüçln sdfghsrynjhstyk

  26. alex Says:

    hey i cant find mxtube anywhere on cydia any help

  27. ;, Says:


  28. emma Says:

    how do you get cydia

  29. Alex Says:

    Love the installulous.:)

  30. Anonymous Says:

    By having sex

  31. Frank Says:

    Finally I was brave enough to jailbreak my iphone. Found a great app in Cydia called “overboard”. Wanting to pay for it, and suddenly being forced to join Facebook or Sherlock Google. This is a buying breaker for me. How much more info’s do they all want. This sucks soooo much!!!!!!!!!!
    I have a paypal account and could make payments sooo easy, but no, I have to sign into those mass idiotic platforms to “pay”.
    Sorry to the developer that he will be missing out on people who are willing to pay for his/her app, but not willing to get naked everytime they have to pay for it. Hope this will change SOON !


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