Firewall iP 1.2: major update

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A few days ago a major update of Firewall iP has been released. New features are:

  • WhoIs: when FiP’s main popup appears you’ll see that the hostname is now in a button. when you tap the button a new view will appear containing the the whoIs-info for the domain/IP (if available)

Now you’ll always know who the host belongs to, even if “only” the IP is shown in the popup.

  • allow/deny connection for this session (the connection is allowed/denied till you exit the app)

A feature requested by many. So you don’t have to tap allow once too often ;)

  • log (can be enabled in the info view; the (i) button on the main screen)

  • a second theme for the popup (can be changed in the info view)
  • if you are in a host view (any allow/deny table) you can now edit the hostnames if you put the table into edit mode (simply tab on the hostname in edit mode).

  • manually add hostnames to allow/deny for an app
  • the allow/deny for an app now supports also the * notation (like global allow/deny). meaning that if you change a hostname to * the host and all subdomains will be affected. if you use * only subdomains will be affected).
I hope you’ll like the new features. More will be coming next year. And I’ve started to work on intercepting incoming connections.
If you have any feature requests send an email to yllierdev (at)

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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16 Responses to “Firewall iP 1.2: major update”

  1. Tester Says:

    Thanks for your work.

    Unfortunately I’ve encountered a serious bug when testing version 1.2: when clicking on “always deny” button in a popup, the rule is actually saved into plist file under “Preference” folder, however, this rule can’t be displayed in firewall interface. – -

  2. Yllier Says:

    can you please explain some more. which plist file? rules are saved in a plist file in preference, but how is it called?

  3. Tester Says:

    Of course:

    Let’s take example, assuming there is a program called “abc”, and the Firewall IP rules are blank.
    When abc attempts to access network, ex:, FiP popup will show up.
    Here if I click on “always deny”, or “always accept”, FiP should add a detailed rule for the program “abc”, specifying the address, right?
    The fact is that, this detailed rule will be actually added and stored into file “/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.Yllier.FirewallRules.plist”, but when I enter the FiP interface and click on program abc then click on detailed rules, this rule will not show up.
    It seems that, all detailed rules automatically added by clicking on “always deny” and “always accept” won’t be displayed in FiP

    I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I did test several times including reinitiate all rules, the bug still persist.

    Hope it would help.

  4. Tester Says:

    PS: these invisible detailed rules still effective, there are just invisible. –

  5. Yllier Says:

    ok. I’ll get onto it right now. thanks for the notification

  6. Yllier Says:

    ok, fixed. sorry for that. I’ll make some slight changes to some other things and release it in 24-48 hours. I hope that’s ok.

  7. Yllier Says:

    ok, fixed. sorry for that. I’ll make some slight changes to some other things and release it in 24-48 hours. I hope that’s ok.

  8. Tester Says:

    That’s great!
    Glad to help

  9. The6uest Says:

    One feature I’d like to see is the option to ‘Global Allow’ or ‘Global Deny’ URLs as they come up instead of having to go into the app to do that. A default list of web ads for ‘Global Deny’ would be nice too such as admob and doubleclick.

    Still a really good app though!

  10. Jackal Says:

    I have placed * in the global deny list
    but I still see the dialog pop up in some apps that ask me what I want to do with such connection.

    and I also have a problem with free wifi connection which redirect all connections to another page which the iphone will check if it is able to connect to or not
    each time Firewall IP ask me if I want to allow even I have clicked allow all connecitons or always allow

  11. Damian Says:

    My edge usage is skyrocketting even with edge turned off so I installed this app and turned off all connectivity to all apps to see if it helped, it didnt, I went up another 7 hours today of edge usage even though 2 apps (sb settings and firewall) are supposed to be blocking it. Im not even using the iphone for internet or barely for anything at all! Driving me nuts, not sure what this is supposed to block but it does not block the background edge leakage that plagues so many people, it simply keeps you from opening and using apps directly that need an internet connection.

  12. Jim Says:

    Hi – I have had firewall installed on my jailbroken iphone, but with the new version of firewall, and the latest version of skype, skype will not connect through firewall, even though connect all is on. As soon as I uninstall firewall skype will connect. Fring gets through firewall, but its voice quality is awful. So – I want to use firewall, and I want to use skype.

    Adding to the oddity of this, firewall only seems to be blocking skype at my bush house which has adsl. However, that’s exactly where I want to use it!

    I have tried uninstalling and re-installing firewall but it gives precisely the same behaviour. Uninstalling and reinstalling Skype does not help.

    Any clues how to get over this?

    All the best,


  13. Jim Says:

    Actually – I have just realised that when I uninstall Firewall it leaves the /private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.Yllier.FirewallRules.plist

    in the iphone. I have just removed these and reinstalled Firewall. THis should at least enable me to reset the da.. thing. Will report if this DOESNT work.


  14. Santhanaraj Says:

    Hi, I hv installed the firewall ip into my jailbreak iPhone 3gs, but it seems nothing is working. Firewall does not block any outgoing connections. Need it help to get this working.

  15. mokhtar Says:

    I want bloutooth

  16. Junior Says:

    Hi Yiller,
    sorry to trouble you. I purchased firewall ip 2 wks ago n my firewall ip hav been workin fine till recently, i was unable to access most app(safari, mail, etc) except for cydia and rock. I tried allowing all connections but dun seem to wrk untill i uninstalled. I reinstalled but only to find the same prob. Tried rebooting after uninstall then install but same problem is occuring. Any suggestions? Im on 3gs 3.1.2.

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