Firewall iP 1.30 with awesome new features

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Firewall iP, the first and only Firewall for the iPhone, got a new update to 1.30. This update brings you new features along with some stability fixes.

Firewall iP is the only security app of it’s kind and offers many advance features like getting WhoIs-informations about the host.

Block outgoing TCP & UDP connections selectively

Shows you the hostname for the connection & can provide you with WhoIs information

Block connections of apps when you are on a cellular network

Block analytic providers / data collectors which PrivaCy can’t

Block unneeded content (ads ;))

Easy to use interface & control app

and many more….

Firewall iP is available in the CydiaStore for only $2.49

new in 1.30:

- set rules in *host- and *.host-format in the popup

usually you would set a rule for a hostname like but if you choose *host you’ll set a rule for all hostnames which end with (in this example) (, …). *.hosts adds a rule only for subdomains.

- option to block connections of specific apps if NOT on WiFi

this will help you save you money. if you don’t want any app to access the internet while you are using 3G/EDGE just enable this option. (Note: there is a also a global switch for that in the (i)nfo view which will override app-specific settings)

- many improvements for UDP connections

this will fix issues with Skype and a few other apps which rely on UDP

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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10 Responses to “Firewall iP 1.30 with awesome new features”

  1. Faker1982 Says:

    Update 1.3 makes the springboard crashing… I typed on the Mail app and the Mail app crashed… After I did a reboot it sends springboard everytime in safemode… Very bad… Do Not update !!!

  2. Yllier Says:

    can you give me some more info please? anyone else with such issues? (non pirated version)

  3. Whitewolf99 Says:

    version 1.30 working flawlessly here. (ipod 1g fw 3.1.2, bought in cydia store)

    thanks for your hard work! is there a way to set a global allow rule in the popup? like allowing google, multiupload or appscene for every app without entering the host in the firewall app?
    would be a great feature if possible!

  4. Yllier Says:

    I could certainly add that, but the issue then I would have to disable support for different device orientations…. the screen size is limited and in landscape it certainly would look weird.

  5. Whitewolf99 Says:

    yeah, thought about that too. i mean i personally never use “allow once” so i could live without it, but i understand that its out of question to replace that.
    would it be possible to trigger “global allow” by holding down “always allow” for two seconds or something like that? sure there would be the problem to “show” users that there is the option of holding down the button…

    or remove the word “Connections”? name the button just “Allow All”, move it to the left side and make “Global allow” on the right side.

  6. Yllier Says:

    I’ve started a poll via my twitter. @_yllier_ Let’s see what other users think

  7. Yllier Says:

    there is a serious bug in FiP 1.31 where the control app will crash if you open a list. I’m very sorry. Since I haven’t changed any code there it’s probably caused by new iPhone SDK 3.2beta. I’ll be home in a few hours and will work on a fix. additionally I’ll change the bahavior of *.host *host to use the domain instead of subdomains. And I’ll add global allow/deny to the popup. I hope the update will be available on Cydia within 24h  

  8. Adams Says:

    Had the same “crashing & safemode problem” as Faker1982.VERY ANNOYING!!! So I decided to remove it, since then my phone works without problem.

  9. Yllier Says:

    a bugfix release along with some new stuff has been submitted. should be available soon.

  10. Chris Says:

    Well, i just paid my $2.50, all it does is crash to safe mode until i uninstall it.

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