Firwall iP 1.39: slicker, faster, better

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Firewall iP, the first and only Firewall for the iPhone, got an update to 1.39

The changes are all in the background, but massive. It improves stability, memory usage and speed. The beta testers are all impressed how quick it is now, and you will be too.

Changelog 1.39:

- significantly improved speed

- reduced memory ussage

- improved stability (fixes for example an issue with Sonic Winter Games)

- new icon

This will be the last update for a few weeks (unless hot-fixes are needed). I’ve to prepare for exams. After that I’ll go back adding a few ideas to FiP.

Firewall iP is the only security app of it’s kind and offers many advance features like getting WhoIs-informations about the host.

Block outgoing TCP & UDP connections selectively

Shows you the hostname for the connection & can provide you with WhoIs information

Block connections of apps when you are on a cellular network

Block analytic providers / data collectors which PrivaCy can’t

Block unneeded content (ads ;))

Easy to use interface & control app

and many more….

Firewall iP is available in the CydiaStore for only $2.49

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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12 Responses to “Firwall iP 1.39: slicker, faster, better”

  1. The6uest Says:

    Great app! Thanks for keeping it updated and listening to users comments and requests. I’m not too sure about the new icon, but otherwise it’s great.

    One thing I would like it to have is an alphabetical shortcut bar (like in contacts list) to quickly jump to a particular app. I have a lot of apps in there so it would speed up the process of finding any app.

  2. Marc Stoner Says:

    Thnx for updating!

    But, I don’t like the new icon:P the first icon was awsome! but this icon is to Photoshop:P

  3. BoSu Says:

    I updated the app and after springboard restart the unlock screen is frozen. Attempted to restart the iphone and it freezes on the apple symbol, 15 minutes later brings me again to “slide to unlock” screen that is frozen. What should I do now?

  4. Navy Says:

    you can ssh to your device and delete/rename the Firewall.dylib in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries

    also you could send the developer the syslog. should help to fix that issue

  5. BoSu Says:

    Thanks, Navy. Deleting Firewall.dylib didn’t fix a problem, but deleting iBlacklist.dylib helped fixing it (both worked fine before). Now reinstalled Firewall is working fine.

  6. ruben Says:

    is this conflicting with ultrasn0w?

  7. Inge Says:

    Since I updated my officially purchased Firewall IP it reports that my copy is pirated and that I should by it from Cydia. Unfortunately reinstalling the app from Cydia does not solve the problem.

    Does anyone have a suggestion how to solve this problem? Thanks in advance for your help!

  8. ruben Says:

    I have read that iblaklist and this app are not liking each other. That true?

    I am on 3G OS 3.1.2 Ultrasn0w

  9. Yllier Says:

    please email me. this is usually caused because of a missing hosts file in /etc/

  10. ruben Says:

    PopupBlocker blocks the popups of this app, you need to enable airplane popups, than it shows

  11. Inge Says:

    You’re right, my hosts file was missing! Adding one indeed solved my problem and now your wonderfull app works perfecty again. Thanks for your help!

  12. jOHNNY Says:

    Man I love your app. I wish you would write one for the PC. I used to use atguard which had an IP based learning mode but yours is better. Please write one that works on windows 7. Also why dosent the firewall stop the connection to Cydia. Is there an internal yes rules for Cydia????

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