@rpetrich Releases: OverBoard, HapticPro, ProSwitcher, libactivator and Exchange Camera Enabler

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OverBoard, my SpringBoard expose extension got a major update. New for version 1.1.4 is page reordering, badge support, many new activation methods via libactivator, the ability to become home screen, a numbered theme, sounds courtesy of WiFone, and speed enhancements/memory-use reductions! Available on the Cydia Store for $1.99

ProSwitcher is a task switcher extension that provides a card-style interface.  Integrates with Backgrounder and aims to be quick, use little memory, and be very customizable. Chpwn and I are working on an update to be released soon. Free and open-source

HapticPro, my vibration feedback extension finally received full support for OS 3.x and other miscellaneous fixes. Apple broke the method that HapticPro was using on OS 2.x to get customized vibration by adding delays and it took awhile to find a suitable replacement for OS 3.x. Available on the Cydia Store for $2.99

libactivator is a common gesture and button management library. For users, it provides a centralized location to assign gestures and buttons; for developers it makes a whole ton of gestures simple to integrate with. Currently supported by AppLocket, MusicControls, TimeKeeper, OverBoard and ProSwitcher. We’re looking to integrate with more apps–interested developers, contact me. Free and open-source

Exchange Camera Enabler is a simple extension that reactivates the camera for Exchange 2007+ users that have their cameras disabled by an ActiveSync policy. It also allows the passcode to be disabled even in cases where it’s forced by ActiveSync or a provisioning profile. Available on the Cydia Store for $0.99

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12 Responses to “@rpetrich Releases: OverBoard, HapticPro, ProSwitcher, libactivator and Exchange Camera Enabler”

  1. Sven7 Says:

    Nice! But what about Action Menu and Inspell? Especially for Inspell there hasn’t been an update in quite some time.

  2. Jason Says:

    Do you need one? I have had no problems with either.

  3. Rogerinnyc Says:

    An ActionMenu update would be great. In particular, it seems to conflict with the NYT free news app — which I love. If I remove ActionMenu, the NYT works; if I restore ActionMenu, the NYT no longer works

  4. kickbutt Says:

    Not sure if it is related but sometime ActionMenu won’t come out in Fast Notes in sbsettings

  5. Sven7 Says:

    Yes! Action Menu crashes the NYTimes app (remove it and it works, reinstall it and the app crashes) and there are some problems with too small context menus in some cases.
    And Inspell can be very slow in safari, even with a 3GS.

  6. gz Says:

    I love ProSwitcher, it is awesome. Thanks so much for it. Works perfectly and is so useful.

    Overboard looks good….I may switch to that as soon as I give up on PogoPlank completely.

  7. Alex Says:

    I find this app very useful but can’t access the settings. Could you please indicateme how to proceed? Thanks in advance for your help ;-)

  8. Ryan Petrich Says:

    I’m working on updates to both Action Menu and Inspell. Should have some major new features in Action Menu too ;)

  9. jpvann Says:


    Trying to get Exchange Camera Enabler to work – but I think my company is using Exchange Server 2003 still. My guess this means your app won’t be able to help. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

  10. Nattananmvn Says:


  11. Agreecelarm Says:

    Are you trying to rip and burn the full disk? In other words, are you going to use Dual Layer discs to burn?Nero may have given you that message as it sometimes has problems with layer breaks needed on dual layers.

  12. Soupsjoanna Says:

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