Voice Over IP Over 3G!

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Developer Crash-X has created a clever app that tricks your iPhone into thinking it’s on WiFi when it’s really on 3G. This app has two really great uses:

1) You can install appstore apps larger than 10mb over the 3g
2) You can use Voice over IP apps such as Fring on 3G! (Think free phone calls, no minutes, everywhere you have 3G).

By default, his app only activates itself when you load Fring or Appstore.

From the developer:
This MobileSubstrate library can trick any application into thinking that it is on Wifi even though it is on a cellular data connection. There are a lot of possible uses for that, but for me the main use is being able to use VoIP programs like Fring over 3G. You can configure what apps get tricked by adding the app’s bundle identifier to “/Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/VoIPover3G.plist”. Currently, the default is to trick only appstore and fring. If you remove or rename the VoIPover3G.plist ALL applications will be tricked. This is not recommended though, because for a lot of apps its makes sense to know whether they are on wifi or 3G.

If you use it for VoIP, it might be that your internet provider blocks the ports that are needed for the application to work. This cannot be circumvented by this library.

Note: If your provider forbids VoIP and catches you and you have to pay for it, I am not responsible!

This is cool enough that I am adding it to the ongoing “reasons to jailbreak” list.

Update (10/25/2008): Just released an update that adds iTunes store and Truphone by default. Truphone is another VoIP client so if Fring doesn’t work for you, you can try this one.

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259 Responses to “Voice Over IP Over 3G!”

  1. zz.shaya Says:

    the cydia on my iphone does not have all you app.
    incuding vocpower3g.
    how do i update my cydia?

    thank you for your suport


  2. chromeluv Says:

    I’ve had fringe downloaded for awhile now, and this program now makes it a hell of alot more useable.

    Although, I am on 3G just testing it out, and Fring is fooled thinking im on a WIFI connection.

    When I go to the dialer though, it only allows me to dial out through the “cellular” option, and not the SIP or Skype options, is this correct? It brings up my regular cell phone application when I dial…? Not sure if this is correct..

  3. deleonju Says:

    I am able to use skype out with this over 3G, but so far I have not been able to get it to work with the music store. is that possible? com.apple.MobileSotre.plist or com.apple.itunesstored.plist? I added both, but nothing.. maybe there’s a different hack for the music store?

  4. Boufon Says:

    Once installed, fring refuses to log anymore. I’ve been forced to remove VoIPover3G to make Fring work again.

  5. borgslayer Says:

    this also happened to me, I uninstalled both and reinstalled. seemed to work. but still only see cellur under frings keypad. what is the deal to use voip on 3g?

  6. BigBoss Says:

    The update just released adds the music store in by default.

  7. Carter Says:

    Definitly need to have the music store added to this. Downloading songs on the go would be amazing. How can I accomplish this?

  8. crash-x Says:

    There was a bug in 1.0 that caused some apps not to work right. it is fixed now in 1.0.1. It should fix the problem where fring cannot login.

  9. john Says:

    It’s not working when I try to call via SIP… Any ideas?

  10. maz Says:

    Does this work over EDGE too? I mean 1:st gen iPhone fw 2.1 with out 3G!?

  11. bensen Says:

    md5checksumm MISSMATCH!

    the install via cydia isnt possibly atm!

    pls check it bigboss :)

  12. 461am Says:

    The itunes store does not work through this. I checked to see if the plist was right, and indeed it is? Is it the same for everyone?

  13. iMark Says:

    I installed this on a 2g and a 3g iPhone but have not been able to get the iTunes store to work. I checked the plist and it does include the mobile store but no luck as of yet. Any ideas?

  14. Steve Says:

    I can’t get the App Store to download 10mb+ apps or get the itunes store to work on 3g….whats the issue?

  15. Wildchild Says:

    I have been waiting for somthing like this , so i can watch bbc iplayer anywere COOL! Anybody no how to add to the list??

  16. MoD Says:

    Not working for Softbank Phones.
    Firmware: 2.1
    iPhoneDev Jailbreak.

    Reinstalling 3 times and tried, everytime I tried iFring/TruPhone. This app never comes on, ie, no litte circle where the 3G is. Tried making a call with above apps, Error, Need to connect to WiFi network.

  17. iksander Says:

    Cannot seem to get it to work with appstore en itunes store what so ever.

  18. maz Says:

    Okay I try this one again guys: “Does this work over EDGE too? I mean 1:st gen 2G iPhone fw 2.1 with out 3G!?” Anybody??

  19. crash-x Says:

    I am sorry but AppStore and iTunes Store do not work. When I wrote the description I just assumed it would work because it should work system wide, but it doesnt. Sorry for the confusion.

    Maybe they will be supported in a future version. I have to look into it.

    If it doesnt work for you, please check the following:
    Do you have the most recent version of VoIPover3G installed?
    Do you have MobileSubstrate installed? (If you have Winterboard and it is working, then you have it installed)

    And yes it also works with edge and GRPS.

  20. MoD Says:

    Do you have the most recent version of VoIPover3G installed?
    yes, 1.0.1

    Do you have MobileSubstrate installed? (If you have Winterboard and it is

    Yes, Winterboard installed and working fine.

  21. MoD Says:


    After MUCH reading. I disable Intelliscreen and re-sprung. That seem to do the trick. But still no circle telling me that VoIPover3G hack is working.

  22. chromeluv Says:


    I am in the same boat, I cannot VoIPover3G, no circle telling me its pwned…

  23. Bomans Says:

    when I turn off intelliscreen it seems to work fine on my 1gen

    Please fix this, cause that is not an option …

  24. MoD Says:

    I am finding out, it’s an intelliscreen issue.
    The way they are using MobileSubstrate is buggy.

  25. MoD Says:

    Check to see if you have any other apps that is MobileSubstrate. If you do disable those apps and try again.

  26. Skol Says:

    too bad it’s still not possible to use Fring VoIP in VPN :(

  27. MoD Says:

    Okay. This is fracking stupid! Turned on intelliscreen – Again no VoIPover3g with iFring.

    Started messing with intelliscreen options.
    Turn off Performance > App Launch Boost
    Retried VoIPover3G with iFring…Echo test worked.


  28. deleonju Says:

    It’s not working for me.

  29. Pablo Diablo Says:

    I wanted this to work with youtube.app so I can watch high quality videos over 3g.

    I added com.apple.youtube , it does`nt work still getting low quality video :/

  30. Carter Says:

    Thanks for the update on the app store and itunes store crash. It would be awesome if you can figure out how to get them to work also.

  31. Carter Says:

    Thanks for figuring out what the issue was. Hopefully intelliscreen will fix the issue in the next release.

  32. switu Says:

    I have installed Fring and used SIP(VoipCheap)
    you can make long distance calls no problem it just the quality of the call is 5 out of 10
    Have not tried Skype yet I will give ago tomorrow and let you know

  33. MoD Says:

    Skype is more or less the same.
    I find that sending side is a bit better than the receiving side.

    Still trying to figure out to call landlines via skype in Fring.

  34. Andy Says:

    Can you add a toggle on BossPrefs to activate or desactivate it ?

  35. Fabian Says:

    what’s the code for the youtube.app? com.apple.youtube doesnt work :X

  36. Geniusdog254 Says:

    I tried it, haven’t tried it with App Store or Fring yet but at least on EDGE iTunes Store still gives me the “You must be connected to WiFi” error.

  37. jeff Says:

    works well on fring but still not work on itunes music store or app store


  38. ram Says:

    hi there,

    well i tested fring and truphone and both are working fine over 3g. ihave to say truphone is the waaay better option, sound quality was delay free and just perfect…

    .. there is just one problem, truphone and stoped to work over WiFi :-((((

    but, great job so far !!!

  39. Raky Says:

    Man. What is with Intelliscreen’s app performance stopping it from working? It runs fine now. Thanks for working this one out Mod – I would have been messing with it all night. She works now. Need to sort out this Intelliscreen crap.

  40. jeff Says:

    just deactive intelliscreen or uninstall it?

  41. Tomer Says:

    Works great for me with fring, sound quality it very good…

    I tried using it with the backgrounder app, it works well for a min or two, but then fring disconnects, and won’t reconnect again unless I disable the backgrounder.

    If those two can work, then I can virtually kiss my minutes goodbye

  42. Nix Says:

    I am running iPhone 3G w JB 2.1 code.

    WinterBoard seems to be a requirement for VoIPover3G to work correctly.

    Oddly, the WinterBoard installed MobileSubstrate, even though I had manually installed it before.

    It would be great of the developers of these apps could post some instructions to troubleshoot via SSH to make sure the linkages are working properly — or not!

    In any case, Fring, TruPhone and PennyTel now all work on 3G, when previously they did not.

    I hope this helps!

  43. MoD Says:

    Jeff @ Just deactivate App Performance in Intelliscreen, no need to uninstall.

    Raky @ np, I paid for a kick-ass app, no WAY I am not going to use it. Don’t think they will ever fix the Intelliscreen bug. Been there since day 1.

  44. B Says:

    huh? I’m a little dumb. Can I get step by step please!!!!!

  45. Jon Says:

    yeah – recommend installing winterboard – good call nix.

    i don’t know much about the the mobile substrate, but looks like it’s not there out of the box in a state suited for use VoIPover£G.

    installed winterboard and my problems disspeared.

    can now use truphone on 3g and edge (which is far superior than fring which routes all sip traffif through its own servers in Italy – what is purpose of this??? causes horrid delays…)

    will now try and get truphoen to use my sipgate service which is cheapest for me in UK for making UK landline/mobile calls.

  46. ROBERT Says:

    Is there an option to choose whether to use WIFI or 3G – or once listed in plist, does the app always chooses 3G..??

    I would like the freedom of choosing when to use VOIP via 3G or WIFI.

  47. rob Says:

    so by using this the network provider wont charge me anything at all? I guess if I am abroad I will be charged for data?
    Or not at all in this case?

  48. mark Says:

    Just a note that OrbLive ONLY streams live tv over wifi. Fortunately, it works perfectly with voipover3g. Well worth the $10 when you can stream live tv over 3g.

  49. julian Says:

    To everyone who is having problems getting voipover3g working. I installed it and noticed it wasn’t working too. So I decided to copy the MobileSubstrate directory from /Library and pasted it in to /private/var/mobile/Library. Since then, it has been flawless. Hope that helped someone out.

  50. victor Says:

    julian : can you show us step by step how to
    copy ,mobilesubtrate….bla bla bla
    Yes it was not

  51. BeDammit Says:

    DO NOT try what Julian did.
    I moved my MobileSubstrate directory and my iphone hung on boot.

    To resolve this luckily the hang only appeared to be Springboard not starting.
    So I could connect to it with iPhoneBrowser and copy the mobileSubstrate directory to my computer then delete it and re-copy it BACK to the Library folder.

    You MUST put it back to get things to work!

  52. totocyber Says:

    same problem… i have to reconnect everytime. :-(

  53. bedammit Says:

    so…….how to make voipover3g work ? on fring ?
    and step by step direction because you talking to me
    ( no idea how things work but looking for a result )

  54. Victor Says:

    hi sorry on top of this msg is my msg so …..sorry for bedammit

  55. Jessev Says:

    you can use mxtube to download or stream either version. i haven’t used the youtube app since i got it

  56. ak Says:

    Itunes doesn’t work on my iphone with voipover3g but fring happens to work. Only by dialing 001 (321) 1234567.

    Hopefully we can get this to work flawlessly, I would love to use Trailer app over 3g because wifi is required to use the app.

  57. ak Says:

    Question how to you find out an app’s bundle identifier?

  58. totocyber Says:

    voIPover3G seem not work with backgrounder for Fring?
    I have installed both voIPover3G and backgrounder. But if the screen locked for a while, then I launch Fring again and it’s disconnected. However, when I remove voIPover3G, then Fring work fine in background without disconnect, even screen locked… any clue?
    iphoneFW 2.1

  59. nickhp Says:

    Have have exactly the same problem with mine!!! Its so annoying, I tried insomia and still disconnects pffff X[

  60. jay Says:

    i can’t seemed to find this library for Voipover3g.plist. can you give me a shout how to find this>

  61. Max M Says:

    I love this library. Works well for me on fring – has not tried it with like Siax, but I have a few questions using fring.

    1. On 3G (fooled like wifi), obviously I believe it will be using the data portion of the 3G (correct me please if I am wrong). Wll this incur extra ATT charges considering I am using ATT in the U.S. with monthly data subscripiton.
    2. Calling using SIP to international countries over3G, am I going to be charged by ATT or is this a FREE call all over.

    Please clarify – thank you.

  62. Max M Says:



  63. Max M Says:

    TruPhone does not support SIP. Truphone uses your own phone number over WiFi/3G data network. Your phone number is emulated on TruPhone and uses the Internet to call local or overseas, hence, the savings.

  64. Anonymous Says:

    It doesn’t work on fw 2.2.

  65. mobs Says:

    PERFECT!!! before i had installed a modified version of fring…but appstore told me always “there is a new update available” now i reinstalled fring over appstore and installed voipover3g (im using edge only on an old iphone) and…its working PERFECT! thank you for this great app!!! is there a new vesion coming soon supporting firmware 2.2???

  66. P Says:

    hello , VoiPover3G dont work !
    I have the new messanger “nimbuzz” from the APP store ….

    What can i do ?????


  67. Buur Says:

    Add the app bundle identifier com.nimbuzz.Nimbuzz to the VoIPover3G.plist in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/

    For ppl trying MobiNews over 3G: the app bundle identifier is com.makayama.MobiNews

  68. gantarone Says:

    Hi , tray use with firmware 2.2 but dosen’t work.

  69. Caleb Wong Says:

    firmware 2.2 doesn’t work
    hope can have updates asap^^

    People who need this please don’t update to 2.2 now

  70. Bomans Says:

    it works fine 2.2

  71. SoftIce Says:

    VoIPover3G 1.0.1 doesn’t work on my iPhone 3G v2.2, but it worked fine with v2.1.
    @Bomans: Did it work fine out of the box for you on v2.2? Or is there an update which I don’t see in Cydia…?


  72. DD Says:

    Hi , VoIPover 3G not work with iphone v2.2. Why?



  73. richie Says:

    doesn’t work 2.2

  74. ROBERT Says:

    VoIPover3G on v2.2 worked fine for me.

    I had to install WinterBoard to get MobileSubstrate visible.

    Now making Voip calls on 3G – no probs… !!

  75. dimmi1975 Says:

    Hello i have tried to make nimbuzz to work with 3g.( Add the app bundle identifier com.nimbuzz.Nimbuzz to the VoIPover3G.plist in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/)

    The sound is very good the only problem is that first you have to start fring and than nimbuzz otherwise nimbuzz can’t find 3g or wifi connection.

    Any suggestion how to fix that with voipover3g?

  76. Buur Says:

    For ppl trying to get Joost to work on 3G:
    Add the app bundle identifier com.joost.joost to the VoIPover3G.plist in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/

  77. Buur Says:

    To all who have troubles getting VoIPover3G to work with FW2.2: remember to (re-)install MobileSubstrate. VoIPover3G needs it! If you’ve installed Winterboard and/or Five Icon Dock, MobileSubstrate gets automatically installed with it. In that case you needn’t bother. In all other cases, install it separately via Cydia. Then you’ll see VoIPover3G WILL work with FW2.2.

  78. evilsin Says:

    So how do you find out that what the app bundle identifier??

  79. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks…Exactly what I was looking for…

  80. Mike Says:

    I added com.joost.joost to the VoIPover3G.plist in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/ but it still says “Invalid connection type: Joost only works with a Wi-Fi connection. You cannot play videos over 3G or EDGE networks.”

    Did anyone else get Joost to work over VoIPover3G?

  81. enter801 Says:

    Yeah I tried to add “com.joost.Joost” and it didn’t work for me either. I was going to try “com.Joost.Joost” incase it is case sensitive.

    If anyone knows what else needs to be done to get it to work, post it. I only edited the VoIPover3G.plist file… is there something else u gotta do?

  82. Hasse Says:


    For me too Fring did not work on v2.2 until I installed WinterBoard.

    This is what I did:
    1. Updated to Firmware 2.2
    2. QuickPWN
    3. Installed VOIPover3G
    4. Tried Fring on 3G – Got message “Fring voice calls only works over WIFI”
    5. Installed WinterBoard
    6. Tried Fing on 3g – Worked like a charm!

    Thanks guys!


  83. Juaquin Says:

    I tried all combinations of com.joost.joost, changing the capitalization of the two J’s (I put all 4 combos in). It works – I’m not sure which one did it, but it’s a simple process of elimination or you can just leave them all. I get the lists of popular shows, shows, etc, but it won’t actually play all of the shows because the 3G network connection isn’t fast enough – it might work in an area with better coverage though. It’s definitely not giving me the “need to be on wifi” message though.

  84. Mike Says:

    Hmmm… i did exactly what you said but it still says it requires wifi. I’m thinking it may be saying this because, in order to test and see if it works I have turned off my wifi on my phone. Maybe it doesn’t allow videos to play if the wifi itself is actually turned off. Anyone know for sure?

    Either way, I will test it again when I am out of range of wifi…

  85. K Says:

    Does anyone know the MobileSubstrate code to allow the non-WiFi download of podcasts over 10MB?

  86. viking Says:


    Hope I can use my SIP account from ippi – http://www.ippi.fr with my 3G data plan.

  87. SoftIce Says:

    The guys claming voipover3g is working with 2.2 may have only tested with fring.

    I’m interested in using the AppStore without wifi limitation. This worked fine with 2.1 and doesn’t work anymore with 2.2! (10 MB blahblah)

    MobileSubstrate and Winterboard were always installed!!! Reinstalling didn’t help at all.

    So, will there be an update of voipover3g to fully support 2.2 firmware?


  88. Ben Says:

    How do you edit VoIPover3G.plist?


  89. DiePhone Says:

    VoIPover3G doesn’t work with AppStore and 2.2 Firmware. Please Update for Christmas :)

  90. Me Says:

    Thanks Crash-X!

  91. philipd Says:

    I use fring but soundquality is so poor nimbuzz is so mutch better ( on skype )
    can I use nimbuzz over voipover3g ?

  92. Anonymous Says:

    it is not working with 2.2….for itunestore…
    hope to fix

  93. philipd Says:

    with me its working with truphone just have the same problems as I have on wifi not more or less
    its not a problem of voipover3g but truphone that has a bug

  94. MasterBlaster Says:

    LOL me 2 (mxtube pwnz)

    nd btw i dont have intelliscreen installed, but this voipover3g aint working for me…

    FW 2.2, Winterboard installed

  95. Gareth Says:

    I FOUND THE SOLUTION!!! and it works with 2.2

    Go to Intelliadmin -> Peformance -> Turn everything ON

    Merry Xmas!

  96. kike Says:

    What u mean with intelliadmin? what is that? thanks

  97. kike Says:

    does anyone know how to get the music store to work in v.2.2, I can get flick to work but not the music store without wifi

  98. delectric Says:

    I got joost to work on “com.joost.joost”

  99. WildThing Says:

    Hi, Did you get anywhere with getting this to work with iPlayer ?

  100. alper Says:

    voip over 3G doesn’t work both with Fring and itunes store in 2.2 software.
    do anyone know a solution / update about it? please let me know, i’d appreciate it.

  101. Chris Says:


    I have the same questions. I have jailbroken 2.2 and Fring does not work over 3g. If this is not sorted out before there is a great risk that many users will switch to the new version of Truphone that is releaead on the 12th Jan.

    Any suggestions how to get Fring over 3g to work on the latest firmware?

  102. big jim Says:

    i have baught a iphone of ebay and the phone is locked anything i can do help ?????

  103. Mike Says:

    I am with a Canadian provider and am concerned about what this means for when I travel to the US. I have network roam switched to off, but if it tricks the phone into thinking I am connected to WiFi will it still disable network roam when I go to the US?

    I fear racking up large roaming charges.

  104. Pelekan Says:

    Works for me, on iPhone 3G and on old iPhone (2G).

    Here is a steps that i did:

    1. Open Cydia
    2. Goto Sections –> System
    3. Select VoIPover3G package
    4. Download & Install it
    5. Search for MobileSubstrate package and install it
    6. From AppleStore Install Fring
    7. Done!

    NOTE: For Jailbroken Devices only. When trying to make a Skype 2 Skype call, try few times, until 3G connection initiates.

  105. max m Says:

    what is truphone bundle identifier? anybody can help me please?

    that would be like “com.xxxxxxxxxxx.truphone”

  106. Chris Says:

    Did you get it to work on 2.2 and jailbroken 3G phone?

  107. gino Says:

    # ROBERT Says:
    I have the same question
    November 4th, 2008 at 12:48 am

    Is there an option to choose whether to use WIFI or 3G – or once listed in plist, does the app always chooses 3G..??

    I would like the freedom of choosing when to use VOIP via 3G or WIFI.


  108. duceduc Says:

    Does anyone know the app bundle ID for nimbuzz app?
    Wondering if it is possible to add it to voipover3g. I have tried several lines. No good.

  109. duceduc Says:

    I got the identifier working for those who still looking for it.


  110. Kayvan Says:

    You can get the bundle identifier for any of the apps by finding its Info.Plist file and using the “plutil” utility. For example, for the UstreamPlayer.app (UStream TV):

    iPhone:~ root# plutil -l /private/var/mobile/Applications/3BE64920-8AEC-44FA-BDFA-FDD44ED44B34/UStreamPlayer.app/Info.plist
    2009-01-20 14:47:40.310 plutil[317:10b] {
    CFBundleDevelopmentRegion = en;
    CFBundleDisplayName = Ustream;
    CFBundleDocumentTypes = (
    CFBundleTypeName = “”;
    LSHandlerRank = Default;
    CFBundleExecutable = UStreamPlayer;
    CFBundleIdentifier = “tv.ustream.player”;
    CFBundleInfoDictionaryVersion = “6.0″;
    CFBundleName = player;
    CFBundlePackageType = APPL;
    CFBundleResourceSpecification = “ResourceRules.plist”;
    CFBundleSignature = “????”;
    CFBundleURLTypes = (
    CFBundleURLName = “”;
    CFBundleVersion = “1.0.2″;
    DTPlatformName = iphoneos;
    DTSDKName = “iphoneos2.0″;
    LSRequiresIPhoneOS = 1;
    MinimumOSVersion = “2.0″;
    NSHumanReadableCopyright = “”;
    NSMainNibFile = MainWindow;
    iPhone:~ root#

  111. Max M Says:

    I added to the
    bundle identifiers for both Siphon VoIP and for iTalk VoIP but it does VoIPover3G can not trick either of their VOIP application.

    I have no problem with WiFi but I want to get them running over 3G.

    Anyone plesae can help??

  112. milo Says:

    Please help me here, i have the nimbuzz but i dont understand how i can change it to work without wifi.
    i red go to library etc… but the question is how???? where i need to go how i get to the library
    Please someone give me the steps one by one
    thank you in advance

  113. jan j Says:

    Definitely a Windows user…. !! Need to learn a lot more… If you learn unix or linux, 20 years ago, you should know.

  114. Anonymous Says:

    what a worthless commentary
    people like you are just……….

  115. Dan Says:

    You don’t need VoIPover3G for Siphon to work. Go to Settings – Siphon and select ON to Siphon over EDGE/3G.

    As of the last version you had to launch Safari to initialize the connection to 3G before launching Siphon or it wouldn’t be able to connect to your SIP.

    A new version was released recently I don’t know if this has been resolved.

    Siphon user community, code, versioning, etc. is stored on the GoogleCode site. Somewhere above there is a link to that site that addresses the issue I just described.

  116. Dan Says:

    Oops. 1 Correction to my reply. In the comments for Siphon it has the link to the repository.

  117. gino Says:

    How do I know if i am on 3G or Wifi. Does truphone always use 3g if voipover3g is installed or does it preferentially use Wifi and 3g only when Wifi is unavailable?

  118. John Says:

    How do i do to edit a .plist file from within my iPhone? Is it possible? do i need to plug it to my PC by all means? Thanks!

  119. Not-Impressed Says:

    When you Google this site it’s say…News, Help and Guides, NOT assholes are us! Thanz for the null help.

  120. Zulu Says:

    Just did a QuickPwn2.2 3G jailbreak on a new phone and installed MiM and Winterboard. Downloaded VoipOver3G, disabled my WiFi, connected to the 3G network and successfully made a Skype to mobile call.

    Seems to be working – quality was very good. Will keep you updated.

  121. Nic Elder Says:

    Tried this.. works w/ a few apps (uStream, etc..), but doesn’t work w/ UNO :(

  122. danyboy Says:

    look! you have to create an voip acount, the one that i am using is voipBusterpro; once you do open your fring app and go to MORE; then selct Add-ons; then selcet SIP; then select voipbusterpro; once you have done that it will apear the SIP on your fring dialer; if you want to make a call dial 1 before the phone number.
    it is almos de same for skype.

  123. Dirk Says:

    I have the same issue… Nimbuzz never finds a connection right away (whether 3G or wifi). I always have to open some other app first, like Pandora or whatever. Can you guys fix this? Also I noticed that my Weatherbug app can never find a connection anymore either since I installed Voipover3g. What gives? Seems like u guys fixed the connection issue for Fring, but not other apps…

  124. Grateful Says:

    Hello all,

    First, I would like to say thank you to all of you that have left messages and helped me FINALLY get these programs to work on my iPhone, as I am a complete beginner with all of this stuff and much of the above conversations/language went over my head.

    I tried some of the other step-by-step methods listed here, and they didn’t work for me, so perhaps there are other variables in play. Therefore, I am going to list what finally worked for me.

    I used pwnage (PwnageTool_2.2.1.dmg) to jailbreak my Softbank iPhone (3G) and am now on version 2.2. For the custom restore, I used iPhone1,2_2.2_5G77_Custom_Restore.ipsw. NOTE: To use the ipsw file, you have to hold down the option button on your keyboard while clicking the restore button on iTunes.

    I had already tried to install Fring, WhiteBoard, Mobilesubstrate and voIPover3g, so these programs were already installed on my phone. What finally worked for me was using Cydia (installed on my phone by Pwnage) to completely remove all of these programs. Then I used my iphone (WiFi Off) to install 1. Whiteboard 2. voIPover3g and 3. Fring in this order (Using Cydia for the first two, and the App Store for Fring). When I tried Fring again, it worked perfectly! I still did not see the circle icon that I have heard about, but the calls worked, so I don’t care.

    Thanks again for all of your help!

    PS. For other idiots like me out there, when using the skype dialer, all numbers must be preceded by a +, which can be achieved by holding down the 0 button. (ie. +18001234567)


  125. Shawn Says:

    I love you.

    Why take the time to effin’ comment a question that you could simply Google?


    Grow a pair.

  126. Dirk Says:

    is anybody else having issues with other apps after they installed Voipover3G? I noticed that apps such as Weatherbug, AOL Radio, SHOUTradio, among others can never find an internet connection anymore. I can get them to connect by restarting my iPHone, but then it only works once or twice, then goes back to not connecting. I do not want to have to keep restarting my phone. THis only started happening after I installed Voipover3G. Any ideas??? This is a very annoying side effect.

  127. Tran Minh Thuan Says:

    It not work at all.
    I will remove it from my phone.

  128. Anonymous Says:

    hi my email address is shabir@ukonline.co.uk please let me know how you edited the plist in voipover3G to get it to work for browsing iplayer over 3g

  129. Camphill Says:

    How can I add CBS LIVE GAMES to voipover3G?

  130. Dewness Says:

    I would pay for this app if I could add CBS LIVE GAMES to the list of tricked apps. Even if I could trick all of them for a few weeks id be happy!

  131. Brian Says:

    Do you now whetehr or nor that can be done?

  132. Dl Says:

    I third for the CBS live NCAA….. I found the bundle name and added to the .plist and no luck…., please help!!!!!

  133. Josh Says:

    Trying to get SipPhone to work with voipover3G. How do I find the bundle indentifiers for SipPhone?

  134. Josh Says:

    Thanks to Kayvan’s posting on Jan. 20, 2009: I found the bundle indentifier for SipPhone. Used a utility called DiskAid for windows to modify the voipover3g.plist

    Bundle Indentifier is: com.vnetcorp.sipphone

    Edited voipover3g.plist file and SipPhone is working in 3G network.

  135. Georg Says:

    I have the same problem. Do you have an answer to it or not? Thanks

  136. Georg Says:

    I have a question that might be naive. I use nimbuzz successfully over 3g with voipover3g but I can’t use it over wifi. Is this how it is supposed to be or you can used with both 3g/wifi (without rebooting)?

  137. Andy Says:

    Has anyone in the UK managed to fool BBC iPlayer into thinking it’s in Wifi? How do you add Safari to the plist list?

  138. Josh Says:

    Now that a Skype.app has been released, does anyone know its bundle identifier? com.skype.skype?

  139. Anonymous Says:


  140. BigBoss Says:

    You cannot use this with Skype app. It relies on mobile substrate and mobile substrate (or similar hacks) cannot work on Skype right now. See our other post:

  141. bryan Says:

    Now that there is a new mobile substrate can we have a new VoipOver3G with com.skype.skype? Please…

  142. Dick T Says:

    Yes, please, would like to know that also!

  143. juggies Says:

    With the lastest mobile substrate, VOIPover3G and the bundle identifier (“com.skype.skype”) added to the plist Skype is working great over 3G.

    Can someone deliver the CBS Games Live bundle identifier?

  144. makak Says:


    sipphone stopped working over 3g for me.

    It was working at first, all of sudden it doesnt work over 3g anymore, I double checked VOIPover3G.plist all is ok.

    Filter = {Bundles = (“com.Fringland.Fring”, “com.apple.AppStore”, “com.audiofile.Interstate”, “com.apple.MobileStore”, “com.skype.skype”, “com.vnetcorp.sipphone”);};

    I had upgraded sipphone i thought maybe the identifier changed, i check with plutil and it hasnt. I deleted the app re downloaded it. no luck

    I upgraded mandrate, no luck

    fring sip works fine over 3g btw


  145. santiagoeche Says:

    Same problem Makak,

    Downgraded to sipphone 1.1 via appulo.us (even if I bought the app via AppStore) and works again over 3g.

    If you find how to make Sippone 1.1.6 works with voipover3g please post it here.


  146. nigelbb Says:

    This simply does not work for me with Truphone on an iPhone 3G.

    How can I start to troubleshoot this?

    Any help appreciated.



  147. nigelbb Says:

    Thanks to Pelekan’s posting #78 of 10th January I can answer my own question as to how to get Truphone to work with this. It turns out that VoIPover3G has a dependedncy on the MobileSubstrate package. I found this on Cydia, installed it & now can use Truphone over 3G,

    The developer should indicate this dependency or install the MobileSubstrate package if its not found as I am sure that there must be many other erstwhile iPhone Truphone users who cannot get VoIPover3G to work for them.

  148. TBone Says:

    Skype not working with VOIPOVER3G. All apps running most current versions. As well, if I am wifi connected, Skype still says “no network connection”. How can I verify that VOIPOVER3G is in fact working because for a large app the App Store still tells me it needs wifi to download the large app. Is there a good VOIPOVER3G test?

  149. Texican Says:

    I found the answer to the fix here….


  150. makak Says:

    i just checked on installus and they got 1.1.6 :(

  151. santiagoeche Says:


    Installous (appulo) Sipphone 1.1.6 does not work with VoipOver3g.
    Downgraded again to version 1.1 and works ok over 3g.
    Still looking for an answer….

  152. makak Says:

    ok i downgraded to 1.1 and its working again.

    anyone got 1.1.6 working ?

  153. Josh Says:

    I’m using Sipphone 1.1.10 and VoipOver3g 1.0.2. It is working fine over 3g.

    Now when I updated the VoipOver3g to the latest version I had to modify the VOIPover3G.plist all over again by adding the bundle identifier.

  154. Ben Says:

    same here

  155. zep Says:

    I did include the bundle identifier invoipover3g.plist but it does not work. when starting sipphone , it would detect no wifi network and when i attempt to initiatize the sip account the program would crash

    do you need to modify anything else?

  156. zep Says:

    Hi , how do you install Sipphone 1.1.10 seeing as appulus has 1.1.6?

  157. makak Says:


    what is the exact identifier? did it change from the 1.1 one?

    I upgraded from 1.1 to 1.10.2 and cant use it over 3g.


  158. makak Says:

    i mean 1.1.10

  159. redairforce Says:

    I am probably going to sound like a retard trying to push the envelope, but…

    Installing voipover3g on iphone 3.0 beta 3 ontop of quickpwn beta 3 causes ibrick. First all of the apps stop responding, after reboot you lock on apple.

    Has anyone seen this? Will there be an update for this?

    voipover3g is the most important game changer in the jailbreaking world, as far as I am concerned.

  160. Shihan Says:


    After installing VoIPover3G app, fring starts to works as expected on my phone, but after this installation, update of repository database for both biggboss and saurik are failing with error “POSIX: connection refused” in Cydia. Even app installation using existing repository database were failing from these two repositories. Other repositories like iClarified, Hackulous etc. seems to work fine. After un-installation of VoIPover3G and reboot make Cydia starts working again as expected, but fring is failing eventually. I suspect there are some bugs (or conflicts with any other library) in current version of VoIPover3G.

    FYI, I’m using EDGE connection to access internet on a jailbroken iPhone A1203 8GB with 2.2.1 firmware with 04.05.04_G modem firmware. Cydia reports my phone as iPhone 2G but i’m not sure as i purchased this set from another person who purchased this as is.

    Cydia version : 1.0.2797-47,
    Installer Version: 4.1.2
    Mobile Subtrate: 0.9.2805-1

    Plz suggest me how can I fix this issue to keep both Cydia and fring working simultaneously.


  161. Shihan Says:

    In my quest to solve this issue, I’ve find following two RipDev packages in my Installed app list through Installer app that seems to relate with Mobile Subtrate API from saurik which is required by VoIPover3G.

    1. Mobile Enhancer: 3.0.3

    2. Pseudo Subtrate: 1.0

    As Pseudo Subtrate is stating that its a complete replacement of Mobile Subtrate API, I suspect this might cause the issue and I uniinstall this application after installing VoIPover3G, though I’m not sure which other application requires this Pseudo Subtrate library. Anyway, the problem still persists with Cydia.

    Next, i’ve uninstalled Mobile Enhancer as well and yes, both Cydia and fring is working.

    As I’ve no RivDev application installed currently, so I think there won’t be any problem with other application, but soon I’ll check my other apps installed through installer to find any dependency on the above mentioned libraries.

    Anyway, still now my observation is that my iPhone seems to work much slower after uninstalling the Mobile Enhancer library than it was installed. Also as I should not be the only one using both Installer and Cydia to install third party apps, I think this case needs to be resolved. As everything was OK with both Mobile Subtrate and the Mobile Enhancer packages, prior to installation of VoIPover3G, I’m now pretty sure that this is bug and should be fixed in later release of VoIPover3G.

    I can surely live with this temporary solution of not installing Mobile Enhancer until the bug has been fixed.


  162. Josh Says:

    guys, do you have this issue: skype works perfectly over 3G. However after a while, skype would stop working. Even over WIFI networks, it says that it needs a wifi connection.

    likewise, some programs like Papers or Translator say they cannot find a working internet conection (it works just fine with safari).

    a restart solves the problem but it’s rather annoying.. any hints?

  163. Ivan Greenhut Says:

    I am getting the slingplayer app tommorow, I am not a techie, nor know how to use SSh, please add the bundle for the new slingplayer app so all of use can use it over 3g. Thanks!

  164. Glenn Says:

    I’m with Ivan, and I will be getting the Slingplayer software tomorrow when it launches. I have removed the file listed at the beginning of this thread. Skype works fine, but the ITunes store will not let me download anything over 10 megs, as I assume APP store will do as well. Any chance this will work with the Slingplayer?

  165. Jared Says:

    Has anyone gotten this to work with OS 3 b5?

  166. jd Says:

    does anyone knows the bundle identifier for “tv.com” app ? i tried finding it in the info.plist but cant find it . Help me please if you can thanks . :)

  167. Kevin Says:

    Doesn’t seem to work with SlingPlayer. Added com.slingmedia.SlingPlayer to the plist. Wondering if they are filtering by IP address ?

  168. Norm Says:

    Add my vote! To the developer of the VoIP pasckage for iPhone. for all of us non-techies who don’t know how to or don’t want to edit the plist, can you please add the SlingPlayer app to the list of apps that are “tricked” into using 3G, thinking it’s wi-fi.

  169. emonty Says:

    Joost and Slingplayer work over wifi!!

  170. Brad Says:

    I got VoipOver3G working over EDGE/3G!!!

    Do this:

    Add “com.slingmedia.SlingPlayer” to “/Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/VoIPover3G.plist”.

    Do a soft restart, then disable WiFi to see if SlingPlayer will start up…should work for you!

    For those who know how VOIPOver3G works, I repeat the bundle identifier is “com.slingmedia.SlingPlayer”

    …and it works!

  171. Brad Says:

    I got Sling Player working over EDGE/3G!!!

    Do this:

    Add “com.slingmedia.SlingPlayer” to “/Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/VoIPover3G.plist”.

    Do a soft restart, then disable WiFi to see if SlingPlayer will start up…should work for you!

    For those who know how VOIPOver3G works, I repeat the bundle identifier is “com.slingmedia.SlingPlayer”

    …and it works!

  172. Max Says:

    can you tell me what is the string so i can get Joost working over 3g???

    thank you

  173. Jared Says:


  174. JB Says:

    i’ve got slingmedia text in the plist file but it still tells me i need a wifi connection. Is there anything else I need to do? Followed all the insutrctions step by step.

    Anything I can check to see where the problem is?

  175. Lycurgus Says:

    Critical point with Julian’s instruction was to *copy*. if you start *moving* stuff of course it will break.

  176. Jordan Says:

    If you want SlingPlayer on 3G/EDGE/GPRS then just download Tricker ThreeG (Tricker 3G) in Cydia. It’s in the ModMyI Repo.

    Thanks, Jordan

  177. Completly LOst-- Says:

    OK im so sorry, but im completly confused about how to do any downloading with my iphone. I had purchased an iphone that is unblocked and is the “old” iphone, in other words the back is Gray. The problem is that i dont know how to even download the Appstore icon out of fear that it might relock. I dont even have any “locking” features. Could you please explain to me how I would go on doing this?? Also i hear that with this program i could use it to see movies, i know what the 3G network is, but when my phone tries to connect it doesnt let me. Is it because im using tmobile service plan or what? Thanks again and sorry. Also my email address is rcrdespn88@yahoo.com. Thank you and if you can explain that via my email i truly would appreciate it. Also copy it here because maybe someone else might have the same questions. Well thank you ALL again.

  178. cubasz Says:

    Hi. And How do I know if Skype is using WiFi or EDGE connection? It is easy when WiFi is off but what if both 3G and WiFi are on? Can I disable Skype connecting via 3G than?

  179. coolio86 Says:

    Crash-X, please update this app so it works on iCall. Please make this compatible with iCall for iPhone.

  180. norm Says:

    Yes…you will be doing mankind a favor and sticking it to “the man” if you make this VOIPover3G work on iCall! Can you imagine? Purchasing unlimited data $30/month with iCall working – making free calls.

  181. Reece Says:

    MobileSubstrate needs to be updated for this to work on OS 3.0.

  182. norm Says:


  183. mark Says:

    hi norm how did you get icall over 3g ?

  184. sircutbreaker Says:

    I always get the message that you cannot make skype calls over 3g… I am running 2.2.1 / voipover3g.

    I installed, uninstalled, rebooted, etc.. I have tried numerous combinations to no avail… What could I possibly be doing wrong?

    I tried tricker3g too.. and that wont work.

    Please advise.

  185. UKo2iphone3g2.2.1 Says:

    Im going abroad next week and have voipover3g installed and working. I use fring and skype both working.
    my question is when i go to another country and use skype will it connect through 3g (thinking its wifi because of voipover3g)?
    if yes because my mobile contract gives me unlimted internet will i be charged additional roaming charges for using data abroad.
    anyone know the answer or has tried it?

    big up the boss
    thank you

  186. Alan Says:

    I do the same all the time in Brazil and US. Be careful. You will be charged International roaming charges for data which, depending on the Country, and your specific plan, can be extremely high. In Brazil the charge is about $25 usd/MB!! The best solution is to buy a local prepaid SIM card that allows GRPS/EDGE/3G data connectivity. Be careful, not all do. You then have a local phone number also.

  187. UKo2iphone3g2.2.1 Says:

    Also as an extra any chance of making a voipover3g icon at the top of the phone to show we are using voipover3g, in the place where the wifi bars or edge 3g icons go?

    big up the boss
    thank you

  188. UKo2iphone3g2.2.1 Says:

    thanks for the reply.
    I just dont think you answered my question or maybe i made it too complicated so i will try again.
    wifi connections are free (as long as the hot-spot is free) if i use wifi on my iphone in any country its free.
    I want to use my skype on my 3g connection using voipover3g meaning even though the phone thinks it has a wifi connection it will use the 3g. but because i will be abroad will the phone see the skype calls as wifi meaning free or will they see them as 3g calls meaning roaming charges?

    again thanks

  189. alan Says:

    I have tried, i added safari to the plist , think it was com.apple.mobilesafari or something like that, but no, that didnt work either

  190. Ryan Says:

    You will be charged by the service provider as if you are using roaming data. The tracking of data usage for charging purposes is not done on the phone itself, but by the carrier.

  191. Wes Says:

    How did you get icall to work over 3g?


  192. digitalD Says:

    Does it bypass only those apps which check for the wifi using only a specific method.. ?

    I have been trying to develop a VOIP app and using the Reachability API from the iPhone SDK to check for the WiFi. The app works fine with the Wifi, but doesnt work on 3G/Edge with voipover3G.

    I have updated the voipover3G.plist as well..

    any pointers on what can be done to make this app hackable.. ?

    crash-x u listening.. ? any one else ?

  193. ziggee Says:

    Trying to get FStream working…. tried editing the plist file with the Source Identifier com.SourceMac.FStream…with no luck… I am assuming my phone provider blocks mms:// streams (as mentioned in the above authors documentation) as I renamed the plist file and still did not work. FStream only works on Wifi. this would be cool to use on 3G. seems like an awesome little app with heaps of potential (voipover3g)

  194. ziggee Says:

    Bit of a follow up…. all working now… NFI why… maybe the plist, or the fact in FStream, click on “… more” and enable cellular network ;)

  195. leduke Says:

    I dunno whether I did something wrong, but neither Fring nor Skype works over wifi after installing iPhone 3.0 firmware and jailbreaking with redsn0w.

    Fring enables the SIP button on the dialpad, but calls fail with the message “fring calls only available on wifi.” It may be that Apple has enabled some lower-level check that nullifies the voipover3g patch. I hope it will be possible to make it work on iPhone 3.0 firmware since it is such an awesome patch!

  196. csdb Says:

    Same here!
    Voipover3g doesn’t work with Fring under OS 3.0.

    My config hereafter:
    Factory unlocked 3G iphone. Upgraded to OS 3.0, then jailbroken using Redsnow.
    Installed CYDIA, Cycorder, APT BackUp and AppSync for OS3.0.
    All work without problem.
    With “Voip over 3g” installed, Fring returns a message saying ” Fring calls only available on wifi”.

    Anyone has a fix ? It is a shame as this patch is a life (and money) saver for me when I travel. I hope this is corrected very soon !


  197. Kitkat Says:

    are you planning on updating this app to work on The os 3.0? Please adviseif you are or not. Thanks alot for this great app, if only it could work on os 3.0 iphone 3g

  198. nigelbb Says:

    I too am having problems with this great application on iPhone OS 3 (it was the number 1 reason to jailbreak my iPhone 3G). In my case I am using Truphone.

    If I delete or rename VoIPover3G.plist in /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries it works OK but as I understand it this will force all traffic for every application over 3G.

    So it looks like this only needs a little work to get it working with OS 3.0 but it needs someone with access to the sources to fix it.

  199. jpuma1616 Says:

    please update this patch.

  200. Bryan Says:

    I just jailbroke my 3GS with purpl1ra1n and tried to use VoIPover3G and it doesn’t work with the Skype app I tried to enable everything over 3G by renames the plist file and that didn’t help either
    …I don’t know what to do, is it supposed to woirk?>

  201. AJ Says:

    same here, with 3gs, it installs but crashes skype, app store, fringe, basically when i run any of them they launch and crash goign back to springboard, i tried removing all the lists from the file and just left skype and it was the only one that crashed. app store became usable :( apple got somekind of kill switch for voipover3g…

  202. Jean Says:

    Hi Bryan, I have the same problem with VoipOver3g on my 3GS : makes skype crash :(

    Any idea how to fix this ?

  203. Lynxy Says:

    same story on 3GS – crashing skype, applestore. Tried new http://purplera1n.com/ jailbreak. Tried alternative: Trick ThreeG – same story- crashing.

  204. Nessunu Says:

    I am having issues trying to get my IPhone 3GS (3.0) to run Fring while using VoIPOver3g (or Tricker3g). I have heard of others having success, but have also heard of others having problems.

    I wanted to share this in case there are others who have found this to work, or if they are perhaps having similar issues. Let me know if there is a workaround or fix.


    Detailed process to replicate problem:
    Installed Fring + validated SIP VoIP (Broadvoice) via WiFi
    Installed Purplera1n – http://thebigboss.org/2009/07/03/iph…lbreak-posted/
    Executed Freeze
    Installed Cydia
    Removed Freeze
    Install Backgrounder & set Fring to run in background
    Validated ability to make/recieve calls via SIP while running Fring in BG
    Installed VoIPOver3G via Cydia
    Upon return to Fring, it closes right away
    Reboot multiple times, same problem presented
    Removed VoIPOver3G, and Fring runs as expected (no VoIP over 3G calls)
    Installed Tricker3G via Cydia and same problem was observed

  205. Rick Says:

    Hi all,

    I have having exactly the same issue as Nessunu. At first I thought it was the jailbreak or something, but it is the voipover3g. I have version 1.0.2
    If I install it, the APP store, fring, and skype does not work at anytime, wifi or 3g. They all just crash. If I remove voipover3g, all work fine. I tried it several time. Same result each time.


  206. BRAHIMJ Says:

    there is a bug using voipover3g
    for 3GS Iphones.

    when you install voipover3g in a jailbrocken iphone 3 Gs, skype and app store, itunes, , fring,all of them crash, please fix that.

  207. kako Says:

    Seems like the updated mobile substrate didn’t fix voipover3g. Could you fix that one please :

  208. unix5 Says:

    hi all,

    i´m having the same problem with m 32bg 3gs jailbreaked. my guessing is that the program will not work properly with os 3.0 and 3gs. i had this app running perfectly with my 3g and os 2.2.1 (jailbreaked)

  209. Jean Says:

    Can someone give some update about VoipOver3G for 3GS iPhones ? Really sad that fixed mobile substrate didn’t fix VoipOver3g :(

  210. imissmyjuno Says:

    Same problem as everyone – the app store/itunes/skype are dead. We needz our skypez. Update plZ

  211. edguzman Says:

    this is one of the reason to jailbreak this app is hot. please fix this please. !!!!!!

  212. imissmyjuno Says:

    Exactly. I just jailbroke my 3GS for this specific purpose yesterday (and lost all my camera photos in the process, which is a reasonable punishment for being a dumbass in this case), only to find the app is, in fact, unusable.

  213. Krish Says:

    Please update VOIPOVER3G for for iphone 3GS. This is needed more than the jailbreak and unlocking solutions

  214. nick Says:

    Please update VOIPOVER3G for iphone
    3GS it’s not work on 3GS even it’s jailbreak

  215. jzgood Says:

    Please update VOIPOVER3G for iphone
    3GS it’s not work on 3GS even it’s jailbreak

    This is needed more than the jailbreak and unlocking solutions

  216. Alan Says:

    Have you tried the other app… TrickerthreeG?? That was updated for 3.0 I read. I’m still on 2.2.1 until that stuff works on 3.0.

  217. jzgood Says:

    voipover3g work’s on iphone OS 3.0. Its don’t work on iphone 3GS.

  218. Todd Says:

    Doesn’t work for my 3GS either. Works fine on my old 3G. Both phones updated to latest 3.0 version.

    Cydia had a new Mobile Substrate available today. Thought that would help but as soon as I launch Appstore, Fring, Skype or iTunes it goes back to springboard.

  219. ArkBark Says:

    I just Jailbreaked my new Iphone 3Gs and successfully got it to work, however, once I installed the VOIPOVER3G – 1.0.2 ver app my iphone started freezing some apps and would crash the Apps Store and some of the other apps and the icons started screwing up by having the same icon look of other apps. The app will not trick Truphone and Fring. This only crashes the apps. Once I removed it everything started working fine again. Please let me know if there is a update that corrects this problem.


  220. Alex Says:

    Обновите VOIPOVER3G для iphone на 3GS. This is needed more than the jailbreak and unlocking solutions Это необходимо больше, чем побег из тюрьмы и разблокирование решений

  221. Alex Says:

    Can someone give some update about VoipOver3G for 3GS iPhones ? Really sad that fixed mobile substrate didn’t fix VoipOver3g :

  222. Alex Says:

    I may to pay for the fix VoipOver3g please!!

  223. Blobby Says:

    Does not work with 3GS yet. Beware.

  224. Blobby Says:

    Oops, should have read to the bottom.

    CrashX has a 3GS now and is hoping to release a 3GS compatible version called “UNRESTRICTOR” that has a built-in interface to allow the adding of plist commands directly on the phone.

    Look for it later this week……fingers crossed cos I need Sling Mobile on 3G.

  225. vooo Says:

    3GS dont work????

  226. viktor Says:

    3gs fix will work?

  227. Catumba33 Says:

    Doesn’t work with Skype, it crashes is immediately. Even crashes Cydia after install on 3GS. Had to remove.

  228. edguzman Says:

    how long is this going to take. charge for the update i will pay you please just release the thing !!!!!

  229. harry Says:

    please provide the hack icall over3G

  230. Vasya Says:

    ну когда уже будет ????

  231. Vasya Says:

    sorry for my english for iphpne 3 GS will be fix ?

  232. Lynxy Says:

    Вася зпт спокойно зпт люди работают тчк ВАШ айпи и адрес переданы куда надо тчк

    Parlez-vous français?

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  235. jzgood Says:

    Круто ))) Thanks ))))

  236. unix5 Says:

    great. after checking voipover3g i saw that version 1.1 was out. and this is working like a charm on my 3gs. BIG THANX

  237. Dennis Says:

    The new voipover3g doesn’t work for skype, skype crashes once you press skypeout

  238. Krish Says:

    A new update for Voipover3g Version 1.1 is available in Cydia. With this update the Skype is working on 3G network on Iphone-3Gs.

    Now you can say Iphone-3Gs unlock is Complete.

  239. ArkBark Says:

    The new version will not allow or work for Sling.

  240. ArkBark Says:

    Need to buy the 3G Unrestrictor App for $2.00 to unlock all apps that you would like to run on 3G

  241. ArkBark Says:

    It works very well with any apps. Great Job and Thanks…3G UnRestrictor..Worth every penny!!!

  242. Krish Says:

    I edited the plist to include slingplayer in the new Voipover3g version 1.1. After adding the slingplayer in the plist, the sling player is working on network 3G. I tested it.

    The following modification were made in the plist

    Filter = {Bundles = (“com.Fringland.Fring”, “com.skype.skype”,”com.slingmedia.SlingPlayer”;};

    To edit the plist refer to the link:


  243. Krish Says:

    Slingplayer works with Iphone 3GS using Voipover3G. However you have to modify the plist in the Voipover3g.

  244. Krish Says:

    3G Unrestrictor Bypasses Wi-Fi Only Restrictions for iPhone 3GS. Excellent product. Easy to use than Voipover3G. Many thanks to the author.

  245. tommie Says:

    Hi, anyone encountered following problem: After installing voipover3G 3G-internet-connection is disabled. Internet-access only availible over wifi. Is this a known issue and can it befixed? Already deinstalled voipover3G. No change. What can I do? Please help. Thx

  246. Jacob Says:

    Please help me to make icall work over 2G network

  247. Larry Says:

    I was using Sipphone with this, from Vnet Corp. It was running fine, until their latest update. Though the name of the app has changed to isip, the bundle id, com.vnetcorp.sipphone has remained the same. I submitted a trouble ticket to them, and they noted that the software was modified to verify the ip address of en0, presumably to improve startup speed, at the suggestion of Apple. I suspect that real reason was to preclude operation with the Voipover3G appliation.

  248. Larry Says:

    Hi. I purchased and installed the voipover3g from Cydia on my 3GS. I paid for it and linked it to my Facebook. I recently had to do a restore on my phone for other reasons. I did the jailbreak again and reloaded cydia with no problems. When I tried to re-install voipover3g it installed with no errors but there is no icon for it. Please help!! I need to watch my sling over 3G!!

  249. maurizio.mwg Says:

    i istalled 3g unrestrictor, but i cannot make it working with itunes music store,
    any suggestion?
    iphone 3g 3.0.1

  250. Fish Says:

    Any thoughts on adding the functionality of giving us a setting to use wifi when it’s available? (Voip over 2G with Skype on EDGE isn’t a very desirable experience – be nice to have wifi as the preferred path when it has been negotiated).
    And, yes, I know this would add a fair measure of complexity to the app.

  251. Sam Says:

    I changed the voipover3g.plist file to allow the app store, and the At Bat 2009 to work over 3G. Unfortunately, it’s not working (app store won’t let me install big files over 10 mb and the video quality on at bat 2009 isn’t great). Am I doing something wrong??

  252. Micah Says:

    Hi, would like to know whether 3g unrestricted will work on my iPhone 3gs 3.1.2 jailbreak?

  253. Mark Says:

    I am getting 403 forbidden when I click INSTALL. Anyone have an idea how to fix this?

  254. TheDude Says:

    I have both VoipOver3g and Skype installed. But I was wondering if it is o.k. to install the new Skype version 1.2.2. Will it still work?

  255. Steve L Says:

    Will Voipover3g still work properly with Skype 1.3 on an iPhone 3GS?

  256. GT Says:

    this all sounds great, and yes it works, well at least it did work untill some months ago.
    I have a 3g with fw 3.0 and a connection speed on 3g of about 1Mbps, should be plenty for skype, but aparently it isn’t, i can connect to skype on 3g, make a call, but the quality is so bad that there is no way to have a conversation! As far as i understand, it is the provider that is somehow bloking this, (Vodafone Italy) anyone any idea if there is a solution to this? thanks!!

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