WeBe++ 1.1 Update: PS3 Buttons & Cursors

Author: mringwal  //  Category: Development, News, Repository

The first version of WeBe++ lacked one important feature: Cursor support – a severe problem for AppleTV 2G users. And for the large number of PS3 users, operating their device without these geometric symbol buttons (triangle, square, cross, and circle) wasn’t fun either. The new update solves both by a special PS3 widget. Give it a try!

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WeBe++ is Bluetooth Mouse & Keyboard

Author: mringwal  //  Category: Apps

Gabriel Hoehener (author of the Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Mouse for iPhone / iPod touch) and Matthias Ringwald (BTstack Keyboard, Mouse, and GPS) joined forces and created WeBe++, the first real Bluetooth Mouse and Keyboard emulation for iOS. WeBe++ fully implements the Bluetooth HID standard, which requires no server installation on the desktop… It also works [...]

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BTstack GPS 1.3 released!

Author: mringwal  //  Category: Apps, General

After the popular BTstack Keyboard and Mouse, yet another BTstack-based application has seen the light: BTstack GPS allows to connect an external Bluetooth GPS receiver to your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad and use it with all your GPS-enabled applications, no matter if you want to drive, sail, or even fly. Are you interested in [...]

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