biteSMS 3.1 Out Now

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biteSMS v3.1 is out now. Here are the changes / additions:

  • Added support for language translations in Quick Reply.
  • Quick Reply is much improved, including scrolling for long messages.
  • Added ability to long press the “Send” button in Quick Reply to switch between Carrier and biteSMS.
  • We now disable the Quick Reply “Send” button during the sending process.
  • Added new settings icon on the conversation list screen, and removed the little blue arrow settings icon.
  • Added new “About >” page on the settings screen, shows Version, License, Legal, Change Log, Features Help, Contacts (count), SMS Conversations (count) and Messages (count).
  • Fixed smileys layout issue (only a problem for certain language translations).
  • Fixed smileys issue, where if you forward a text with a smiley it thinks it’s an emoji (so distorts character counter).
  • Fixed smileys issue, where if you enter the ASCII for a smiley like :-) then rotate the screen, it thinks it’s an emoji (so distorts character counter).
  • Fixed the Settings->Privacy screen to automatically size the borders according to the help text (currently truncates the help text for some languages).
  • Added new feature to reset the Mobile Carrier sent messages counter on a given calendar day, or to manually set it.
  • Added support for calls from other applications to biteSMS via the protocol “biteSMS:number1,number2,number3 etc”, so that applications such as ABContacts or other Group type applications can now call biteSMS and specify multiple numbers.
  • Fixed up bubble width to be like the native Apple SMS application for short multi-line texts.
  • Added a “Smileys” setting to control if Smiley images should be shown instead of ASCII characters.
  • Fixed up various bugs and minor enhancements raised in the Version 3.1 Beta release (Quick Reply blurred text / scroll bar / edgy corners with artifacts) + (auto-correct settings not displaying) + (Compose New animation now like Apple one) + (Features Help / Change Log have larger font and display a busy loading indicator) + (improved settings icon and responsiveness and animation) + (Legal button pressed state display issue) + (business name now appears when choosing from contacts list) + (when adding multiple contacts to an SMS, the last location in the Contacts screen is now remembered).

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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7 Responses to “biteSMS 3.1 Out Now”

  1. Josh Says:

    Good stuff, thank you so much for the work you guys put into these projects.

  2. billchase2 Says:

    it arrived the day my trial ended… darn.

  3. Sal Says:

    This App is awesome…Actually stopped using the main sms app on the phone and now i am using this one,way better.Will wait for the trial to end and then buying it.It’s worth every penny.

  4. Eric Says:

    I’ve tried both biteSMS and iRealSMS, and biteSMS just “feels” better. Now with scrolling within Quickreply, it’s a killer-app. I was more than happy to pay for this app, for it truly made SMS-writing much more enjoyable! Great work!

  5. Dara Says:

    lots of customer and users ask about bluetooth for sending file phone to phone, moreover mms which app will we use? thank for efforting developing to veryone. :-)

  6. Nelly Says:

    I’ve been using biteSMS for quite a while now apart from the obvious savings especially sending international SMS this app just gets better and better the “add contact” is one of it’s best features oh and the “forward” message as well.
    Thanks biteSMS

  7. Anonymous Says:


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