EasyWakeup 1.7 + Lite (FREE) version available!

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EasyWakeup wake you up at the most opportune time using special sensor (aka accelerometer)

EasyWakeup has been updated to version 1.7. The application has lots of changes since 1.5b. We successfully work in full sleep mode support (aka working on locked device). Also we fixed some bugs and updated the user interface – now the application is more attractive.

And we released a Lite version. It’s free, and you can try it! This version has only one limitation – it cannot work with locked device. But it’s enough for testing the program and understanding that this app is what you need.

For more information please visit our site – http://easywakeup.net/

Thank you for your feedbacks. We have known some users have problem to buy a key. We will fix it as soon as possible. If you have any problems with buying a key please contact us – we will find the solution.

Sweet dreams, EasyWakeup team.

update: We fixed our problem with purchase keys.

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8 Responses to “EasyWakeup 1.7 + Lite (FREE) version available!”

  1. Katamarilover Says:

    I will be sure to try it out, I hope this version doesn’t require me strapping the iphone to my hand

  2. lolwut Says:

    It does.

  3. gray_hat Says:

    How else exactly is it supposed to work?

  4. ahab Says:

    who sleeps with their phone strapped on them?

  5. Juice Says:

    Hey Big Boss any chance on making a software off button to put in the dockbar? How much do I need to pay you to make that? Seriously.

  6. freeterra Says:

    You can find answer to your question here – http://easywakeup.net/en/content/how-its-work
    Thank you for interesting to our program.

  7. Dude Says:

    I just figured out that you can use this in sleep mode by enabling insomnia, so now you can use this app with sleep mode enabled

  8. Lucee Says:

    HELP I did an essential upgrade in cydia and
    Now cydia won’t work. When I tap on icon it
    Doesn’t do anything and I can’t see anything in
    Finder my root/var etc is gone.

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