EasyWakeup Plus for 3.x

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We glad to introduce EasyWakeup Plus – smart alarm clock. This isĀ Enchanced EasyWakeup!

Just to remind you: EasyWakeup is an advanced alarm clock for iPhone/ iPod Touch. Based on the natural sleep-phases we go through every night, the app senses when it’s most appropriate to wake you. Just set a time when you have to be up and choose an interval to find your opportune waking-time. The application will then gently wake you at the optimal time within this interval.

You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, energized and ready for your day.

New main features in Plus version:

  • iPod Library support to use your own music as alarm.
  • Forget about setting sound volume. App increases it automatically.

Note: If you already purchasedĀ EasyWakeup Plus before that moment and used Full – you should remove EasyWakeup Full from your device before install Plus application (don’t worry – your settings and data will keep).

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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    Hi’ boby love you

  2. VanesSa Says:

    ios 5 dnoest support ultrasnow 1.2.3…..dev is going to release a newer version aftr release of ios 5….so plz w8

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