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We wish all of iphone-users a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We would like to introduce the new program for iPhone called EasyWakeup. EasyWakeup is a much better alternative to a traditional alarm clock. It allow you to awake easier.

How often do you wake up each morning feeling tired? How often do you have to drag yourself out of a deep sleep to the sound of your annoying alarm clock? How often do you actually wake up feeling fully awake, alert and ready for your day?

The reason you would wake up feeling tired is that there are several stages of sleep. The way you feel when you wake up each morning is completely dependent on which phase of sleep you wake up during. If you are in a heavy phase of sleep, then you wake up feeling sleepy and unrested. If you wake up in a lighter phase of sleep then you are alert and ready to begin your day.

Our new smart alarm clock EasyWakeup awakes you during one of your light phases of sleep using a scientific process. In order for this to work, the sleeper must attach the iPhone to their hand at night. Thanks to a special sensor (aka accelerometer) on the phone, the program EasyWakeup will wake you during one of your lightest phases of sleep. You will simply set a guide time in which your alarm must wake you, and the alarm will wake you up at the opportune time in your given time period.

Alarms with the same algorithm:

aXbo (Wristband) – costs €200.

SleepTracker (watches) – minimum bid $150.

Our program is the first smart alarm clock for the iPhone.

Unfortunately, our program cannot be installed through the AppStore because of restrictions with the Apple policy. Our only option to install our program is through Cydia (BigBoss repository/Productivity category).

The original cost of the EasyWakeup program is $15.99, but we have decided to sell our program at a much lower cost so that everyone can use it. The recommended minimum is $7.99, but you can buy it for $3.99.

We would be glad to introduce new 1.5b version of our program. In this version we add support sleep mode! Now you can use our program without any care about drain battery on morning. This is little present from us to you.:)
This version has beta status (b/c we tested it only one day) and you can get it  from our repository – how you can get it please read in our FAQ and find question – Where I can get last version of program?
Please if you try it report us any issues that you find. Also we glad to heard your improvement suggestions.

Thanks and with best regards, EasyWakeup team. Our site  – http://easywakeup.net/

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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17 Responses to “EasyWakeup – smart alarm clock!”

  1. shapic Says:

    Am I drunk or is it April 1st already..?

  2. Asa Says:

    How can you fall asleep in the first place with an iPhone strapped to your wrist?

  3. Robert Says:

    that sounds like the dumbest thing in the world

  4. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    I agree. Sounds lame.

  5. HandyRandy Says:

    don’t most folks use the night time as an opportunity to CHARGE their phone? It’s already tricky enough to sleep with headphones on while simultaneously charging :)

  6. mark Says:

    Interesting concept, however I doubt your sleep cycle would be the same on a consistent basis. Depending on how much physical activity/stress you were under each day, that cycle could change.

    I can’t wake up late, and I certainly don’t want to be woken up 1 hour earlier because it was the opportune time. So does anything within 1 hour variance really truly matter that much? I just don’t see this being of that much benefit over a traditional alarm clock.

  7. liveforit Says:


    I am not going to lie man, I enjoyed this site because I know the good information was coming from you and you only.

    Applications and posts like these are disappointing.

    I mean really, attaching a phone to your hand while you sleep?

    “Special Sensor?”

    “Usually costs $15.99…”

    WTF Over?

  8. yoadrian Says:

    I think this sounds awesome, and will try it out later this week. Thanks for the heads up.

  9. duluen Says:

    um… how am i supposed ro charge my phone at night if its tied to my hand? and how am i suposd to sleep with a piece of glass/plastic tied to my hand? and wtf? a special sensor???

    cool in concept but implementation is a bit on the lame side

  10. lowbatteries Says:

    In defense of this app – waking up at an optimal time is a proven way to increase how rested you feel. That’s why people will spend a lot of money on the watches mentioned above. There’s even an OS X program that uses your built-in camera to determine the optimal time to wake you up.

    As for strapping the iPhone to your wrist, if you are an insomniac or have other sleeping issues, having a small device attached to your wrist for the night is not a big inconvenience in exchange for better sleep. That said, this would be more practical on the iPhone Nano (if the rumors are to be believed).

  11. BigBoss Says:

    What’s the harm in letting developers talk about their apps in between my posts? If you dont like one of the posts you can always skip over it. If you think there are problems with this app you can give suggestions etc.

  12. grinch Says:

    I dislike this app, you cant buy it without a paid e-mail, and the only way to get it free is to promise to write a review on it.

    It could be good, if only I could try it.

    So angry and disappointed :(

  13. bayoffire Says:

    I also need to defence this app!

    It’s really great! I tried it last night and I didn’t sleep much that night (not because of the iPhone) but because I got to bed late. But I woke up feeling really good and fit!
    I beleave this app is really worth its money.

    I attached the iPhone to my arm with a half sock and it didnot disturb me while sleeping.

    sorry for my english

  14. grinch Says:

    how did you get to try it?

  15. bayoffire Says:

    I wrote a review in a Forum

  16. liveforit Says:

    Maybe put it off into a different section of the website?

    I am all for developers talking about new apps but this site before this change was about 100% no bullshit good stuff for the iPhone.

    Now there are articles on attaching my phone to my hand overnight and paying $$$ for code that uses a special sensor to wake me up more efficiently..

    Seems to be a drastic change, this article and the artcle on 3G Unlock doesn’t deserve to be in the same section of the Blog IMHO…

  17. Confucious Says:

    Have to agree with liveforit.
    The app reviews are fine – but please put them in a separate section so we can easily find your stuff!

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