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Edit: dev team announced a 3.0 software unlock, so these sim adapters may become irrelevant again. I have discontinued sales of them waiting for the new release.

I have spent some time researching options for all of us on 3g iPhones with a 2.30 baseband that cannot be downgraded. Yellowsn0w is not working for these devices, and if Fuzzy cannot downgrade your baseband, you are stuck with using a sim adapter. Unfortunately, not all sim adapters are the same. In fact, many are unstable and drop signal regularly. I have done some testing on various sim adapters and am pleased to report that the Gevey3g sim works very well and hasn’t dropped my TMobile signal once yet.

The sim does not require any sim card cutting, seems to offer full signal strength, and seems stable. It requires you enable data roaming if you want to get data (EDGE is all that’s offered here on TMobile USA).

In the process of my testing, I contacted Gevey3g and managed to get a small shipment of these sim adapters. They sell for $49.99 + shipping from, but I’m offering them for a substantial discount to anyone that needs them (less than half price). Mind you, I am not trying to make a business of selling these and am only doing this to help out, because sim adapters are otherwise hit and miss. If you can find these for cheaper elsewhere, by all means feel free to buy them from someone else. I’m only offering a products that I personally tested and can put some level of confidence into selling. Note, I considered not selling these as I have prided my site around giving everything away for free. Therefore, I may stop selling these after the first lot is gone. There are also counterfeit versions of Gevey3g sim (since they seem to be stable) so make sure you are getting the real thing.

If you are interested from buying from me, you can use the google checkout link I have provided. All prices include shipping.

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48 Responses to “Gevey 3G Works Stable”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    True, been using one for 4mths or so, when in a major city they work very well…its when traveling you run into problems. If the Sim loses a signal you typically have to go through the process again of getting it to find the signal. Suppose its better than using the 3G as a paper weight. In a city it works amazing.

  2. daze Says:

    the gevey does work great with my t-mobile service highly recommended. I have only once in the last 3 months lost signal but quickly got it back. bought it on eBay

  3. Anonymous Says:

    daze, mine is actually a Rebel, if the Gevey loses signal will it relocate it without having to toggle the airplane mode? Thanks

  4. michell Says:

    Wow. Your pretty nice. I speak for everyone when I say THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!! Although I don’t need one. But thanks anyway.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Is it possible to create iPhone apps that can save carrier network list? i used rebel but it drops the signal quite often & cannot load the data network list… Therefore I have to put the sim card into another phone in order to get the signal back.

  6. BigBoss Says:

    This is a problem with most sim adapters that is supposedly not an issue with Gevey, which is why I recommend it. I have had a solid tmobile signal for about a week straight and it hasnt dropped once.

  7. summer Says:

    Hi guys,

    I guess you are talking about the Tmobile in USA? How about us in UK will Gevey work for any network over here?

    Looking forward to a positive answer!!

  8. kline1 Says:

    does this work for the 6.2 bootloader

  9. St Says:

    Are there different version of the Gevey 3g Simcard? I found a local source but it says it works on firmware 2.1 or below. Will those still work with my 2.2.1 firmware (with 2.30.03 baseband)?

  10. BigBoss Says:

    It should. If you’re in USA and you want we can try one and if it doesn’t work contact me, and if we cant get it to work together, you can return it for a refund.

  11. BigBoss Says:

    There could be older ones. I wouldn’t trust this unless it says 2.2.1 or newer.

  12. BigBoss Says:

    It is supposed to, but I have only *personally* tested on TMobile USA.

  13. iquanyin Says:

    bigboss, you are a bodhisattva! ppl who know me have heard how wonderful you are so many times. you are a major part of what makes the jailbreak community as awesome as it is. apple should give you a medal : ) but they won’t, i guess. i too don’t need the card, but i will never forget how you spent most of a day trying to help me with my phone via email. still got that phone! i’m typing this on it now. bless you, sir.

  14. Rob Says:

    Big boss is the man. Why doesn’t airplane mode work? I’m using the i-smartphone sim and airplane mode works for it. It works great almost every where. When I’m going some where I know I will lose my signal I turn airplane mode on until I am somewhere I know I get a signal. That way I never lose edge or get the no service/sim error.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    sweet then im buying one…. thanx.

  16. BigBoss Says:

    Ok, well Airplane mode actually works. But the device takes a couple minutes to find signal. So when you come out of airplane mode, you have to wait 2 minutes or so for it to say “searching” until it finds signal again.

  17. jaylou180 Says:

    Ive seen some of these on ebay and some say will work with firmware 3.0. Will this work on firmware 3.0. Thank you in advance for your answer.

  18. R Says:

    Hi BigBoss I ordered 2, will these devices work with 3.0?

  19. sunnymeadows Says:

    Will this gevey 3g work for the new 3gS that is coming out on the 19th? I have tmobile.

  20. Martin Says:

    Hi everybody! I’m from germany and have the latest GEVEY3G sim. It works 100%!!!!!!!! (MY IPHONE: 3G FW 2.2.1 |BASEBAND 02.30.03)

  21. kline1 Says:

    put my order in.

  22. summer Says:

    thnx for your reply BigBoss

    If i order one and it doesn’t work will i be able to get a refund? Hope it does work as have lots of friends who would love one too……

  23. Kurt Says:

    I have a Gevey3G that says Plus 2 on it as well. It drops a lot so I am not sure if it is the same. I went ahead and ordered one of yours….fingers crossed.

  24. Duncan Says:

    i’ve just ordered one and paid thru google checkout as I’m stuck with the 5.9 bootloader.
    I’m off to the UK on Tuesday (16th) will I get it by then?….plzzz!

  25. smalltalkdan Says:

    Just received mine today (from bigboss – and thanks for the quick shipping!). Worked instantly here in Las Vegas, although I still haven’t gotten 3G to work.

  26. smalltalkdan Says:

    Anyone have any idea how to get 3G to work with the Gevey SIM? Works perfectly but no 3G – have tried with data roaming off/on and still nothing.

  27. Nic Says:

    If on TMO – can’t get 3g only edge. I’ve had this sim (from ebay) and it works great. THough it drops data signal more times than voice signal, which works 100%. I am ordering from you to see if there’s any difference. Oh, airplane mode works for me. Might as well have these as back-up if we’re not able to unlock our phones ever. Glad you did a write-up and are selling them from the originators themselves.

  28. Kurt Says:

    they do not work with 3.0GM so at this point I will so no to 3.0.

    It worked up to beta 5 but with the GM release it stopped working. I have heard there was a new baseband on the GM but can’t confirm this yet.

  29. Joka Says:

    thanks for the help so far Big, my question is as follow: is this gevey card working on the 3.0 firmware? i saw about three questions in this comments but you did not respond to one of them. is this silence means no?
    i need to know that before buying it.


  30. Kurt Says:

    Joka….did you read my post from above. I have a Gevey 3g card….there was a baseband update on the latest 3.0 build that has prevented said card from working.

  31. J Says:

    Put in my order on Tuesday. It was shipped out the following day (yesterday), and received it today! The chip works perfectly.

    Tip: Whatever card you’re going to use, keep it in the original handset, and make a call with it to charge it up. Next, pop out the SIM tray from the iPhone while it’s still on. It may start to cycle between “NO SIM” and “Search…”, etc. Finally power down your iPhone, then turn it back on. After a few moments the Gevey User Agreement should pop up. Hit “Accept”! It should be working now.

  32. The Don Says:

    Just got my Gevey-3g Plus 2 for my t-mobile. It worked instantly. To get edge on t-mobile working, I used
    settings/general/network/cellular data network/
    under APN enter
    username = blank
    password = blank

    this fixed edge. Also turn Data Roaming on to activate the edge network.

    some have had success if paying for internet with or

    Hope this helps people trying to connect to edge. I have internet and voicemail, the works.

  33. The Don Says:

    PS I am on modem firmaware 2.30 and iphone 3G firmware 2.21 5H11

  34. smalltalkdan Says:

    You rock! That got EDGE to work; thanks so much for the easy fix.

  35. Anthony Says:

    I would like to know from someone how to connect with a 3g speed to TMobile using the GEVEY3g sim?


  36. Forevablazin Says:

    Is this one and the 2 plus the same thing???

  37. kline1 Says:

    Just got mine today……worked instantly edge is working……very nice product……thanx bigboss…….oh and btw Great PRICE…..thanx again.

  38. Duncan Says:

    Wow! very fast shipping THANK YOU!

    Put my UK Orange sim in my USA Att 3G 2.2.1 and worked perfectly. I am all set to go to the UK next week.

  39. kline1 Says:

    is their anyway of making edge work without turning on the data roaming

  40. mark Says:

    You aren’t. Period. There is no solution for this unless T-Mobile decides to change the frequency they operate 3G on.

  41. Kaya Says:

    I am using IPhone 3G (Modem FM 02.30.03) with T-Mobile. Also, I am using Gevey3G to… So, it’s working fine, But, when I lost signal, signal doesnt show-up again. Taking out sim card to regular T-Mobile phone then puting back to IPhone it’s working ’til loosing signal.

    Could some one help me ?

  42. agro Says:

    The gevey 3g adapter is extremely unreliable using Australian network SIM cards; specifically – it destroyed 3 different optus SIMs I tried (they give USIM ERROR in every phone I put them in now); it seemed to work OK on an Optus prepaid SIM, and it also worked (badly) on a PennyTEL/PennySIM (optus) SIM – the signal comes-and-goes, 3g/data mostly doesn’t work, and it is happy to go for hours without letting you connect to anything, with a range of different error windows etc.

    Get used to reading “No SIM” or “No Service” if you’re in Aussie and want to use one of these things!

    The only way I’ve found to get it working again recently, is to reboot it while it’s inside a closed microwave oven (to block the cell signal) – it seems to come back about 50% of the time when I try this so far…

  43. paul Says:

    I have been getting the dreaded “cannot load network list” on a 2g phone, Tmobile, for the last week, oddly ever since I went to Maryland last week and had to roam onto ATT.

    I have done everything to try to make this work, restored to 2.2.1, Quickpwned, restored again and tried Pwnage.

    Is this device an answer?

  44. Steve Hildebrandt Says:

    In hopes of a quick Dev-Team unlock solution, I just last week bought a 3G (locked, running 02.30 BB on 2.2.1 FW) My 3G has like10-months of warranty remaining, so I thought “What the heck…. I’ll try this Gevey SIM gizmo…. if it fries the logic board, I’ll be covered”. I popped it in and WHAM…. The thing works better, with a more stable signal than my old unlocked 2G EVER did!!! It’s only been a week, but now I’m asking myself why I didn’t use one of these before…. What with all of that “bootneuter” BS and such we’ve all gone through…. I tell you, this Gevey SIM really is GREAT!! Thanks BigBoss!!

  45. mark Says:

    I red all these comments about gevey 3G. It is fabulous working only when I am at home, if I go somewhere a couple of miles away the AT-mobile signal is lost very easy and it cannot recovered when I restarted it again.

    Please, somebody can help me? I live in Dallas TX. USA

  46. James lee Says:

    I’ve tried the rebel sim and this Gevey Sim…Get the Gevey…I would need to call T-mobile to reset me on the network at least once a week with teh Rebel SIM, but with the Gevey, I’ve had to call a couple times, but definitely not every week. I bought my Gevey Sim through ebay.

  47. will Says:

    BigBoss, have u discovered whether the tray works with bootloader 6.2? Thank you!

  48. Lordwillbure Says:

    I had to get a new sim card for mine. Go to a real tmobile store and they will give you one for free.
    Austin tx

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