Ultrasn0w 0.9 Even Better Unlock 3g / 3GS

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So things go back and forth. Ultrasn0w has been updated and is even better yet! First, dev team has removed the daemon and used a method more similar to Geohot’s purplesn0w method. However, they did it in a manner that seems safer as it will not corrupt memory and uses less memory. From dev team blog:

To put it into perspective, ultrasn0w uses 152 bytes of properly malloc’d baseband RAM, which is 0.015% of what purplesn0w uses.  Put another way, purplesn0w uses 6900 times more RAM than ultrasn0w (and doesn’t let the O/S know that it’s using it, so the O/S still thinks it’s free to use.  When it does use it, the baseband will crash).

Also, there is another benefit. This uses mobile substrate to patch CommCenter unlike Geohot’s method which actually patches the CommCenter file. The benefit of this is that you are not modifying your system files and it is very easy to uninstall safely. You could probably just disable it with SBSettings mobile substrate menu as well.

I consider the current ultrasn0w the recommended unlock.

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62 Responses to “Ultrasn0w 0.9 Even Better Unlock 3g / 3GS”

  1. reznor9 Says:

    cool.. not entirely off topic.. but do you think there are any disadvantages to using purplera1n as opposed to redsn0w to jailbreak the 3GS?

    I used purplera1n and Im working fine, but would it benefit me to restore and jailbreak using redsn0w?

  2. imagineThiss Says:

    For the record i love the devteam..

    but just to be fair to geohot.. his purplesn0w has been updated to rc2.. and now does not use ANY ram.. as he claims 0 bytes via his website… also said that the ComCenter is no longer patched.. lol this cool like they competition brings out the best in us… like i said devteam is baddass.. but some competition is cool.. sort of pushes you to the limit !!

  3. slime Says:

    Hmmm – 0.8 was working fine and 0.9 seems OK but a lot slower to find a network (says ‘Searching…’ for a good while, then Voda UK shows up – but NO SIM PIN!!! SIM PIN is set on my iPhone and was being prompted for on 0.8 but no longer on 0.9.

    Anyone else with similar?

  4. Mornel Says:

    After updating mobile substrate and Ultrasn0w, the processes toggle in sbsettings stopped working for me… any ideas?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I’m on 3g and no problem with processes so far. I can only use ultrasn0w so no purple Nything for me.

  6. MrB Says:

    I totally agree. Competition is what drives perfection. I just hope they don’t start to get negative toward each other… and that they are just viewing it all as a friendly competition

  7. MrB Says:

    the toggle in SBSettings might have recognized that it was a different version of Ultrasn0w and shut itself down…. wait for an updated toggle for SBSettings, I’m sure there will be one soon.

  8. Mornel Says:

    Thanks for the reply.

    It works again after restarting one more time.

  9. Bill Says:

    Beware!! I just installed this update on my 3g and it appears to have bricked my phone. Tried rebooting several times without success. I then removed the SIM and it rebooted fine and stating no SIM inserted. I resprang it to the same end result. I am now rebooting with the SIM installed…….1 minute now…5 minutes now…….ok…showing “searching”…..crashes to reboot and keeps cycling from “searching” then crashes again!!!!!!! Time to restore! Thx Dev Team!! 0.8 worked great! Need to dump 0.9.

  10. Bill Says:

    Update…After rebooting “again” without a SIM it still reboots normally. I placed the SIM in after successful reboot and now all it does is search for the network. Now I am resetting network settings to see if it helps…..1 minute and still waiting……now getting a Rock Extension possible conflict warning asking me to restart and report bug….restart in progress….restarted with SIM inserted successfully and is again “searching” for a network……2 minutes and still searching…..5 minutes and still searching…….still searching after 10 minutes….Anyone have a suggestion aside from restore?? The phone worked great with 0.8!

  11. Sigma Says:

    A complete shot in the dark is disable all MS extensions you have and see if there is a conflict anywhere. I know the ROCK stuff conflicts with a lot of MS stuff…

  12. Bill Says:

    Shot in the dark didn’t work either :( I restored and jailbroke with redsn0w. Then installed Ultrasn0w 0.6 that I had on my computer. Worked like a champ! :) Then downloaded Mobile Substrate through Cydia and rebooted. I then downloaded Ultrasn0w 0.9, installed, rebooted. Back to the same problem! :( Fresh jailbreak, and frersh install, and 0.9 will not work for me! :( Guess I go back to the drawing board and start all over. Just my luck! Thx

  13. jimmy lo Says:

    Hi guys, 2 weeks back I jb using redsnow then used ultrasn0w 8 to unlock. Was not working with my old sim { Idea ] so I used my other sim. Worked fine with Vodafone. Two days back I installed Backgrounder and Bossprefs 3.0. Cydia just stopped working. Today I jb and unlocked same way but installed the new unltrasn0w.9. But for an hour it worked fine then all of a sudden started showing No Service. Been trying everything possible but no luck. Any guess what to do.

  14. Bill Says:

    I recommend to do like I did. Just go back and restore, JB, and install 0.6. It seems to be the only thing that works for me. I do know that 0.9 will not work unless Mobile Substrate is the latest one that was released today.

  15. Don Says:

    Mine got bricked too!!! Currently doing restore. And I was just about to go to bed. This sucks. I think I’m going to get out of the iPhone business. Fix this ASAP Please was working great until I hit update in CYDIA!! Shoot!!!!!

  16. Iblackdude Says:

    Hi Guys

    The friendly competition is ALWAYS GOOD :)
    I bought my 3Gs yesterday 32GB Full Price ( the lady at the apple store tough that I was crazy lol $760 including taxes.
    I went home and I jailbreaked with redsnow, then unlocked with ultrasnow.
    All went so smooth, I pretended to be a geek :).
    Tmobile working, wifi is perfect. All very smooth so far. Except that I CANNOT go to iTunes, or app store via the iPhone. As soon as the app is launched, it comes back to the Home screen. PLEASE HELP.

  17. imagineThiss Says:

    i would just do a clean install all over again.. something went wrong.. first restore to 3.0 via itunes(i noticed you said it doesn’t recognize it.. just put ur phone in restore mode.. (to do this have the phone off unconnected now while holding the “home button” plug into computer, have itunes open) once that is done itunes should recognize your phone and tell you that its in restore mode.. restore it to 3.0 BEWARE make sure you some don’t accidentally restore to 3.1 or 3.1 beta of some sort.. after the full restore is done.. repeat the jailbreak porccess. !! good luck !

  18. Iblackdude Says:

    Thanks ……
    But I really need to think about this. Before the 3GS, I had a 2G iPhone and I wanted to try 3.0 last week. The poor thing stayed almost 2 days “verifying iPhone software”. And I had no phone for almost 3 days !!!! So , if I restore ( erase ) my current 3.0 version ( the one who came with th 3GS ) …… I don’t wanna be in trouble… I love the 3GS soooo bad :) , I cannot afford to stay one more day without it.
    Also, when I enable 3G in settings, at least iTunes and AppStore will pretend to load, then I will get the message to connect to wifi or cellular data.
    PS : I’m with Tmobile, so 3G has nosense for me.
    Ahhghhhh I wish I could fix this already.
    ANYONE ????

  19. reznor9 Says:

    just use purplesn0w.. it works

  20. mark Says:

    Just use ultrasn0w, it works too.

  21. Iblackdude Says:

    Aghhhh I’m getting confused by you guys !!!
    Noooo get off from my head already !!!!!!!
    Help !!!!!

  22. Chris Says:

    It has to be a cydia app u installed. I had the same problem. I had to remove all extra thengo one by one till I found the culprit. Try that b4 starting all over.

  23. Jimmy lo Says:

    Hi I did restore again from iTunes, jb usingredsn0w but had to unlock again using ultrasn0w 0.9 as could not find version 0.6 or 0.8. Same problem ( no service ). BIGBOSS pls help, what to do next. Need phone to work ASAP.

  24. jimmy lo Says:

    Hi, I had used redsn0w 0.7.2 to jailbreak, was it allright or should I rejailbreak with redsn0w 0.8. My iphone worked allright with ultrasn0w 0.8, how to get usnow 0.8 back, cause I tried using cydia but could only get new version .9 which bricked my iphone. still no service. Helllllllp Bigboss.

  25. R3cc4 Says:

    Help big boss, my signal keep droping even its on the same spot.

  26. humanoid Says:

    Offtopic I know but please can you make a landscape SBSettings BigBoss?

  27. rick Says:

    hi i have iphone 3g 16g with latest 3.0 with tmobile unlocked with ultrasn0w work great yester i go in to cydia it say ultrasnow update so i did up date now i want to reboot my phone and my phone is stuck in apple logo i try to restore my phone about 3 time from itune it only hapen when i update ultrasnow. thanks.

  28. Jimmy lo Says:

    Somebody please say what to do? Stuck with ipod needs my phone back. Any idea when the new ultrasn0w 10 coming. Cant find 0.6 or 0.8. With ultrasn0w 0.9, I am stuck with no service. Its 4 days now this probs. Big boss pls suggest what to do next?

  29. Anonymous Says:

    There’s a new update of ultrasnow try it maybe they fixed it

  30. zee Says:

    You should update ultrasn0w, there is a newer version on cydia

  31. U-FLO Says:

    This update is no better … my 3G cannot work properly…when turn on/off 3G it get lost signal for quite a long time … I think the first generation ultrasn0w is still better …

  32. John Says:

    Hi BigBoss,

    You say “You could probably just disable it with SBSettings mobile substrate menu as well.” But I don’t see ultrasn0w in this menu, so how can I disable it?

  33. jimmy Lo Says:

    Hi, sorry guys did update to the new version of untrasn0w, but still the problem of ” No Service” persists. Initially for few minutes it showed the signal after that no service. Pls help BigBoss. Hope to hear from you soon. Pls dont neglect this blog, as we all are stuck with No service probs. Its five days now since I installed the new ultrasn0w 0.9, as a result my iphone is as good as an ipod.
    Thank you.

  34. Pod Robin Says:

    Problems with “No Service”?

    1/Remove ultrasn0w in cydia!–>no carrier

    2/Dowload http://down.tgbus.com/soft/25928.shtml#xiazai (one of the little green buttons)

    3/Open wifi and connect to your router.use Cydia intaller “open SSH”!

    4/Open winSCP on your computer
    and connect to your iphone!

    5/Open Folder Media (source /private/var/root/Media )

    6/In Media folder you make Cydia folder.

    7/Open Cydia folder make AutoInstall folder.

    8/Copy ultrasnow.debfile to AutoInstall forder!

    9/Restart Your Iphone 3GS (2 restarts)
    finished! Carrier and wifi working 100%
    fix sync app failed
    Copy installed file to /usr/libexecand Sync app cracked!!
    Good luck

  35. rems Says:

    hello !
    I’ve just a question, maybe somebody can answer to this !

    I jailbreaked & unlock my iphone 3G 16GO and now I’ve got some trouble.
    sometimes the screen on the phone is black the menu won’t appears anymore!
    and if it’s appears all the phone is completely slow it take 1MN to lauch an application!
    after several reboot the menu re appears !!

    now i tried a full restore by DFU but even after this the screen of the phhone stay black! no menu on it!!
    i’m sure it’s a software issue & not hardware the phone didn’t fall one time!

    after several restore, the menu appear..
    mhh does anybody know about that ??
    thanks a lot

  36. rems Says:

    when I reboot the iphone after the restore it’s stuck on a dark screen.
    and itunes can’t recognise the iphone, so i unplug cable, and magic the screen appears to tell me that i need to connect it to itunes.
    i connect it and stuck again, completely freeze!

  37. chow Says:


    after upgrading to ultrasn0w 0.9 version, i have experienced a considerable decrease in battery performance. is there anyway i can het the olderversions of ultrasn0w. please help me as my battery is draining very fast.

    3g 16gb 3.0


  38. rems Says:

    @chow, try restore in dfu mode and be sure to set up a NEW IPHONE not a backup!

    fellas I still have issues with my iphone 3g, I succeed to restore & jailbreak it but sometime springboard won’t appear! so i have to wait about 30seconds and screen come back.
    looks like iphone is incredibly slow!
    maybe memory issue ?

    I saw on the net people who seems to have same issues, after calling apple care, they told that they know about this problem and unfortunaly they can’t do anything!!
    at this step, black screen will appear more and more often and one day will stay black !
    are you confirming or it’s just bullshit ??

    I have to say i’m pretty sure it’s an hardware issue cuz’ i’ve tried to restore at least 20 times and problems still there…

  39. rems Says:

    by the way do you know how to put sbsettings in safe mode ?

  40. JG Says:

    Hello. I just received my 3gs that was jailbroken with purplerain and unlocked with yellowsn0w. I sucessfully inserted and unlocked my tmobile sim card but the iphone continues to search for a signal. It has been doing for hours. I’m new to this stuff so your help will be appreciative.

  41. JIMMY LO Says:

    Hi everyone. Finally I got my network back. NOw I can use my iphone as phone. I would like to share my experience. I am in mumbai, India. I was using unlocked 3g iphone 8gb with 2.2 FW. I was on Idea network whereas in India only Vodafone and Airtel are officially tied with apple. After reading the blogs I decided to take the risk and update to 3.0 FW. I have never done JN or unlock before. I followed as said. I am using windows XP. First installed 8.2 itunes, then restored, JB with redsn0w 0.7.2 and unlocked with ultrasn0w. MY old idea sim did not work after unlock but Vodafone worked so no worries. but the probs started after I downloaded ultrasn0w 0.9 which bricked my phone for a week with No SErvice. I tried everhing possible without luck. Even installed the latest version of ultrasn0w 0.9. I resotored, jn and unlocked at 5 times even with redsn0w 0.8. Today I used my friends sony laptop running on Vista, I resotored, JB with untrasn0w 0.7.2, and unlocked with ultrasn0w.0.9.1. Now it works but only with vodafone which is better than nothing. I guess maybe it unlock works better with vista. Hope you guys having NO SERVICE probs can try this.
    Thank you all.

  42. Exodus Says:

    I also have the problem with “no service” – 3g iPhone – Have tried basically everything!

    Sorry JIMMYLO, your suggestion using Vista did not help :(

    Anyone else have any suggestions?

  43. hb79 Says:

    hi there, I have iPhone 3G unlocked with Ultrasn0w and working fine except for the signal of GSM it’s only stay for about one day then it gives me “No Service” then I had to reboot the iPhone to have the signal again, thanks to advise as I tried everything, even when I updated for all the versions of ultrasn0w, still I have the same problem.

  44. JImmy Lo Says:

    Hi, guys. Sorry my happiness was short lived. Back to the same problem of No service tried again everything but still no service. Signal comes and goes, starts all of a sudden then drops to no service hardly few hours in this 3 days. Hope BIGBOSS is working on this or we all are in deep shit. I think its better to go back to old version of FW 2.2. How to go about it pls advice. Thank you all.

  45. JImmy Lo Says:

    any suggestion how to get ultrasn0w 0.8. As my iphone was working on that. After I installed new version 0.9 the probs of No Service started. I tried to Google but could not get it from any of the sites.
    Thank you.

  46. Austin Says:

    On thing I noticed is that when you jailbreak with Redsn0w and unlock with Ultrasn0w you have to shift restore (on PC) and use the downloaded 3.0 firmware instead of just hitting the restore button in itunes when you jailbreak. Redsn0w and Ultrasn0w have both worked perfect for me on my 3G. Might try this if you haven’t already.

  47. Alex Says:

    hey guys the ultrasn0w got released a while ago anyway all of utou 3g and 3g s owners goping to be happy abot this one ok the old ultrasn0w did some thing totaly awsome i downloaded ultrasn0w 0.8 well the 1st one then i got out of cydia then my wi-fi was off because i was using it then i turned it off and i didnt reboot i went in to mail and it updated all my mail with out any credit on my phone IM SERIOUS IT WORKS i did it a few times and it work so if any 1 knows how to get the old ultrasn0w please write back to this comment im on telstra in australia not sure about AT&T ot T-Mobile in america so please write back the source for this package im serious it works i downloaded in 1 night like 1.4 gig so this is youre chance to make free internet on youre iphone again it really works not sure why but it does so write back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. azhar Says:


    i’m still on ultrasn0w 0.8 and yearning for an upgrade but holding back because of what i’m reading here. is everyone having this problem? or is it just some (as dev teams post says) ??

    i’m using a 3g 3.0 & i’m wondering if the latest version has anything to offer to the 3g s i feel its primarily geared towards the 3gs and just happens to cover the 3g also.

    kindly tell me what i stand to gain from the latest ultrasn0w version as compared to the 0.8.

    thanks in advance.

  49. Doodie Says:

    Same issue with NO SERVICE… seems to me from what Im reading, ultrasn0w 0.9 sucks balls and should be removed and reverted back to 0.8 – so WHERE does one get ultrasn0w 0.8 from ????

  50. Alex Says:

    i dindnt reboot my phone after i instaled the software try to uninstall reboot then install if it doest work reinstall again and il garantee you it will work its the moast ameazing thing i ever fond the dev team should make their own source for 0.8 so people can use it i really hope they do its the best thing you will never need to recharge again it will be like a hoitop but with out the free texting so if dev team is reading this PLEASE make up its own source for the ultrasn0w 0.8 thanx :)

  51. Alex Says:

    no not sure i dont think you can get it any more but hopefully they get the 0.8 back out there 0.9 works on my 3g now but it bricked my phone for about 3 days it fucking sucks cant stand it 0.8 was so much better i dont relly care abot the unlock its just the free internet that matters if any one gets the source of 0.8 or they put back the 0.8 on the repo666.ultrasn0w.com wb idn what they did to it but they guniuses 0.8 is the biggest hit in my book so yeah wb guys :)

  52. azhar Says:

    i’m using ultrasn0w 0.8 on a 3g device. sometimes i see that my internet using the edge does not work. so weather update fails and all other internet useage fails. then on its own it works. there is no network issue because my brother iphone on 2.2 & same network has no issues.

    is this related to 0.8 ultrasn0w in any way?

    please need advice on this. thanks

  53. alex Says:

    yep it is related to 0.8 i know because i restored my phone and started fresh and the 1st packaage i downloaded was ultrasn0w 0.8 and all worked with out any credit but it never failed on me not sure why but yeah i swith to edge when i want to u se myspace or 3g to download big files so it works on edge and 3g every time on my iPhone by the way im running 3.0 on my 3g i know it works im losing hope in this cos they propably woant bring it back 0.9 fuking sucks >:( hate it so yeah you are nother person tht knows the 0.8 unlocks youre internet and it becomes free im still searching to get the source to 0.8 but so far nothing its gone :’(

  54. azhar Says:


    do keep us posted in case you should come up with the source to 0.8. thanks

  55. Anonymous Says:

    which version of ultrasnow is it???? i want to downgrade from 3.0 to 2.2.1!!

  56. Alex Says:

    Ok I wrote to the dev team about the 0.8 and what it does I wrote that about 1 week ago and still no reply I asked them to bring 0.8 back and make up it’s own source but still no reply so if all of you guy can write them just go into cydia get in to the ultrasn0w package scroll down and there should be there e-mail or saying contact them if all of you guys write to them they might bring it back I really hope they do so yeah fuck 0.9 please contact them
    Thanks guy’s 

  57. cips Says:

    Same problem here…”searching”…wtf??

  58. Chad Says:

    Hi guys. I have unlocked my iPhone 3g (3.0 FW) with ultrasn0w and everything works fine except problems with service. Unlike most of you that I read I have service. Full bars. My texting and outgoing calls work. But 85% of the time
    I don’t recieve calls and texts. I have to send myself a message and then I get all my backed up messages/calls. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  59. Peter Says:

    hi I unlock and jailbreak with ultra snow but my phone it doesn’t showing that I’m receiving calls and no even ringing the voice mail is turning on on the third ring? the battery is empty for less than a 8 hours what can I do to fix it?

  60. Luthifer Says:

    Hi guys. I have a problem however I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with anything quite like it. I installed purplesn0w first but that didn’t work when I put in a sim from another carrier. It said invalid sim. I uninstalled purplesn0w and installed ultrasn0w. After restart all I could see was the apple logo. I though it was bricked but after 15 minutes of cycling it finally started up. Now the phone is really really slow. The phon will take the least 5 seconds to lock after presisng the lock button and sometimes the home button won’t register until after 5 Minsk while in an app. I’m afraid to try to uninstall ultrasnow cuz I’ll have to restart and I’m afraid it won’t turn on afterwards. I’m nowhere near a pc to restore and I need the use of my phone. Anyone know what could have caused this?

    Oh yeah and for the record, ultrasnow actually works. Minutes after putting in a sim from Jamaican carrier digicel I got a text message from them about roaming. In in NY

  61. smsm Says:

    same.. i have the same problem with ultrasn0w help me pls

  62. JimProfit Says:

    Same “No service” problem running 3.0 fw, started getting this problem not to long ago with UltraSn0w 9.1-1.
    Very, very, very frustrating, especially after previous versions working just fine for me!
    Anyone have a resolve for this yet?
    C’mon guys @dev-team, your doing great work! Give us a hand here with this problem.



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