iRealQuickSMS and iRealSMS 2.0.8

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iRealSMS 2.0.8 introduced a new feature called QuickSend to the iPhone – after being the inventor of QuickReply it is only logical for iRealSMS to come up first with an equally simple and slim in memory solution for sending SMS from any app.

QuickSend also includes the ability to QuickCall your contacts simply by typing their name and pressing Call – from any app. In addition you can save the message as a draft if you have iRealSMS. For iRealQuickSMS there will be an alternative soon…

iRealQuickSMS offers the 2 most innovative features of iRealSMS for all those who just want to keep their stock SMS app and don’t feel the need for Landscape Texting, Drafts, Forwarding, Searching Messages, Adding Contact Details, Inbox and Outbox etc.

You are welcome though to test all features of iRealSMS including QuickReply and QuickSend within the 10 days trial of iRealSMS 2.0.8.

In addition we are proud to announce that iRealSMS now has its own Community Forum with a very competent moderator which hopefully will help all those who were missing better support in the past – it wasn’t bad will but one developer was just not able to answer all those emails while programming new updates at the same time…

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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28 Responses to “iRealQuickSMS and iRealSMS 2.0.8”

  1. JP Says:

    isn’t there another program that uses the volume rocker to launch something? wasn’t it bite sms or something? its still a cool feature but they are definitely not the first to do it.

  2. iLauncher Says:

    i guess, its QuickSMS that uses the volume buttons to launch quickreply.
    but irealsms has a lot lot more features and now, with quicksend u dont even need to open the complete app so its gonna eat less memory than any sms app out there.
    gr8 work done by the dev!

  3. BigBoss Says:

    iRealSMS was the first to integrate quick reply into an SMS app a couple months back. After that, MySMS followed up with the feature and then biteSMS. So while some of the new features here are already in other SMS type apps, iReal was the inventor of quickreply.

  4. reznor9 Says:

    iRealSMS is not claiming to have invented the use of a hotkey to launch an application. iRealSMS is claiming to have invented a super easy and convienient plugin called QuickSMS… the plugin with the choice of 2 user defined hotkeys(volume up, or home double tap) will call up a popup that resembles quickReply, but has the ability to allow you to enter a contact. It is so fast an easy that you wont know how youve lasted this long without it! iRealSMS brought this to you first.

    Now I can see how you all would get confused as there is another application called quickSMS which was developed by another developer. This application is only similar in the way that it launches, other than that the app is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT… their app houses the entire SMS application into the springboard claiming to have a small memory footprint, when infact it will cause crashing of the springboard on a more than constant rate(at least in mine and many others trials)…

    I know its confusing but there is a large difference in iRealSMS’ new QuickSMS plugin(also known as QuickSend) and the cydia application of the same name called quickSMS. I did my best to clear this up, but may have just confused you more LOL… anyways, try iRealSMS trial.. you wont be disappointed

  5. BigBoss Says:

    Actually iRealSMS invented iRealQuickSend as well. It’s a separate application. I, personally, do not see the confusion. iRealSMS has not claimed anything that’s not true here.

  6. shirley Says:

    After you buy a license, does it work forever? What happens if I upgrade to the latest firmwares and then jailbreak again? Do I lose the the full application?

  7. reznor9 Says:

    the license is forever, but there is always a chance that new fireware will break jailbroken apps… this has been true since the start. if this happens you have a choice to stay with your current firmware until the app gets updated or update your firmware and live without until the app gets updated

  8. Darkkknight Says:

    I have it and I love it :) and I’ve updated it with no probs ;)

  9. kskksf Says:

    when i download it i try to open it and it freezes until i press the home button or restart the phone. are there another programs that may cause this not to work?

  10. jdm Says:

    I can’t get it to run. it just crashes. i have same Q as kskksf is there some other program that can cause this?

  11. cory Says:

    Is there another way I can purchase this other than paypal? My dad won’t let me use his account and I don’t have a credit card to make one.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Which app are you talking about? iRealSMS or irealQuickSMS?

  13. GUMP Says:

    I am a big big fan of mySMS. just works better than isms. love it

  14. michell Says:


    dont you think you should update your posts. there getting kinda old…

  15. Kiko Fronda Says:


    i already have latest version of irealsms. when i installed irealquicksms, my irealsms icon vanished and it’s not even in the cydia packages anymore. i like using the default iphone sms app so i installed this. however, it seems that since irealsms is replaced, i no longer have capability to insert contacts and forward sms.

    is this really how it is so either i want to be able to quickly reply using iphone sms app? or use irealsms to forward msgs and insert contacts?

  16. Anonymous Says:

    This is temporary. The next version of iRealSMS will be out in a couple days. Which will give you the options you want from irealQuick.

  17. issie Says:

    With the realese of the iphone 3.0 beta and with the realse of sms call forwarding, I personally still think that irealsms has more features than the new Apple realeased sms feature.

    I will still jail break my phone to keep this app

  18. reznor9 iRealSMS team Says:

    BIGBOSS please give us a BETA REPO so we can put in it, and put back back on the main!!!

  19. robert todd Says:

    I have purchased irealquicksms but I can not activate. it says it is incorrect serial number

  20. Anonymous Says:

    los tigrillo palma

  21. J.R. Says:

    I love this app!! But it does not work on the purplera!n jailbreak for the iPhone 3GS. Any thoughts?

  22. Anonymous Says:

    The quick reply dialog appears squished on my screen. The line that separates the recipient from the text message is absent, pushing the 2 areas together.

  23. Anonymous Says:

    Used irealquicksms for a while and liked it pretty well, but came to realize it was making my phone very slow. Every now and then I had to restart my phone to get it back up to speed but that wouldn’t last long. After uninstalling my phone is running great. Not worth the money.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    Does irealSMS work on iphone 4.2.1?

  25. geo Says:

    hey i dl this app..and now my iphone wont turn always crash wat can i do??

  26. TrendyWhistle Says:

    I might be a little bit late to the conversation but can I bump this? I just installed it and my iPhone freezed when I tried to run it. I did what I think was the emergency shut down (hold sleep and home buttons down simultaneously) and now its still stuck trying to boot back up, with the apple logo against the black screen, any ideas?

  27. Anonymous Says:

    Im having the same problem… anyone got a fix for this?

  28. Anonymous Says:

    I just installed it and when it asked to reboot the device I got stuck on the boot log with the spinning circle intermittently starting and stopping…what do I do?!

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