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We are proud to announce that iReal got LANDSCAPE QuickReply and QuickSend.
As the inventors of “SMS from any App” it was only logical to put in the great effort that was necessary to achieve a solution for this as smooth as it is now. It was quite a challenge to get this working on SpringBoard as you may guess based on the long time it took someone to get it running…
No more words – just have a look here or try it yourself!

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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15 Responses to “iRealSMS”

  1. jme401 Says:

    It’s working great for me. I’ve been using this since their first version, it’s come a long way. The only reason I use the iPhone as my main phone is this APP. Thanks for iReal!

  2. Eric Says:

    Is this Version still compatible with iblacklist? Also, is the Quicksms Version also updated?


  3. Patrick Patience Says:

    What’s the status on updating the interface? I see iRealSMS continually add more and more awesome new features, but unfortunately I’m still sitting with biteSMS simply because I don’t care for the interface of iRealSMS.

    I mean, the actual layout is fantastic (I love the folders and such), but it definitely needs a refresh. I only really ask because I heard word it would be getting an update but I can’t find more info.

  4. reznor9 Says:

    Not sure if Spectro has cleaned up the iBlacklist code as there have been reports of notification errors when used with iBlacklist. As far as iRealQuickSMS, yes. It also has the updates to the landscape QR and QS.

  5. reznor9 Says:

    Yes. It will be. There is one more thing that we are going to add before we facelift the app.. and after that facelift is complete we will officially call it iRealSMS 3.0… and its not too far away. But its not next week either. And just an FYI, no there will be no upgrade fee when we move the version number up to 3.0. :D

  6. J.R. Says:

    I personally LOVE QuickSMS!! i do not really have a desire to have all the other functionality of the iRealSMS full package and am grateful that QuickSMS is available as a toned down version. GREAT JOB on this app!! This is without question my favorite app on my phone and felt so naked without it for those few days when I had a jailbroken 3GS wiht no QuickSMS, keep up the good work!!

  7. HandyRandy Says:

    I bet that one more thing is MMS support, huh? Tell me I’m right!

  8. Clarebear05 Says:

    Does it work for 2g iphones ?

  9. reznor9 Says:

    We currently already have support for MMS, if you have the mms settings in your network settings… you have to activate the Apple like conversation UI in iReal settings though… and this UI interface is still in early beta, so its limited and needs a lot of touching up.

    But that is not what we are currently working on. But that will be done as well.

  10. Ojs Says:

    There are some serios bugs with this latest version on the 3GS, eg. ometimes hanging at a black screen when clicking “show” from quickreply, keyboard not showing up when multiple quickreply windows collide, drafts not showing without reloading, and the quickreply on the lock screen is totally bunk with the screen only showing for a few secs before relocking. Also my phone seems a heck of a lot buggier after installing this app. Such a shame since the functionality Is so impressive.

  11. Keyz Says:

    pls can you help me with the activation code for ireal sms ?

    Thanks alot

  12. Iblackdude Says:

    Lol you kidding right ???? :)
    this app is one of the reason i love the iphone.

  13. Cyph Says:

    iRealSMS is my absolute favorite application–hands down! iReal is my 1st & only purchased app to date.

    Running on 1st Gen iPhone 2G – 4Gb:
    FW: v2.2.1
    JB: QuickPwn 2.2.5-2 (MS Windows)

    *When I jailbroke iPhone #2 (Warranty Replacement) the first thing I did was update Cydia, let it re-organize, reboot, go back to Cydia, install SBsettings, reinstalled iReal on my replacement phone, resprung, went to iReal’s forum, contacted Reznor on the forum, provided my proof of purchase and he took care of the rest– allowing me to use my previous purchase on my new warranty replacement phone! Great staff, developers, and customer service over @ the iRealSMS website– I highly reccommend this App and truly appreciate the iReal team’s level of professionalism.

    Thank You,

  14. julian Says:

    hi ive been using irealsms for quite sometime now, but for the past couple days its been acting wierd. i jailbroke my iphone 3.2.1 using blackra1n and i immediately downloaded irealsms 2.0. but since about friday i tried opening it and it just freezes at the black loading screen and then crashes and it wont open. and when i recieve a text it wont show up in only shows the text bubble alert by the battery. what could i do to fix this? i tried uninstalling it reinstalling it .. reinstall while its already downloaded and it still wont work.. help please?

  15. Tessa Says:

    Walking in the presence of giants here. Cool tihinnkg all around!

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