SBRotator for iPhone’s SpringBoard

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SBRotator is out! “SpringBoard Rotator” does what iPhone should be doing from the beginning! It rotates the whole SpringBoard according to your device’s orientation! You flip it to left or right, you get LandScape SpringBoard!

The so-wanted addon is now available and compatible with most of the springboard-tweak applications, such as Infiniboard, Infinidock, Iconoclasm, Shrink, OverBoard, WinterBoard etc.

WinterBoard theming is also supported, as it provides the ability to use a secondary background image called LockBackground-Wide.jpg which will only appear on your landscape mode, keeping your original portrait background on portrait mode.

You can choose the background behavior when in LandScape from settings: Rotate Background (on/off), Rotate and Zoom (prevent’s cropping), Rotate and Crop (just rotates and centers the background, cropping occurs) or ‘Use LockBackground-Wide.jpg’


You may also choose if the icons will be smaller when in LandScape which is highly recommended. Alternatively, you may leave them in 100% size and use Shrink to adjust the icons size.

Get it now and bring your iPhone experience to a new level!

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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53 Responses to “SBRotator for iPhone’s SpringBoard”

  1. DcMeese Says:

    Umm…. $1.99? I bought this and it _well_ …sucks. It removed the statusbar until you respring, and it conflicts with Stack…. It also shrinks the icons instead of simply readjusting them…. Not worth the $2…. Donate to some brilliant hacker like saurik instead. :p

  2. Dr.Nose Says:

    It’s also not compatibale with catigories folders it messes the icons badly on landscape mode

  3. Josh Says:

    I purchase this application. It has great potential but still needs work.

  4. nXt Says:

    Crashes 3 times within 2 minutes of me installing it. So I uninstalled it.
    I was very looking forward to this too.
    I’ll wait and try an updated version again.

  5. poison Says:

    limneos knows about these bugs and is addressing them. an update should be out very soon and will make it very much worth it.

  6. evil_beaner Says:

    like everyone says awesome app but it still needs some work (:

  7. Rumcajs Says:

    Great idea…causes my SB to respring with every turn…need some work

  8. David Says:

    Hi, great App, but it still not compatible with sbcategories and with proswitcher, will really nice if it fix this issues

  9. S0m3 DudE Says:

    Where do put the LockBackground-Wide.jpg file at?

  10. Mirav Says:

    Regurally paid, bud instead to work a pop up message appears telling the app is illegal and go to cydia to buy it. Again?

  11. KoolDude Says:

    Awesome app, works stunningly amazing on my 3.1.2 2G iTouch. Though its hell slow from portrait to landscape, but for 180 deg. it rotates instantly. Great app…. needs work though.

  12. Chris Says:

    Is there a way to implement a different iconoclasm theme upon landscape rotation? I am using a 6×6 iconoclasm theme with shrink current but when lanscape rotation happens he last to rows get cut off by the dock and the height is too short.

  13. adam Says:

    8×5 layout(iconclasm)works well in landscape mode with sbrotator, but 7×4 dosent work(last 2 rows get cut off)

  14. Zane B. Says:

    For the lockscreen-wide image I just replace nowide.jpg in /var/mobile/Library/SBRotator you have to have winterboard and user wallpaper enabled for it to work.

  15. Beaudean Says:

    Hi – I purchased this app last night and no matter what settings I try it only opens from the lock screen. When asleep it won’t do anything.
    I haveInfinidock, SBSettings, Winterboard, ProSwitcher,SBRotator & Shrink installed. Perhaps one of them are conflicting with STU. I really hope the dev sorts this out quickly. Next time I’ll try a cracked version first, B4 I push the ‘Purchase’ Button. Anyway I’ll see what he does and how soon. I do realize its a firs release,and with any new app that meddles with the system will most likely spit out errors with some iPhone configurations. He can’t test every possible configuration of apps and settings. Anyway back to MY problem, maybe Limneos could suggest the settings I could try as I will reinstall it if he thinks it should work with my 3GS 3.1.2

  16. Beaudean Says:

    Sorry, I was on the wrong page. Meant to add this to the Shake To Unlock page.

  17. S0m3 DudE Says:

    I tried this and no go. Might just be a bug in my device. I’ll wait for an update.

  18. Robben Says:

    I have iconoclasm 5×4 and when i rotate it, it removes one row WTF?!?

  19. Robben Says:

    NVM just get infiniboard and you can scroll =D

  20. Robben Says:

    But dang when your going to search page and you press a letter its all messed up the button is a different direction D=

  21. Dan Says:

    I am also having a problem with iconoclasm. I am trying to set up a 7×3, plus a 7 icon dock and it is not working out. completely mucks up the layout when turned to landscape, gives me a single vertical row of icons. I will be so much happier when this gets updated

  22. chris Says:

    Can anybody explain why infiboard is not working correctly? I am using SBRotator and when I scroll vertically it just bounces back to the top icons and gets rid of the bottom icons again. I disabled the bounce feature and it won’t let me scroll whatsoever. If anybody can help me I want to be able to utilize sbrotator.

  23. LasPecas Says:

    SBRotator is not working with Infiniboard because the update that fixes this problem is not released yet

  24. The stig Says:

    Looks like a great app and yeah this should of been incorporated into the iPhone from the beginning. But who knows what’s going in the new update they might put the springboard on your dashboard in the new firmware. I’ve seen things like this happen before on my N95 phone there was an app called rotator by a developer called samir next update it was incorporated into the new firmware.

  25. Pamela Says:

    This causes my hidden icons to appear:(

  26. tRackNo Says:

    Same here :(

  27. Dan Says:

    obviously, but it is advertised as “compatible”

  28. Beaudean Says:

    Try adding the Image to your iPhone Photo library. iTunes will then optimize them, then using what ever method you choose to extract the image from your device to PC, then place it into the directory you did previously. I’m not sure if this will fix it but maybe the iPhone can only display images it has optimized and placed in it’s library system. If there was an option in SBRotator to select the LockBackground-Wide.jpg from your device Photo library this may solve it, but like I said I’m not even sure it is the cause of your issue. The iPhone may be able to use them unoptimized but give it a go. If you have no iTunes Transfer Program Google for one.

  29. Beaudean Says:

    This app is NOT compatable with Proswitcher and has major battery drain issues, I’ve uninstalled mine untill an update or two and see if he is able to overcome some of the bugs & flaws.
    The battery drain issue is probably a flaw in the implimentation of initiating the rotation, and may not be able to be overcome. This is obviously running all the time waiting for the rotation trigger. Has awsome potential, but with so many tweaks he has to try and make work with SBRotator I believe he will have a bit of work ahead of him.

  30. Anonymous Says:

    Seems to clash with iRealSMS too. Loss of keyboard when using quickreply and quicksend

  31. Elias Limneos Says:

    Hello. I have updated SBRotator to version 1.2 , fixing many major and minor bugs, some of them mentioned above.

    I have also added some new cool features.
    Thank you all for your feedback.

  32. S0m3 DudE Says:

    Way worth the wait. This is dope.

  33. Radu Says:

    I have iprotect installed and i cannot see the keybord to enter the password for my apps. I cannot uninstall it because i cannot enter cydia. How can i get rid of it?

  34. Radu Says:

    Could you please tell me in what dir is sbrotator located so i can ssh and delete it. having iprotect installed and enabled i cannot access cydia. I’ve tryed deleting iprotect but the password remains enabled

  35. Pamela Says:

    v1.2 fixed issue of showing hidden icons.
    New problem is while the screen is attempting to rotate it does it upside down and is sooooo slow.

  36. Beaudean Says:

    Has the battery drain issue been resolved in this update or is it something that can not be overcome. Has anyone else experienced this or is a problem with my configuration alone. I’m talking about a 35% drain overnight. (With bluetooh & wifi turned off & email checking set to manual.

  37. funky Says:

    as long as sbrotator has problems with the keyboard of quicksend… it´s a piece of shit.
    sorry, but some apps are elemantary on cydia. i.e. sms apps.
    @limneos: fix it. i paid for that stuff (for yours and for irealsms)

  38. funky Says:

    ps: do it now

  39. Funky Says:

    Fix the irealsms Keyboard Bug in 1.2
    in the moment, it’s Not worth the money

  40. Pamela Says:

    Installed v1.3 and now I cannot access apps that are protected via mAdvLock! Good grief already!

  41. IamPsF Says:

    my phone will not even boot now. and when it did boot is resprings every 3 sec. cant get out of the lock screen before is respringd

  42. Edmund Char Says:

    you can use usb browser locate /Library/MobileSubstrate/DynamicLibraries/
    Delete the sbrotator files.

  43. a940type Says:

    I really had high hopes and was excited for this to come out. I bought it immediately. My iPhone crashes constantly. I will get one rotation, before having to respring. The battery drain issue is significant.

    At this point, I really wish I would have waited…Or maybe the developer should have waited to make sure that he was asking for money for something that was not ready for release.

  44. philipd Says:

    works well for me but is realy TO slow
    had to remove it

  45. DensityDuck Says:

    Is there something like this that works for apps? I often have my iPhone upside-down (that’s the only way it fits in my car phone bracket with the RF transmitter dongle) and it’s a pain in the butt to deal with everything being upside-down!

  46. Romyn Says:

    doesn’t even work for me
    please help email

  47. Mura Says:

    I have a Problem with iprotect when i installes sbrotator!
    The Keyboard is Not complete!
    You can See just a Bit of 3, 2 and the number 1.
    So you cannot Open the protectet Applications!!!

    Please fix this Bug!:)

  48. Pushkar Gurav Says:

    I purchased sbroater but payment is Cumming pending …..2-3tim I did it but no use still same….so any other easy method is there to install n purches…….my iPhone 4is American m using in Russia Bcz of that??????plz help me

  49. Garrettg151 Says:

    4.2.1 springboard crashes every time I press lock button un locking or locking, or if it locks due to time… Please fix amazing app

  50. greenvulture Says:

    Upgraded my sbrotator 4 to version 1.7 and now my landscape background image disappears. Everything worked fine before the 1.7 update — please fix, love the app and have bought all your packages, pls fix

  51. Jaysonius Says:

    I’m having this same exact problem.. Can anyone think of something to counter this?

  52. jonah Says:

    thank you!! this helped me out a lot…i got my ipod touch 4g 5.0.1 working again :)

  53. TheIphone Says:

    I bought the SBRotator 5 for my IPod 4 running iOS 5.0.1 and I really like how this works. The thing is I also have BossPaper (yet another BigBoss app, with a glitch still yet to be fixed) and whenever you change the orientation it conflicts with BossPaper.. Please fix!

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