Fuzzyband replaces 3G Baseband Downgrader

Author: w1kedZ  //  Category: Apps, Jailbreak, News

3G Fuzzyband Downgrader is now available in cydia. This should be used instead of 3G Baseband Downgrader for downgrading the baseband on phones containing the 5.8 bootloader.

Benefits over original downgrader:

  • Does version checking, will only downgrade if phone is eligible
  • Downgrades all versions of baseband from 2.30.03 to 4.26.08 (3.0 beta5)
  • Reports current bootloader version on screen

The original downgrader was a possibly dangerous app, as it relied on a failed downgrade to decide whether downgrading was possible. Anytime you run BBUpdaterExtreme you are potentially doing damage to the modem, so the version checking in this app minimizes the chances of accidently corrupting the baseband.

Questions, comments, and suggestions should be sent to w1kedZ or DHowett at fuzzyband@peacefulinsanity.com

Screenshots below:

In the news:
appleiphoneapps.com: Downgrade Baseband for Yellowsn0w

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pHaseBanDowngrader – Downgrade your 3g baseband

Author: pH  //  Category: Apps, Jailbreak


Hey Guys, here is pH (Pedro Henrique Franceschi). Today, I developed a tool to Downgrade your iPhone Baseband from 02.30.03 to 02.28.00 based on GeoHot’s method. The tool is called pHaseBanDowngrader and works great. You may need to downgrade your baseband to use Yellow Sn0w to unlock. As you may know, YellowSn0w only works on 2.28 baseband. Previously, those of you that upgraded to 2.2.1 could not use YellowSn0w. Now you can.

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yellowsn0w can now be considered stable

Author: Pico  //  Category: General, Jailbreak

Thanks to the hard work and dedication from the Dev-Team, the iPhone 3G’s software unlock solution is near completion and quite stable. I have been following forum posts from hackintosh, modmyi, and howardforums and the consensus is pretty clear it works for 95% of the people around the world using different types of sims and carriers.

Before yellowsn0w, I used the “Virgin-Sim” sim proxy, and it worked quite well with T-mobile USA. When yellowsn0w was released on New Years Eve, I disregarded reading any forums and continued to restore my iphone to 2.2 (I was at 2.1) and install yellowsn0w. To my disappointment, it was a pain to get working (multiple reboots, airplane mode toggling, and sim removal and reinsertion).

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Dev Team Updating 3G Unlock

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak

The dev team is still releasing updates for their 3g unlock. It is important that you update regularly if YellowSn0w is not working great for you. They also released some hints on their web site: 1) If you are on tmobile USA you should disable 3g in settings or sbsettings. 2) YellowSn0w does not work [...]

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3g Unlock Out For Testing

Author: BigBoss  //  Category: Jailbreak

The iPhone dev team’s 3g unlock, yellowsnow is out. There are some changes in how it works. The 3g unlock will require you to be on baseband 2.28.00 which comes with iPhone OS v2.2. This means that those of you that pwned your iPhone to 2.2 without a full restore will now need to restore [...]

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