pHaseBanDowngrader – Downgrade your 3g baseband

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Hey Guys, here is pH (Pedro Henrique Franceschi). Today, I developed a tool to Downgrade your iPhone Baseband from 02.30.03 to 02.28.00 based on GeoHot’s method. The tool is called pHaseBanDowngrader and works great. You may need to downgrade your baseband to use Yellow Sn0w to unlock. As you may know, YellowSn0w only works on 2.28 baseband. Previously, those of you that upgraded to 2.2.1 could not use YellowSn0w. Now you can.

Okay, here is some simple instructions about how to use it:

  1. Download the .zip in the end of the post.
  2. SSH into your iPhone and put the downloaded folder (phasebandowngrader) inside the folder /Applications/.
  3. In, type “login” and enter “root” as user, the default password is “alpine”.
  4. Now, type “cd /Applications/phasebandowngrader && ./phasebandowngrader”. Follow the screen instructions.
  5. Enjoy!

Many guys from had tested it and they are loving the downgraded iPhone. To use that tool, you need to have an iPhone with the Bootloader 5.8. If your iPhone was manufactured before September 2008, you are 5.8. If your device is 2.2.1 OOB (Out Of Box), you can’t downgrade the Baseband because you have bootloader 5.9.

If you want to know what is your Bootloader version, check this link in Also, read the README that is in the .zip.

Click here to Download pHaseBanDowngrader 1.0 for iPhone 3G!

Enjoy, :D !


PS: I’ll work with BigBoss in a GUI version of this tool, but you can use this for now, :) .

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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135 Responses to “pHaseBanDowngrader – Downgrade your 3g baseband”

  1. innuendoo Says:

    that was definitely news of the month!!

    thank you guys.

    I knew you will come out with solution. I gave you time until end of April :-)

    This is half month before

    why all this talking from dev-team that its impossible to downgrade? I just didnt buy that.

  2. Fezz Says:

    Awesome dude ! <3<33

  3. mark Says:

    While this is great news, it’s only for those on 5.08 which will be the minority of 3G iPhone owners. When 5.09 and 6.02 can be unlocked, that will be a great day.

  4. HandyRandy Says:

    Whatcya talkin about Mark? What are thos numbers referring to?

  5. haani Says:

    yeh mark is rite, as for me i have got 5.9!! so i can’t downgrade!!!

  6. Mara Says:

    Hi guys!

    I’m tring but once i type in

    “cd /Applications/phasebandowngrader && ./phasebandowngrader”

    it says

    Marameo-iPhone:/Applications/phasebandowngrader root#

    and even if i try to write again ./phasebandowngrader it says the same stuff

    Marameo-iPhone:/Applications/phasebandowngrader root#

    Any ideas? Thanks

  7. innuendoo Says:


    to me it says No such file or directory.

    In which folder Im putting this? I tried in:

    none of them worked

    any chance for some detailed instructions


  8. innuendoo Says:

    now i manage do first part cd/Aplications…

    but when I put ./phasebandowngrader, I get message “is a directory”

    and how about gaps?

    instructions in read me file puts gap between /


    please help

  9. sheng Says:

    hi, i tried using phasebandowngrader, but the problem is my iphone suddenly turn off when im trying to check the bootloader to terminal, then when it turns on theres no sounds and it doesnt display the FW…and also it keeps on searching for network… when i try to do recovery mode it display’s ” your iphone is in recovery mode, and i you have to restore it before it can use itunes” here’s another problem, the itunes doesnt want to launch…
    is there anything i can do to fix this? any help will be highly appreciated.

  10. Pablo Says:

    I did exactly what it said and i got Permission denied!!
    why did i get this?!?!!?

    thanks anyway…

  11. innuendoo Says:

    I checked on several places and it seems that nobody manage to do it.

    bit more instructions would be fantastic


  12. attnck Says:

    Basic Shell Commands:
    This lists the contents of the current working directory.

    This will display your current directory path.

    The correct directory is:

    It’s rather simple.

    sheng: You killed the ComCenter and failed to load it. Just open the term and try one of these:

    launchctl load /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

    If that errors try this:

    launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

    if that fails try again and again :P or restore.

    you have to set the permissions!
    Type in: chmod 755 phasebandowngrader
    or try 777.

  13. isaacmajdi Says:

    Permission denied!!

  14. isaacmajdi Says:

    i tried “chmod 755 phasebandowngrader” but … “operation is not permitted” :(

  15. mark Says:

    What I mean is the 3G iPhone has multiple versions of bootloaders that can be on the phone, depending on when you bought it. 5.08 was the first bootloader. Apparently you needed to buy the iPhone on launch day to get this version, I don’t know.

    This downgrade doesn’t work for everyone with a 3G iPhone. People are getting all crazy and they think it does work for every iPhone. Maybe in time it can be updated, or a new exploit found to work on the 5.09 and 6.02 bootloaders so that everyone, and not just a very small percentage of 3G iPhone owners can use it to downgrade.

    And what’s up with everyone dropping the 0 from the version number? My bootloader is 5.09 not 5.9. I’m sure this holds true for 5.08 and 6.02.
    All this does is cause even more noob confusion.

  16. Ironman Says:

    Did it all .. the process worked perfect … but the phone stayed on 2.30.03 .. Once it start runing the .fls file . the network changes to “searching” .. and stays like that until the task is done .. after rebot nada happens .. Model danish 3g, 2.2.1 and 2.30.03.. Suggestions?

  17. mark Says:

    And you are 100% certain that you have the 5.08 bootloader? If you don’t this won’t work.

  18. khavos Says:

    Ok this is really weird, I did exactly as it told me to do, everything went smoothly. And it even said that my baseband has been downgraded, but when i rebooted and checked in settings, IT STILL SAID 02.30.03 firmware etc…
    please help

  19. kevin Says:

    plEASE help me to, same problem

  20. JackB Says:

    I receive BBUReturnError: Unsupported memory class CodeClass for EEP Transfer. Are you sure ICE2_02.28.00 is an EEP file?

    How do I fix that?

  21. Patrck Says:

    Im a noob at this, been waiting for the downgrade to be available for ages!
    Can you please help me check my baseband, maybe write more understandable steps than the ones on the link supplied (using minicom)

    Thanks Very much

    From Malta :)

  22. Dan Says:

    How can I SSH into the phone if it is not jailbroken already? Is there another way to get the downgrade folder into the applications folder? Is there a way to connect via SSH to a non jailbroken iphone?


  23. Kcingx Says:

    Hi, My I found out that my bootloader is 5.9 but i had already run the ./phasebandowngrader. Please tell me some of the problems i may have in the future if crack is made for the 5.9 bootloader.

    Please help


  24. Frixel Says:

    I also receive BBUReturnError: Unsupported memory class CodeClass for EEP Transfer. Are you sure ICE2_02.28.00 is an EEP file?

    Please help.


  25. Ancyent Says:

    I have the same problem :)

    BootLoader: ICE_BOOT_05.08_G2M3S2
    ModemFirmware: 2.30.03

    The instalation worked ok I fallowed the steps … everything’s ok … the phone restart’s after 3-4 minutes after the instalation … when it’s done i check for my modem firmware and it’s 2.30.03 instead of 2.82

    Should i try at the restart to enter recovery mode and put the 2.2 firmware ?

  26. Ancyent Says:

    I tried to enter the new firmware and it doesn’t work :|

  27. iAymen Says:

    I hope u guys will find a solution for 5.09 …. great job though

  28. dummyvariable Says:

    Do you have to have your phone in 2.2.1 or 2.2?
    I have 2.2 and 5.08, and it says “permission denied”

  29. dummyvariable Says:

    sorry I am retarded, and just thoroughly read attnck’s post!

    thanks attnck

  30. Isaac Says:

    The all process seems like sucess but i get this error:

    BBUReturnError: Unsupported memory class CodeClass for EEP Transfer. Are you sure ICE2_02.28.00 is an EEP file?

    Any ideas?

  31. dummyvariable Says:

    I finished the entire process, and everything went smoothly. Restarted, still 2.30…

  32. Bonnie Says:

    Permission denied for both chmod 755 snf 777…
    Can somebody help me with this problem???? Plzzzz

  33. Darren0368 Says:


    I have root access to the Iphone and can access all directories with the exception of /Applications… I can therefore copy the phasebandowngrader file to this directory. How can I change the permissions?

  34. Darren0368 Says:

    I meant to say that I can not copy the files here…

  35. isaacmajdi Says:

    same here, plz help

  36. isaacmajdi Says:

    5.9 :(

  37. Anonymous Says:

    can u make a video to show how it works

  38. Jack Says:

    Did everything, all went fine. Nothing worked….still 02.30.03

  39. TatesMan Says:

    did as in description and still 02.30.03 and bootloader is 5.8

  40. nel Says:

    doesnt work. tried it a couple times and each time ran successful and firmware stayed 2.30.03

  41. Will Says:

    Succesfully completed all steps.
    Bootloader definitely 5.08
    PhaseBandowngrader said it was successful.
    Restarted – but still 2.30 as appears in settings.

    Is it possible the downgrade was successful but the display in the settings menu doesn’t change? Is there another way to check the firmware version..?

    Has anyone successfully downgraded?

  42. Draco Says:

    Same for me. still 02.30.03 cant take this anymore.

  43. Will Says:

    Again… Has ANYONE on this site successfully downgraded using this software??

  44. Nina Says:

    I wonder why its not working for those with the 5.8 bootloader..
    Is a step missing in the directions??

  45. Reader Says:

    Doesn’t look like it working. Did see anyone post with succeed.

  46. Epic Says:

    _This is a short tutorial on how to do it exactly_

    Note: If you dont know how to SSH your iPhone, go on google and find out.

    Now… Lets Start…

    This is how your screen will appear after starting

    Everything in quotes you will have to type exactly as i did! e.g “login”

    | localhost:~ mobile$ “login” |
    | login: “root” |
    | password: “alpine” |
    Now it sould say
    | localhost:~ root# “cd /Applications/phasebandowngrader” |
    | localhost:/Applications/phasebandowngrader root# “./phasebandowngrader” |

    Now follow the instructions on the Screen!

    If you need any further help please email me @

    Have fun!


  47. Epic Says:

    And one other thing… If you get a error saying Permission Denied

    Before the last entry

    when you see
    | localhost:/Applications/phasebandowngrader root# |

    on your iPhone`s screen

    |chmod 755 phasebandowngrader|

    or try 777 if 775 doesn`t work. Hope this helped.


  48. Epic Says:

    A few screenshots to help :)


  49. pmk Says:

    i did all the steps, restarted and it still says i have 2.30 baseband. Any thoughts ?

  50. Will Says:

    Well after spending most of today on this… I can defintitely confirm that the GeoHot patch DEFINITELY WORKS – for 5.8 phones.
    However, I am almost certain that the .fls file within phasebandowngrader is the unpatched version of the file.

    To get it to work, i patched the .fls file in phasebandowngrader with the GeoHot patch tool…

    I then copied the 3 files (eep, fls and updaterextreme) to the iphone root directory and ran it manually from there – on the iphone terminal.

    It worked (and yellowsn0w now works too).

  51. nel Says:

    @will what do u mean by u patched the .fls

  52. denis Says:

    hello i have spended two days doing this after realising that my boot loader version is something like 6.02 do you know if i can downgrade the bootloader to 5.8 PLEASE EMAIL ME

  53. JackB Says:

    Yes, Will is right, the .fls file included is not patched. You can either patch it yourself with the downgrade.patch that geohot posted or you can grab the patched .fls here:

  54. Chris Says:

    My question… this phones are “hardware” locked? because… if there are phones sold w/o any locks and such… and its not tied to the firmware because you can update them… I am surprised no one has found a way to “copy” the status of factory unlocked phones.

  55. Nina Says:

    Can you please give a more detailed description? You lost me at you “patched the file”, I’m not sure how to do this with out directions and I don’t think I’m the only one not familiar with how to patch the file.

  56. Nina Says:

    Thanks JackB!

  57. Kyle Flanagan Says:

    6.02 :( – if it’s any consolation :(

  58. Bonnie Says:

    Thanks Willl and JackB…you guys are pro..Hope it’s gonna work with mine.

  59. Bonnie Says:

    By the way JackB, your attacked file has a extra number: isnt it should be ICE2_02_28_00.fls?

  60. Bonnie Says:

    I tried JackB file, but it still doesnt work. I have the same problem with JackB and others:

    BBUReturnError: Unsupported memory class CodeClass for EEP Transfer. Are you sure ICE2_02.28.00 is an EEP file?

    Is there anybody overcame this problem?
    JackB and Nina, any comment?

  61. kadir Says:

    same as by me,
    it will not work by my iphone,
    it said it’s downgraded but it doesn’t downgrade

  62. badtothebone Says:

    This worked for me on 3G 5.8 BL,

    1.Download and install from Cydia/iClarified source: DownBB
    2.Open Terminal in your iPhone
    3.Enter: su
    5.Enter DownBB
    6.Wait and confirm “yes”
    After is down your iPhone will restart.

  63. Reader Says:

    Confirmed work on 3G 5.08BL

  64. JackB Says:

    Bonnie is right, what I’ve uploaded is the backup unpatched fls. Stupid me, here is the correct version:

  65. JackB Says:

    You’re right, I’ve uploaded my backup copy of unpatched .fls.
    Here is the right version:

  66. JackB Says:

    Since for some people it works and for some it doesn’t, I’m guessing there’s some minor difference between 1 5.8 bootloader to the other. If yours don’t work, try this fls file and re-run phasebandowngrader.

    Make sure you do login first before you run the rest of the commands.

  67. iPhoneFun Says:


    Those who have had ‘permission denied’ error is possible you did not login as ‘root’. If you are using Mobile Terminal, please type ‘su’, and get password prompt, type in root password ‘alpine’.


  68. Andoro Says:

    Hi guys! I got today my brand new iphone 3g, with a 2.2.1 software, 2.30.03 baseband and unfortunately with 6.02 bootloader. I would be very happy if anyone could tell me a solution howto unlock my phone. The main problem is 6.02 bootloader. Can I downgrade it to 5.8?? If yes, then I’m able to downgrade my baseband to 2.28 and then use yellowsn0w..

  69. iphone3G_user Says:

    i get the message:

    Press any key to continue….

    i pressed any key, and nothing happend!

    any ideas?

  70. awesome -.- Says:

    not working….after the progress my iphone is still on 2.30 -.-

    thanks for wasted time

  71. Vince Says:

    Surely this exploit will work on any phone with 5.8 (like mine) and if so is there a patched version to downgrade from to 2.28.00 for those who upgraded to 3.0 beta and then decided it was too buggy??

  72. Bonnie Says:

    It is suck for those who has 5.09 bootloader…like me (just firgure it out). Hope somebody will find out a way to deal with this bootloader…. :(

  73. Tony Hix Says:

    I tried everything that was discussed here. I tried it with both .fls files and it always showed that it was successful but when I checked it still showed that the baseband was 02.30 . I even ran it through manually. Still with no luck. I then saw that someone had posted the iclarified link for DownBB. I tried and it worked like a charm. The tutorial was easy. I have spent a couple of days with this and am very happy that I can finally use my 3G phone. Thanks guys for your help!!!

  74. Keyaku Says:

    wait, so if people got their iPhones on launch day, will this work?

  75. awesome -.- Says:

    nothing will work, it is wasted time, trust me

  76. m3iO Says:

    I’ve also got every thing ok, but fw still 02.30.03

    but that happend because whe do not have bootloader 5.08 :p

  77. bobby Says:

    Is there a way to SSH to a command shell if your phone is not jailbroken? I cant install Cydia because my phone is on the most current versions of baseband and OS.

  78. Jessev Says:

    how does that stop you from jailbreaking it, exactly?

  79. Jose Says:

    i looked in youtube and there is a video showing you a better method to do the baseband downgrader, i looked it and did what they said and i am a happy user of my 3G with yellowsn0w after i did the downgrade.

  80. Nina Says:

    Can u please post the link and share?

  81. Nina Says:

    Thanks, going to try this later today.

  82. Nina Says:

    Unfortunately I didn’t have any luck but I am going to try the iClarified way that badtothebone posted below and see if that works.

  83. awesome -.- Says:

    jose, link would be nice….

  84. Ashfaque Says:

    Just want to confirm boot loader version…
    does it means 5.8 or 5.08>>> i have bootloader ice boot 06.02 g2m3s2…..can i go through downgrade……..thanx

  85. thijs Says:

    hi guys i just bought my iphone yesterday from i shipper that shipped him from amerika to europe
    so i dont know when it whas pruschased.
    wil this downgrade hurt your iphone is your on 5.9?

  86. Amish Says:

    well that youtube video din work for me…and this phasebandowngrader gives me a error No such file or directory…any help please??i wasted almost 4 hours doing this bt no luck…:(

  87. Andoro Says:

    Congratulations, but could you tell us your bootloader version? My BB ver. is 6.02.

    Hey guys! I heard that if someone is trying to downgrade the BB version to 2.28 and he hasn’t got bootloader version 5.8 then this procedure can damage the phone.. Is it true? I tried to downgrade, the programming was success, but nothing happened, my BB is still 2.30.03.
    The is stable I have no problem yet.
    I bought a Q-SIM (turbosim) and it’s working now, i can use my phone with it…

  88. Andoro Says:

    Yes plz the link or search phrase ;)

  89. altan Says:

    pls some one help i upgrade my iphone 3g to fucn 3.0 beta 3. than downgrade back to 2.2.1 and steel doesnt work and stuck on 04.24.02 bb .my phone is wired no signal. how can i downgrade baseband from 04.24.02 to down guys:(( ! thanx

  90. CK Says:

    @amish-you might have typed /applications instead of /Applications.these are case sensitive

  91. Nathan Says:

    I get “DownBB: command not found”

    But I already installed iclarified source.

    Please advise

  92. Jack Says:

    anyone confirmed DownBB working? ppl claimed its workin, tried it still 02.30.03 :(

  93. Casey Says:

    Successfully downgraded to 2.28 from 2.30.03
    Yellowsn0w works again!!!!!!!

    simply download DownBB in Cydia.

    Go to mobile terminal type in
    1. login
    2. root
    3. Password:alpine
    4. Enter DownBB
    6.Wait and confirm “yes”
    After is down your iPhone will restart.


  94. Lip Says:

    I have tried the DownBB. Its working fine, my iphone back to 2.28!
    But I still couldn’t get connected to any network after installing the yellowsn0w!

  95. studangerous Says:

    I don’t think you can… there have been numerous warnings all over the web that upgrading to 3.0b OS will kill your ability to use other operators as yellowsn0w will not work on the new baseband and there is no downgrade hack for 3.0 OS as yet. Hopefully you’ll find a solution in a few months when the 3.0 OS is officially released.

  96. PARHAT Says:

    I’ve downloaded downgrade software via cydia.
    then i installed it and i did open the software , it did somthing automatic and then restart the iphone.
    now i have 02.28.00 baseband.
    after i got 02.28.00 banseband i restored 2.2firmware via itunes then jailbreaked and istalled yellowsnow, now i’ve an working iphone.
    Thank yog bigboss team and devteam.

  97. MrMp Says:


    If I have been upgrading my Iphone 3G wth OS 3.0 Beta 2, and I cant use it anymore(until late summer or so, when a fix ha been made)

    Could this be a solution:

    Or is it jut fake? Anyone tried that?

    Thanks in advance.

  98. bobby Says:

    I go through Pwnage Tool and create the IPSW file, but when I do the custom restore to jailbreak, it errors out on me. I’m assuming this is because my phone was updated via iTunes prior to attempting the jailbreak. It’s on 2.2.1_5H11 (2.30.03) bootloader 5.08. But it just won’t jailbreak.

  99. Andy Huynh Says:


    I did the downgrade on my Phone, everything went through but now my phone doesn’t have any signal at all! It keep saying no service or no sim. or it have a bar with one dot

    Can anyone explain? or help me on this? Please??

    Thank you so much

  100. Anonymous Says:

    set permission to 777 & restart the phone then follow the procedure again

  101. Wardriver64 Says:

    It seems that 3.0 beta 3 updates the baseband once again and kills the ability for turbosim: i-smartphone for 3G to work. Only AT&T sim connects now. Has anyone been able to downgrade from latest baseband to previous baseband in 3.0 beta 2?


  102. Epic Says:

    To downgrade follow the steps below:

    1.Launch Cydia.
    2.Search for “3G Baseband Downgrade” and install it.
    3.After installing, launch application from Springboard and follow onscreen instructions.
    4.Restart your device to complete the process.

  103. Umar Says:

    Is there any update on downgrading 5.09 bootloader. Is there any hope in the near future to be able to do that?

  104. rommel Says:

    tnx for brilliant ideas! it works

  105. salita Says:

    what about downgrading 5.09 bootloader. Is there any hope in the near future to be able to do that??????????

  106. omid Says:

    I upgrate my iphone to 2.2.1 an my uploader is 6.02. I use my phone with any sim before update from itunes. how can I unlock my phone ? can I do it now ?
    thank you

  107. Chris Says:

    So in order to try any of this, you must first jailbreak the phone, which you cannot unlock because its baseband 2.30, so how are you suppose to run DownBB or anything in relation with any installation if the phone is locked? As far as the downgrade goes, has anyone had any success with the downgrade, and how are you suppose to check when your phone was made, it took me to wiki and didnt show me jack. Thanks for the effort guys, doing an awesome job but i just had some questions before i messed with the iphone and couldnt be able to use it anymore.

  108. sheng Says:

    im using a turbo sim to make my iphone work here in middle east, so i have to turn off 3g,but the problem is when im turning on 3g the signal from my local carrier here is lost. so i cant browse internet without wifi, and also i cant use my iphone as modem to my laptop. is there any other way i can do to use my iphone as internet modem without using 3g?

  109. Teff Says:

    Turn off 3g

  110. $p!k¥ Says:

    u will need bootloader version 5.08 to downgrade

  111. ugly Says:

    my bootloader 5.08 i try to downgrade 5 times but still get erro when i enter SU pass alpine enter downbb still not found :-(

  112. maNdraKe Says:

    ||Any questions email:
    ||Best way to downgrade and see if you can.
    ||1. Go Cydia
    ||2. Search for 3G Fuzzyband Downgrade
    ||3. Go on the main screen and open the app
    ||4. See if you can downgrade
    ||5. Enjoy your good old iPhone.

  113. Epic Says:

    ||Any questions email:
    ||Best way to downgrade and see if you can.
    ||1. Go Cydia
    ||2. Search for 3G Fuzzyband Downgrade
    ||3. Go on the main screen and open the app
    ||4. See if you can downgrade
    ||5. Enjoy your good old iPhone.

  114. Ramon Says:

    Please do something to bring down bb 2.30 or bl 5.9

  115. AfRoO Says:

    Hey Guys First i Want To Thank u ABout The Soupurt That u allways given to us and i want to ask u about any idea or any new about my problem i updating my iphone 3G 16G Black by Apple Itunes
    and Got Problem in my Modem it’s now 20.30 & also my baseload is 5.9 or 6 i don’t know any way i unloacked my iphone any downgraded it to 2.2 from 2.2.1 and it’s work now but without sim Signal .. Pleas Help Me I Miss It Alot : i.AfROO@YAHOO.COM

  116. Sachin Says:

    I did the same thing.. bootloader version 5.08 after completing the process and rebooting it still shows 2.30.03

  117. Lipppi Says:

    AfRoO dude,welcome to the world of iBrick.

  118. Errol Says:

    I was stuck with baseband 02.30.03 for 5 months now because I did upgrade using itunes. But as of today (23rd May 2009) all that has change and I am now recieving service. what I did was I downloaded Fuzzyband downgrader 1.0 via cydia and installed it. Then I downloaded yellown0w 0.9.8 via cydia and installed then reboot my ipone and that’s all. Is working very well, I am amase. much thanks to the Dev team once again.

  119. Cecil Daniel Says:

    when is there gonna be a solution for 02.30.02 downgrade for 6.02!!!…please someone come out with a solution for this my phone is useless now!!1

  120. salita Says:

    for errol : which bb do you have ???

  121. John Says:

    i dont understand…my iphone 3G has Bootloader 5.09 and modem FW 2.28 but its unlocked using yellowsn0w…no turbo sim or anything…

  122. dena_i_trent Says:

    How come my BootLoader is 5.9 eventhough I purchesd my 3G iphone way before September

  123. Elha Says:

    I haven’t been able to unlock mine…does the turbo sim card will work?

  124. Fakrul Says:

    I have tried Fuzzyband downgrader with BB 5.9. It’s not supported :-(

  125. Ryan Says:

    Hi Sheng, are you in Dubai? where did you get it fixed with turbo sim?

  126. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve bought a working o2 16gb 3G iphone.
    bl 5.9 and 02.30.03 2.2.1

    Restored, Jailbreak and now I get no service.
    The little dot in the signal indicator!

    Downgraded to 2.2 and jailbreak’d it.

    Nothing doing.

    What I want to know is does Jailbreak even stop the original provider from working – o2.

    Apple 2.2.1 – obviously one tough nut to crack!

  127. ahren81174 Says:

    u press a key and thn u press return

  128. ahren81174 Says:

    yo….for me it didnt work whn i typed in downbb….but it worked whn i typed in DownBB so im not sure if it will work for u or not

  129. ahren81174 Says:

    could u plz help me??? i followed all the instructions but whn i go to settings it still says my bb is 2.30.03

  130. Anonymous Says:


  131. Alexandre Strube Says:

    Can this be used on new iphones?

  132. Susee Says:

    As all waits I too waiting to downgrade Bootloader 06.02
    Could any one found a way out???that will be great to many iPhone users with 3G 3.x.x & Firmware/BaseBand 05.x.x .

  133. Ryannnn Says:

    i am waiting for the exact same! i recently bought it second hand, iphone 3g 8gb. But i havent activated it yet because i want to use it with orange whilst it is locked on o2, so if you find out any information on a way to do it when you find out please let me know? it would be much appreatiated.

  134. siham Says:

    hi guys
    i have 3g iphone 3.0 but the baseband is 5.12.01 i dont know how is that and i couldnot unlock it or downgrade
    any help

  135. Louis Dorcent Says:


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