3g Unlock Out For Testing

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The iPhone dev team’s 3g unlock, yellowsnow is out. There are some changes in how it works. The 3g unlock will require you to be on baseband 2.28.00 which comes with iPhone OS v2.2. This means that those of you that pwned your iPhone to 2.2 without a full restore will now need to restore to 2.2 directly in iTunes so that your baseband gets updated to 2.28. You can check your baseband version in settings, general, about menu. Look for modem firmware. This is beta. If you have a working SIM adapter solution, I recommend that you do not update your baseband and try this. Here is a brief set of steps for those that need a 3g unlock:

1) You must be on 2.2 with modem firmware 2.28.00. If you are on 2.2 firmware but used pwnage you probably have baseband modem firmware 2.11.07 (from 2.1) or something earlier. This will not work. SO first step is to check your modem firmware: settings, general, about, read modem firmware. If you are on 2.28.* then you are done and can skip to step 3.

2) Restore to 2.2 in iTunes and jailbreak with quickpwn. You cannot use pwnage for this. You must restore in iTunes stock. Pwnage disabled baseband update. It will not help you.

3) After you are jailbroken repeat step #1 to verify you are on 2.28.00 modem firmware. If so, fire up Cydia and go to sources and add the dev team’s cydia source. (Note: dev team asked for no one to link the source directly. You can get the link from their post here at the bottom under “Release Info” heading).

4) Install yellow snow app and reboot your iPhone with your new sim card installed. Wait 60 seconds or so for carrier lock. If it doesn’t connect, try pulling the sim and inserting again and waiting another 60 seconds.

Note this is an unobtrusive unlock. In the past, the baseband was flashed. There is no baseband flashing for this. It should be safer as nothing is being flashed so nothing can be bricked. The unlock installs an activate daemon that runs on boot. This actively injects necessary data to keep the device unlocked. If you uninstall the unlock you should be back to where you started without any harm.

This is still in beta stages and actively being developed. If it’s not working well for you check back in Cydia every few hours and see if there is an update.

Check the dev team blog here for details, news and updates on this.

For those that cant get this to work, and don’t want to wait for dev team to stabilize it, you can try messing with it in the command line. Reboot iPhone with no sim card inserted. Pull up mobile term and type: yellowsn0w -s and then insert the sim card. Wait a bit and it should connect.

Also make sure your SIM PIN is disabled.

Quick question and answer:
Q: Will this risk ruining my baseband?
A: No, it does not flash your baseband. It is a program that stays running on your iPhone. It is safe.

Q: Does the daemon take up a lot of CPU or drain the battery?
A: Probably not. It seems to say 0% cpu and 600kb RAM used. I would not worry about it for now.

Q: How can I update my baseband to 2.2 without restoring in iTunes
A: Right now you cannot. Maybe later someone will release something with bbupdaterextreme and a fls image but no such package is available, has been developed or tested for you.

Q: Can I use pwnage instead of quickpwn?
A: No, pwnage disables baseband update. You must restore a stock firmware image.

Q: Where do I get the firmware image?
A: If you click restore in iTunes, iTunes will automatically download the latest firmware. Or you can get it from my firmware page.

Remember this is still beta software so if it is not working well, it is likely not something you did wrong. Check for updates.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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92 Responses to “3g Unlock Out For Testing”

  1. Beyondregion1 Says:

    Okay, guess I’ll be the first one to start. I installed Yellowsn0w. The only problem I had with it was that my signal kept going up to full strength (with Edge) as best as it could go. Then Edge would fade and then I would lose signal altogether. It would keep repeating this until I uninstalled Yellowsn0w. Just thought I would throw this out there. Perhaps it is because this is still in beta or maybe I didn’t do something right. Input, anyone?

  2. moe Says:

    yellowsn0w is kinda working for me but i still cant make calls. I can put in my sim card and it will recognize it or whatever(it wont say invalid sim but i dont see my carrier logo), but i do not get any signal so i cant make any phone calls. I am attempting to use an STC ALJAWAL chip in saudi arabia. i tried turning off 3G in settings but it still doesnt work. ur help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  3. man Says:

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    * man

    I do have problem with Quickpwn jailbreak 2.2 on Mac. It takes long time at the step ” – Detaching Quickpwn Ramdisk from ‘/Volumes/QuickPwnRamdisk’.” and it doesnot show any progress in the progress bar. That was the reason to get the first problem above. So where is the problem does it need more than 30 minutes or more or there is problem. I do not know. I followed the standard Quickpwn procedure on mac. I hope someone help me . Thanks

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I install yellown0w but it do not read my T – mobile sim

  5. Borce Says:

    It work but (my friend tested it). But I have big problem. I don’t have wi-fi connection so i can’t add yellowsn0w to cydia. Is there any other solution for adding via USB cable, or I have very bad luck this year ?

  6. wezel Says:

    i too have the smae problem, turned 3g off and it didnt correct the issue

  7. Jamineur Says:

    worked 4 a moment (got full signal and provider name) but then i lost all signal and got No Service..Can’t get it 2 connect again :s

  8. Mike Says:

    uhg same i turned off 3g nothing.. tried reinstalling twice

  9. Jamineur Says:

    ok i did a restart then reinstalled sim and it conneccted again but everytime i try to make a call i lose all connection…

  10. reznor9 Says:

    ill stick to my virgin sim adapter on the old baseband… maybe in a week all the bugs will be ironed out.

  11. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    Hey Big Boss quick question. I have my 3g On an AT&T account and really dont care about the unlock but i have preserved my old baseband 2.11.07 and am running 2.2 firmware. Is there any noticeable benefits or gains if i were to upgrade my baseband to the most current 2.28.00?

  12. psp28 Says:

    I have Quickpwn jailbreak 2.1 and baseband 2.28.00, i installed yellowsn0w no problem but did not read my T-Moble sim then trun off my 3G and din’nt work took sim out but back in and still NADA????? HELP bigboss

  13. Demi Says:

    It works for me (almost) except I can’t make outgoing calls. I can receive incoming calls send and receive text. Everytime I try to make calls, I lose signal strength. Just have to keep trying to fix it

  14. psp28 Says:

    ok i tryed one’s more and i got a 1 over my phone icon with a sound and it’s voice mail but wont let me get it …..

  15. reznor9 Says:

    Sounds like yellowsnow is a fail right now… should have waited to release it to public and instead made a beta testers list of different regions. My proxy sim solution has been working flawlessly and had I upgraded to use yellowsnow I would be SOL.
    I feel bad for those of you that had working proxy solutions on the old baseband.. upgraded only to find that yellowsnow is buggy as hell. I advise everyone else that hasnt upgraded yet to wait!

    Just want to throw out there that I totally respect the dev team and give major props! I just think they dropped the ball this time with the early release(even though they labeled it as a beta, they shouldve known the demand was so high that people would blindly install trusting that it would work as smoothly as the live demo they showed a week ago)

  16. Joey-ogc Says:

    If you need wifi go to a coffee shop that has wifi and buy a day pass if you are with att you can get for free at most cofe shops hope this helps

  17. Nano Says:

    Well said

  18. Stev Says:

    I can put in my sim card and it will recognize it or whatever(it wont say invalid sim but i dont see my carrier logo), but i do not get any signal so i cant make any phone calls and i turned off 3g plz help

  19. Andrew Says:

    I disagree…. most of the people kept saying “release it now”, or “I am l33t h8x0r, I can use it now”.

    No one wanted to wait, even when it ran a little late, most of the posts were negative towards the dev team.

    The only way to test this thing is on lots of different phones on different networks. The Dev-Team has maybe 10 different phones (model numbers) and maybe 20 different SIM chips. The only way to test is with a Beta. If the idiots don’t read the instructions and update the baseband without thinking through the consequences, then it is the users fault.

    Same with any Beta release.

  20. BigBoss Says:

    It sounds like you are on 10.5.6 without the kext patches.

  21. BigBoss Says:

    I dont think so. My baseband 2.11.07 was also working great so I also preserved it and am still on 2.11.07. We benched 2.28.00 compared to it and found on difference.

  22. BigBoss Says:

    The post here and at dev team site actually says this is beta and to use with caution. No one that has a working SIM solution should make any changes. Why would they? If your device is working, don’t mess with it. Simple.

  23. psp28 Says:

    how can it read that i have voicemail but tells me that i got no servers???

  24. psp28 Says:

    opps i ment no Service”"”"”"”

  25. frankie Says:

    I got it to work with t mobile. Made and recvd calls. No problem. Used big boss to reboot.

  26. riad Says:

    Hi guys,

    I bought a iphone from ebay in canada. I had Turbo SIM with 2.1 firmware. later i upgraded to 2.2 by mistake. Now I have T Mobile SIM. Today I have installed jailbreak software and yellowsn0w. Modem is 2.28.0 and firmware 2.2. After inserting Tmobile sim, i have no bar. cannot dial or receive calls at the top right hand corner. Can someone please help me? I would really appreciate for your help.

  27. Will Says:

    Keep it coming Dev Team. Its a beta so bugs are expected. We will continue to try it until it works and WE KNOW IT WILL.

  28. Ravi Says:

    I followed all the instructions, but no chance of unlocking. I still see the empty Bars. Any reason why this is happening?? Please Help

  29. Sergio Says:

    Hi guys . I ve this working ive a full contract with orange im living in switzerland but in some days i will go back to portugal . So thats why i decided to give it a try , my main problem is everytime i restart the phone to puth other third party sim going ,ive to put the sim that is in the contract and then the other , if i restart the phone with the third party sim ive to do the same process over and over. But its working fine to me ;)

  30. Dim Says:

    model MB4999LL, Iphone 3G, modem firm 02.28.00.

    Same as other user no 14

    I can put in my sim card and it will recognize it or whatever(it wont say invalid sim but i dont see my carrier logo), but i do not get any signal so i cant make any phone calls and i turned off 3g on and off no joy.

  31. Shanghai Bob Says:

    This is Bob testing from Shanghai, CHINA on China Mobile (largest network in China). It took several tries of taking out the SIM and putting it back in (and waiting at the lock screen for a few mintues) but i can report SUCCESS!! I have now a unlocked Iphone with full Edge capability in China.

    My phone was originally purchased in the US (SIM locked via At&T) and upgraded to the 2.2 baseband via ITunes. The Turbo Sims that I had recently purchased for the 2.2 baseband were completely unstable and did not give me Edge capbility (you could only get on the net via WiFi). But now I am liberated! Some quirks remain at this point (such as BiteSMS not working properly now), but for a first BETA version Yellowsn0w has been a great success. I would like to extend my sincere Thanks to the folks in the Iphone Dev Team. You guys are outstanding net citizens. Keep up the good work!!

    Shanghai Bob

  32. chaoticmayhem65 Says:

    Cool. Thanks BB

  33. riad Says:

    Bob, you are right. It worked for me. But if you reboot your iphone it will not work anymore. you will have to retry multiple times to get signal again.

  34. John Says:

    Bob, I am in SH as well. I got the phone to work after using the terminal. I still can’t get data to work. How did you get data to work?? any settings I should know about?? Thanks!

  35. Shanghai Bob Says:

    Hey John,

    A couple of things:

    1. Did you set up a data account with China Mobile? You have to choose a plan with them first.

    2. Did you put in “cmnet” in the APN field? You get to the APN field by going Settings -> Network -> Cellular Data Network -> APN! (leave the Username and Password fields empty for China Mobile)

    Then I would turn off Wifi and reboot. Once you see the E next to the CHIN.. icon you are ready to go online! (it was a bit unstable at first but now its’ working great for me)

    By the way once China Unicom kicks off it’s GSM 3G network in a few months we will have full parity with our Iphone bretheren in other parts of the world with FAR less carrying costs.


  36. Shanghai Bob Says:

    You are right. That’s because Yellowsnow runs every time you reboot.

    I guess we shouldn’t reboot unless absolutely necessary for now….


  37. John Says:

    now i can’t even get the phone to work on china mobile after reboot. previously i had to play around in the terminal but now can’t replicate. i do have a data plan since i accessed data on old phone is cmwap. i did try putting cmnet in but never saw edge signal. i am interested in how you got your phone to go to china mobile so easily, am i just not being patient enough. would you mind emailing me jsolomon at me dot com ? so we can connect. thanks!

  38. kiriloft Says:

    it didn’t work. sometimes it says “no service”. sometimes no bars at all.

  39. Mike Says:

    “But now I am liberated!”-bob
    Yes you are my friend….yes…you are

  40. Vijay Says:

    I tried using the unlock on AirTel and Vodafone (Bangalore, India). Absolutely no result. I have spent the whole day and the invalid sim message is all i get.

  41. William Says:


    I have a UK iPhone 3G and i tested it with a T mobile USA Sim with no positive results. I just thought I will let you guys know.

  42. psp28 Says:

    yep, i got the same thing to….

  43. k0rn Says:


    Tried with a UK iPhone 3G and UK Vodafone sim still no luck. Even tried using the command -s, it then says “Resource busy” and “No SIM card installed” on the iPhone.

  44. Jonas Says:

    Hi I must be the les skilled person to write here, I just can’t get the quickpwn to jailbreak my 3g iphone, it gets stocked in the proces, if i click on “log” it is stoped at: ——————————
    2009-01-02 19:52:14 – Successfully built Quickpwn Ramdisk file.

    hepl!! What am I doing wrong?????
    I’m in Spain trying with a brand new 3G iphone with movistar sim

  45. Kevin Says:

    I unlocked my 3g for use with TMobile in the US. It’s working, but the TZones hack isn’t. It just says “Could not activate cellular data network: You are not subscribed to a cellular data service.” Any suggestions?

  46. Stephant Says:

    Ok guys and girls, I have tested the yellowsn0w project software and it works perfectly me for.

    1. I am in China (Shenzhen) using China Mobile network.

    2. I am using Iphone 3G (8G) bought in the US locked with AT&T.

    3. I updated my Iphone 3G to the latest FW 2.2 and 02.28.00 BB. (via Itunes)

    4. Then i Jailbreak my IPhone 3G using quickPWN22.

    5. I install the yellowsn0w software through Cydia. (version 0.9.4)

    5. Intall SSH.

    6. Install Netatalk.

    P/S : follow the instruction from the dev team on how to install yellowsn0w software to unlock your Iphone 3G. Now my edege is working and full bar for signal. Hope you guys are doing fine with this software.

    DEV Team, thanks for all the hardworks. I am very pleased and gratefull for this soft unlock from you guys. +1 for all of you.

  47. Stephant Says:

    Ok guys and girls, i also tested several time with turning the airplane mode on and off. It works perfectly. I get my signal and edge in 5 sec or less.

    Note : i did not pull out the sim card and insert it back. I just turn on and off the airplane mode.

    P/S : Intall SSH and Netatalk from Cydia application.

  48. Shanghai Bob Says:

    Quick Q to the Dev Team:

    I got my Iphone to work with the 0.91 version of Yellowsn0w. Should i still upgrade to the 0.94 version?

    Shanghai Bob

  49. AlCaPoNe Says:

    I have a friend of mine that use it and it work fine, however, hes not able to dial any call. Anyone else with problem?

  50. AlCaPoNe Says:

    The dial freeze.

  51. dama Says:

    upgraded to 2.2 and unlocked it with yellowstone. i have tmobile but i cant make calls. i get full bars but when i try to make a call it dropps it right away and then i get no bars.

    then i go to enable airport mode and i get my carrier and full bars again. i just cant make any outhoing calls. help please

  52. Anonymous Says:

    I’ve tried just about every step and I still can’t call out..can someone help me please

  53. tommy_89509 Says:

    I also have the same problem, my phone is up to date as far as 2.2 and 2.28.00. Downloaded yellowsn0w through Cydia and tried my T-Mobile card and does not do anything. Tried re-inserting card several times and get the same thing. I do not even get the bars and especially the T-Mobile listing. Under my General Tab, I checked the About Phone and it still shows At&T and not T-Mobile. I know this was a beta release, so I will wait for some updates.

  54. William Says:

    have you tried rebooting your phone? I had the same problem but it went away after a reboot.

    If it still persists then remove yellowsnow and reboot, in the end of the day you need a phone to make and receive calls and considering this is still beta you might be better off waiting a little while before you re-attempt again.


  55. Stephant Says:

    OK 1 more thing to remind all of you who have 0.9.1 or 0.9.4 yellowsn0w version that is working, PLEASE DO NOT REBOOT YOUR IPHONE 3G IF THE SOFT UNLOCK IS WORKING !

    I reboot my iphone 3G for a test and the soft unlock don’t work for me anymore. So, i need to restore my iphone 3G all do it all over again.

  56. NE Says:

    I have one basic problem.

    How do I disable the sim pin lock in the iphone?

  57. Sunny Says:

    Hi dude
    if u have a 3g iphone
    you must put your sim card in the original
    one u got
    or the oneu want to run
    then reboot your iphone
    then on the lockscreen take ur sim card out and then pull it in
    and after a couple of seconds turn airplane mode on then ten seconds later
    turn it off
    then call me at 9711404826 9968114414

  58. Messednip Says:

    Did everything by the book and let me tell you, DO NOT update the baseband, it made my phone a very nice IPOD touch! Everyone has the same problem and so do I, no signal or shows carrier, go to make a call and is failed. This is due to the Apple 2.2 software with modem baseband, I think the firmware is ok, but baseband is a no-go. I’m on ROGERS and fustrated! Will have to return my phone for a new one with older baseband.

  59. Stephant Says:


    Let me explain more about the yellowsn0w soft unlock issue to you.

    I am using yellowsn0w soft unlock ver. 0.9.5 and it works fine with my iphone/carrier.

    1. Install yellowsn0w 0.9.5 via Cydia on a Jailbroken Iphone 3G. (with baseband 2.28.00 and firmware 2.2)

    2. Install Bossperfs via. Cydia. Then you follow the guide how to soft unlock your Iphone 3G from google seach guides. (there are tons of guide in the web).

    3. Reboot your Iphone 3G via. Bossperfs application and wait for the unlock screen to search for your network. (reboot with your sim inserted).

    4. While you were waiting it to search your carriers network at the unlock screen, please wait to see if is a success or not.
    Example : Success = “searching”
    failed = “….”

    5. If your Iphone failed to search for your carriers network, wait it to show “NO SERVICE” then you can unlock your screen and go to General, Settings and turn your Airplane mode ON/OFF.

    6. If the airplane mode still cannot search your carriers network, try reboot again via. Bossperfs and wait again.

    7. Repeat steps from no.3 to no.6 untill you have your carriers network to be found.

    You should have your Iphone 3G network by those steps. I tried it myself and i got it just fine.

    P/S : Turn ON/OFF airplane mode will have no problem in getting back your carriers network but if you “POWER OFF YOUR IPHONE” you will need to repeat the steps to get your network back. Have fun.

    Tested from yellowsn0w ver. 0.9.1 to 0.9.5 and i am very satisfied with the DEV teams hardwork to help us Iphone users to soft unlock our Iphone.

    DEV Team’s i personally thanks to your software that help me to unlock my Iphone 3G. Keep up the good work. ~

  60. carlos montesinos Says:

    señores…. GRAACIASSSS, Gracias increible, exelente trabajo…. perfecto…. impecable…. hermoso… amo aun mas este celular…..

    I don´t have words to thank you…. almost cry when I see my Iphone with other carrier, my old number…. I have 9 year with it, and I had to leave it, just by my locked iphone, and going to work with two cellphones, two chargers, giving my other number to anybody just can use the iphone… it was…. bu**s*it…

    thanks a lot….

  61. William Says:

    I just tested this on uk iphone with orange sim and works fine, just thought I would let you guys know

  62. Confucious Says:

    v0.96 seems to have solved most problems – it just works!

    The Dev team have done a great job :)

  63. squirrel Says:

    hey guys just tried the newer version of yellowsn0w on uk iphone previously locked on o2, works perfectly fine with t-mobile sim!
    dev team rule!!!

  64. ronal429 Says:

    hey bigboss or anyone that me know an answer

    i got a 2g iphone 8gb, i was trying to updated it to fw 2.2 version, but i only got the following errors “14, 6, some times 1413″ but that the only thing i got.

    i try installing itunes 7.5 fw 1.1.4 “offline, no internet” to see if it work, doing it in dfu mode, also on itunes 8.0.2 downloading a fresh fw 2.2 and trying to update everything trough itunes and the same error 6.

    what can i do ?

    i`m also getting error 20, and 1401

  65. Case Says:

    I have an iPhone 3G that I am trying to jailbreak and having little success. Everything works fine until it fails during “Uploading ramdisk” and says my phone may be in the wrong mode. I’m not sure what is going on. Any information will be appreciated. I haven’t done a second restore but that is my next step.

  66. A-Rod Says:

    I followed the steps listed above last night to attempt to unlock my iphone 3g using a T-Mobile sim card and it worked perfectly!! Thanks Dev-Team.

  67. mdjshockwavemdj Says:

    I use quickpwn 2.2 to jail break my iphone 3g v2.2 ,base band v2.28 without sim card in the phone, and when finish jailbreak i install yellowsn0w 0.9.6 and turn off the phone, put in my einstien’s sim card and reboot the phone,get full signal in few second and remaing working good till now, no problem at all, thank you so much dev team, you are the best.

  68. ragav Says:

    i installed cydia but i cant install yellowsnow …when i tried to install yellowsnow thr source by giving the apt9.yellowsnow.com its not accepting..it says this is leagal plz contact your cydia if u get this problem…plz help me to sort out this problem …

    i used quickpwn22 for unlocking

  69. ragav Says:

    is it must to use 3gsim card to be used while using jailbreak??

  70. Anonymous Says:

    hi. I installed yellowsn0w yest. using cydia.

    it worked..i put in a friends T-Mobile SIM and picked up the signal almost instantly. Then last night I tried my old (3-4yrs) T-Mobile SIM and no luck. ANyone have any suggestions? Also, Im not real sure how it all goes down in regards to using the other SIM cards..are you charged? Im leaving for SOuth America and I think I have to buy a local SIM down there..AM i correct? stupid questions…sorry, but DEV TEAM are wizards( and THE BIG BOSS tooo)..THANKS

  71. anonymous Says:

    guys uprage your yellowsnow to .6 it will work like a charm

  72. mimi Says:

    this is in response to ragav. you have to enter apt9.yellowsn0w.com. the o in snow is the number zero.

  73. mimi Says:

    thank you devteam! you guys are amazing. worked perfectly!

  74. bhavna Says:

    thanks a lot…it worked for me

  75. ComputertecKiE Says:

    I sucessfully Unlocked My Wife’s Iphone 3G. The Only issue is that She cannot use wifi or the internet. If she turns on the WiFi the phone will lose signal one or two days later. I think when Wifi is on the phone updates itself and locks up again. It happened a few times before I discovered turning Wifi off solves the issue. So, The Bottom line is Follow the dev teams unlocking intructions and when all is complete just turn wifi OFF. I have being using a T-mobile simcard for 2 weeks now with no issues. The only Downfall is that there is no internet. Hopefully DeV Team will fix that bug soon. Take care.

  76. PAPoUCH Says:

    This works perfect with all three networks here in Jamaica

  77. asif Says:

    i already update my 2.1 firmware to 2.2 using quickpwn 2.2 now i will use yellowsnow hope so it works.

  78. pere Says:

    I unlock my iphone 3g, everything its ok, i can make calls and connect to internet via wifi but I CAN’T CONNECT VIA 3G !!! please help.
    thank you

  79. Anonymous Says:

    If you contact Tmobile they can tell you how to configure your APN settings to access their data network. internet2.voicestream.com entered in that section with no password worked for me.

  80. Anonymous Says:

    U need to get a new sim card there are 4 types of us tmobile sim cards if ur card has numbers in yellow or brown it will not work. U need to get the new black or gray sim card which are a little different

  81. Stephant Says:

    do your number have 3G package and your area have 3G network ?

  82. Karthick Says:

    Hi..from yesterday I’m experiencing some prob with my 3G iPhone. It’s was unlocked & working fine till yesterday. From today morning it’s not picking up the signal. When I manually turn on & off the Airplane mode..I’m getting the signal but for few mins…after sometime I’m getting “No SIM Card” msg..any idea what could be the prob. I have not installed any new application or changed any settings manually for the past 2 to 3 days…not changed the SIM card..nothing..this happened suddenly & not ale to understand the root cause of the prob..any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I checked with the network provider (Vodafone) & no issues with the network

  83. Karthick Says:

    this site is still live or dead???

  84. Anonymous Says:

    does Apple 3G iPhone V3 Unlock Adapter works for iphone 3g 16 GB with 02.30.03 baseband?

  85. gsm heart Says:

    i need help
    iphone 3g 2.2 phone no Recover

  86. AL Says:

    You guys are awesome…followed your instructions no my phone is unlocked…keep up the good work. Im way out in West Africa, Ghana to be exact! Big up all of you!!

  87. AL Says:


  88. k-JI Says:

    i have a problem. i jailbroke, and unlocked my iphone 3g on my windows computer. it said it was successful, but when i insert my vodafone simcard i get no signal. i have gone through the steps on numerous websites to fix this, but nothing.
    it is an iphone 3g from T-Mobile (germany), and i am using a vodafone (germany) sim card
    any suggestions? pleas help me

  89. jacky Says:

    I have 3g 16G with firmware 2.2 and baseband 2.28…I just successfully did it… Solve the carrier null null and no service issue with the guideline here… Plz follow stephant step…

  90. Paul Says:

    Is there anyway of down grade my baseband from 02.30.03 to 2.28

  91. amy Says:

    i used redsn0w to jailbreak my phone, but once it finished rebooting it says invalid sim.

    i know i need to unlock it, but is there a way to bypass this and unlock it once i get into cydia?

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