Dev Team Updating 3G Unlock

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The dev team is still releasing updates for their 3g unlock. It is important that you update regularly if YellowSn0w is not working great for you. They also released some hints on their web site:

1) If you are on tmobile USA you should disable 3g in settings or sbsettings.
2) YellowSn0w does not work with a SIM PIN. You  must disable your SIM card pin lock.

As I said, if YellowSn0w is not working great for you, keep checking their web site for updates.

If yellowsn0w isn’t working for you take out your sim card and look at the numbers printed on it. There are 4 horizontal rows of numbers and 1 vertical. Look at the first 2 digits of the vertical row of numbers if it starts with 36 or higher you will not be able to use yellowsn0w (yet). Dev-Team is aware of the problem and is working on fixing it.

There is also a user-generated success and failure report here.

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19 Responses to “Dev Team Updating 3G Unlock”

  1. Beyondregion1 Says:

    BigBoss, are you referring to the AT&T SIM card? If you are, then yes, I have numbers on it, but no they are not as you describe. I have:

    - The AT&T 3G logo
    - A 20-digit number under it (all numbers)
    - The AT&T logo under the 20-digit number

    Bottom (all on the left side)
    - The AT&T 3G logo
    - A 5-number, 1 letter line (NNNNNL) under the logo
    - A 4-digit number underneath the number/letter line

    Please let me know what to look for, if the AT&T SIM is what you are referring to. Thanks a bunch!

    And you RULE!!

  2. mark Says:

    Why the heck would you unlock the 3G just to stick an AT&T SIM back in it?


  3. reznor9 Says:

    @Beyondregion1: he stated above USA tmobile.. not at&t.

  4. blanch Says:

    Iphone crash and just goes to safe mode after installing apps from cydia. anyone here with the same problem?

  5. blanch Says:

    only happens after installing winterboard.

  6. Wong Jowo Says:

    You know…. some people travel overseas. Would you (or anyone) pay AT&T for the International roaming? I’m not rich, so I’ve always bought local prepaid SIM card and SMS all my contacts to inform of my local number. Unlocking my 3G will eliminate the need of a second GSM phone.

  7. Beyondregion1 Says:

    Couldn’t have said it better myself.

  8. Beyondregion1 Says:

    I’ve had Safe Mode happen to me upon rebooting while charging (either in the car or hooked up to my iMac).

  9. math Says:

    hi guys ,

    i getting a issues with my iphone 3g 2.2 jailbreak modem 2.28 i can’t get my visula voicemail anymore anybody have a solution for me ?

  10. ronal429 Says:

    hey bigboss or anyone that me know an answer

    i got a 2g iphone 8gb, i was trying to updated it to fw 2.2 version, but i only got the following errors “14, 6, some times 1413″ but that the only thing i got.

    i try installing itunes 7.5 fw 1.1.4 “offline, no internet” to see if it work, doing it in dfu mode, also on itunes 8.0.2 downloading a fresh fw 2.2 and trying to update everything trough itunes and the same error 6.

    what can i do ?

  11. ronal429 Says:

    i`m also getting error 20, and 1401

  12. ronal429 Says:

    January 5th, 2009 at 1:50 pm

    i`m also getting error 20, and 1401

  13. Anonymous Says:

    So…Jailbroke phone with Quickpwn(Success!)..Then
    downloaded yellowsn0w from Cydia..installed

    rebooted..inserted a T-Mobile card and boom!!! It worked! so exciting,,,Thank you sooooooo much! Heres my question. If I use my old T-Mobile sim card will I be billed? How does that whole process go? Its probably a stupid question, but I dont know! Thanks guys make it easy for us!

  14. tjmission Says:

    Ive tried to talk to the guys on live chat to help BUT… apparently they were to busy talking about other things. I have a 3g AT&T and the only reason I want to jailbreak it because I want to be able to send photos. CAN ANYONE HELP ME????????

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Hey,,,heres my update: i wrote on the 9th that I had no problem. It was true, but when I inserted my T-Mobile SIM it would not find a signal. It does have a 37 in the vertical row. Has this been addressed? What(if any) steps am I missing? Thanks for the help! This is still the coolest stuff on the planet and Im excited bout my phone again!!

  16. Darkstar Says:

    I used yellowsn0w worked for me on the first try..thanks guys

  17. devender Says:

    hei… i cracked my iPhone 8GB 3G and it worked but phone is very unstable. some time it shows complete range and instatnly goes to no service… does anybody elese have teh same problem or is there any solution to this??

  18. kamal Says:

    any luck for australians???
    i am with 3 Mobile and optus.
    none of these is

  19. Deena Says:

    Please someone help. Ive been doing some research on the greyed out wifi after unlocking with yellowsnow. I came across swifi, but im not sure how to exactly use it or if will even work for me. Any suggestions. Please. Thank u.

    Ps. firmware 2.2/ baseband 2.28

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