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I have decided to open a post specifically for BossPaper Beta tracking. I may periodically clear the comments as I integrate them into the main post to keep it clean looking. Here is the current list of reports and their current status. I will update the list as I take comments from this post and move them into the lists below:

Bug Reports:

1) Icon labels are grey – Status: Investigating. I think that the light grey is standard icon color and winterboard themes make the icon labels white. I added a feature request below.

2) Lag introduced on springboard when not using fade transition – Status: Investigating. I cannot reproduce this at this point.

3) Image swaps while on lock screen – Status: Accepted.  I confirmed that the paper changes only *one more time* when you lock. I fixed it so it does not even change one more time. But this was not causing battery drain.

4) Dock swap is confusing – Status: Accepted. The dock change feature when winterboard is installed can generate some confusion. The dock is inserted as a winterboard theme and moved to the top. There is no way inside bosspaper to resolve this without opening Winterboard Prefs. But there is nothing that tells the user to do this. I will work something out to solve.

5) Timer resets to 0 when open an app or lock – Status: Accepted. This means long timers will never switch wallpaper because you never sit at the springboard long enough for it to happen. If you had an hour between swaps, and you open an app every 30 minutes or lock your device every 30 minutes, when you unlock, your paper swap timer would start over again at 0.

Feature Requests:

1) Allow for sequential display not just random – Status: Accepted. Will be implemented in future version.

2) White icon label switch – Status: Investigating.  Theoretically this could get into “let me choose the icon label color” which was out of scope for the project since it focuses on wallpapers, but I may do it anyway.

3) Lockscreen wallpaper – Status: Investigating.

4) Allow single image select – Status: Accepted. Will be implemented in future version.

5) Release for 2.2 – Status: Investigating.

6) Cube Transition – Status: Investigating. (I do not want to use any opengles in springboard).

7) Import from stock wallpaper folder - Status: Accepted. This is obvious. I cant believe I missed it. You can still import wallpapers using “Browse Folders” and get to /Library/Wallpapers, but this should be a default option.

8) Lock Screen Wallpaper With home button to change – Status Investigating. I like this idea and will probably get to it.

Issues reported closed out:
1) Cydia issue after installing BossPaper – Status: Closed.  This is an unrelated issue. See other Cydia bug reports. The comments in this post (not the post itself) offer suggestions for resolving these issues.

2) Theme Icons – Status Closed. Icon theming is out of scope and makes bosspaper become a full winterboard replacement. I may, however, create something that allows for a pick-and-choose for various winterboard themes (this is on my todo list).

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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57 Responses to “BossPaper 0.93 Tracking”

  1. Diego Costanian Says:

    Please, realese for 2.X

    The firmware 3.0 have some problems yet.
    I’m still on 2.2.1 until 3.X work fine.
    I think a lot of people do the same.

    Sorry for my bad english.

    Anyway I love all your work !

  2. javelinstorm Says:

    what would be cool for bosspaper is if you could have a different wallpaper for each page, and have it transition when you switch pages

  3. javelinstorm Says:

    oh btw @ex go to manage, settings choose devleloper or hacker, reload cydia, install bossbetarepo, should be in changes

  4. javelinstorm Says:

    oh and btw i think having the option to change label color is helpful, as you can choose one that will contrast with your wallpaper, so that it will be easier to read

    sry for the multi post

  5. Nedac Says:

    I can confirm that I have a Winterboard theme to change the icon lettering to white and it works. You are correct. Grey is the default color.

  6. TheBaldEagle Says:

    This app is fantastic!!
    No longer using Winterboard. Using categories and BossPaper and thats enough.

    Good work

  7. Dick Wu Says:

    As for the “Lock Screen Wallpaper With home button to change” potential feature I mentioned in the previous post, here is more to add

    1. Allow user to define the probability that if the wallpaper will change upon the press of home/power button, say 0 is never change, 1 is always change

    2. Allow user to define the minimum time before a wallpaper is changed upon the press of home/power button. i.e. do a quick math of current time – time of last wallpaper changed

    seems these options are battery friendly as no background running is required, if press key event can be captured.

  8. Cofibr Says:

    i found solution for grey icon labels but only for winterboard users- just apply the theme with any background and the labels will turn to white.
    the easiest way to do this is turn off the background in ithemit on windows and save that theme with original icons or some of your own and copy that to winterboard

  9. Iphonehiphop Says:

    thanks guys! i love it! kick ass work 

  10. ifly53e Says:

    Feature Request: Allow transition interval time slider to go from zero to max (or at least something a lot shorter than 5 seconds (0.25, 0.5, .075, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3). Thanks.

  11. ashley Says:

    when i installed bosspaper beta from cydia, and then tried to open cydia after it was installed, i get the cydia ‘opens for about a min’ then crashes to the homescreen. then i uninstalled bosspaper, and opened cydia again and everything was fine. how is this an unrelated issue with bosspaper? i didnt have any problems until after i installed bosspaper

  12. Mmaddox Says:

    Not only wallpaper folder integration, but also the photo album. Nice program.

  13. Anonymous Says:

    Winterboard can do that its just its very difficult so many theme artists don’t use it

  14. Anonymous Says:

    sorry but i installed but i dont see it where exactly does it installed to thanks

  15. ksiphone Says:

    is there a way to disable the tag “no wallpaper installed” and “bigboss” that appear above the dock?

    maybe for the public release these could be disabled? or better yet, maybe they could be customizable to display user inputted text.

    your apps are great, and i try to open the settings screens a couple times a day to load the ads, but its my phone. its weird seeing your name every time i look at the springboard.

  16. Ed Says:

    Any possibility of getting a “timed” theme like time-of-day-24 to work with bosspaper?

  17. Ex Says:

    Please i want to try this bosspaper but i can’t find the beta repository!!!! I’ve put developer mode and i still can’t find it!!! Can’t believe i can’t pass through this problwm… I’ve done more complicated things on the iphone but this one is too much… Spent 3 days to find that repositore to no vain! I have tried also but doesnt work!!!!

  18. Steve Says:

    Search for bossbeta and it will find the repo. Install that and then bosspaper can be found.

  19. Jon Says:

    Do u have Developer or Hacker selected?

    If not u wont see it. Open Cydia/Goto Manage/(Top Left) Settings/Select either Hacker or Developer/ Refresh and you should see the Repo unless it was taken down.

  20. Austin Says:

    Good job Big Boss. Allows me to delete Winterboard which makes my phone run much faster now.

  21. eYn Says:

    Hi BigBoss,
    Amazing app, kudos. Anyways here are my two cents.

    1. When I choose “On App Close” the wallpaper is changed when the phone wakes up. It would be great if the wallpaper is changed only when an app is closed

    2. On timer, does the wallpaper change even when the phone is sleeping?

    3. For example if I set my phone to sleep in 1 min and i set Bosspaper to change my wallpaper in 5 mins, will it ever change?

    4. You had said the app stops when I open an app, does the timer reset or continues after I close the app?

    example, I set to change the wallpaper in 15 sec. but I open an app in 5 sec, will the wallpaper chage in 10 sec or 15 sec when I close the app.

    Like I said, this was the reason I jail broke my iPhone, gr8 job

  22. Ken Says:

    this is a really great app. With the power saving feature am sure its gonna see fyrther success downthe road.

    I would live to have a Japanese version for convenience and am sure the community here in japan will love this.

    Would love to volunteer , that is if you intend to localize


  23. BigBoss Says:

    1) Yea, it traps the function where the dock is drawn. It doesnt really know if an app is closed. So you get a change when the app is closed and when you unlock.

    2) It should not change when sleeping.

    4) It resets the timer. On app open it kills the timer and on app close it starts it. If the timer is one hour and you never go an hour with an app opening, I guess it never changes. I will look into this.

  24. BigBoss Says:

    It can be done but I broke the feature. You would have to set 4 hour increments or something like this, but because the timer resets when an app is opened your paper would never change (oops). I’ll add this to my bug list.

  25. Jerry Says:

    The only thing I’ve noticed so far:
    - I set one folder with one picture
    - Change on App close = off
    - Change on timer = off
    - exit Bosspaer and wallpaper shows as it should
    - Sometimes though, after a re-spring, the background is black, and stays black because of my settings.
    - I then have to launch Bosspaper, enable the timer with say 5 sec, and wait for the wallpaper to show again. Then I can switch the timer off again.
    - As I said, this does not happen with every re-spring, just sometimes.
    - When this happens, I have to use the timer=on. If I switch the appclose=on, still no wallpaper. Del & re-select wallpaper also doesn’t fix it. Only switching the timer on does.

  26. BeSweeet Says:

    My problems:
    1. Sometime after a respring or restart, the wallpaper doesn’t work. I have to open BossPaper, turn the switch off then back on, quit the app, and let it respring and hope that it works.

    2. After resoringing or restarting and the wallpaper is working, everything is laggy for a minute it two.

    I guess that’s it. Single image selection would be great. If I end up going with a single image, automatically removing the fade and timing options would be perfect. I had to make a folder, put my single wallpaper in there, and then choose that folder.

    I was wondering why my icon labels were grey. I thought it was something weird. Uninstalled WinterBoard and it was still there (BossPaper was on) and was like WTF.

    Also. Maybe change the name? BossPaper kinda sucks. BossWall would be awesome!

  27. Dukerdink Says:

    Wallpaper still changes when using quick SMS or reply making keyboard lag.

  28. Carrbone Says:

    On the Icon replacement question…
    We looking for an app that replaces the Icons, Not skins them like winterboard.

    an app that actually OVERWRITES the icons with the new ones instead of using ram to overlay ontop of them.

    Ya dig?

  29. Keyaku Says:

    I’ve got an idea: how about changing the iPhone’s System texts like “Low Battery” to “YO! Charge your Phone!”
    I think it is a good idea. How about it?

  30. Roy Says:

    I noticed that wallpaper are not in last position on springboard. For example i am using another theme with this bosspaper which normally insert two horizontal line across on top of the SB. Now its not showing those line. When i used same them with bigboss fantasy pack i was able to see those line but now they disappeared. To me its looks like bosspaper wallpaper came on top of it and now i can’t see those line.  

  31. TheYellowM Says:

    Question: Do you Show random pics or randomly every pic once? If the later does the count reset on appstart?
    Featurerequest: a possibility to save the selected folders as different themes would Be great. Especially if you add the individual pic feature. So you can easily reload diffrent pic-sets. Could save the transition-settings and time too.

  32. Hubware Says:

    Great app! Perhaps I’m overlooking it but I could not use photos from a photo album. I used the browse option and found the directory for the Photo app but when it opened it was empty although the count had the correct number of images. Still a great app!

  33. BackDoor Says:

    I don’t know if it’s related but since I upgraded to 3.0.1 I can’t see /Library/Wallpapers folder.

    Any idea ?

    (I tried to upload logs but it hang.)

  34. ourJ1m Says:


    Feature Request: A toggle in SBSettings to start/stop the wallpaper rotation without a respring – so you can stick to one wallpaper for a while, then set the rotation off again.

    Great app. Love it. Thanks BB

  35. codec71 Says:

    @bigboss, this app greaaatt.

    did bosspaper still have issue in ipod touch?
    i install it in my ipod touch fw 3.0, i set On App Close On, and set Change On Timer On, at night battery still 50%, in the morning my ipod battery empty.

  36. D4rklamp Says:

    I found out that a lag is introduced when using the ripple effect… This is the coolest effect of all but causes lag… Please fix this if it is possible.

  37. monica_69 Says:

    running BossPaper on my 3GS

    FANTASTIC work BigBoss!!!

    no need for Winterboard anymore, thanks Saurik…

  38. Trist@n Says:

    Job well done…I have been looking for an app with the overall concept of changing wallpaper. I have found a bug and have a few ideas/comments.

    1)BUG: After I first installed Retro and BossPaper, I started playing around with it. When I decided to put in a new folder I tried to open up my WinSCP. It said that I was blocked and not authorized. I went into Cydia/Manage and removed Retro and then tried again and I was able to access WinSCP and start ssh again. Please email me if you need more info.

    2) I use an on screen clock/weather with either PRO iElegance or the WAD Widget from Buntis. With BossPaper active, I can not see ANY of my on screen clock/weather data…This would be the only reason that I do not use BossPaper unless it can be changed to allow me to use my info tools.

    3) I was using Wallpaper Rotation App which changed the wallpaper at specific times to coincide with the time of day…I.E. sunrise, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, sunset, night, midnight. Could an option like this be created so that specific wallpaper shows or matches the time of day?

    So far I love the capabilities of this app except for the ability to use my clock and weather widgets. Keep up the hard work!!!

  39. neededhelp Says:

    This is a great app. Thanks for the hard work you put in.
    I have suggest to make. if it possible. after we had choosen the folder ( 1,2,3….) at the add button (under the add button). can you make a slice for percentage of that folder output displayed if that possible than will be even better app

  40. neededhelp Says:

    can you make a (slide)not slice

  41. Cognizance Says:

    Are you interested in adding more wallpaper packs to your repo? I put together a really nice abstract pack that all work well as wallpapers. Let me know if you are interested.

  42. kwickone Says:

    Really great work BigBoss! I like the idea of the lockscreen wallpaper option as well. Either the home button to change OR just have it change upon wakeup (hopefully that is do-able without battery issues. I currently have another app mapped to Home Button on lockscreen, so making this “optional” would be key.

    Thanks again!

  43. Erik Says:

    Bricked 2x trying to add folders w ssh… Once n bosspaper once w winterboard… 2nd time around i checked how the folder was built… And used 320/480 pics another time so idk….

  44. shadowrain Says:

    thanks for the cool idea BigBoss …
    will can we put an order to the picture acording to thier names or numbers ..that will be great

  45. TheYellowM Says:

    Had 70 pics in one folder. Worked fine. Added 110 pics and now the whole folder is ignored by BossPaper.
    All pics JPG 320×480. Would be nice if BossPaper reported the pic causing the problem, so I can check and modify it.

  46. Slah426 Says:

    Could u tell me how you removed this without cydia? Please I had the same problem you do.


  47. TheYellowM Says:

    Solved the problem by reencoding all pics. Still wondering which pic caused it…

  48. KiraXD Says:

    I’d like to request an option for cropped images in the folders to remain in aspect ratio…

    The widescreen images I have get stretched… Not cool

  49. Charlie Says:

    I use SwapCameraRoll and use one of the camera rolls just for wallpapers. When I select that in boss paper then change camera rolls to the other one I use for other photos bossaper will not rotate wallpapers anymore. Is this going to be an issue after we can select individual pictures if we swap camera rolls? Also can the rotation be made sequential instead of random?

  50. BigBoss Says:

    This is going to create a major performance problem and many users will not know why so I purposely locked it at 5 seconds min.

  51. BigBoss Says:

    Sure, please submit it here using “submit your theme” link noting that it is for bosspaper.

  52. Patrick Says:

    Has anybody noticed a big drain on the battery with BossPaper installed? My battery drains much more quickly since I installed BossPaper.

  53. Charlie Says:

    I found a way to work around this issue, I created a new folder for my wallpapers and copied all of my photos in to it, then selected them from there.

  54. Delta313 Says:

    Feature Request: could Bosspaper could rotate video wallpapers as well as picture wallpapers?

  55. Charles Says:

    my battery also drains much quicker since I have installed bosspaper. i do love what it does..but have to turn it off most of the times to save my battery =(

  56. bRIAN Says:

    Another vote for being able to cycle through different .png’s on the lock screen.

  57. Bayle Says:

    dOZsev Very true! Makes a cghane to see someone spell it out like that. :)

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