BossPaper v0.95 In Beta

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Edit (Aug 10): Added v0.99 into the beta repository as a 1.0 release candidate. I fixed a couple issues:

  • Large camera roll images are too zoomed to see them
  • Added solid color option (by request)
  • Fixed broken longer time durations (like in hours) so that the image would change even though you lock the device and load apps in that time frame.

I have done some testing on 2.2.1 with BossPaper. It *mostly* works but there are a few problems: 1) The image doesn’t stop rotating because the springboard API to detect when an app is loaded changed. 2) Some settings app gui problems 3) My routine to copy dock is broken. I am not sure how much effort I am going to take to fix these things.

As it stands, I plan to release v1.0 as 3.0 only sometime later tonight baring any major issues with 0.99 reported. So far all issues seem minor.


I have released a new BossPaper to the beta repository tonight. If there are no major issues, I will open this up by adding it to the main repository later this week. There are still a few things to be done, but the major feature is added: allowing to select individual images. Here are the changes for v0.95:

  • Used better randomization algorithm. The images seemed to be repeating too often.
  • When locked, image was switching one more time. Fixed this so that the image did not switch on lock.
  • Added sequential ordering option to show images in order rather than randomize.
  • Added Wallpapers folder to images to select folders.
  • Added some explanation on dock replacement screen when winterboard is installed that winterboard will be used to replace the dock.
  • Added single image(s) selection. You can select images by browsing the folders on the flash disk. If both images and folders are selected, all will be rotated. If you have folders selected, you must delete them if you wish to show only images. You can also preview the images.
  • Made the prefs app switch paper when closed if a preference reload is required so the user “feels” like something is happening.
  • Took some extra steps to make sure no timer is running if only 1 image is selected.
  • Added a “delete all” button for image mode. (Note this button is intentionally difficult to press).

Here is the current status:

Bug Reports:

1) Icon labels are grey – Status: Investigating.This is default color of icons. Winterboard themes make this white. I have not yet decided if I want to touch this.

2) Lag introduced on springboard when not using fade transition – Status: Investigating. I cannot reproduce this at this point.

Feature Requests:

1) White icon label switch – Status: Investigating. Theoretically this could get into “let me choose the icon label color” which was out of scope for the project since it focuses on wallpapers, but I may do it anyway.

2) Lockscreen wallpaper – Status: Investigating.

3) Release for 2.2 – Status: Investigating.

4) Cube Transition – Status: Investigating. (I do not want to use any opengles in springboard).

5) Lock Screen Wallpaper With home button to change – Status Investigating. I like this idea and will probably get to it.

Issues reported closed out:
1) Cydia issue after installing BossPaper – Status: Closed. This is an unrelated issue. See other Cydia bug reports. The comments in this post (not the post itself) offer suggestions for resolving these issues.

2) Theme Icons – Status Closed. Icon theming is out of scope and makes bosspaper become a full winterboard replacement. I may, however, create something that allows for a pick-and-choose for various winterboard themes (this is on my todo list).

3) Image swaps while on lock screen – Status: Closed. This was not a battery issue. The image just changed one more time. I fixed it in the latest 0.95 anyway (mainly to avoid emails by concerned users). If this is a battery issue, I will consider it urgent for a fix.

4) Dock swap is confusing – Status: Closed. Added some text to the new version explaining that if winterboard is installed, winterboard handles the dock swap with a theme added by BossPaper.

5) Allow for sequential display not just random – Status: Closed. Implemented in v0.95.

6) Allow single image select – Status: Closed. Implemented in v0.95. In addition, you can pick and choose any number of images not just one. (Or just one if you want).

7) Import from stock wallpaper folder - Status: Closed. Implemented in v0.95.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


59 Responses to “BossPaper v0.95 In Beta”

  1. Dick Wu Says:

    anxiously waiting for the support of lock screen wallpaper =)

  2. George Says:

    Cheers BigBoss good job on this latest update, works perfectly for me, just what I needed.

  3. Iblanchas Says:

    First off I have to say what a wonderful bit of software ! I love it. In using it I have noticed a few things though..
    1.when viewing pictures while in the facebook app, the background image seems to override the facebook picture in the top status bar( wher the signal and carrier logo is)
    2.if you have a folder in you wallpaper dir you can not select the wallpaer folder
    3.You can not select the photo library? Only camera roll? (maybe I missed something)

  4. monica_69 Says:

    fantastic, thank you BigBoss!

  5. BigBoss Says:

    Thank you for the bug report for folder in wallpaper. I’ll fix that one.

    The photo roll is a database not a folder of pictures. It’s going to take a lot more to get it to display.

    Can you screenshot the facebook problem for me?

  6. Iphonehiphop Says:

    Thanks bigboss yahoo!

  7. tys Says:

    I just want a black background, no dock background and no icon labels for a nice simple, clean look without the performance issues of winterboard, will your app be able to do this?
    I assume I can just choose an all black pic for the wallpaper, but how about the icons.
    I’m holding out for the general release.

  8. Darren/Kainz UK Says:

    Top man. As with 0.93, I’ve got no issues here at the moment. BossPaper has become a key app for me, along with SBSSettings, and qTweeter. Winterboard no longer gets a look in.

    Thanks :)

  9. BigBoss Says:

    Yea, while this isn’t really what it’s for, it can do this with a black background image. I am adding colored backgrounds soon as well.

  10. CrimsoN Says:

    Kudos again on the new features! Still a little sad “springboard clock – english” still doesn’t show up when using Bosspaper though ;( Also when using the ripple transition there somerimes is a little speck that flashes in the middle of the screen just before the transition… I hope these little issues can be adressed thus making a brilliant app a perfect app! Keep up the great work!!!

  11. erik Says:

    This is not a replacement for Winterboard. It is a separate enhancement to help fill the gap where I believe Winterboard leaves off…… sorry couldnt help myself… oh my icons my icons….. great freagn app boss does exactly what it sez it shud.

  12. Anonymous Says:

    loving that you enabled the single picture selection, but when viewing a preview to select it zooms in all the way and you cna’t vew the whole picture?

  13. Anonymous Says:

    i figured out that since the resolution of the picture from the camera roll is bigger than 320×480 it doesnt scale it when viewing in bosspaper

  14. Eric Says:

    Does anyone know where the photo folders that you sync with iTunes are located on the iPhone. I just made a folder with some new backgrounds in it…but cannot figure out where they are in BossPaper. I will keep clicking…but if anyone knows the path to synced photo folders, I would appreciate it!

  15. dieg0.o Says:

    ok while takin the pics i also discovered how to activate this bug thing, btw it has been there before the .95 update i believe. (idk if u can instert pics here its my first time postin here =))

    first u see the background

    then go to facebook and start viewin a pic

    then tap the screen

    and this is how it looks on landscape mode

    tap the screen again and the statusbar comes back to life. idk if this app is causin it but thats what i think he meant. cheers and if u can fix it do ett. btw dont forget a new facebook app upgrade is coming, idk it this might change the things.

  16. dieg0.o Says:

    ok while checkin some options i saw this

    idk if thats just in this version or not but the warning is covering some text as u can see, and the rectagle where the warning is doesnt look really good. not a bug i guess but just to fix the looks of the app =p, ill continue checkin it. if i found something else ill let u know

  17. Jako Says:

    Upon upgrading to .95 beta . I crash at start up I figured out QuickSmS 3.0 conflicts with the update . Otherwise Great App BB.

  18. BigBoss Says:

    Yea, I dont think I can fix this (or should fix it) as it is just how facebook app seems to work. It assumes a black background behind it and doesn’t seem to fill the whole display. The reason this would be difficult to fix is because I purposely *do nothing* when another app loads to avoid performance problems. In order to fix this, I would have to start actively looking at each app loading and do something. You are saying a winterboard background with themed status bar doesn’t have the exact same effect?

  19. BigBoss Says:

    This sounds like a Winterboard javascript widget. It would be impossible to make those things work together while keeping good performance and it is the goal of this project not to work with javascript due to performance problems with it.

  20. BigBoss Says:

    If you sync them, they are not pictures but instead a sqllite database. You will probably need to sync them using something like iphone browser or ssh rather than itunes if you want them to be displayed.

  21. BigBoss Says:

    You have nonstandard fonts.

  22. BigBoss Says:

    Can you reenable quicksms 3 and send the syslog output from logmailer after the crash please? I just installed quicksms3.0 and it’s working fine. Quicksms has quickboard and a bunch of features in that does do some wallpaper modifications, but it seems limited to lock screen. Perhaps there is something that is also trying to modify the main wallpaper? In addition to syslog with error, I would appreciate it if you could give me the settings in quick settings you selected.

  23. Jason Says:


    Thanks for developing and supporting such a nice app. I was wondering if it is at all possible to make the icons transparent or at least bring opacity up 20% or so, that way the background is easier to view. Especially for us who use 5 row and 5 column. May be impossible without changing the icons i am not quite sure, just thought i might suggest it. Thanks again.

  24. Anonymous Says:

    hi, i had this same query!
    where, if v’r using ssh or iphone browser should v place the images bigboss?

  25. CrimsoN Says:

    Thx for the reply. Then I choose Bosspaper! If at all relevant; the liveclock does work properly with Bosspaper (widget?)… The white speck however does not seem widget related (is clearly visible with longer transition times) any ideas? Thx again and keep up the great work!

  26. Eric Says:

    Very good job, hope to see final version soon bro. I hate BETA versions so much! It’s amazing so far tho

    I am following you on Twitter btw!

  27. BigBoss Says:

    Actually you are not because that is a fake account. I barely use twitter adn when I do, it’s at

  28. Eric Says:

    Oh… well that’s odd. Well if it really isn’t you, whoever it is, is doing a great job! They are keeping us up 2 date with your apps and news

  29. Spew1 Says:

    Great I love it !!!
    Works perfect…I like the update !
    …and more to come I’m sure
    Thanks so much keep on !

  30. Calco Says:

    First of all i’d like to thank you for your efforts which produced wonderful tools like SBSettings and this tool. :)

    I think i found a bug in the transition interval part. When I first installed the application, the interval toggle was set by default to “SECS” but when you try to change it and toggle it to “MINS” or “HOURS”, in both cases, either (1)if u go all the way up (so that the transition interval field doesn’t appear at all) or (2)if you close the BossPaper app and reopen it, the toggle is reset to “SECS”

    don’t know if this is just a GUI glitch or a bug but thought of reporting it.

    again thnx for all your wonderful tools :)

  31. Jason L Says:

    Hey, first of all, thanks for the great app. It is exactly what I was looking for and I couldn’t think of an author I’d rather have designing something to optimize when my rotating wallpapers are running =)

    That said, is there anything in the pipeline to support overlays from Winterboard? Any theme I have that has an overlay that sits on top of the background has been overwritten. I have worked around this by setting the overlay on top of each of my backgrounds, but it is quite a bit of work considering how many wallpapers I’m using.

  32. BigBoss Says:

    This is probably going to be nearly impossible.

  33. Jason L Says:

    Also, I just noticed that it is covering up my weather app at the bottom of the screen too. I’m guessing that is probably using resources when my screen is locked too. Guess I might as well take the code for that out if I can’t even see it.

  34. BigBoss Says:

    I don’t follow. I tapped it to change it to MINS then moved the slider to the right to 60 and exited, reentered app and its still 60 mins.

  35. Calco Says:

    ah nevermind, i moved the slider when i was on seconds to “60″ and then tapped and made it Minutes, thought since 60 minutes is also valid i dont have to move the slider again..
    when moving the slider after changing the interval unit it worked fine.

    Sorry for bothering you :)

  36. noah Says:

    please support mp4!

  37. Jason L Says:

    Hmm, what if, instead of requesting the overlay from Winterboard, you were to prompt for it in the settings and the user could select the overlay from their theme folder. Then you could just blend the overlay with each wallpaper as it fades in and out.

    Like I said, I got it working for mine already by pasting the overlay on to each background in photoshop, but I’m trying to brainstorm ways that this might be easier to implement for other users.

  38. Jason L Says:

    This has probably been noted before, but I’m noticing that when I come back from the lock screen or back to home from an app (everytime bosspaper’s routine starts up again), the program seems to cycle the wallpaper immediately and then again about 1 second later. Is this the intended behavior based on a setting I have made incorrectly or is that abnormal?

  39. Steve Says:

    Seems to be a bug in 0.99.

    I have set bosspaper to change every 60 secs yet i once the wallpapaer has changed i can enter and app and exit it and the wallpaper will change again. I dont have the change on exit set.

  40. Steve Says:

    Just done some times and the timer for bosspaper doesnt stop while you have an app running.

    Set at 60 secs and while on the home screen wall paper changed after 60 secs

    Once the wallpaper changed i then ran the clock app for 45 secs and then returned back to the home screen, after 15 secs the wallpaper changed.

  41. BigBoss Says:

    What exactly is an overlay? Give me an example.

  42. BigBoss Says:

    Sorry, performance is just too terrible with video paper and the goal of this project is to find a solution that is not a performance sucker. You can use a winterboard theme for mp4 just fine.

  43. BigBoss Says:

    If you have on close app selected it is expected to change as soon as you close an app or unlock.

  44. BigBoss Says:

    Are you in that app for more than 60 seconds?

  45. BigBoss Says:

    That is correct behavior and not a bug. The timer runs until it expires. The paper will not change while you’re on the home screen. It changes when you unlock or close your app. Otherwise, how do you have a long timer work? Say timer is 5 minutes. The iPhone locks after 2 minutes. If the timer is killed, the iPhone unlocks and you are still on same paper for another 5 minutes. The paper will never change unless you are not locked on springboard for 5 minutes.

    The solution is to let the timer run one last time while locked or app loaded. When the timer expires do nothing as you don’t want to incur performance loss. When app closes, if the timer expired, change the image at that moment.

  46. Anonymous Says:

    It wasn’t like this before the 0.99 update.

    I thought the timer is meant to pause while an app is running? And once the app closes the timer resumes? I am sure that was how it was working before.

  47. BigBoss Says:

    I had to change it in 0.99 for timers > 60 seconds for the reasons I stated above. Prior to v0.99, if you say set a 1 hour timer, unless you sat on springboard for exactly 1 hour without ever running an app or locking the screen, the image *never* changed. Each time you run an app, the timer was killed. Then the new 1 hour timer would be set when you closed your app. The result is your image would never be changed.

    The solution to this was to let the timer expire but just do nothing. There’s no performance hit there. The timer isnt “running” it goes into an idle state and only runs when it expires. The OS already has many timers always firing. So there’s no performance hit or battery drain caused by it.

    When the timer finally expires, it sets a flag so that its time to change the picture. This keeps the timer you set running so if you say want a new picture every hour, you will get that. If the iphone is locked for 59 minutes of that, it doesnt matter. When you unlock you get your new picture if the hour is up. This feels more in spirit of what the timers are for.

    If you dont like this and you are using 60 seconds for your timer, change it to 59 seconds. That will be below the “long timer threshold” and you will get the behavior from before.

    I may add an option in the settings app to enable / disable this, but I fear most users won’t really understand it then email me when their image never changes after an hour is up. I also suspect we wouldn’t have this discussion if I never had it the old way in 0.95. So the way it is now seems to be least likely to flood my email box :)

  48. Zack Hébert Says:

    Regarding the timer, isn’t it possible to hook on the system time so that all rotations are based off the system clock? That way it’ll be possible to have an efficient scheduled timer (night and day themes, hourly wallpaper bundles, exe).

    Either way, thanks a ton for all your contributions BigBoss. I hope your ads make you plenty of compensation =]

  49. BigBoss Says:

    Possible? Yes. Desirable? No. This requires an active process to now be constantly polling for a system time, checking if that time has elapsed, and deciding if something should be done. The timer, on the other hand, registers with the system and then goes to sleep never to run again until it expires. It’s pretty much “free” for both battery, cpu, and memory.

  50. Jason L Says:

    This is the theme that I use, it uses an overlay in between the wallpaper and the icons. You can see what I’m talking about in the screenie there, but a link is there if you want to dig a little further. Also, at the bottom of the screenshot you can see the weather applet that runs. I’m assuming there is no way for that to work since it seems that there is an “icon” layer, the bosspaper layer and nothing else underneath.

    Anyways, cheers on 1.0. Thanks again for a great app.

  51. BigBoss Says:

    Someone else sent me that same theme. It won’t be possible to make this work better together. BossPaper really has no knowledge of specific winterboard themes and they are both “competing” for the same space. You guys will have to choose which you want to use in this case :(

  52. Joe Says:

    After the latest update I turned dim wallpaper from 1.0 to .56 and now my status bar will dissappear… Even after resprings and power cycles…

  53. NIL Says:

    how can i select the pictures from the “photos” app?

  54. dieg0.o Says:

    oh, didnt think of that =p thanx

  55. bambi Says:

    ummmm i think i need a source? could anyone tell me what it is, cus i think it mayb because i have icy instead of cydia?

  56. bambi Says:

    dont wrry i found it

  57. Phantom42 Says:

    Cheers BigBoss good job on this latest update, works perfectly for me, just what I needed.
    I have 3gs and it run smooth. I did load some boss add on too. It rocks! Thanks

  58. Emanuele Says:

    What a pity! I’d like night and day theme…
    Thanks for this app BigBoss! It is what I want!

  59. brandon Says:

    why did u make it 3.x!! i hav 2.2.1 and now i cant even use it and i cant update to 3.x anyone know wat i can do

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