BossPaper v1.0

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I released v0.95 with some help file updates as v1.0. It’s now officially out of beta and into major repo. Enjoy.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee

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133 Responses to “BossPaper v1.0”

  1. Chip Says:


  2. Chip Says:

    Any changes from version 0.99 to 1.0?

  3. Redeluv Says:

    Thanks man! Great app!

  4. iamse7en Says:

    That’s really remarkable.

    Amazingly simple, and it works with beauty. Great icons, organization, and what not. Really surprised how well done this is.

    Two things:

    1) There seems to be a bug for me in changing the transition interval. I cannot change it to MINUTES instead of SECONDS. I change it, but it when I close BossPaper (and/or even respring as well), my wallpaper still changes after x SECONDS instead of MINUTES. (And opening up BossPaper, it still says SECONDS.) Same case with HOURS. I’m sure this is a little bug you probably know about. :)

    2) PLEASE PLEASE add ICON COLOR as a feature in an update. The only thing I used in winterboard was “User Wallpaper” and it made the text white. With most of my type of pictures, a bright White is best. I would really like to just get rid of Winterboard (which I already just have done), but the icon color feature would be AWESOME.

    Thanks Big Boss. Really well done.

  5. BigBoss Says:

    Change it from seconds to minutes, then move the slider. After that it will be whatever you set it to.

  6. NIL Says:

    how can i select images from the photos apps? (where all my pictures are stored)


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Added this program and now I don’t get any wallpaper

  8. Rajiv Says:


    I have my usual springboard images in a folder on my laptop that I sync with iTunes and my iPhone. What folder do I have to search for through Bosspaper to find it?

    Thanks in advance,
    Rajiv Varma

  9. Ozmale Says:

    I dont understand. I have 200 photos on my Iphone but cant find them in the browse folder function. Where are they please ?

  10. 8lias Says:

    It doesn’t show the photo folder that you sync with iTunes. It only shows the Camera Roll folder.

  11. metaclam Says:

    very cool thanks. bug: secs/minutes/hours toggle not saved. reverts to secs. feature request: way to static assign picture to each springboard page. thanks!

  12. iamse7en Says:

    Okay thanks. That worked.

    However, I am having a weird ‘bug’ right now. All I did was install bosspaper and uninstall winterboard, but this bug didn’t ocurr until just a few minutes ago. My iPhone 3GS is about twice as fast.

    I can’t believe it. Just when you thought the iPhone 3GS could load games faster than the old one, mine is doing it almost twice as fast as before. It’s very weird. Now my games are too fast too. I was playing NFL 2010, then all of a sudden when I started a new game, everything is now really fast. Everything is like too fast. My safari now opens faster than anything I’ve seen before, which is all nice and stuff, but my games are too fast. Let’s just say minigore is now TOO intense.

    I’ll reboot and see if that fixes it.

  13. greyghost Says:

    Seems when I installed v1.0 it reloaded the springboard back to default icon set on the first page. Also changed the auto-lock back to default also. Other than that working fine.

  14. kev Says:

    Installed and working Great Job BigBoss.

    I want to SSH my own wallpaper is it only .png files or will it see .jpg files as well, also do they need to be in seperate folders or all in one.



  15. Ghetto godzilla Says:

    Nice but wish it had something to use my custom icons, in app walpaper (like notes and message backgrounds) if EVER possible to do landscape on the home page (wishfull thinking) only fix u can point out is when sliding the transition times im unable to see the time as its under my finger ;)

  16. BigBoss Says:

    You didnt select any image(s) did you?

  17. BigBoss Says:

    jpg and png files are accepted. I’d make a folder in /var/mobile/Media/BossPaper somewhere and pile your pics in there. Then you can locate it via the BossPaper type in the add screen.

  18. BigBoss Says:

    It is hard to see. But you can move your finger down without lifting it and move the slider left / right while seeing it.

  19. w0mbat Says:

    Great job BigBoss a REALLY nice and very useful bit of software.
    Thank you

  20. iad Says:

    i am having trouble finding out how to use a dock image in bosspaper…

  21. kev Says:

    Very interested in the possible LockScreen option, if this happens could the pics for this be chosen separate to the springboard + fixed / rotating.

    With Winterboard now not doing the walls my free memory has increased to 60mb from 50/52mb.

    Thanks BigBoss.


  22. Murph Says:

    How can I navigate to the folders in my
    photo app? I don’t get all the ways to navigate like say mobile finder or ishare. Thanks man.

  23. kev Says:

    Is it possible to have a pause/next/play option within SBSettings so if you like a pic you can pause it rather than going into the main app.


  24. Starbuck Says:

    Is it only me or does the springboard icon sit lower than all the others

  25. Millhouse Says:

    i don’t think that could be caused by BossPaper, you’d have to hange the way the iPhone handles time to get that kind of result. Also, apps launch as fast as they can, so the reason they launch faster is because you got rid of winterboard

  26. Millhouse Says:

    Definitely just you, the icon wouldn’t sit lower even if it weren’t standart size

  27. avatar1349 Says:

    Installed BossPaper and works beautifully; add suprise is that my 2G becomes 2x as fast as before. Like iamse7en said, this might be over after rebooting but is, for me a added suprise and running very stable. Changing the time is no problem
    I’m deleting Winterboard now!!

  28. avatar1349 Says:

    Noticed that the youtube videos load 2x as fast as well; this is absolutly FANTASTIC!!!

  29. Zack Hébert Says:

    just a thanks =]

  30. BigBoss Says:

    If you have winterboard installed, it applies it as a winterboard theme. If not, it does a direct file copy.

  31. BigBoss Says:

    Yes, I havent figured it all out, but I agree we need something like this as well as an eventual “don’t show this image again”.

  32. Mith Says:

    BB, This is a great gift for us, thank you so much for making an excellent customization software.

    Solid Colors Only – FTW!!! :)

  33. metaclam Says:

    Yeah, an SBSettings control would be great, especially a ‘change now’ function and a ‘pause’ function and an ‘exclude this’ (don’t show again) function.

    Before that all those functions within BossPaper itself would be cool.

    It would also be nice just to be able to set (and hold) a manually selected picture without needing to remove all folders/images from list.

    and once again a pipe in for option to set a manual picture for each spring board page ;-)

    great work BB.

  34. stewacide Says:

    Works great except I can’t figure out how to use iPhoto synced images!

  35. pnford Says:

    might have been answered before…any possibility of having a toggle off/on where you could hide all icons in sbsettings for the times you just wanted to view the pictures

  36. billchase2 Says:

    Nice work! Looking forward to trying it out.

  37. iamse7en Says:

    Okay, I think I’m losing my mind. I know my phone is faster, but I’m finding out that my games are running at normal speed when comparing with others’ phones.

    Very weird.

  38. Anonymous Says:

    Great app!!! Keep up the amazing work. I have noticed on my 1st Gen iPhone that things load twice as fast!! However, I don’t know of it’s just me but it seems that my battery dies even faster than on JavaScript rotations. Please look into this because this is the best wallpaper app ever!!!!!!

  39. BigBoss Says:

    There is no way that this drains battery faster than Javascript. It’s not using near the cpu or other resources. Resources drain battery. Is either a fluke or caused by something else.

  40. wraithdu Says:

    Great job as others have said. I saw a small UI bug on my 3G. In the folder/image add/remove sections if you highlight a list item so it is blue, then click the ADD/REM button, the button disappears. It is still clickable and makes the change (it even flashes briefly when clicked), but disappears until you exit and re-enter the UI page.

    Keep up the great work!

  41. Toby Says:

    Great work. I love your new app like all the others. It is great that somebody is willing to invest hours and hours of work to bring us users new and exciting apps. Thank you

  42. Rajiv Says:

    Same problem with me. Can’t seem to find the folder.

  43. gowri Says:

    awesome app , well done .
    One request though , please add an option to change the icon label colors if possible.

  44. tony cajjo Says:

    Does boss paper put all the images you select in a particular folder??? or does it just store the links. i selected a bunch of images from various themes and i was wondering if i can just see them all in one spot to copy the folder out for when i restore the phone.

  45. nikilaos Says:

    thanks master !!! woAOow

  46. wraithdu Says:

    iTunes sync’d photo folders are not currently supported (they are sqlite databases). Only the Camera Roll (also an sqlite db) is supported right now.

  47. erik Says:

    boss u shud move all ur wallpaper pax to the standard repo for all the other folks out there… as there probly the ones that arent 2 hip on making folders and what not…. just a thought…. thanx

  48. Jaymes P Walker Says:

    how can i place pictures into the above mentioned folder?

  49. Anonymous Says:

    link ur phone thru ssh find the folder and add em in

  50. The Digital Alchemist Says:

    I’d still happily try this instead of Winterboard if it worked on 2.2.


  51. jAYMES Says:

    ok how do i do that?

  52. jAYMES Says:

    nevermind i found it…thanks

  53. pnford Says:

    Big Boss..having an issue where the phone is locking up where i can’t scroll pages with BossPaper enabled. After several seconds, it will allow me to scroll some, but the background is just a mess of grayed out lines. I have to respring to get it back normal & then it works for a while & then the same thing happens. If I disable Bosspaper, there are no problems.

  54. Michal Says:

    Is there any chance to implement an android-style wallpaper transition? I mean wallpaper splitted to many parts, moving when you switch screens ;>

  55. BigBoss Says:

    It leaves them where they are at.

  56. BigBoss Says:

    I did that when I released 1.0

  57. BigBoss Says:

    Going to need a whole lot more details than this. Please email me.

  58. LaurentJoulzy Says:

    Great app, thx ! I was especially waiting for the one picture option. But i’m having trouble selecting it on the list. The Add/Remove button works randomly, especially when I have previewed a picture. Did anyone notice that ? Once it is selected, it works fine. Just email me if you need details.
    Thanks again !

  59. BigBoss Says:

    The button is there and works everytime. It sometimes vanishes in some weird cases when the row is highlighted blue (selected). This is probably whats happening. This has no impact on selecting the image. Just push where the button is.

  60. Rybo Says:

    Can you change the color of the icon labels?

  61. owen Says:

    does anyone have any luck with this with ToD (Time of Day)

  62. tiago Says:

    it only works with my camera-roll folder, or it should show my midia images ?!(the ones i sync with my computer folder)because it doesn’t shows that, so a had to creat a folder using iPhoneBrowser and put my images there to use as wallpapers…

    sorry for my poor english, hope you understand my doubt…

  63. i_Hot Says:

    Again, great work BB. I do not need to disable/uninstall winterboard to work, both work together, so I get back my favorite icons as well. But it will be nicer if you could add an option for bosspaper dock (may be Status bar, too). I replace the dockBG images with my own and it works great.

  64. wraithdu Says:

    See comment #8 and replies.

  65. tony cajjo Says:

    cool. FYI: i have it change off the timer. if i preform a page move on the spring board that last longer then the timer, it quickly skips the next image. (only shows for transition time)

  66. kev Says:

    Ok this may be me not looking properly and sorry if this has already been asked, but how do you switch between haveing a fixed wallpaper or having them rotating, is there a button or toggle switch somewhere.

    Thanks, Kev…

  67. Jason Says:

    You did take your old javascript out, right? If not its still running in the background.

  68. Jean-Jacques Says:

    Hello!really great job ! sorry if I ask something stupid , but how to install winterboard themes (and event rotate them ?) after winterboard desinstallation?Sorry for my bad english I’m a french Iphone user.

  69. Guillaume Says:

    So GREAT !!
    I love it !
    Just one thing. My pictures taken in landscape position don’t fit the screen nice. They strecth. Even when taken with the iPhone.
    Do we have to resize these pictures or did I miss something in parameters ?
    It works perfectly with pictures taken in “portrait position”
    thanks for your help and congratulations again !

  70. tiago Says:

    ok thanks !!

    so for the ones who have the same doubt as me, i give this tip:
    using iPhoneBrowser go to var/mobile/media and creat a folder “BossPaper” there,then put all images there and you will be able to find the images on BossPaper app on browsefolders/media/BossPaper*

    hope everybody understand the tip…

    the app is awesome !!!

  71. pnford Says:

    fixed the issue..when adding a folder with images from your cpu, you must resize them to the 480 X 320 format first ( i guess other ratios would work). for some reason, I thought the iphone did that automatically. I had some very high quality images (ex. 2500 X 1800) & I guess this was bogging it down.

    i used wondershare imagefit for mac which has a preset resize for the iphone…free trial also

  72. pnford Says:

    sorry…320 X 480

  73. Anonymous Says:

    Great work!!
    But I’m missing the option to select folders synced with iTunes.

  74. Ryan Says:

    Any idea on how long till supporting Iphoto imported albums instead of just camera roll? Without SSHing? Love it anyways but would like to see more BossPaper Folders besides the landscape one I love

  75. loren23 Says:

    Thanks BB works perfectly wish you had a way to donate to you with Pay Pal link your sbsettings is my no 1 app and not sure how I could use my phone without it this new BossPaper is just icing on the cake thanks and lots of love from Bali

  76. Anonymous Says:

    Please make something like this for the lockscreen. I really like bosspaper and would like to have a different set of rotating images on my lockscreen. Please consider it. Thanks

  77. DrNose Says:

    Hi BB I never used nor installed winter board coz I always thought it’s messy and complicated and I love my stock icons, I love this ap it’s amazing it really does what it’s supposed to, but I noticed major battery drain is this normal or is it just me

  78. Martin Says:

    Grat work! Since I removed Winterboard my 2Gs Battery is still full in the evening where it was empty with WB. D’ont use different Pics cause of performance. Anyone has the same positive effect?

    Thanks for this great app!

  79. Anonymous Says:

    Yes. Nosspaper and ToD work together fine

  80. David Says:

    I am also looking to have a separate set of images rotate for the lock screen. Other than that, this works perfectly. Thanks.

  81. toblo Says:

    I think I found a bug. When the transition is Uncurl and Dimming < 1.00, the new wallpaper is shown overlapped with the previous one.

    Like the following example:

  82. A6un Says:

    BigBoss has done it agian! Thx from England!

  83. Guantanamo Says:

    Thanks for this BigBoss.

    Since I installed BossPaper I am have noticed a strange and sporadic bug. I can’t confirm that this is caused by BossPaper but like I said it started after I installed it.

    When on the springboard, if I bring down sbsettings it immediately retracts back up. If I pull down sbsettings when in an app this doesn’t happen. The problem has gone away at times only to reappear. If I’m quick I an still push a toggle and it will work but it’s like there’s some kind of autohide enabled on sbsettings.

    Any idea as to what might be causing this or how I can solve it?

    Really appreciate all of your work.

  84. ourJim Says:


    On my 3G, during a transition, the frame rate of winterboard goes right down. After a ‘fade’ transition, springboard speeds back up to normal again. However, during and after ANY other transition, the frame rate remains really low. Almost like the transition never finishes. I’ve removed winterboard to see of this problem goes away but it does not. I’ve tried everything but can’t stop this from happening.

    This is not a complaint it’s a bug report :) I love this app and can’t thank you enough for it.

  85. ourJim Says:

    OK I’ve RTFM

    This is the way it is. If I don’t like the performance hit – stick with the fade transition. Which is exactly what I do :)

  86. Umm Says:

    For dear life why are you not on 3.0 you should be ashame of yourself! Not but seriously you are missing so many features 3.0 offers and it takes you 10 min to jailbreak and upgrade

  87. Anonymous Says:

    look at post #52 that person is having the same issues and yes my old one is gone

  88. mistaknly Says:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for all your hard work. I’m having trouble. Most likely me. I have 5 columns/rows/dock and winterboard just feeding separate pictures for each springboard page. I’m not using any of the winterboard themes. When I installed BP1.0 (I had .95) all hell broke loose. I would loose the docks icons. The status bar would disappear until I hit the sleep button (say that would be neat to be able to make the status bar go away when you wanted it to). I’m still (even after uninstalling BP, having trouble with my lock screen picture not always being there.

    So, does that mean to use BP I now have to uninstall Winterboard? Is BP compatible with 5 columns/rows/dock? Can I still get a lock screen picture to work.

    I’m not “that” interested in having rotating pictures but having pictures for each SB page.

    Even after uninstalling BP, it shows up in the Winterboard control screen as an option.

    I’d like to use BP, what should I do first to fix it?

    Thanks (forever a newb I guess)

  89. dkae Says:

    just installed, im really liking it.. only problem im having is where are the photos on my iphone located? not the camera roll but the photos from my photo library?

  90. Anonymous Says:

    Dose anyone know if there is an app the you can get that’s like lime wire

  91. Beth Says:

    Loooooooove this app and the landscapes photos pack.

    Thank you!

  92. TheYellowM Says:

    Hi there,

    This looks like a bug:
    I use change on app close and change on timer (1 Minute). Sometimes when I unlock bosspaper gives me 2 transitions in a row. I see the “old” pic, tansitioning to a new one and directly again to another new one. It’s unlikely that I just lock at 59 seconds and then have the transition on app close and on timer just after unlocking because it always happens directly in sucession (2 transitions, without delay, meaning would I always lock at 59 seconds, never 58 or 57…) and it happens too often.

    Great app – I love it.

  93. Anonymous Says:

    I saw someone on post #30 say we can take the old javascript out. Where can I find it. Definitely want to get rid of it. Thanks again for this BigBoss.

  94. Anonymous Says:

    Just go to pictures stored inphotos and press home key and power simultaniously and it copies to camera roll

  95. Trajen Says:

    Do you plan on implementing a way to change the Messages application background/wallpaper? I would love to be able to do this and I see a lot of interests in iPhone forums.

    I love, love ,LOVE BossPaper! LOVE IT. Thank you SO much for bringing it to the community. :)

  96. delta313 Says:

    Could we have video wallpaper as well plizzz!

  97. Jason Says:

    Great work. Can the images stretching issue be resolved? I set up my first springboard page with 10 icons total…five at the top, and five on the dock…my background images are all set to fit between, giving a very nice SB look. Because of the non-aspect ratio support, it doesn’t work well for me. Thanks from Montreal.

  98. Jason Says:

    I have a 2G iPod touch 3.0 firmware, and after I installed BossPaper, my lockscreen wallpaper no longer shows. It’s just black. I tried setting a new one but it doesn’t work. Ideas?

  99. Jacob Pankowski Says:

    Hello all. I’m a newbie at this so please be gentle. I am using LockScreen Info with the Gruppled Theme. I have also installed Winterboard and BossPaper. If I understand correctly, the only themes that I should have enabled in Winterboard and the 3 themes specific to the LockScreen app. In BossPaper, I have added the other WinterBoard images and BossPaper specific wallpapers. Is that correct?

  100. Anonymous Says:

    Can you make it support gifs?

  101. fero Says:

    same thing is happening to me but all of my pics are taken with the phone and not loaded w will not let you scroll pages for several seconds after slide to unlock and than when it finnaly does, it will freeze the page half way trough and release. any toughts on this? i love the app but this is not working so good on mine 3g 8g.

  102. Pat Says:

    Request: ability to specify keep aspect ratio of the image vs alwasys stretching/squeezing it to fit screen. Great app!

  103. Ryan Says:

    Will photos transferred through your computer to your ipod soon be findable and usable as wallpapers? Because currently, all of the pics in my photos library are unusable with BossPaper.

  104. bob Says:


  105. Roger Says:

    Need support for landscape images/photos…they all lose aspect ratio. An otherwise well though-out app.

  106. Stefan Says:

    How is the random function working? I watched the phone for about 5 minutes and during that time two pictures showed two times. And that is the way it feels too, like some pictures shows often and some almost never.
    Wouldn’t it be possible to make a random list with all pictures and when a picture is shown it is removed from the list. And then when the list is empty it will again be randomized and filled with all pictures? That way you would get all pictures once before the appear again.

  107. Zack Hébert Says:


  108. ILady Says:

    I have BP installed on 3gs with fw 3.0 and it works perfectly
    also I selected 3 transitions instead of 1 and works great.
    I thought I’d mention that coz I haven’t seen a comment
    like that, so ppl u can use multiple transitions. I have not
    tried random. Much thanks BB for the wonderful software,
    coming from Canada.

  109. hail Says:


    Does dTune allow to download actual file not the torrent file?


  110. ILady Says:

    I don’t know how the solid colors work so I have it on and it shows the color I picked, so is that what it does?

  111. Trist@n Says:

    Big Boss…YOU RULE! I love this theme and the ability to have the freedom of choice. I have 12 wallpapers loaded that rotate every 2 hours, randomly and it puts zero strain on the battery/memory.

    I have to requests: Please change your timer to a wheel instead of a slider…I cannot get it to set for exactly 2 hours…it is impossible to get a specific time with the slider and it being the size that it is.

    The other request I believe you have mentioned but I believe it is very important to a lot of theme users…and that is the ability to overlay clock/weather/calender themes over the top of your wallpaper. I really miss being able to see my data at a glance and have to resort to squinting at live clock faces instead. Please, Please consider this option…Thank You!

  112. Navec Says:

    I would really like if the option can be added to change/rotate the SMS background.

  113. Joe Says:

    hi. i tried bosspaper with some folder with my own pics in them. (i don’t remember which one exactly, but one that bosspaper had found by itself). after doing this, springboard is broken. when i try to “slide to unlock”, i have this little moving circle in the middle, then the screen turns black and goes back to “slide to unlock”. rebooting didnt help. manually deleting bosspaper via ssh didnt help. it looks like i have to retore everything.

    any other ideas? pleeease!

  114. Kim T. Says:

    I have a iPhone 2G (8GB) running on firmware 3.0.
    I listen to music when at work, and I noticed that when I have BossPaper installed at the end of the (work) day, I have about half battery life left.
    Yesterday I just uninstalled BossPaper, and today I still have almost full battery life! (the batterybar is full)

    Also (a side note) when I had asBattery installed it drains the battery from 100% to 95% during the night!

    So maybe it just the 2G that doesnt work well with these apps

  115. Mike Says:


    First of all : Thank you for your hard work !!!!

    Bosspaper is a very good application but there is one feature that’s lacking regarding wallpapers :
    I would like to be able to assign a wallpaper per page.
    No random, just one preselected wallpaper per page.
    Or maybe, and this would be the killer feature : having a selection of wallpapers per page.

    For exemple :
    I have my games on page 3, if I could tell BossPaper to use only some wallpapers for this specific page, I would select games drawings for this page…



  116. UberNub Says:

    You can do that manually by adding pngs to your theme called page0.png, page1.png, etc…

  117. UberNub Says:

    I’m using bosspaper with my theme, but it removes my overlay.
    I’d like to be able to use bosspaper since html javascript really drains my ipod.

  118. Mike Says:

    Are you sure you’re speaking of BossPaper ?
    I know this feature in Winterboard but I would like to get ride of it. I just want BossPaper !!!

  119. jase Says:

    many thanks for the free app.
    could someone tell me how i use images other than camera roll?Or if there is a way of putting images into the camera roll folder.
    Basically i want to use images of a better quality than the rubbish ones i take with the iphone.20 images of megan fox on my iphone would be a nice start.
    thanks again.

  120. Daniel Says:

    Does any one know if I can download this on my iPhone useing just my iPhone?

  121. Fabian Says:

    Any chance for a Lockscreen addition? thanks Bigboss

  122. Fredrik/Sweden Says:

    Hi BiggBoss ans thanks for a truly sweet app, this finally allowed e to uninstall Winterboard!

    A few quick comments on v1.0

    1) Is there anyway to convince you to change the Add/Rem button in to a standard “option switcher” /radio button or whatever it’s called? The Add/rem button is really small and difficult to hit correctly and I typically tend to open the image for preview rather than Add/remove it!

    2) I know I should prolly disable “Transitions on app close” but when an app closes it typically takes a few screen swipes/taps to get the Iphone to react again…

    3) Pressing “Dock Images” and changingg dock appearance does nothing. I have tried re-installing BossPaper but to no avail. Do you store an error log somewhere which I could take a peak on? =)

    Iphone 3G 16B on OS 3.0

    Again, thank you for your contribution to the community!

  123. Fredrik/Sweden Says:

    btw, it was after installing “Battery Control v1.0.1″ I started experiencing errors with the “Dock Images” not changing. I am stuck with the standard dock =/


  124. Sade Says:

    How can I set up BossPaper to show a background based on the time of the day? I’d like to have one a night and another by day, and theoretically I could just set it to transition every 12 hrs, but everytime I respring or reboot bosspaper starts out of sequence. I’d much rather bosspaper checks the time and picks the wall paper I want (and I can set the intervals to check the time instead of the intervals to transition…)

  125. spolvid Says:

    Could something be added to this to turn off movies playing on the Springboard in the same way it turns off slideshows?

  126. SK Says:

    I agree with iamse7en with the text/font color. Bright white works best (maybe with a slight shadow) else it will get washed out with most backgrounds. Better yet, create an option to set the color.

    I would love to use this but I can’t see my app text! So I’m forced to use Winterboard (and recharge my battery every 2 hrs). :-(


  127. MaxT Says:

    Thanks for this wonderful application. I have only one question about the size of the images. I have my server ftp that transfer my folder from my pc to iPhone, but the images appears distorted!
    I’ve read that the images should be resized to 320 X 480, but the images comes from my server and I couldn’t resize theme. So, it is impossibile for the appl to show the images resized?

  128. Dozer Says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me! Such an awesome app as BossPaper with the huge advantage over winterboard and not having the capability to MAKE THE TEXT WHITE??? WTF!!! All wallpapers make the text dim in standard gray color, I have over 8 springboards, I don’t recall all of them by icons, I’m squinting my eyes to read the text when wallpaper is on. Please add this feature! Thanks!

  129. 00negro83 Says:

    Does anyone know if u can take photos from a folder on your iphone in the your pictures and use them for the pictures in bosspaper?

  130. Shelly Says:

    Great app! I’m going to hold off using till iTunes synced folders are alllowed though

  131. Branding Says:

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