BossPaper v1.1.1

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BossPaper v1.1.1 is going into Cydia now. It’s a bug-fix release only. I hope it solves all the issues that some people experienced on v1.0, although I cant be sure as I cannot reproduce any of the missing icon issues.  In any event, the changes are:

1) Fixed background location to include statusbar again.

2) Fixed help screen to talk about how to use the new “Under Winterboard” feature. See Help, then Feature Description.

3) Made some changes internally to try to make things more like how 1.0 worked for those that were having problems with layering when using winterboard. I verified this fixed the problem for one person, (thank you Scott). I still cannot reproduce this issue so can only hope for the best.

4) The change to #3 above also impacted dimming if you had a winterboard theme behind the bosspaper. On v1.0 the winterboard theme was covered but on 1.1 the paper dimming let the theme show from behind it.

If anyone is still experiencing the missing icons issue, I need someone that is SSH savvy to help me debug it further or anyone that can give me enough details to reproduce it on my own (a complete list of your winterboard themes and which ones are applied and in what order for example, also disable all winterboard themes and test, etc, viagra canada over the counter).

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103 Responses to “BossPaper v1.1.1”

  1. Simey Says:

    this fixed the missing icons bug for me, all is well again. many thanks BB

  2. CrimsoN Says:

    This solved the status bar issue! Still no luck on creating (or finding) and using a fully transparent background so I still can’t use my date and time widget in combination with BP. Help anybody?

  3. BigBoss Says:

    Ok, I’ll make a theme for it for you. It will be called BossPaper Transparent Background or something like this.

  4. CrimsoN Says:

    Brilliant, thanks!

  5. CrimsoN Says:

    It doesn’t seem to work… Is there any way I can disable the current wallpaper chosen in the normal iPhone settings (the wallpaper that shows up on the lockscreen)? This wallpaper seems to be a possible reason for it not working and becomes visible as soon as your transparent wallpaper is on top of BP. Thanks for the effort though!

  6. CrimsoN Says:

    Suggestion: Is it possible for you to make an adon which installs the transparent background directly into “camera roll”? This way we can choose it as a standard wallpaper and thus a visible wallpaper can’t come between winterboard and BP…

  7. BigBoss Says:

    No no no, you do not use the transparent paper in bosspaper. You use it in winterboard and only under these conditions:
    1) You want to use a winterboard theme with icons and a background
    2) You want to use also a winterboard widget such as date / time
    3) You want bosspaper background to replace the background
    4) You have Under Winterboard set to “ON”.

    In this case, the transparent theme image serves to disable the background from the winterboard theme in #1 above.

  8. CrimsoN Says:

    I’m unsure why you think I want to use the transparent image in BP. I’m just saying that the standard wallpaper (not the one in BP nor the one from another theme) that shows up on the lockscreen seems to come between your transparent image and bosspaper, thus making the transparent image useless. I’m sorry I can’t seem to explain myself better. I just want to be able to choose the transparent wallpaper in the iPhone settings (not in BP offcourse) as so perhaps it replaces the wallpaper that’s under the transparent one but above the bosspaper ones…

  9. CrimsoN Says:

    Extra info; I’m using a custom made theme consisting only of icons (no wallpaper in the theme). I suppose that’s why the standard wallpaper (chosen in the iPhones own settings/wallpaper menu) is not replaced by your transparent one?
    Again, I’m sorry if my questions are confusing ;)

  10. CrimsoN Says:

    I’ve tried every conceivable (by me anyway) thing to get it to work with “springboard clock – English” but no dice… The iPhone (or my iPhone anyway) consistently sees a transparent png image as a black non transparent image. I even changed the HTML file of “springboard clock – English” so it would refer to my own created transparent wallpaper because it referred to the user wallpaper. I’ve tried every position of the widget and bosspaper in winterboard (including bosspaper #1 above) all to no avail. Has anyone managed to get a date/clock widget to work with bosspaper underneath? If so, which date/clock widget so I can try it with that one instead…

  11. rivalriver Says:

    installed the update this morning. Now everytime I close an any app the springboard crashes. Any ideas beside a fresh restore? 32gb ipod touch w/ 3.0 firmware.

  12. Porktree Says:

    I have a wallpaper folder that sync’s to my phone via itunes, is there a reason you don’t have the sync’d image folders set up as locations in BossPaper? Sure it’s easy enough to copy images to a location that BP sees, but that’s redundant, and I have to manually add an image to that when I add it to the folder that sync’s to itunes.

  13. BigBoss Says:

    There is a browse button. You can pick any folder you want.

  14. BigBoss Says:

    Yes, I am using springboard clock – english. This theme (incorrectly) uses Wallpaper.html rather than Widget.html. All I did is load bosspaper, set the “under winterboard” option to ON, select the folders I wanted, selected the springboard clock – english theme in winterboard, and thats it. Here is a screenshot of it:

    I currently have no other themes selected in Winterboard. Only the clock and bosspaperdock because I installed one of the docks also.

  15. BigBoss Says:

    You keep asking about my transparent wallpaper. There is no transparent wallpaper. There is no wallpaper included at all.

    If you are seeing the wallpaper from the settings app then you have something like “user wallpaper” theme enabled in winterboard, or another theme that adds that same functionality.

  16. BigBoss Says:

    You don’t need to restore. First install logmailer and send me a syslog of the crash. I cant just tell you how to fix it without details. Next, try disabling “on close” in the bosspaper settings. Then it won’t try to switch wallpapers when you close your app.

  17. Ohh Says:

    Where did you find that picture of my wife?

  18. Trist@n Says:


    It now works as you have stated.

    @CrimsoN: Everything the Boss stated is true other then in his post under yours he was not entirely clear. SSH into your iPhone and find the Springboard clock theme. RENAME Wallpaper.html to say Widget.html and respring. Follow his other guidance and you will now have your desired 3 layer effect. Layer 1 is your icon theme; Layer 2 is your Springboard(English) Clock Theme and Layer 3 is your BossPaper.

    Works Great and I have no issues on my 3GS

  19. Trist@n Says:

    P.S. By the way Boss…nice Boris Vallejo artwork…I have his whole collection and others as well!!!

  20. CrimsoN Says:

    Well, apart from renaming wallpaper.html to widget.html I (also) had to change a line from the HTML file to:
    And finally that did the trick!! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction though!

    @BigBoss: Sorry I’ve been such a pain… Bosspaper now works perfectly! Thanks again for the greatest app since winterboard!

  21. CrimsoN Says:

    Since the line didn’t show up in my last post, here it is again without the html code: bgcolor=”" background=”"

  22. JC Says:

    But where is the folder which contains the sync’d photos?

  23. Patrick Conner Says:

    Well I installed it and still didnt fix my missing Icons (Calander and Notes) are gone.. Help please..


  24. Trist@n Says:

    Open up your SBSettings and select the Hide Icons option under more. Go in and toggle the switch for your missing apps then respring.

  25. Cody Says:

    There seems to be an issue when you try to play videos and you’ve selected more than one image as your wallpaper. The sound plays but all there is is just blackness.

  26. BigBoss Says:

    Photos synced via itunes are not photos but a database. You cant use those. You need to find another way to put them on your device where they are actually photo files.

  27. BigBoss Says:

    I don’t believe this is bosspaper related. I am able to play videos just fine and I always have more than one video. Besides, when the video player starts, bosspaper is no longer running.

  28. Sjaz Says:

    Hey BigBoss,

    first I want to say that you make awesome apps. I love BossPaper. But I have a problem.

    When I play games, with BossPaper activated, I notice serious lag. The games don’t lag when I have deactivated BossPaper. I use three sets in BossPaper, the Final Fantasy one and those two Fantasy packs (both around 300 images, really nice!).

    So, do you know what the problem is? Because I thought there wouldn’t be any slowdown in apps? Or is it because I am using too much images?

    Thank you.

  29. BigBoss Says:

    Install logmailer, launch your game, play it a bit and close your game then send me your syslog. We should be able to see that bosspaper is idle during the game in that log.

  30. BigBoss Says:

    Also, give me an additional syslog of the respring process so I can see what settings yo have selected in bosspaper.

  31. BigBoss Says:

    Nevermind on the first syslog. I removed all the syslog data. I guess I need to add it back to test it. I just tested field runners though and there was no lagging at all with the same fantasy pack papers running. How much free memory do you have in sbsettings?

  32. Cody Says:

    I think now it’s a problem with the docks. I tested every custom dock that came with bosspaper and they all did what I described before. The only thing that fixes the problem is when I have the default dock enabled. But if it works for you then I’m not sure what’s wrong with mine. I have Rock App and I heard there was some sort of conflict with 3GSs that was happening. I’m not sure. Either way, thanks for helping. I appreciate the responses and support you give to me and the rest of the commentors on issues or questions with your apps.

  33. BigBoss Says:

    Do you have winterboard installed? If so, the docks are implemented and activated as winterboard themes which means adding a dock activates winterboard even if you previously had no themes. If you don’t have winterboard installed, then the docks are just files copied which for sure take up no extra resources.

  34. Cody Says:

    I do have winterboard installed. That might be the issue, but I still want to use winterboard for a sound theme that I have. Has bigboss ever thought of making a sort of copy of winterboard which uses less resources like Bosspaper?

  35. BigBoss Says:

    I wouldnt say to get rid of winterboard especially if you’re using it. But if you’re saying that the dock is what is making the difference, that is a winterboard theme. Odd though, I would not expect that to make a difference.

  36. Saint-Preux Says:

    Hi BigBoss I like the new update on bosspaper thanks also I want to ask u a quick question about my 3gs this morning I wake up n het that message stated this is not hashed for 3.0 too late before it say this phone has a eccid on file with cydia am I in trouble just wondering thanks

  37. Madscientest Says:

    SO…maybe if there were not HUGE ads that wont close covering the articles I could read them! but i understand that having ads and getting revenue for them is more important than having an awesome site. get a freaking clue you so called boss!

  38. Jimi Says:

    I have a problem, when i put it under winterboard it covers everything and i can’t do anything on the phone, i have to open sbsettings and shut it off through there.. any ideas?

  39. jammer Says:


  40. jammer Says:

    great job on bosspaper, bigboss! loving it…need more addon themes though!

  41. Ivan Says:

    Re photo albums, since you’re already running jailbroken, couldn’t you use the private MusicLibrary and PhotoLibrary frameworks to enumerate the albums and extract photos from them?

  42. handle Says:

    Pardon the fact that I am new to iphone modding. I just got mine. I am trying to get photo’s from the itunes synced folder to a folder that the BossPaper can find. I can get them to say they are copying on the phone, but I have no idea where they are copied to or where I can paste them. any help is appreciated.

  43. Scultoree Says:

    He bigboss,
    You did a terrific job with bosspaper! is there a future possibility, that video wallpapers will be selectable? (absolute battery drainers!) Thanks for your hard work anyhow…

  44. Ace Says:

    Hi there! This app is really nice, but sometimes, a really annoying thing happens. In the main springboard, at the third line the 2nd and 3rd icon place goes untouchable. But when I start an app, that place works. I disabled Bosspaper, and the problem is gone.

    3GS running 3.0

  45. Terry Says:

    Crimson — you mentioned that you had to rename wallpaper.html to widget.html I (also) had to change a line from the HTML file to: ? What line and what file did you change and what did you changs?

  46. Dimmer Says:

    Can you please include an option in the next version to have dimmed icons or even pick how dim you want the icons similar to the wallpaper?

    I use the dim icons from winterboard which makes it sluggish while using this app as well. If anybody has any suggestions to a fix for this that would be great too!

  47. Richard mcnally Says:

    Hi guys is there anyway a genius at bigboss could add ability to use tap to unlock I hate the slider but winterboard uses too much battery for me

    Let me know of there’s a way!!!

  48. Mike Says:

    To get your photos from photo library to camera roll. Just view your photos in iphone viewer and take an internal picture of the picture. This will put a copy in the camera roll. You can even crop and rotate.

  49. panx3dx Says:

    I’m having this endless respring issue after i apply bosspaper to dBar[three] theme. I deleted the default theme wallpaper and set bosspaper to display pics from my cameraroll changing every 5 seconds using default transition. Now when ever i start my iphone, it goes into a endless respring issue.

    I have some important data saved on my phone. I am willing to do a restore, but i would like to backup my data first. Is there anyway to to that?

  50. panx3dx Says:

    also forgot to add that i had the “under winterboard” setting turned on

  51. pablo Says:

    Hi! it’s any updates any time soon?
    will be great an sbssetting to mark or delete a wallpaper from the list if i dont like it.

    does anyone notice that some wallpapers are semi transparent and you can see the one bellow?

    it’s like havin 2 wallapapers pilled up.
    Its not a big deal but i think that this have an impact on performance.

    any solution?

  52. TazgodX Says:

    any thoughts on making this work with a different wallpaper per page?
    i would like to have one big picture go across a few pages.

  53. BlackIce Says:

    Remove icon labels is not working (at least for me), after i updated my iphone 3g to version 3.1.2. I even removed winterboard with no luck so far. Any ideas on how i can solve this issue. Modifying the .strings file and remove the name of the apps works, but it’s not scalable at all. I used blackra1n to jailbreak.

    Best regards,

  54. Simes Says:

    have a 3GS, 3.0, jailbroken with purplerain.

    using bosspaper 1.1.1. i used to be able to use solid colours only feature to change wallpaper colour in the previous vers of BP, this time when i try to set a colour i just get a black wallpaper. the image wallpaper feature works fine.

    my winterboard theme has no wallpaper, just icons.

    would love to be able to use the solid colours feature again. any ideas peeps?

  55. Wondering Says:

    In case BigBoss is still monitoring this thread and is still working on BossPapers, I wanted to see if you can add in a dimming for the icons like you have done for the wallpaper. If you can make it work within folders for Categories as well, that would be icing on the cake.

    Honestly, it is the only feature that I’m using with Winterboard and I would like to stick with BossPapers alone. There is also a performance lag on my iPhone with Winterboard dimming the icons.

    Thanks for BossPapers.

  56. 4n6geek Says:

    I’d like to be able to pick photos from a library other than my camera roll.

  57. nozz Says:

    Hey BigBoss, great work! What I would like to see is an option to pick a custom dock image, not only these three pre-installed ones. Hope it comes with an update! :)

  58. goose Says:

    take an internal picture? can you please describe this?

  59. kwickone Says:

    bigboss, i know this was asked before but could not tell if you were going to implement this or not. option to set up a “time of day” wallpaper rotation schedule. wallpapers would reflect the current time of day via image. thanks!

  60. SupaMonkey Says:

    Wish we could see an update to this app with the ability to select photos from the gallery :(

  61. Artine Says:

    I just updated to this version of bosspaper, and the wallpapers I were using have been downsized and no longer fit the whole screen, is this the image being too small or bosspaper no longer scaling them up?

  62. Artine Says:

    Ignore the last comment, I just read the changes on cydia. Could you perhaps add the aspect ratio in as a yes/no thing? It’s really screwed my images up as they are too small.

  63. RobotTodd Says:

    I’m new to this.
    I got bosspaper to work (had to use the transparent background for winterboard), but when I double tap the home button to switch to another app there isn’t anything there. If I turn off bosspaper and respring the apps show up.

    I have bosspaper v1.1.4 (iphone 3G OS4.0) so far everything is working just fine, except a few cracked apps but apparently that a touchy thing for some sites. I.E. they delete my posts…lol

    Thanks for all the hard work!
    PS:Do you have a forums where I can search for help?

  64. Pablo Says:

    I have BP 1.1.4 on iPhone 3GS with iOS 4.0.1 without Winterboard. After I changed the dock image in BP the springboard looks weird, the space between icons is smaller and the dock itself is kind of raised up. I’ve tried everything I could’ve possibly think of (except for restore), including reinstalling/uninstalling BP, installing/uninstalling Winterboard and all combinations of the above. With no help. Please someone help me, it is driving me crazy, all I want now is my springboard and dock look the same they did before I firs installed the BP.

  65. Glen Says:

    I’m having the same problem as Pablo. In fact, when I first installed boss paper, all it did was smash my icons up and raise my dock up. After doing everything I could to my 4.0.0 3GS, I finally installed winter board. Now, bosspaper at least works ( don’t know y it wasn’t clearly stated that u need winter board in boss paper info) but my dock is still raised up and icons smooshed upward. Been googling help for this for 2 days now w/ no luck. Pls help.

  66. Glen Says:

    Here’s hoping this helps someone. This may be a totally random fix, but it worked for me…I downloaded the “glasklart theme- 4.0-6600. Then I selected everything with glasklart in the title in winterboard. After the respiring, my dock was lowered back to normal and icons were spaced like normal. (and I’ve been reading all over the net that u don’t need winter board for boss paper to work, but at this point I think I’ll leave everything alone. Hope I can live with the glasklart theme.

  67. Pablo Says:

    Glen, BP doesn’t need WB, but on iOS4 it is completly screwed up, that’s why WB helps, IMHO. I don’t want WB installed on my phone, but I’m going to give it a try, because I also didn’ t find any usable fix on the net.
    Hello, The BigBoss, are you here to help us? Last update to BP was 23/6/2010 and we are not the only two having problems.

  68. Jeff Says:

    Same here. Springboard was compressed when trying to use bosspaper. Tried adding winterboard but no fix.
    I will try glasklart as suggested. But more elegant help is appreciated.

  69. Angelbaka Says:

    The specific part of Glasklart that causes the fix is Glasklart Core. I’m doing more research and testing to find out what specific part of the ‘core’ theme is causing the fix.

  70. Angelbaka Says:

    The fix is in the Core themepack. The two relevant files are SBDock.pgn and SBDockMask.png

    Hopefully, someone more adept and experienced at theme modding can tell you/us where to copy those into the actual phone directory to achieve a non-winterboard fix. Until then, to free yourself from the bonds of Glasklart, SSH into your phone, go to /Library/Themes and COPY the “Glasklart Core.theme” folder. Open with Explorer. delete all folders except “Bundles”. go into Bundles and delete everything except “”. Go into there and delete everything except the two dock files mentioned above. Now, rename the ENTIRE thing (i.e., “Glasklart Core.theme”->”Dockfix” and move it back into /Library/Themes in your iphone. Open Winterboard and select your new theme. Viola, dock is fixed.

  71. Angelbaka Says:


    Obviously, SBDock.pgn at the beginning of my post should have been SBDock.png.

  72. Pablo Says:

    Thanks Angelbaka, great work! This way I was able to uninstall whole Glaskart theme through Cydia. Just a little note – SBDock.png in your post should be SBDockBG.png. I think we are just a little step away from getting rid of WinterBoard as well.

  73. Adrienne Says:

    I’ve looked but haven’t found a way to force BossPaper to change wallpaper immediately, instead of waiting until the next scheduled change. Is there a way to do this, short of fiddling with the time interval and then changing it back again? Or is this something you’d consider for a future release?

  74. Pablo Says:

    GOT IT! Copy those two files (SBDockBG.png and SBDockMask.png) to /System/Library/CoreServices/ folder, replacing files already in there. Respring, uninstall WinterBoard, respring again. Dock and springboard icon spacing should be fixed by now.

  75. anonymous Says:

    I want to be able to put BossPaper into the “Settings” tab.

    Please do this for the next version. PLEASE.

  76. Pat Says:

    Not sure if you will get this Boss but boss paper on my 3GS fw 4.1 doesn’t like you. Lol. Everytime i open boss paper it just closes. Sometime if I hit the enable switch it will stay open so I can add themes. I’m running the latest version too which I think is 1.2

  77. Oleg Shabrov Says:

    I’m having an issue with BossPaper wherein the wallpaper from BigBoss covers up my theme. I have under winterboard turned on, I have a transparent Background.png in my theme folder. The theme works fine if I set one picture if I title it Background.png and turn BossPaper off, but the second I turn on BossPaper, even though I have the under Winterboard option set to ON, it covers up my theme yet again. Is there a fix for this?
    (I’m also running v4.0 of the firmware, if that’s the issue)

  78. Dexluther Says:

    I’m having a problem with the timer. I set it to 5 mins, but everytime I quit an app it switches to 5 seconds.

  79. LGgeek Says:

    Suddenly stopped working on IOS 4

    I had bosspaper working on my iphone4 IOS4.1 then all of a sudden it just stop working, black screen (have transparent background in winterboard,etc) and now get “transitions are disabled for this firmware version”. it was all working fine including transitions.

    So this means something I installed or some other update is causing issues , any way I can find out what the conflict is ?

  80. Simon Says:

    Also having issues with timer mode. If I leave an app open then lock the device, when I come back I am back with the default wallpaper. Running 4.2.1.

  81. Caboose Says:


    Big fan of the software. Used to use it on my iPod touch with no problems, but whenever I use it on my iphone, when I open an iOS folder on my home screen, instead of the current wallpaper being shown, the background changes to the default wallpaper determined in Settings. When the folder is closed, the wallpaper reverts back to whatever wallpaper was next in the cycle.

    It’s very annoying, and I’ve stopped using BossPaper until I can figure out how to fix it. Running 4.2.6 on a Verizon 4.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  82. Amber Says:

    I am having the same problem when I go in and out of an app-it defaults back to the user wallpaper and I DON’T have that selected via winterboard. I also have the problem that after I go to landscape and then back to portrait more than half the background wallpapers are dimmed except at the bottom. It’s so frustrating bc every time I go into an app it goes back to the user wallpaper and every time I go from landscape to portrait I have that dimming issue. Not to mention I can’t use the transitions option. I am updated (unfortunately and not on purpose) the 4.2.3. firmware. I see that a number of people are having at least one of the two issues I’m having so I hope they are addressed soon because I LOVE bosspaper but am now SO frustrated that it’s not working properly because it’s one of my absolute FAVORITES.

  83. Alexander Says:

    Hello there… i got a question here why my bosspaper keep on closing automatically 3 or 5 seconds after opening it? i tried reinstall, uninstall and reinstall but nothing.!! i can change settings in the app but just in the interval of 3-5 seconds after that it closes but it gives me no time to change anything i just could enable it but i cant do anything else because it closes over and over again

  84. Isis Quinby Says:

    Please, are you able to Pm me and inform me few additional thinks about this, I’m really fan of your weblog… gets solved correctly asap.

  85. Marlin Layfield Says:

    I really liked reading your publish regarding it, and I saw a couple of other folks as well – really useful and helpful facts without having a bunch of BS!

  86. Anonymous Says:


  87. David Says:

    I’ve installed bosspaper on my iPad1 and all it does is repeatedly crash and respring. I’m on the verge of having to restore and re-jailbreak to stop it.

    Any suggestions?

  88. johndig Says:

    hi, i just installed bosspaper, it works fine, but now any app (ereader, skype, facebook, stanza, angry birds etc. does not open. what i get when i try to open is the front page of the app, then it closes and disappears. could really use some help with this. i looked on the board and could not find anything like it, also, i am not an technical person that truly understands how to do some of the things you guys do. thanks johndig

  89. Erich Says:

    I can’t get BossPaper to work at all. I want it simply to change the wallpaper every hour; I have it set to change on that timer….but everytime I close an app it reverts back to the original wallpaper that is set, which defeats the puprose of using….it there something I am missing to make it work as it is stated it is supposed to?

  90. pm0ss Says:

    Same problem as johndig above. Installed on iPhone4 running 5.0.1…this is more a bug report and not a complaint as I am a programmer as well so I know how these things go…and since v5.0.1 is quite new, I am sure there will be issues…

    When any App closes, it reverts to default iphone wallpaper…and starts over, which makes me think it is losing/erasing the image that was in memory not stopping the Bosspaper app.

  91. pm0ss Says:

    Sorry I meant Erich’s problem, I am not having any issues with crashing or buggy apps opening…

  92. Don Birdsall Says:

    iOS 5.0.1

    Icon names are grayed out and are not readable. They are just a smudge. Otherwise okay, but unfortunately this is a major issue for me.

  93. Erich Says:

    I found a way around that. there is a plist file in that needs to be edited. The setting is “home-wallpaper” needs to be set from true to false. This worked for me, but now I am noticing that it’s not actually changing on the timers.

  94. Erich Says:

    It will change the first time after closing out of Bosspaper (after either turning it on or other settings) and it appears to change at the timer after respinging or rebooting….but anything after that it does not change on the timer……

  95. Erich Says:

    Ok, so I have been playing around trying to make BossPaper work to change on the timer as it states it should function. And what I am finding is that it appears by locking the phone it resets the timer. I know the documentation says it doesn’t but it’s doing it on my phone. So to have my wallpaper change everyhour, I would have to leave it unlocked for the full hour it appears. Going into apps and exiting an app does not appear to effect the time, just locking it does…..
    Anybody know why it would appear to be resetting the timer to start over after locking and then unlocking the phone?
    I have e-mail the developers but have not heard back from them at all…..

  96. Erich Says:

    Yep, the timer is deffinately starting at the beginning when I unlock my phone.
    Does anybody else have that problem? How to fix that? The info states that it doesn’t, but yet it is on my phone, is there a setting I am missing somewhere?

  97. Erich Says:

    Does anybody have any suggestions on how to make it change on the timer correctly, since on my phone the timer starts over after unlocking it?
    I have e-mail the folks at boss paper, but have yet to get a response about it at all….
    It seems like it would be cool to use, since I would want my background to change every hour, but I can’t use it if the timer is going to startover everytime I unlock the phone, it would never change unless I leave my phone unlocked all the time…..

  98. stars Says:

    How to support iOS5?
    I think there is a bug in version 1.2.1
    transition doesn’t work
    Not random

  99. Terrance Says:

    BossPaper doesnt work with ios5 properly. Works fine on respring, but program closes permanently (will not rotate backgrounds) once another program, like Facebook, is opened. Also, default background image shows up when opening folders. I love this program, please fix!!!

  100. Terrance Says:

    This is on an iphone 3gs with 5.0.1

  101. Terrance Says:

    locking the phone and then unlocking seems to restart the rotation.

  102. Erich Says:

    That’s the problem I am having….if I leave the phone unlocked it will rotate on time; once I lock the phone and then unlock it appears to start the timer over.
    I have e-mail the creatures of it, but have NOT GOTTEN A SINGLE REPLY.
    You would think that they would want to get their product fix….I mean it seems like it’s a fairly in demand function people want, but they can’t take 1 minute out of their schedule to reply to an e-mail that is sent to them reporting that their product is obvisouly not working the way it’s stated it does……

  103. Erich Says:

    It’s been weeks since I emailed the folks at bosspaper, and STILL no response at all from them… that’s crappy cust service…

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