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BossPaper v1.1 is released. The main addition is the ability to select whether or not you want BossPaper to be on top of or underneath your winterboard background.

BossPaper v1.0 overlays over winterboard. This means if you have a javascript date / time widget you want to run, you cant it will be covered up by bosspaper. This also has some benefits though for example, you can run a theme with one image and icons then use bosspaper to rotate backgrounds.

BossPaper v1.1 defaults to the same mode as BossPaper 1.0 where the wallpaper image is on top of winterboard.  But it has a new switch called “Under Winterboard” where when “ON” the BossPaper wallpaper will be rendered underneath winterboard backgrounds.  This lets you have a date / time widget or some other interesting javascript widget in winterboard while using bosspaper to rotate images. (Some theme makers have requested this).

I have explained this in the apps help and covered various scenarios. Those that understand winterboard really well can also make a transparent 320×480 png image and move it to the top of winterboard. Then put bosspaper below winterboard and winterboard will always show the blank wallpaper but behind that you’ll see bosspaper running. This would allow you to run themes that have both icons and backgrounds but have the background be ignored. I did not include a transparent 320×480 theme but I may release one as an addon if it is required and does not confuse people.

BigBoss Authors: Mark Bruce & Kory Lee


50 Responses to “BossPaper v1.1”

  1. madness3881 Says:

    after i updated my status bar is no longer transparent and i can see a lil piece over another icon in it the onlt thing i changed was updating boss paper. can anyone help me out please?

  2. BigBoss Says:

    Send me a screenshot please. Bosspaper doesnt touch the statusbar but I would still like to see it.

  3. madness3881 Says:

    what email can i send a screen shot to?

  4. madness3881 Says:

    it seems like my wallpapers used to extend throught the staus bar and the status bar be transparent but noe the wallpaper stops before the staus bar and u can see whats under it

  5. Simey Says:

    have a 3.0 3GS. when i updated to 1.1, my springboard icons have all disappeared. only thing visible is the status bar, springboard is black. SBsettings stills works.

    dread having to restore to 3.1. help!

  6. Simey Says:

    fixed for now. managed to use SBsettings to disable the bosspaper mobile substrate add on. phew!

  7. neededhelp Says:

    confirm i too have the samething

  8. neededhelp Says:

    just before the pic. rotate the statu bar bright up than the pic. change. after the pic. change the statu bar go dark and than on and on

  9. Bojan Says:

    Thanks a lot for this update. I am interested to know whether you plan to release also rotating Lockscreen as part of BossPaper?
    Thank you.

  10. Jose Says:

    Hi I have the same issue, my wallpapers used to extend throught the staus bar, and I love it, as I use a transparent status bar, but now the wallpaper stops before the staus bar and u can see whats under it, and it looks a little weird, so, can you let me know how I can fix it or how i can return to the v1.0.

    Thanks you.

  11. lokko21 Says:

    Same problen here, had to put Bosspaper on sbssettings dock to turn it off.

  12. CrimsoN Says:

    I’m not able to create a completely transparent 320 by 480 png. The result is consistently a completely black or white png. I’m cuurently not able to use iphone browser so i’m forced to sync the “transparent” pic with itunes. Although the pic is transparent in my windows explorer the pic is either black or white on my iPhone. Can anyone help?

  13. Retroman Says:

    I have the same problem. My backdrop only goes up as far as the status bar now. before it used to cover the whole screen. It looks really bad like this. How can i install the old version of bosspaper.


  14. Murph Says:

    I am still trying to decipher how to have it rotate thru a specific photo roll on my photo app. Is this possible?

  15. CrimsoN Says:

    Would the status-bar which is no longer transparent be an issue if we had a 320*480 transparent png?

  16. rvaldes Says:

    After updating to bosspaper 1.1 all of my icons disappeared. I had to disable bosspaper in the mobile substrate/addons pane in SBSettings. Had it running fine before update displaying HD images that were SSH’ed into Winterboard. Any advice?

  17. B. Rizzle Says:

    After this update i cannot touch my springboard. I can see all my pictures scrolling in the background but i cannot touch any of my icons or scroll through my springboard. I can launch bosspaper through SB Settings and if I disable bosspaper all is fine again. I really like this app so any help on fixing this issue would be greatly appreciated. Or does anyone know how to install an earlier version of bosspaper. Thanks.

  18. Simey Says:

    same here. wait for an update i’d say. 1.0 worked fine for me, 1.1 sent my springboard tits up.

  19. mary Says:

    same thing happened to me…i updated and my springboard disapeard..and freaked out thinking i had to restore..then i saw the quick fix on top…hope there’s a fix for this soon

  20. duluen Says:

    im having the same issue, status bar is now black. No longer transparent as it was.

  21. B. Rizzle Says:

    Edit. My springboard did not disappear, I can see the springboard. Just can’t do anything with it.

  22. bwin Says:

    my springboard disappeared too, but locking and unlocking the phone solves that for me.
    and the status bar is black for me, no longer transparent too.

  23. Trist@n Says:

    Thanks for all your continued efforts and work on BossPaper. I believe this is the update that I was waiting for, however, I can not get it to work…yet. First, the instructions and examples that you say you place in help, are no where to be found. Nothing mentions the new option in any of the 3 sections of help. In fact it still states that widgets will be covered by BossPaper. Second, without the transparent wallpaper, I cannot test it to see if the middle layer will allow the clock/date widgets to show through. I am now looking at the springboard as three layers…1)icons/icon themes; 2) clock/calender/weather widgetss; 3) BossPaper
    I believe we all need the transparent wallpaper to create layer 2. I do not have photo shop so cannot create it.

    That is my update to version 1.1 so far…please keep up the great work, it is getting there!!!

  24. Jordan Says:

    Sadly, I get the same problem as other 3GS owners on here, only leaving me with the option to disable bossprefs via SBSettings.

    Will be waiting out for a fix =)

  25. BigBoss Says:

    Sorry everyone, I cant reproduce any issue with blank springboards. There won’t be any fix coming until someone can give me accurate enough method to reproduce the problem.

  26. BigBoss Says:

    This was easily solved. Will update soon. Still need info on these blank springboard issues.

  27. rvaldes820 Says:

    My situation went like this: 16gb iPhone 3g 3.0.1. Winterboard: user wallpaper:enabled, bosspaper: enabled running a folder(ssh’ed into winterboard)of 8 images. Various combinations have led to loss of springboard icons all hinging on it(bosspaper) being enabled in the mobile substrate/addon pane within SBSettings.User wallpaper in winterboard doesn’t seem to matter. So enabling b.p. in S.B.S. erases icons. Enanbling B.P. from WIthin B.P. changed nothing. Hope this helps bring back a nifty add on

  28. BigBoss Says:

    What does “Enabling BP from within BP changed nothing” mean? It sounds like you have many cases when you have icons and cases when you don’t. Are you trying to say the problem only occurs when you enable / disable via sbsettings? The method of enabling or disabling shouldnt cause the problem.

    Can you please give me a complete list of all things you have in sbsettings mobile substrate section followed by a complete list of your winterboard themes that are active and the order in which they are activated?

  29. scott Says:

    BigBoss – I sent you an email with screen shots of my issue. The Wallpaper.png is showing thru with BossPaper set to Under Winterboard OFF. This behavior wasn’t present in the prior versions.

  30. rvaldes820 Says:

    Mobile substrate/add-on:

    Winterboard:From the top(active)
    Beatles-Let it Be(slider)
    Cydia Wallpaper
    Apple Papers
    NY Giants Battery
    No Docked Icon Labels
    No Undocked Icon Labels
    Supreme Preferences 3.0
    User Wallpaper
    pwnapple loaders
    Volume Boost 3.0
    Transparent Dock
    Glass Extra Icons
    Glass-No Weather

  31. Shama Says:

    Well can you reproduce the the disappearing status bar?

    Anyway will you link to the previous version? I was happy with that one to be honest…

  32. BigBoss Says:

    Yes, I have fixed the statusbar. No, I am not interested in helping one person get an old version but instead interested in debugging and solving the problems.

  33. BigBoss Says:

    Thank you. You were quite helpful :)

  34. rvaldes Says:

    Version 1.1.1 fixed the disappearing icons over here!

  35. Igor Says:

    Hi !!!
    Compliment’s for hard working , and trying help us!:-)
    my question :

    I have an Iphone edge with 3.0 fw! With winterboard and boss paper!
    I have only enabled a lockscreen immage, but this is ever blank, while on Sim-lock screen is possible to view my Immage!when I enable the immage lake default springboard them this work but everytime I could’not see a lockscreen image!!whats happend?
    Regards!!! And thanx to reply

  36. Jeremy Says:

    Any chance of a program like this being available in the App Store? I know I’d pay for it. Having a 3GS and it’s firmware upgrade issues, I’m wondering if I want to continue to stay jailbroken. The only thing I jailbreak for is UI skinning: ie to change the battery charge pics, icons (making them clear with Let’s See), and Springboard background. It would be nice to be able to do this w/o jailbreaking. Does Apple really cares about graphical changes such as these? I’ve seen Wallpaper apps, but none that affect Springboard.

    Also, putting the configuration in Settings, instead of a separate app icon would be cool.

    Love the program, v1.1 works great!

  37. Anonymous Says:

    My bosspaper won’t work at all. I had a 1g touch and never had a problem. Now I have a 16gb 3gs jailbroke and unlocked with blackra1n and blacksn0w. I don’t understand what the problem is. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  38. Justin Says:

    I am trying use photos from a different folder in the photos app. To be exact im trying to use pictures i uploaded from a digital camera and every time i try to find those photos it seems i can only use the photos i took using my iphone camera. Is it not possible to use other photos or am i doing something wrong? Great app still!!

  39. goose Says:

    is there a guide to using BossPaper on this site somewhere? can i only use images from the “camera roll” i tried searching through other folders to find other photo albums but it all looks like gibberish to me and i cant figure out which folder is which.

  40. Joe F. Says:

    I have a question about Bosspaper.
    I have installed Bosspaper on my Iphone4. And transfered a couple of pics via SSH to Var/Media/boss.
    After selecting the 3 pics in Bosspaper, and exiting bosspaper nothing happens. I still have my old factory setting wallpaper on. Even after I switch my phone of and on again, my old wallpaper appears. Do you know what i am doing wrong? Why isnt Bosspaper working? Ihope you can help..
    Lots of greetings, Joe

  41. Joe F. Says:

    ps, I am using an Iphone4. ver. 4.0.1

  42. Richard Says:

    I have latest version on 3GS running iOS4. I have an html file that contains clock and weather widget. I have transparent wallpaper.png file and can see the widgets sitting on black background. Have “yes” in bosspaper for under winterboard. Widgets still behind bosspaper wallpaper. What am I missing?

  43. Paul Says:

    Yes, I have a similar problem. I just recently installed G.O.C. Pro theme, and there is a feature in G.O.C. Pro for a Weather+Date Widget, that will not display when Bosspaper is running. Has anyone yet found a work-around or solution to get this kind of Widget to display while using BossPaper in G.O.C. Pro or a similar situation?

    Thanks – a lot of folks are asking about this on the G.O.C. Forums in Modmyi.

  44. JC Says:

    Am having a problem with my bosspaper on the image selection area i only have, folders,individual pictures and dock images, i no longer have the option of solid colors ,and now my phone is stuck on all black background, i try un-installing it and re-installing it but it still dose not show. How do you fix this problem.

  45. Shawn Says:

    Boss Paper is great. I have only recently encountered an issue with it. I am running on an iPhone 3G 8Gig, 4.2.1, JB and Unlocked for Tmobile. I am trying to run iWeather Widget on top of Boss Paper, but even with the Under Winterboard setting turned On, it remains hidden. Any thoughts?

  46. Anonymous Says:

    Same issue I have with my bosspaper.the widgets won’t show even with the under winterboard setting turned on

  47. Anonymous Says:

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